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Could Your Child’s ADHD Really Be Allergy-Related And Completely Treatable?

And More With Dr. Doris Rapp

As an allergist and pediatrician, Dr. Doris Rapp says traditional medicine mostly just looks for ways to treat problems, instead of figuring out what’s causing them. But, she says, if someone had a nail in their shoe, you wouldn’t just continuously put bigger and bigger Band-Aids on their wound. You would tell them to take the nail out of their shoe already. And that’s what Dr. Rapp is trying to do with her practice. 

So in this audio, you’ll hear why she believes many of the symptoms lumped under ADHD are really allergy related, how to figure out what is triggering them, and how to stop the allergy attacks – along with many other ways our environment and the things we eat have an effect on our health. 

You’ll Also Hear…

  •  A quick test to see if a child’s hyperactivity is food-allergy-related and the only known way to find (and eliminate) the food causing it

  • A quick baking soda recipe that will stop allergy-related ADHD symptoms dead in their tracks

  • The only air purifier she recommends – because it takes out 3,000 chemicals and actually works

  • The scary side of buying a new house, a used mattress, or second-hand clothes

  • Everyone knows the importance of buying organic food nowadays, but if you think it’s simply out of your budget -- here are Dr. Rapp’s top 4 ways you can afford it

  • The most common allergens to look out for – and the surprising reactions they can cause (you’d probably never guess these are allergy reactions and not behavioral problems)

  • The shocking study that shows most schools use chemicals that cause cancer and damage the nervous system – and what you can do about it

Dr. Rapp says although we can see ADHD, cancer, autism, etc. on the rise, no one seems to be paying attention to what’s causing it. They’re mostly concerned with how to treat them. Our environment is full of chemicals – they’re in our food, mattresses, carpets, and even in the products we use to clean. And in this audio, you’ll hear the relationship those chemicals have to your health, why you need to be concerned, and all about allergy-related ADHD… so you can be more informed and start removing the nail from your shoe already.

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