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Bob Gill Motorcycle Daredevil Interview


Sometimes You Just Have To Jump At The Chance:

An Inspirational Interview With
Motorcycle Legend Bob Gill

I recently sent out an email to my list called “Daredevil” about a childhood hero of mine named Evel Knievel, a motorcycle legend from the 70s and 80s. Little did I know that one of the people receiving my email would be Bob Gill, a fellow daredevil motorcycle legend – and former friend of Evel Knievel.

So when Bob contacted me, I jumped at the chance to interview him about his motorcycle days, the sponsorships he negotiated for himself, how he made his money, his world-famous Superbowl commercial, and his career-ending injury. And in this two-part audio, you’ll hear all about Bob and how he became one of America’s most amazing daredevil motorcycle jumpers of all time.

Part One: Flying By The Seat Of His Pants

Bob says he lied his way into his first motorcycle jump. He had just started hearing about a guy named Evel Knievel, who was making good money jumping his motorcycle, and he decided he wanted to try to do that too.

So he went to the local racetrack promoter and told him he was already jumping five cars without the use of a landing ramp. The promoter was so impressed, he asked Bob to jump at a show that weekend. Instead of admitting to the lie, Bob jumped at the chance, enlisted the help of a physics-minded friend, and figured out how to make it all work.

And that was just the beginning of many opportunities for this thrill-seeker. And in Part One, you’ll hear how Bob went from “no-name guy from Florida” to the guy everyone wanted to sponsor. You’ll also hear…

• All about his early days on the road with Evel Knievel
• Exactly how Bob found his many successful sponsors and what he received from each
• How Bob kept racetrack owners honest when it came to “gate counts” and payments
• The win-win deal Bob’s manager used to “sell” Bob to racetrack promoters that got Bob the big bucks
• Why Bob is worried about Robbie Knievel’s next jump and what he plans to do about it


 Click the white play button to start part one.


Part Two: From Superbowl Spot To Second Chances

Bob is probably best known for jumping over an entire fleet of Ryder trucks in a Superbowl VIII commercial back in 1974. And in Part Two, he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how that was made along with some other little-known facts about the mischief and mayhem that happens on the road.

He also talks openly about the accident that left him in a wheelchair and how he deals with his disability. You’ll also hear…

·     The truth about Evel Knievel and what went wrong at Snake Canyon

·     How Bob broke a world record and got the whole thing documented by Guinness

·     Why Evel ended up in jail

·     All about the jump that ended Bob’s motorcycle career – and the good that came of it too

·     The promising outlook for Bob’s spinal cord injury – and how Evel Knievel helped him get treatment for free

·     All about Bob’s work with “Jump for Jesus” and the miracles he says he’s experienced

·     The amazing project Bob’s working on right now and why he really wants to talk to Richard Branson

This is an amazing story that shows not only what it’s like to be a daredevil motorcycle jumper in the 1970s, but also how important it is to jump at the opportunities in life – especially when they’re disguised as challenges – and challenge yourself to always go that extra distance.


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