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Is Your Brain “Getting Wasted” On Technology? Here’s A Simple Way To Keep It Sharp

The ancient Greeks used to memorize thousands of lines of poetry. Modern man can barely remember a phone number. It’s not because we can’t do it – it’s because we don’t have to.

Technology makes our lives a little too simple. Why remember a phone number when a phone can do it? Why think about how to spell something when autocorrect will just fix it? We text out all our communication, and shorten even the shortest of words along the way (come on, did we really need to turn “ok” into “k?”).

According to Whole Brain Power Coaching creator, Michael Lavery, this kind of simple life is causing our brains to experience atrophy.

Think about an arm that’s been in a cast for just 90 days – it’s smaller than the other arm, weaker. The muscle is visibly diminished because it hasn’t been used. That’s atrophy, and your brain is no different.

So in this audio, you’ll hear how to counteract this kind of brain atrophy with just a few minor adjustments to your routine. But it won’t be easy.

Your brain has probably gotten used to the easy life, so it’s going to fight you on even the smallest of adjustments. But it’s going to be worth it when you hear the amazing benefits your brain can give you once you ask it to perform at a higher level.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* How your speech is littered with anxiety, the toxic way the brain responds to it, and how to stop it

* A high intensity brain training game you can try at home that only a handful of people have been able to do correctly – See how you stand up

* Simple workouts that will get your brain to start rewiring itself

* Brain stories of Michael’s past students that will have you rethinking the way you talk

* How to burn more calories by talking in complete sentences.

* A little known way to wow your doctor the next time you go in for an exam

* The real reason anxiety is at an all-time high among young people – and a simple drug-free way to get rid of it

Your brain is a lazy organ. It wants you to take the simple way home. It wants you to use “uh-huh’ and “ok” instead of speaking in complete sentences. But once you take control over it, you’ll amaze your friends, family, doctor, and, most importantly, yourself with the amazing things you can do. 

The fact is, you’ll never know what your brain is capable of until you let it show you. And in this audio, you’ll hear how to do that – in as little as 30 minutes per day.

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