How I Got My First HMA Client Stories

Last year's HMA 2013 was a phenomenal package packed with even more value to help you get what you want for growing a successful marketing consulting/coaching business.

And it's only going to get better for 2014.

Below are a few e-mails that I've been collecting from HMA Consultants.

It's their exciting stories about how they were able to get their first client using the HMA Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting System.

There's a saying we have at HMA, your first client will be the hardest.

I know in today's internet world that testimonials don't mean much.

Your skeptical and you should be. Regardless weather you believe these stories or not, I know that they will give you a new prospective into a more positive side of the consulting world.

Keep in mind, there are many more people who fail at HMA than who succeed. If I had pages for the failure stories there would be many.

Have a look at these stories because each story will give you a new way of looking at the consulting business through the eyes of a consultant who's already done it.

Other consulting opportunities will talk of all the millions you'll make from their system. And how easy it will be to get clients.

I'll tell you now, if you are looking for a pie in the sky grow money on trees training, this is not it. HMA will take effort on your part. It will take time and some late nights to get your consulting practice going.

I'm sharing these stories with you because I want you to know that others are doing it and you can do this too, no matter what your situation is.

NOTE: I have on purpose taken out the contact information from these letters. I do not want you calling them or bothering them. If you are so skeptical to think that I took all this time to fabricate these first client stories, you may want to look for some other consulting training other that the HMA System.

From: Brad G
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 9:31 PM
To: Michael Senoff


I know I am writing you out of the blue but I can't keep this to myself anymore.  One of my favorite quotes from the legendary Zig Ziglar told me that "If you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want."  I thought you would want to know this.

In 2011, I left a Fortune 50 marketing company to start my own consulting company.  I had put in a long and award winning 5 years with them but I just felt something was missing.

My wife was pregnant at the time and I was not allowed to do business with any of my clients through the employer once I left. Needless to say I was scared to death. I was 30 years old.

Much to the chagrin of my parents and the doubts I received from my employer and friends I decided it was time to put all my chips in if I ever wanted to share my knowledge and be handsomely rewarded.

I had already embraced Jay Abraham and his philosophies and I saw that businesses in my area really needed my help over and above the institution advertising recommendations I was being paid to embrace.

The first year was a learning curve.  I operated solely on the cash I had established in a "rainy day fund" from 2010 It seemed like it rained everyday.  Peddling for projects, establishing credibility, selling the invisible, and penetrating a market known for its armies of media reps and internet marketers; an unknown entity didn't stand a chance.

I even dropped health coverage for myself and and placed my wife on COBRA to handle the new baby bill.  This eliminated an extra $312 a month from expenses. Every dollar was treated with utmost respect and care. I rearranged my auto insurance taking on higher risk.

I ate in- ALL THE TIME. I would forego invites to entertainment functions. This may sound more like a Dave Ramsey promo but the point is I scraped and guarded every dollar to make this thing work.

Oh, did I mention I built a new house in 2009 with a fresh 30 year mortgage note over $1,000 a month and a wife who couldn't work because she was pregnant.

My wife was freaking out.  She was self-employed too. The baby was due in 3 months and added stress was not something the Dr would recommend. My tax return for 2011 was a paltry $21,300. $15K of it was mine from my "rainy day fund" otherwise known as cashed out stocks.

Fast forward to 2011 as I continued to develop my niche in the market. The niche rested completely on Jay's principles.  Get all you can out of what you've got.

I was selling lean marketing and sales systems to businesses who were frustrated with spending money on advertising that wasn't producing the results.  But, I had no system.

I was no McDonald's.  All of my hamburgers tasted different to each client. Motivated to create a real entity I studied Lean Six Sigma to hopefully ascertain associative thinking and bring it to the marketing and sales world.  Because a wise man once told me "people who don't understand seldom act." I needed a system.

As my income continued to increase slowly by the month I was determined to find my system that fit my beliefs, philosophies, and passion.  That system was the HMA marketing consultant system.

Michael, I can not recall how I came across you.  Perhaps it started with an interview or too. I was soaking up every real deal successful person I could soak up looking for the magic answers. I was intrigued.

I first took a look at the HMA system with hesitation.  That was quite a bit of money to fork over for me at the time. I tried finding it online for free.  I tried scouring E-bay for someone's copy they let collect dust but this always led to an incomplete set and what if the one thing I needed to make the system clear in my head wasn't available on the marketing black-market?

I looked at it again and again and again.  I probably looked at the offer over a dozen times.  Then, I reached out to you and started the process. Guess what, I didn't finish.  You even sent me an e-mail asking if I needed more time to fill out the questionnaire. I never responded.  Embarrassment set in.

About 3 weeks after that exchange I found another gentleman who said he would go half with me as long as he had access to the system as well as he thought there may be a use for him.

Well, statistically 90% of self-help books and business books that are purchased are never read.  Thank god for the lazy friend. He looked at it once.  I am still using it today.

Michael, you deserve to know this. I have created income 10x's the amount than my first year.  This is no joke.  I ended 2012 with $211,234 on the books with a 74% net profit.   All from paying clients.

As a side note:  I went off the system a little and created retainer based relationships with all my clients with the average client paying $2,800 a month.  I like the idea of consistent revenue stream versus project based but that's just my opinion.  My wife is happy.

We have more time together and I'm living my dream. I'm not conquering the world by any means but I'm sure conquering living happily.  I give much credit to the HMA marketing system you provide.

I can not begin to tell how this system fit like a glove and was the magic answer I was looking for.  I can not thank you enough and I am ashamed that I'm just now getting around to telling you this but I recently read an e-mail where someone else had shared their success and I wanted you to know there are more of us out there. Nothing fancy here.

Not trying to razzle dazzle you or get a response.  I just wanted you to know I am going to bed and I won't be losing sleep over you anymore.


PS. Thank you for what you do.  I didn't go back and edit this email, This is raw from the brain to the screen.  Which means it's right from the heart.  Thanks man.


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From: On Behalf Of Terri Levine
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 3:01 PM
To: Michael Senoff
Subject: Re: Share Your Story. . . .

Hi Michael,

I know I have to be one of your many success stories. I have followed your audio series for years learning from those you interviewed and discovered a gold-mine of information. I was a very successful business COACH and then you sent me information about becoming a successful business consultant.

This completely resonated with me. First I took the free test drive and almost instantly bought the entire program. I have been asked why a person who makes millions coaching would invest in your program and my answer is simple: when I find a resource that is top notch I invest in in fully. The investment was beyond reasonable and the information was valued at thousands more to me. In fact, it has put about $300,000 in my pocket in the past few months.

One of the things that makes the program over the top is that YOU are behind it. YOU are credible, trustworthy, honest and answer all my emails and respond quickly.

Simply put, I love doing business with you. I trust you 100% and refer others to you knowing you'll take great care of them as well.

