The Big Foot Interview With Writing Expert Ben Settle "One day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

The Big Foot Interview 

What Does It Really Takes To Sell Like Big Foot Using Your Sales Letters, Emails And Other Direct Response Ads

Writing Expert Ben Settle

Way back in 2004, I found out about direct response copywriter named Ben Settle.

A subscriber to my site had sent me a newsletter that Ben had written about my site.

After reading his copy, I knew that I had to work with Ben.

Ben has since written several winning sales letter for me including my Barter Secrets System, my Joint Venture Magic System and my Art Hamel System.

He’s also done revisions of my HMA Marketing Consulting Training sales letter and several others.

Recently, I interviewed Ben about how to write ads that sell in a rotten economy where people are afraid to spend money and the usual “tricks” no longer work.

Here’s are just a few of the secrets contained this advanced copywriting interview you can be listening to in the next 5 seconds:

• Why you don't need to be a good "writer" to create profitable sales letters.

• The #1 mistake people make when swiping that can KILL your sales... and possibly even land you in legal "hot water".

• A secret "trick" (discovered by expert memory trainers) that makes it extremely hard for people NOT to read your ads.

• How to instantly bond with your readers (and be like "one of the family") even if they have never head of your before.

• A simple little tip that can make your long copy ads look (and feel) short to your readers.

• Can reading 1970's direct response ads REALLY give you a huge advantage today? (Yep, and you'll be stunned when you hear why.)

• A clever (and very sneaky way) to use old comic books to make your Pay- Per-Click ads easier to write and FAR more responsive.

• How to use direct mail to increase the response of your emails. (And without sending a single letter!)

• A rare fact: Why many of the richest and most successful copywriters don't use "hype".

• How the late copywriting genius Mel Martin wrote ads so powerful, people bought from them without even knowing the price!

• A secret part of your ad many tests now show is MORE important to your response than your headlines.

• And much, much more.

This Boy Can Write..

I have witnessed Ben’s grow big time as a copywriter over the last 5 years, and I recommend you listen to every word of this interview several times.

Ben invest tens of thousands of dollars a year on copywriting seminars, learning from the best in the world. And he usually studies these seminars up to 10 times.

Copywriting circulates in his veins, fills his mind and pumps his heart.

If you want better results from your sales letters, e-mails and direct response ads, hit the download button now for this exclusive interview.

You won't regret it for one second. For more on Ben go to his killer blog at

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