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Dr. Rob Gilbert Interview


How To Be A Champion In Any Field You Choose

There’s a huge difference between Muhammad Ali and the guy down the street who likes boxing. Both are trained in the sport and skilled at the game, so why is one a champion and the other just the guy down the street?

Meet Rob Gilbert. As a professor of Applied Sports Psychology, Rob teaches his students how to take their game to the Muhammad Ali level. But, he says, the lessons he teaches can be applied to any field, whether you want to be an award-winning writer or the best salesman at your company.

While it basically comes down to psychology, you can’t just “think like a winner” and expect to get there. You have to want it at a higher psychological level.

Rob says in order to get an idea of what that level is, think about the sign Doc Counsilman used to point to at the start of every swim season. Doc was a well-known swim coach who trained Mark Spitz. His sign only had three words on it: Hurt, Pain, Agony. Hurt was the basic level of competition. Every day, Doc expected you to at least swim until you hurt, but if you had higher goals then you could swim until you were in pain and you’d win some championships.

However, if your goals included being the next Mark Spitz, there was only one way to do that. You had to reach the level of Agony.

It applies to every field, and in this audio, you’ll hear all about what that agony level entails and how to use it to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Rob says there are two types of people in the world – people who have to do something and people who get to do something. In other words, a large part of success in any field comes from attitude.

But, even if you only have a couple of minutes, Rob says there are three things you can do that will instantly improve your performance no matter where you are. And in Part One of this audio, you’ll hear all about them. You’ll also hear . . .

• The “too simple to be true” tip Sarah Hughes received when she wasn’t getting the breakthroughs she wanted with her ice skating (but when she heard it, she said she’d be the laughing stock of the ice rink if she tried it). But she did, and it may be the reason she took home the gold in the Olympics

• The one way that works to psychologically push yourself that extra mile when you just don’t feel like doing it anymore

• Short 3-minute stories that teach the core principles that led to the success of Muhammad Ali, Sinclair Lewis, the world’s most confident fourth grader, and more

• The one book Rob recommends that could change your life in just the first chapter alone

• The biggest difference between a fixed mindset (I can’t do it) and a growth mindset (I can’t do it… yet) and the best and easiest way to change to a more productive can-do attitude.

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Part Two:

It’s Not How Much Time You Put Into It - It’s How Much You Put Into Your Time

Three frogs sat on a log, but one of them decided to jump off. How many were left? Rob says the answer is three. Just because you decide to do something doesn’t mean you will, and what people often lack in life isn’t the skills to get something done. It’s the motivation.

So in Part Two of this audio, Rob talks about how to create motivation (even when you’re not feeling it), make the most of your time by writing down your goals, and discover what motivates you. You’ll also hear…

• The one book Dan Gable (Olympic wrester and famous wrestling coach for the University of Iowa) says he uses whenever he needs motivation – because he can just open it to any page and find something useful

• The single biggest reason stories are so powerful and how to use them to take your game to the highest level possible, along with examples of how the late radio personality Paul Harvey used them in his radio show to motivate and inspire his audience

• Simple steps that will make sure you’re always at “the right place, right time, doing the right things.” Believe it or not, it’s not a coincidence if you’re consistently putting yourself out there in the right way

• The power of having a Milt Campbell goal-setting card – why that Olympic athlete’s story is so important, and how to get your card for free

• All about Rob’s free success hotline – how it was formed, his daily inspirational 3-minute story, and how he keeps coming up with new material (he’s been doing it since 1992)

Rob says his favorite part of the Olympics is when the athletes come out at the opening ceremonies because the people are so different – in shape, size, nationality, and what sport they compete in.

But the one thing they all have in common is a coach. No one learns everything in life on their own, and in this audio, you’ll hear how to take your life from average to amazing using the techniques coaches have used throughout time to build champions.


PDF Transcripts  mp3 Download Part Two



Dr. Rob Gilbert is one of the world’s leading experts on Sport Psychology. As a professor at Montclair State University, he teaches Sports Psychology and also researches athletic motivation and teamwork, studies that have helped literally thousands of athletes defeat their mental problems. He has studied the mental skills of not only the world’s greatest athletes, but also the most successful business executives and highest-earning sales people.

In the intensely competitive world of athletics, he finds that "it’s minds, not muscles, that win games, and I mentally coach athletes how to become winners,” says Dr. Gilbert. Specifically, he trains athletes how to overcome choking, slumps, lack of self-confidence and various other mental problems by using the powerful mental techniques from the field of Sports Psychology.

Now the Director of the Center for Sports Success, he has given over 2,000 speeches and seminars around the country on his unique peak performance methods. However, he is not limited to speaking to athletes and coaches. Business, educational, and medical groups invite him to address their meetings because they know that the same mental skills that make people winners on the athletic field are just as effective in the boardroom, the classroom or any other arena where people work to achieve success.

Dr. Gilbert motivates tens of thousands of people around the world on a daily basis through both his Success Hotline and his on-line Success Newsletter. He is the former editor of Bits and Pieces Magazine. As a professional speaker, he has addressed audiences as diverse as the cadets at the United States Military Academy to Fortune 500 executives.

He has joined A Vision in Motion as the resident speaking coach and trainer, with the goal of helping all speakers reach their full potential. This is something that Dr. Gilbert has done with much success over the past 25 years.

And Dr. Gilbert's Success Hotline 24/4 anytime for a daily Story USA 1+ (973) 743-4690

Make it one of your favorites on your smart phone. That's what I did and just call it every day.


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