I hardly ever endorse products or people and yet constantly rave about YOU and your HMA system. I have never seen or downloaded so much wonderful content that I can take and apply in a nano second. I open your emails first anxious to hear another great interview and to put what I learn to work to make me more dollars. I am blessed that you so freely share. You are a skilled interviewer!

Whatever you offer I buy it. LOL, last week I bought something twice, as you quickly pointed out and refunded me. I am such a fan I can't stop buying from you. Your HMA system is brilliant and lets me simply follow a proven formula and make more money. I love this!

Michael, I am a devoted raving fan and you'll be hard pressed to find another one who shares you on social media, in my blog and by word of mouth.

Hats off to Michael Senoff!

Your loyal and raving fan,

Terri Levine


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From: Mike A []
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 8:26 AM
To: Michael Senoff
Subject: When can I have my stuff mailed?

Hi Michael,

I'm writing this for two reasons.

First, to waive my 30 day trial and ask that you forward on any materials being held back because of the trial.

I'm convinced that the HMA system is everything you say it is.

I'm on my second on-line training DVD, my graphic artist and IT guy are feverishly adding content to our web site, and I'm enjoying all the brain food you have supplied.

As incredible as it may sound, I've done two telephone consultations since getting the materials and there's little doubt in my mind that both will close. When they do it will mean a 21 times return on investment.

More importantly, I feel revitalized.  What is working most for me is the addition of a "framework".  As stated in my original email to you, I am not a newbie.  But adding context and an organized framework to what I do know is like adding a supercharger to an already powerful engine.

I should add that having 20 years experience in the Jay Abraham mindset is obviously helpful.  But what Richard has done with this material in terms of presentation and organization is nothing short of miraculous.

Of course, none of this would have happened without your brilliant, spot-on marketing abilities. (And all those Senoff add-ons).  You sir are an interesting man.

And I thank you for bringing this material to my attention.

Thanks again Michael,

Mike A.



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From: Adeniyi
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 12:45 AM

Subject: My First HMA Client

I am happy to tell you that I have landed my first paying client, a mortgage bank.

Though the fee is small, $625 for USP.

They only commit themselves to the first project.

But I know they are already sold on the other steps.

Last Friday I held the focus group meeting with the staff. It was terrific.

Before going for the meeting I reviewed the interview with Bodri on USP.

This is the beginning of new things.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards. Adeniyi 

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Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 8:34 PM

Subject: RE: Why My Phone Calling Days Are O O V E R . . .

Michael, I am sooo excited because I have been blessed with my first client today.

And after meeting with the Big Wig today they decided that they didn't want to waste any time...

"Let's get started tomorrow!"

What a blessing!

Mike M


Using The HMA System in addition to my own consulting, coaching and mentoring knowledge I was able to add $90,000 to my business in one day.

Not bad! By just helping a company find some hidden assets they could not resist
hiring me.

I added in a 2 year money back guarantee because I know success is the only option with my mentoring combined with the HMA system.

Great to add almost $100k in one day by adding HMA to my toolkit!

Terri, The Business Mentoring Expert

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Subject: Signed up my first HMA client today

November 23rd. 2012

Hi Michael,

After buying the Art Hamel program, I was succesful in buying the travel agency with owner financing this year.

Now I am proud to tell you that I signed up my first HMA client today !!! :-)

I am going to do a Customized Marketing System & Implementation Plan and Create a Unique Selling Proposition for them for $2000 US Dollars and then next year do the other projects for them spread out over the whole year and also launch a website for them. The client is a health and fitness center.

The new owners took over August 1st, 2012, after the previous operator let the place run down and lost a lot of members.

The new owners fix up the place with help from the landlord and they were able to recapture some lost members.

So today I did an opportunity analysis with them and signed them up for $2000 for the Fast Start Program because they want to recapture their inactive members and increase membership before the end of the year as they plan to raise their rates for the new year.

So we have to leverage the hidden assets in their existing database.

So if you've ever worked with a health & fitness club and you have any advice or tips for me, let me know.

Right now, I got to work on the Customized Marketing System & Implementation Plan, a USP and help produce an effective brochure for them to use in their December campaign to re-activate past memberships and sign up new members.

Thanks again Michael

Terrance R.

From: Rossi E
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 9:09 AM

To: Michael Senoff
Subject: First Appointment

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that I sent out that Articulate Presentation Video to some people that I have come in contact with in the past.

One of them was my mechanic. After watching the video he said he is very interested in sitting down with me.  I have an appointment this Saturday at his shop outside of business hours.

I am not sure what his revenue actually is but he does have about 5 mechanics or so on staff, so he is at least meeting a payroll, hopefully that's a reflection that he does have some money to work with. I am going to conduct an opportunity analysis to see if I can help him.

"The HMA System is probably the most complete and thorough system that I ever seen. The HMA System not only gives you all the tools to market a consulting practice but also how to actually consult with a client. Even more than a system what you are really buying is somebody else's time and experience. It's an all around great investment"

I just wanted to say thanks for you assistance thus far. I'll keep you posted on what happens.


Rossi E.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 7:43 AM

Subject: Re: Hidden Marketing Assets Seminar Announcement


We had 14 people from a variety of businesses. Very well fact the Executive Director sent me a glowing testimonial. I'll send it in a separate email. She wants to run another session in the fall.

My approach, in 30 years, has always been to give them material and usually more that we can use during a session, much like your approach with Hard to Find Seminars.

I really believe it shows them the huge gap between where they are and where they want to be. I have several follow-ups for the Marketing Opportunity Analysis.

The Executive Director wants to run another session in the fall.

I have 8 other chamber events either planned or scheduled for last August or early fall.

There are also discussions now with 5 other chambers. I also have lists of other chambers to contact. My concern is what if I get into an area outside of Western New York where you may have an active HMA consultant?

What has been helpful with the chambers in WNY is the fact that I am the only authorized and licensed consultant in this area. That takes the monkey of their back of using their members for marketing sessions. Thanks for that Mike.

The deal is that I get the first $500 from participants...most will charge $25, so 20 participants makes that work....anything over 20 participants we split 50/50.

I put together a one page graphic of the system. It is a little different than the order of topics in the "9 Steps." For instance, I do a separate module on compelling messages because I believe it effects the USP, community marketing, direct-response marketing, and internet marketing. I'll send that along to you too. (funny...I just got a call to do a Marketing Opportunity Analysis next week Tuesday)

Thanks for your interest Michael!

Make it a great day!



From: Gavin
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:05 AM
To: Michael Senoff

Subject: HMA Progress

Hi Michael,

I have gotten through the first 3 DVD's so far, and am very excited.

I think this has confirmed what I originally thought, and that's that this is exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks Michael!



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From: T []
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 8:39 PM
Subject: Update - Tony

Hi Michael,

Thought I fill you in on my last week’s progress.

I have had 7 appointments, managed to close 5 of them. Next week I have 3 more appointments lined up from referrals that I got during these meetings.

