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The 3 Words To Add To Your Craigslist Ad That’ll Have Experts Diagnosing Your Problem For Free

(And Other Tips For Making And Saving Hundreds A Month On Craigslist) 

I don’t spend a lot of time on Craigslist. Twice a month, my sons and I will go garage sale shopping on Saturdays. I get to spend time with my kids, teach them valuable hands-on business lessons while helping them establish their PayPal and credit scores for when they get older.

But we wouldn’t do it if we weren’t making money. Without really trying, we make hundreds of dollars a month

We also save hundreds of dollars a month on Craigslist by using the site to find experts – for everything from air conditioning services and tutoring to specialty website help.

Don’t spend more money than you have to – many experts work on the side for cheap.

And Craigslist is how you find them.

So in this audio, you’ll hear my latest Craigslist moneymaking stories including the three words I’ve been adding to some of my ads because, whenever I use them, tons of experts respond right away – to diagnose my problem for free.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* Why it’s almost always worth the time it takes to throw the free stuff you see on the side of the road into your trunk

* The one simple trick for getting the things that won’t fit in your car

* The little-known gold in an old dishwasher: Don’t trash it until you take these out because they’re an easy $85
* Why you should stop spending $75/hr to drive your kids to a tutoring center and instead use Craigslist to have a credentialed teacher come to your home for $15/hr (that’s what we do – here’s the process we used to find someone knowledgeable, reliable and safe)

* The little story of the athletic model I hired for my Weighted Hands product – at about 1/6 of the price most people pay: my website looks great – here’s how I used Craigslist to find him… (And why he was more than happy with the deal)

* How I determine value and price points: For everything from the free stuff you win on the radio to the random stuff you find at garage sales like vintage t-shirts and posters

If you keep your eyes open for deals, you’ll be surprised at the good stuff people give away for free – or next to it. I constantly make a quick $75 here and there, just from wheeling free stuff to my house from “curb alerts” in my neighborhood.

I really only spend a few minutes a week to make a few extra hundred a month without really trying, and you can too. And in this audio, you’ll hear how. For more fast cash money making and savings ideas click here

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