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Here the photo above of my Fat-bay 550. I still have this sweeper and I love it. My mother-in-law was so jealous of my sweeper she had to buy one for her self. You can look on Amazon and search under sweepers to find one for you. is the new recording with a guy I just did about the scrap metal business. It's packed with all kinds of money making ideas and Dave has an incredible personality with tons of great in the trenches money making advice. Listen to it now because it will soon be packaged with my Craigslist product

How To Find A Fortune In Other People’s Junk…

When most people think about the junk business, they picture huge lots full of rusty cars, assorted parts, and expensive machinery. And that’s a fairly accurate picture of a thriving, serious, junk/scrap business. But there are also little guys out there making it off of what other people throw away – as a side or main business, with or without property to put their stuff on. And they’re not experts on parts, metal, or antiques either.

They’re just people who have learned to recognize valuable stuff from trash. They also know what to do with it.

And in this audio, you’ll get a feel for exactly what that industry’s like from an expert. Dave’s been making a decent living from his small scrap business since the 1980s, and although the industry has changed a lot since then, there’s still plenty of opportunities to be made if you know how. And he’s going to tell you.

You’ll Also Hear…

* A full-proof strategy for getting any idle car you want in your neighborhood for cheap – sometimes, you’ve just gotta be patient and on-call

* Do this one thing to most of the broken lawn mowers people toss out in your area, and Dave says they’ll start right up, so you can resell them for quick and easy cash

* A couple quick stories that illustrate why Dave’s motto of “You’ve just gotta go look” is the most important saying in this business (because things could be much, much better than described or much, much worse)

* The one place you should always grab your flashlight and check for hidden money in any used car (and the other surprising valuables people stash away in their cars then forget about when they sell them)

* A quick-start guide to piecing out a junk car – how much parts usually go for, what a “core buyer” is and how to find one in your area – and a cost-effective look at whether or not this is even worth it anymore

* The shocking truth about the US steel industry and China: what happened and what that means for you

* Dave’s “barrel route” for getting started today in scrap – he says no one else is doing this, so it’s a huge opportunity (and all you really need are a few $3 barrels and a homemade trailer)

* Dave’s small Yellow Page ad for buying junk cars that did better than most the full-page ones right by him – and the 3-step plan he used to close his deals for cheap

There’s a lot of value in what other people consider junk, but because they don’t see it, they’ll give it to you for nothing, or next to it.

If you learn to recognize worthwhile stuff from trash (and know where and how to resell it), you’ll not only make a good chunk of change for yourself, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor by keeping the landfills from piling up with stuff that doesn’t need to be there. It’s easier than you probably think. And this audio will tell you how.


Bonus Recording

How To Stop Working For $5 Per Hour And Learn To Leverage The Awesome Power Of Audio

Tim is a struggling home painter. Even though he works his butt off every day, he’s really only taking home about $5 an hour after taxes and other expenses. He’d like to earn $100,000 a year but isn’t sure how to go about doing it.

So in this interview, you’ll hear my business strategies for Tim that will turn his simple painting business into a high-end service provider. And with JV deals doing most the work, Tim will actually be working less while making a lot more. And these strategies can be used for any business, not just painting.

So over the next hour, you’ll hear me tell Tim how to set himself up as the go-to guy for all of his customers’ household needs from gardening and tile to electrical and drywall repair.

If Tim sets up JV deals with many different kinds of businesses and collects a percentage from those referrals, he’ll be making money for nothing and growing his business with little effort. But you have to know how to do it the right way.

So In This Interview, You’ll Hear…

* How to set up a referral network

* Easy incentives that will entice homeowners to go with you for all of their household needs

* How to make sure you’re getting paid for your JV deals

* How to check up on your affiliates to make sure they’re giving your hard-earned customers the quality they deserve

* How to throw together a CD to easily promote you and your affiliates

* 14 of the best and cheapest ways I know for drumming up new leads

Tim works way too hard for $5 an hour, and I show him how he can end all of that. But the best part is, he’ll be making more while working less. The trick for Tim is to use the time he’s at the homeowner’s house to sell them on his affiliates’ services. Then, he can just sit back and let other people do all the work while he collects 25%. How easy is that?

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