One motorbike dealership (sales training of staff and increase repeat business)

A prospect who owns 3 hospitals (staff sales training, reduce overheads + building new hospital and will need new patients there 7 months)

A big not for profit organization (improve conversion rate)

And a small accounting practice (improve client services)

One large home improvement company (working with the local state manager on executive coaching.)

Good success however there is a common challenge amongst all of them. That is not that they need more clients but that they lack systems to manage the existing ones.

At the moment they have hired me on the basis that I will help them mainly with staff training, operations improvement and systemization of processes, with a goal in 5-6 months start focusing on business development once we get more capacity for growth.

So good news that I am closing, but not so good that there is a delay in getting them to the point of working on marketing.

Will let you know how my next group will go next week.

Hopefully can close them on HMA system first, rather than systems first.





Hi Michael,

Been working with the HMA system for the past 4 months. I'm taking it slow not to get bogged down with too much manual labor, since I can see how things could become very time consuming if implemented ineffectively.

I'm not too eager to go out there making a bunch of guarantees worth tens of thousands in incremental profits for a bunch of strangers, after all :-)

My first few clients have come completely through the web. The first one did a Fast Start @ $5000, then has opted to continue with a Core 4 implementation package @ $3000 / pillar, earning me a total of $17,000 over a period of 8-12 months. Of this, about 90% is profit.

My second client is also doing a Fast Start for $6500, and I will probably be able to up sell him on the Core 4 for $5,000 / pillar (since his lowest priced offering is $25,000 USD)

Anyway, thanks a lot for putting together such a great product!

I'm lucky, because it was exactly what I was looking for when I found it, so it was easy to get up & running.

Regardless, it has already paid off many times over, and will form the backbone of me easily earning a hearty 6 figure income working 40 hours a month or less - all starting with less than $500 and not spending a penny of that on advertising.

So obviously, I'm very happy with the system! (albeit weak narrative... give me another 3-4 months & it will be better indeed!)

- Marshall


I am blown away by it all. I have been talking about this in my networking groups, priming the business owners, and they all are lighting up in a way that I never could do when I was just talking about building websites and doing social media. This has made me 5x smarter in the past month and week of listening when talking to entrepreneurs, and I am so thankful

T. J

From: Richard 
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 6:22 PM
To: Michael Senoff
Subject: Re: HMA . . .

Dear Michael,

I got my start seriously looking at marketing concepts through the HMA University System. Before then, I was skeptical of marketing professionals because in my line of work (a database, reporting and technology specialist/programmer) I found myself struggling over endless open-ended projects in larger companies implementing technical projects for our marketing people. We were either slaving over mass emails from our database of contacts, mining for trends amidst an ocean of seemingly nonsensical data, counting pixels on customer facing websites or building nearly impossible database queries to measure foreign sounding concepts such as: prospects, conversions, cross-selling events and sales. This was over a decade ago when technology tools had to built from the ground up with limited staff and even more limited tools.

I guess you can say that I was an inadvertent marketer for many years prior to joining the HMA University, but it was never imaginable to me that anything less than an army of marketing specialists and trained technology geeks could manage marketing to help grow and improve a business. I was also was always just a "piece" of the bigger marketing strategy so I hated my task of "doing as I was told" but never knowing where the entire effort was going. I had no idea that there would quickly come a time where small to mid-size businesses would also clamor to demand results much in the same way that "the big boys" have enjoyed since the days of the dot-com boom.

I have enjoyed looking at all of Richard's training information and listening to all the case studies to help boost my confidence at trying my hand at all of this. I am pleased to see that buzzwords and concepts are falling into place and completing the picture that first painted my career landscape more than ten years ago... and that technology has improved but not changed the conditions of the "hidden marketing assets" concepts... the HMA system makes sense to me after years in the technical trenches trying to understand exactly what my marketing cohorts were trying to accomplish.

These days, my interest in the technical side hasn't diminished too much, but I have also enjoyed a surge in passion for the elements that actually IMPLEMENT the concepts that add real impact and value to a company or business's bottom line.

Here at the doorstep of HMA, I am getting that uncanny feeling that I've come to the right place.




Hello Michael, an update on my HMA progress.

Last Tuesday I did my first 2 hour (will actually 2.5) preview workshops for the local (I am a member) business association. This is a very small group of fewer then 16 members.

Here are the steps I've taken so far:

December 24
Mentioned to the groups president I would like to do a free workshop for members and $49 for non members on a non-regular meeting night. He thought it was a great idea.

Reserved the meeting room at the local library for Tues Jan 11 6 to 8:30pm

December 26
I modeled the Paul Flood flier in the system and included it in the monthly newsletter. (no cost to me) I'm also the editor of the newsletter.

December 30
It was mentioned at the meeting to sign up - got 2 sign-ups on the spot.

Sent a press release to the area newspaper, (my specialty) and listed workshop on Facebook "meetings" (all free) got $300 worth of space in the paper.

Did workshop on the 11th, had 6 people attend.

Easily went through the system as outlined by Richard in the PP presentation, (I used over head projector for this) and closed with a Q&A form to (help me) with questions like, would you be interested in further detailed group coaching help? What would that be worth to you (with price points) how they would like that delivered, phone, meetings, all in one day, several weeks etc.

Out of the 6, I have 4 wanting the workshop, at 495 each I also have one wanting some one on one consulting and one of these also has a web hosting business and wants to talk (at my suggestion) about introducing me to his list of 10,000 for a workshop.

So all in all I think things are going well. I tried putting this system together a couple years ago, and just did not get the results with the consulting, I simply didn't have the full system and now that I do, it has fallen in place easily. I'm not much interested in one-on-one consulting, but love the coaching and speaking assets this presents.

I'm looking at doing the weekly meetings from 7am to 9am for 4 weeks on Saturdays, covering 2 steps a week. These will begin in February, with the 4 and maybe more. (this was all based on asking the questions on the survey form from the preview workshop).

- Rick

When I started to study the HMA System in April 2010 I was not really new to the marketing world.

For the best of 22 years I was working my butt off to somehow figure out how to make a good living in the field of advertising, sales and marketing.

I had good times and bad times - but the bad times have been longer.

Whatever I did, I was always starting somewhere at zero, building something up and then had to leave the field without getting a fair share or even a credit for my good work.

I learned that many business owners very much like the concept of using a highly motivated consultant for the growth of their company, collecting the Doug and then fire the poor guy, not seldom with a bunch of open bills to pay.

But what could I do about this sad experience?

The HMA System did offer a proven, SYSTEMATIC way for Marketing Consultants to formulate, present, offer and render a good service for small businesses without the need to always start with nothing, build insight into the mechanics of a company the hard way and without getting paid well for the work.

What else to do but give the system a try?

Here I was at the HMA University, faced with more writings, audios, videos and worksheets than I could possibly go through within the next couple of months.

That was stuff for a couple of years!

The other day Michael Senoff did send a welcome letter to the HMA University containing a clear set of rules on how to actually start the studies for maximum real world results in minimum time.

Boy was I lucky!

I could climb the mountain step by step without getting'
lost on the way!

In the beginning it was kind of a challenge for me to translate the ideas and concepts of the HMA System into the German language, so that I could make use of the system in Germany.

But soon I realized I started to see the business world through the eyes of an HMA Consultant!

Opportunities all over the place!

Even more than I have ever realized before!

So why not start USING the system before it collects dust?

On my travels I met a guy who was deep into health and nutrition stuff but was not happy with the development of his company.

Time for the first test!

The Opportunity Analysis Sheet of the HMA System took every guesswork of my shoulders regards to what may be important to know about the business I was interviewing. I used it to the point and I did not miss a single point of importance by doing so.

Have I wasted time in the past on developing an exclusive set of questions to ask every client before!

Well, just use the OAS of the HMA System and you're settled!

The OAS showed so many possibilities for the health guy to grow his company, we ended up in a partnership where I do deliver my knowledge from the HMA System for a 1/3 share of the profits of the company from day 1 working with every new concept, strategy, and method of the HMA System.

What a GREAT deal!  And how happy was the Health & Nutrition Company to have someone aboard to implement the tools of growth for a company. They may be hooked for life!

Just a couple of weeks later I met a guy who had his own business when he was a student at some university going for some silly diploma.

He left his studies and worked in a lousy job he didn't liked and was full of ideas about how to start a new business again to get rid of the job.

I thought, "Why not test the HMA System for a situation like this?"

He did pay me 714 Euro in advance for a strategy day to figure out which of his ideas had the best potential for realization.

We ended up in a partnership of 50/50, where he is going to run the day to day operations of the business with me delivering the steps of the HMA System.  What a nice deal!

"There's something about this HMA System thing" I figured. What I just learned with my latest 2 clients could be very well kind of my personal slant of the HMA System:

Getting paid for an initial HMA consultation and then getting shares in the business!

At a business network meeting in Berlin I met a VERY talented BRILLIANT young woman with great AMBITION.  I gave her a presentation of my work.

Again, she paid 714 Euro in advance for a strategy day and we ended up in a 50/50 business relation, where she is going to run the day to day operations of the business with me delivering the steps of the HMA System.

I just ordered a hard copy of the HMA System so that I do have that stuff handy as a reference.

Michael, keep up the great work and thank you again!

- Hagen


Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know that I just signed up my first client yesterday.

He's a motorsports dealer (atv's, motorcycles, etc), been in business 11 years now, 20k names in his database with which he is doing NOTHING. Only downside is that his business is small margins (5-20%). But I picked up a check for $4k to start, and monthly payments adding up to $27,780 over the next 12 months, and $1490/month after that indefinitely.

I'm putting together my specific action plan, documenting everything so as to systemize as much as possible. Realizing how soon we may be doing the sales training with him - probably in the next 3-4 weeks after the USP project.

Thank you so much!

- Blair


I signed my first client today and am 90% sure I'll sign my second over the next few days.

Based on our email discussions, I'd love to chat with you about my experiences from a woman's point of view and have you share it with the community. I am super impressed with the HMA system and believe it's the ticket to making my life so much easier.

My mom and I have owned a bookkeeping business for close to 5 years. We began by networking in BNI and the local Chamber and until this day have never advertised our services. Currently, we have over 40 clients (this is considered a larger bookkeeping company as most bookkeepers only have a handful of clients) and a huge network of contacts which we've grown over these 5 years.

My first client is one of our current bookkeeping clients. I've known the owner for 2 years and we've always shared a love of Dan Kennedy and his teaching principles. I've been servicing his account for the past 6 months. He seemed very intrigued by my new venture into marketing and business development and began asking me a lot of questions.

Because of my "head noise" I thought he would never hire me so I didn't ask him to let me do an Opportunity Analysis for 2 weeks (even though I knew he needed my help). Finally, one day I decided to be brave. We were sitting in my office talking about some bookkeeping stuff and I asked him if he would like discuss his business' marketing and how I could help him. He said he wanted to ask me but wasn't sure if I'd accept him as a client and was so happy I asked. The main lesson I learned that day is to ask for the Opportunity Analysis appointment no matter what.

Anyway, we discussed his business, the programs he's running now, the fact that he's not tracking very well, etc, etc and he asked me for a proposal. When I gave him a proposal, he added additional things that he wanted me to help with including writing a business plan for the business with 1 year and 5 year budget projections. The other great thing I learned from the HMA training is that it's okay to add projects and make our contracts flexible.

My second client is a printer and another BNI referral partner. She approached me because her company is having marginal performance in a very competitive industry and she thought I could help her. I sat with she and her husband and did an Opportunity Analysis. They have no USP and obviously no integration. They have a database that's under utilized. They do a lot of community work but don't capitalize on it. They have some "larger" clients but want to grow and acquire additional "larger" clients.

Once again, the client has asked me to do something extra that's not part of the HMA system. They want me to review their financials, see where they can "trim the fat", and work with them on a monthly basis to understand their business through their financial statements.

Due to this client's cash flow concerns, I have agreed to barter with them and will receive $1500 worth of credits for their print shop that will be 100% transferable to a 3rd party. My contract with them will be 6 months; therefore, I will receive $9000 in printing services.

I have learned a few lessons in the 2 weeks I've done this business:

* When you're speaking with a great prospect, always ask for the Opportunity Analysis appointment. I've asked 6 times and have only been turned down once. People are hungry for what we have.

* Everyone has something going for them...some sort of marketing leverage. I thought about making cold calls but decided to use my network and am receiving referrals and qualified appointments.

* People really respond to the fact that I will execute their programs and not just write a report for them. I have that written on the back of my business card and business owners continuously point out the fact that I am "The Implementer."

* Even though the business owner will want all of the fancy marketing tasks done, I am able to hold firm that I will do nothing before I do the first USP step. I hold firm with that because after Richard's training, I see the importance of it.

* Just like we ask our clients if they have a database, I am beginning to start my database. I have decided to hire a marketing assistant/ virtual admin firm to maintain my database. They will be starting next week after I receive my first check. All the things I'm teaching my clients to do, I will implement in my business.

* Every week, I will have at least one Opportunity Analysis appointment with a qualified prospect. It's important to keep your sales skills sharp.

* It's important to know what you won't do in advance. I've had people ask me if I would be a life coach, time management coach, or work for them full time in their business. The answer to all of those were no. I will only do work that makes me happy and that I can do easily. And I've discovered I can be rewarded very well for it.


- Cheree

P.S. - We help small businesses increase sales by 25% - 100% in 60 to 90 days without spending any additional money on advertising ...GUARANTEED. We are not consultants, but IMPLEMENTERS. We roll up our sleeves and do the work to grow your business.

Only 2-3 clients served at one time. Thriving businesses and turnarounds welcome.

Hi Michael,

Things progressing rather nicely on the HMA front for me. I have used my HMA skills to just land my first retainer client! They were thrilled with the initial consulting and now want us to do the work for them. Good stuff, but pretty regular routine stuff. I was hoping to pick your brain about two more out-of-the-ordinary opportunities.


I'm also working on another deal where we're helping to shore up the business processes and add solid marketing plan to the mix of a business that want us to help them negotiate some franchise deals (they have people interesting in buying a franchise from them I mean, literally throwing money at them to roll out as soon as possible). So any pointers on franchises if that's something you've dealt with before would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I have landed some serious marketing consulting coming up in the luxury market (a *very* up market resort). We're engineering to get some truly high net worth individuals to some events they're holding. Possibly even advise them to go ever higher end and start a members-only club and retreat. Do you have any pointers for working in and making an impact marketing wise in a high-end marketplace?

If you do have any pointers in franchising and/or luxury markets it'd be awesome.

Much thanks as always!

- Garrity


I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your HMA Marketing program on 9/16/10 and signed my first consulting deal on 9/21/10!

I actually hadn’t even gone through half of the training, when I went shopping with my family one day and went into a furniture boutique store that we had been to a couple of times before. I had previously met the owner, and when I saw her this time I asked how things were going with her business. She told me she had been in business 17 years already and that this year was going to be her worst.

I mentioned to her that I was actually a business marketing consultant and might be able to assist her. We met two days later on Monday, by then I had only completed a quarter of all the training videos, and really didn’t know what I was doing yet…so I just followed what the videos had shown me so far with the opportunity analysis.

To my disbelief, she asked me how much my fee was and stated that she was down to the last of her savings trying to keep her store open. I didn't know what to charge her yet because it hadn’t been covered in the training at that point.

I told her I would be willing to really help her and that my normal fee was $2500 per pillar, hoping that the number would scare her a bit, but that I would do it for $500 down and a percentage of gross profits. Not knowing if that was fair or if she could really afford it, I told her I would only take 15% of her sales for the next 12 profitable months.

The great part of all this is that she had no USP, has over 12,000 customer names and address, about 1000 email addresses, and has never done any marketing to them ever.

She also estimated that they had a closing ratio of 10% of client prospects coming into the business; and lastly that she had an average sale of only $67.00.

I looked at it this way: I would have been glad to do this first one for nothing just for the learning experience. But I anticipate that over the next year, I should be able to generate around $15-20,000 in total fees from my first client. And that is only covering the Big Four projects…who knows big this may end up to be.

I just wanted to thank you for your HMA program and the huge amount of free outstanding training information that you also provide on your website. Your training really makes it were anyone has the ability to make a great little business for themselves and really more importantly, help the small business owners in our country get stronger and more prosperous. By the way, I already have my second prospect lined up and we meet next week.

Best Regards.

- Todd

Hi Michael,

I just want to say thank you for the help this morning with the USP. You were very helpful.

You had asked for how I got my first HMA Client so here it is.

Every Thursday through the chamber we have greeters. This is networking event that any chamber member can attend. It is usually the same set of people. Everyone gets 30 seconds to stand up and introduce themselves and their business. After one of these meetings a new chamber member approached me about helping them with their marketing. We met the same day for lunch. I asked lots of questions as I did not bring a Opportunity Analysis with me. I did call him the next day to fill in what I missed with the OA.

My 30 seconds is always based around the USP Richard has given us. I always get people asking me for a card or handing me theirs at these events. The biggest problem with these events is that they are not my ideal customers. Typically the people attending are very small businesses. But I am meeting great people which is opening up other doors to meet the right prospects.

Anyway, within a week I gave my presentation to them. This is an IT company that was growing and moving into other markets. They loved it. Several months had gone by and I kept following up with them. They really wanted to do something but were not pulling the trigger. So I finally sent them an email explaining that instead of paying the entire fee up front that we could start off with a smaller project and then move on from there.

They loved the idea of the smaller project and I met with them the following week to do the focus group with the employees for the USP. The reason they had not moved forward was lack of funds. My original quote was $18,000. When I emailed them to start off with the USP my fee was $1250.

Landing this client was before I purchase the HMA system. If I had the system I would have been moving forward with this project months ago. Selling smaller steps at prices that are not as hard to choke down as $18,000 made the difference in me actually getting a check and starting this project.

I have approached several organizations to offer a free seminar. I have a very professional seminar proposal of what will be covered. There were no takers.

The chamber likes the idea but they are not putting any effort into getting it in front of the board for approval. Other organizations are either booked with speakers or have no interest.

I have asked for referrals fom friends and family.

I have done a couple of freebies but this was prior to owning your HMA system. Things were done haphazardly at best.

I just set up a deal with a local internet directory that as one of the bonuses of buying a listing is that they get a free 1 hour consultation with me.

I did a trade show through the Chamber that was not that great. It was not marketed very well.

I've been going to trade shows and talking to the people at the booths has been very fruitful.

I have gone to a few networking groups but again these are not my ideal prospects.

Starting next week I will be going door to door in business parks, The interview you did with Cory gave me this idea. I figured if he could get booked in 2 days then so could I.

I will also be hiring a friend of mine that does telemarketing to set appointments as well.

Thanks again for you help.

- Matt

I met a small business owner in a Mastermind group that I was a member of.  Initially, she hired me for my "Done For You" newsletter service. After that relationship was established, I started talking with her about the HMA system and how it could help her business. She is in a "commodity" business (credit card processing/merchant services). First we established her USP. Then we integrated it into her business (first two pillars).

Since then, we have gone even further into marketing her business: websites, squeeze pages, FREE Lead Generation Reports, multi-step direct mail campaigns (including advertorials, postcards, 24/7 voice mail hotlines), teleseminars, creating compelling offers and guarantees that make her stand apart from her competition. We are also exploring joint venture opportunities.

Next we plan to branch out into a new, somewhat related business where we are going to be helping restaurants explode their sales and profits.

This relationship has been mutually beneficial. In fact, this client has me on retainer and the arrangement has made it possible for me to work with only a select handful of clients!

Though I'm not at liberty to divulge exact figures, I can say that this client has been worth well over five-figures in income already, and long-term it promises to be a six-figure arrangement.

And it's all because of the HMA system. Using it to establish a USP and then integrate it into the rest of the business led to additional project work, retainer and ultimately a partnership with the client that will be quite lucrative for us both. Just this one client has more than paid for my entire investment in the HMA system!

- Rick

I’d like to briefly share the story of how my business partner and I have used the HMA System to get our first client while still having “regular” jobs. We are both involved in the construction industry with work not related to marketing.

While attending a trade show my partner got into a conversation with a vendor who was thoroughly frustrated with his then current marketing firm who seemed to only want his money and didn’t seem to care about the quality service they gave him. Upon briefly explaining that we are just starting out as a new marketing service this vendor expressed immediate interest. He didn’t care that we were a start-up. Later my partner met with him for further discussion and, after I drew up a simple agreement based upon a sample from the forms/contracts e-book included in the HMA package, we had a deal.!

He closed on the first four pillars and we are in discussion about the internet marketing pillar – which he definitely wants. He paid $1750 for the USP which we’ve done and are moving ahead with integration of the USP. Currently we are following the system further for growing our consulting business by working on an alliance to get prospects by offering the free educational marketing seminars.

- Stan

Hi Michael,

The HMA course is really working for me. I purchased it from you back in July, and I've combined it with my internet marketing consulting (a business that runs much like David Preston's, except my wife, Susan does much of the web design - we do outsource occasionally).

When I purchased the course, I started sending out about 10 letters a day to local business owners, just like Richard's sample letters. Then I'd call about three days later while the letter was still fresh on their minds. From those letters and calls, I scheduled meetings with about 20%. And of those 20% of business owners I met with, I've ended up doing either marketing consulting using the HMA system, or internet marketing for them, and in some cases, a combination of the two.

It's been a roller coaster ride, and a big lesson I've learned is that in nearly all cases, the business owners didn't make a decision to do business with me right away. In fact, I obtained most of my clients within the past 6-8 weeks, and I met with them initially in August.
I just wanted to share this with you and update you.


- Michael

Hi Michael,

I've thrown myself into the trainings and have continued my initial work on the HIMA workshops as lead generators for the HMA system. It's going super well and I've booked a lot of work already. It's a neat little self-liquidating marketing vehicle.

So far, I've set up a course that helps arts & craft entrepreneurs market themselves online. Later in the year we'll be doing similar course for social care entrepreneurs in England, plus we have a social media workshop for recruitment people, and I had a meeting this afternoon about running workshops for the hospitality sector. I really have been kind of blown away by how quickly I've managed to get things rolling.

The question though is related to some straight up consulting work that I've managed to embed myself into. A good friend of mine is a world-class branding expert who recently went out on his own and who has asked me to help him out with an interior design client who has been doing well and wants to get a range of furniture up and running and turn their business into more of a business that perhaps they could sell at a later date.

My own consulting experience before the HMA has been pretty much in that area - and my (in progress) working motto has been "marketing logic for talent-based business" - I've worked in the past with artists, record labels, stand up comedians, special effects hours, illustrators etc. So it's in my wheelhouse, that's for sure. I've been out of the loop for a few years because of family obligations, but I'm super excited about getting back in the saddle by integrating the HMA system at the core of my offering.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

- SG

Greetings and Aloha Michael,

I just got my first client, her name is Sharon and she makes cookies. I am so excited. My appointment with her and her husband is Monday 6:30 pm. Can I email you on how things went? Mahalo for all of the things you do Michael. You touch and change peoples' lives through your website and products.

May you and your family always be blessed.

Me ke aloha pumehana

- Emilie

Hello Michael,

I signed up for the HMA Marketing System online trial recently and have been working hard at studying the system. I am currently prospecting for new clients and I have my first client. Just yesterday, they paid me 50% of my first project fee. I'm charging 1500 per project and they paid me 750.

I have a few other prospects in the pipeline but no other definite orders yet. I'm currently doing my own cold calling on the phone to set appointments. I really need to get someone else to do this so that it gets done on a regular basis and I get a steady stream of meetings every week.

Best Regards,

- Bateson


I love the information in this system. I’ve used some of the techniques, have listened to in the audios and I was already able to close on a client for $350 during a 30 minute meeting.

The owner I met with stated that it was one of the most informative marketing meetings he has ever attended. In retrospect I probably gave him too many free ideas but I saw it as a good learning appointment to test my presentation skills.

- Michael

Good afternoon Michael,

I have not contacted you in a while with questions but wanted to share the GREAT news that I got my first paying client!

It's not a big company, but it has a lot of referral opportunities. Above all is my FIRST so the next few shall come much, much easier.


- Kairo

Mr Senoff!!

I got my first client today!

After 4 hours of meeting with him in his office, I got a lockdown of doing a "hybrid" of the HMA system: USP & Internet marketing for a total of $1,000.00 for both steps combined.

He owns 3 pizza stores (non franchised) and is trying to grow the internet part of it. Since I'm very experienced with IM, I told him some things he needed to know (somewhat the same stuff as in the HIMA training) and then I also encouraged him to allow me to help him with his USP.

He's got a very interesting approach to getting more and more customers/pizza eaters. He's partnered up with not only local video stores but also schools, churches and a university.

Since his business is Christian-based, finding good help is genuinely hard for him Usually he'll get the girls that are really sweet and seem to have excellent customer service, but they show up with 10 earrings, piercing, etc. You can imagine finding people to represent his pizza store is difficult. So he's targeted churches and is advertising his business to them, for the young people who need work.

I realize that a pizza joint is going to be difficult to work, but he's got something that no one else has within a 200 mile radius: decals for his pizza!! Kids can now have a Sponge Bob picture on their pizza during a pizza party! That's pretty cool!

So, I'm going to spend the next few days working on his USP, and then I will work on his internet marketing side of it probably next week.

Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with me!!

- Jesse


I did close my HVAC guy and he is tough to work with because he is also a technician and if they get potential call about a high-priced installation, we have to reschedule.

Unfortunately, I had to work on some of the steps because he has been in the field. I will send you over the basic USP premise and see what you think. The questions they get asked the most actually surprised me that no one is advertising it.

Everyone asks if they are licensed, bonded and insured, and how long they have been in business. Out of all the yellow page ads I saw, only one company prominently mentions that they are insured (they are actually required to be insured to be licensed). It reminded me of Claude Hopkins and Schlitz beer.

So the insurance will be mentioned in the USP along with experience, open on weekends, 90% of repairs fixed the same day, phones answered 24/7 by a live company rep (no answering service), technicians will respect their homes and treat them as if it were their own, and a couple other things.

I set-up the Kall8 and got them 3 local numbers to track radio, TV, and They are going to save about $2000 a month since I have shown them what is working and not working.


- Dave


You're the man! Thanks for being a friend.

BY THE WAY -- I just signed my first consulting client on Tuesday!!! It's a small air filter business with approximately $200,000 in revenues.

I signed him up for a USP project - $995! Four weekly payments of $250 - The first $250 check is already in my wallet.

You can interview me anytime!


- Eric

Dear Michael,

I would like to thank you for all of your wonderfully educational free material on marketing consulting.

I have taken the initiative to acquire my first client as a consultant and was hoping that you may be able to help me with a few suggestions so I can make enough money for them.

The company that hired me is a wholesale bakery that offers gluten- free sweets and, although I hate to trouble you, I am so close to having the money to become a student of the HMA University that I can almost taste it.

Respectfully yours,


I landed my first client in September, 2009. A company owner was contacted and interested shortly after I purchased the HMA system, but he wasn't willing to start until September.

He owns a farm chemical sales company with 15 employees and $20,000,000 in sales. I got paid $2,000 for projects 1 and 2 to start, and then collected another $2,000 in February when I finished.

We also went through the sales training materials from the HMA system and I did personality profiles on each employee. Also, sessions were digitally recorded and provided for the employer. He was pleased with the work, but during and since that time we have been interrupted by his super busy periods. I am to talk with him again late July about project 3.

I have some decent prospects for a successful furniture business, and a motorcycle sales and service business that markets worldwide. Ironically, both are more interested in the sales training and personality profiling/team building than the HMA marketing projects.

- Clayton

Hello Michael

I had an amazing first week.  I ran three Opportunity Analysis meetings.  I got a verbal agreement from one business owner to do modules 1-4 as well as redesign her ecommerce website. I should close her out by end of this week and get started on fulfillment.

Thanks again for offering such an amazing turn-key system.

- JB


From: Sherry
Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2011 7:35 PM



WOW! That's all I can say at this point. I have read/skimmed everything on both links. There are so many ideas for marketing the HMA program in the letter and testimonials.

I identified with the seminar approach the best as well as the one-on-one approach.

Thank you for providing this. I know I can work this with your guidance. There are so many others who are working this program so successfully.

I am working my way through the HIMA audio files right now, and my brain is buzzing with possibilities. Thank you.



I spoke to the senior partner of a two office accountancy firm this morning.

I am going to run a few seminars for his clients. At the moment he is talking about two seminars at each office. He wants to invite 12 people to each, 8 of whom will be his clients and 4 will be his prospects.

This seems to be the optimum way for us both to benefit.

I am sure he will agree to a few more if they are successful.

I am looking forward to doing it.

Best regards

- Stuart

Hi Michael,

I got my first HMA gig today!

I received a phone call today from a preschool in applying the  Montessori method. They want to start with my Internet Marketing module, and that proves to be my first $500 client!

And I had only very little self-promotion so far. Basically that was the first business owner I sat down and did an Opportunity Analysis with. I did not even set up my web site yet. I did not hear from them for almost two weeks. I just thought they did not like my offer after the OA. I even felt like totally giving up with HMA, feeling disappointed. If you did not offer to extend the trial period, for example, I would probably have given up by now.

Now I'm totally sold and will never give up on HMA. Even if I use it only for my other "totally online" businesses. I do not like working face to face with clients too much. I want to be able to do it all over the Internet from my home. In the future, I want to create products like you did by doing webinars, teleseminars, and interviews, and recording them. Maybe I can do webinar consulting from home with HMA. Or maybe I can do some Emotional Freedom Techniques consulting over the web, with groups.

I'm totally excited about having my first client within my trial period. Thank you for offering all this and with such a generous $3.95 trial offer.

- Ozwe.

I already signed up my first client, a heating and air conditioning company with 25% of new profits. Plus he is paying me $500 a week for two months. I am on my way.

Your program with Richard and his HMA looks really good to me. I’d like to do it.

- P.K

So far we’ve got about $4000 worth of work on the table from just one of the coupon buyers and we're waiting to hear from the other.

The charity auction was only last Thursday and not too shabby. This one client is fairly well-known and influential at the golf course where the event was held and if all goes well there should be some decent referral action.

Once again I wanted to thank you because this is business that we wouldn’t have without the pointers we got from one of your interviews.

Thank you !!

- Travis

Hello Michael,

First, I am really enjoying the hidden gold in the audio available as an HMA rep. Elsome Eldridge was awesome, as was Dave Preston.

Second, is there still available a discount to Dave's seminar training to NPO's???

Last, and maybe most important, I am a professional marketing consultant. Defined by being PAID!

I believe I mentioned I had a 2nd appointment with a prospect prior to obtaining your HMA program. I closed the deal with my client this past Saturday.

The stats: 2 hour meeting to uncover their profit leaks (the Opportunity Analysis), 2 hour meeting to discuss results of the questions and how to fix the problems. In between meetings I had sent them a couple of videos I made. The day prior to the meeting I sent a sample report with a watermark showing how they could stop their prospects from signing up with their competitors.

No objections. The only question they had was if they could break up my initial payment. (of course!)

$1241 now
$1241 in two weeks
$1000 two weeks following
$1000 month for 4 months
$625 month every month until they cancel

Annualized? $11,223

Not bad for a first deal.

I gave them a complete blueprint of what we are going to do. What's first, etc.

I am very excited!

Just thought you'd like to know.

- Cary

Hi Michael,

I’m doing real well, thank you. I’ve only signed up the one (solar company) customer, and got their check last week. I still have the wireless store promising to go ahead in the next couple of weeks. I’ve done 4 other Opportunity Analyses and am only hoping for one out of those.

I am scheduled to speak at a couple of Rotary meetings, a SCORE workshop, a local radio show, and a locally run Web TV show. Also,  I converted the virtual office center I was managing into a “Small Business Incubator” called the Business Excellence Center. That and that got me some good press and I was appointed onto the local Economic Development Board. Which will help my “obvious expert” plans!!!

I am also trying to hire a tele-sales rep to book appointments and a “Cash-Cow style seminar for late September.

That was a great call and I had just picked up my first consulting check for $2500 on the same day. I’m sort of glad it is slow and a lot of business owners are busy here with the summer season. It is really giving me the breathing room and prep time to start properly and professionally.

PS: You guys really have the training and knowledge base (expert interviews) down pat. I haven’t had any questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to on the site. I was having a hard time coming up with a question for Richard!!!

My ground swell is definitely building and I am looking to really kick butt in the fall! My goal is 4 clients for September, and 20 people at my web seminar.

I love being an HMA consultant.

Thanks again,

- Jamie

Hey Michael,

I just wanted to tell you after being a HMA Client for 2 weeks now and I just closed my first HMA Consulting Client.

Just to give you a bit of background about myself, I've been doing Internet Marketing consulting for about a year with small businesses
consulting for some friends.

After going through and listened to most of the audio interviews, I knew straight away that this is the thing I need for my own consulting business.

I haven't watched the videos and training yet but I've been listening to your HMA University.

I closed my first HMA client combining my SEO Consulting services and HMA Opportunity Analysis to finally close a client that previously came to me for SEO help but didn't have money to do so first.

I charged $1500 plus $50 per month for the SEO. Since he is a start up, We're doing a 3 payment plan for the first step.

I installed a script in his site and it automatically builds reciprocal links to his site.

I'm doing a USP and SEO. He wants to work with me on long term basis and do all the marketing systems for his business.

We spoke about 2 months ago about doing SEO and Ad words work but he didn't have money to do anything. So I gave a few pointers with site structure on Word press and Ad words Marketing. He followed my advice and he made 10 sales at a price point of $1000-$1500 for his photo booth business. So it instantly gave me credibility for helping him get to where he is at the moment.

I went through the Opportunity Analysis with him and we uncovered a lot of potential marketing opportunities that will help him grow his business.

He was an IT Consultant before he started his photo booth business. So it looks like I can get a lot of referrals from him too.

I got 2 -3 more clients that I can use the opportunity analysis on.

I haven't even started marketing myself as a Marketing Consultant yet. So it would be really interesting once I've finished going through all the materials from the HMA system.

I finally have a proper system that I can use when I'm digging to find out more information from clients.

This has been a blessing for me and my family since I've been out of job for over a year and funds are really tight.

Thanks again for all the materials that you've provided at the HMA University.


- Carlo

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your time yesterday. Just wanted to share some news. I had a lunch meeting with the owner of an it business.

While I didn't have the Opportunity Analysis, I was basically discovering opportunities through a series of questions.

Anyway, we agreed about the importance of his messaging and specifically defining his USP!

In less than 24 hours since trying out the HMA system, I'm already on track to make $2000 from the USP with plans to create a website, videos, and email campaigns.

Oh yeah, he has a beautiful office where he is giving me access to have workshops... for FREE.

It seats about 24.

Just thought you would like to know.

Thanks again

- Alex

Hello Michael,

I hope you're doing well. I told you I looked forward to the day of writing to inform you about having gotten our first HMA system contract. Well, I praise Jesus that today is that day!

My business partner just called a little while ago and informed me he is in possession of our first signed contract for the first step of the system. Our client knows we are just starting out and doesn't care because he is tired of paying about $20,000 a year for marketing services, which includes Web services, that is he unable to accurately measure results for.

He agreed to the USP step for $1750. We're also in negotiation for carrying out a postcard mailing for a second client. Thank you for playing a part in getting us to this point. We invite you to rejoice with us! Now it's on to making it happen for the client!


- Stan


Here is some information regarding my first two HMA clients!

1st client: An Air Filter Exchange

BEFORE: Business sells air filters for commercial HVAC units, and offers replacement of filters, as well as preventive maintenance,  gives a detailed report on HVAC system efficiency, and replaces fan belts.

Business was 100% commercial accounts.

Reps would cold call on businesses to determine need.  There was no real follow-up in place.

There was no program in place to "lock in" customer loyalty, or to up-sell as needs change.

NOW: I instituted a direct mail program based on businesses with maximum number of HVAC units.

I got a newsletter started for them to keep all current customers and key prospects aware of all that they offer, as well as to build the feeling of community (belonging) with them.

I created an endorsed mailing program set up between them and a residential carpet cleaner to turn the carpet cleaner's homeowners (with HVAC) into clients of the air filter exchange. This opened up an additional potential base of over 3,000 customers to the air filter exchange and gives them a solid foothold in the residential marketplace - a highly profitable market.

I raised the air filter exchange's prices by over 30%, thereby increasing profitably by over 100%!

2nd client: A Residential Carpet Cleaning Company - Residential carpet and surface cleaning

BEFORE: Their follow-up was unfocused, their 800# was used incorrectly, there stress on an aging parent to manage phones and orders, and the burden of large payments to franchise and banks, 90% residential.

NOW: I instituted a direct mail program based on neighbors around current customers. This postcard campaign offered a complimentary, high perceived value service that costs them very little in hard costs.

Instead of selling surface cleaning or carpet cleaning, I changed focus solely to selling the appointment. We decided that a co-owner (the husband) would just use his car to administer the complimentary service due to his personality and the current ratio of conversion to paid service at over 58%.

This cut the costs of driving a carpet cleaning rig (each rig's approximate value is $100,000!) to every prospect, and now focuses those resources solely on paid customers.

I revamped the carpet cleaning company's newsletter to keep all current customers and key prospects aware of all that they offer, as well as to build the feeling of community (belonging) with them.

I created an endorsed mailing program set up between the carpet cleaning company and the air filter exchange. This opened up an additional potential base of over 1,100 commercial customers to the air filter exchange, and gives them a solid foothold in the commercial marketplace - a highly profitable market for them.

Both of my clients will be re-upping with me for other projects.

Michael, I will have my 3rd client by Thursday, and my 4th closed within 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I am pursuing the group training aspect of HMA through state resources like the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

I'll be keeping you posted! And I will be buying three replacement training module booklets from you soon.


- Eric

I landed my second gig today. I will do 10 Opportunity Analyses for another Education/Consulting (Edu-Ser) firm as a part of a small business development project. I will do them in about a week and I'll be paid 150 TL ($100) per day.

I'm not allowed to directly make an offer after the Opportunity Analysis.

I will just send them a detailed report about what needs to be done. However, I will also be able to contact them later. I am planning to send them to my educational web site and invite them to my opt-in list. So within 1-2 months, some of them might also be my clients.

For me, this looks like they are paying me money for making OA, and putting me in front of 10 prospects in a week!

With this, in addition to Internet Marketing gig with the preschool, the jobs I'm guaranteed this month sums up to 1,800 TL, which roughly makes $1140.

The owner of the preschool mentioned how I did an OA and what kind of report I have given her in the end, and that seemed like something they could use with their project. Although they are looking for a full evaluation of a SME, not just marketing, they offered me this gig as a "trial" to see if it fits their (and their client companies) needs... So, if they like it now, there would be plenty more opportunities to set JV's or more gigs like that.

And I have not even started "marketing" myself yet! My web site is not ready, so I have not started a "becoming an obvious expert on Internet" campaign yet. I have not set up a legal firm. I have not contacted any business group or associations like local chamber of trade etc. All the marketing I have done is one "practice" OA with a friend, and one real OA with someone I met in a social setup as a friend, who showed interest when she asked what I'm doing, and I said "I'm starting up as a marketing consultant, and I'm helping small to medium businesses grow 25-100% in 3-6 months without more advertising costs". That's all the marketing I've done for myself up to now.

While my real passion lies in EFT and probably hypnosis, I've caught a strong wave, and I'm going to ride it as profitably as I can. At the very least, financial problems seems to be over, I don't need to live with mom anymore even if my income stays at this level, and it is sure to increase as I promote myself more and more.

Thank you for making all this possible.

- Ozwe

Hi Michael,

Things are going well. I'm almost done with all the material and gearing up for my first marketing workshop. I also got the process flow and system in place for building clients and profits coming out of that.

Overall I'm quite happy with the material and look forward to putting it into action with a couple of existing clients.

I'll be shipping the extra CDs back to you next week - sorry to take so long to get to the post office!


- Steve

Hi Michael

I’m going great, taking my time to digest all the HMA material.

My expertise is in copywriting and website makeovers.

So what I’m thinking is that in the short term I’m going to combine the USP/Implementation step into my website makeover package.

Long term I want to become more of a marketing consultant and less of a copywriter and deliver the Core 4.

Michael, I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now to thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

I remember hearing on the first audio of yours that I ever listened to about how when your child was sick you decided to create a business so you could be close to him.

Hearing that really gave me encouragement to continue with my copywriting business.

And now that I have a son of my own, I’m even more determined to become a successful marketing consultant.

So thanks! And I really appreciate you generously sharing so much valuable information for free.

I have a marketing degree from one of Australia’s best business schools. When I was studying tertiary education was free. But now you would have to pay around $60,000 to get that degree.

I can say, in all honesty, that you would learn more about marketing listening to all the audios on your site than doing a 3-year degree.

So thanks again.

I hope you’re well and happy

- Charles

Hi Michael:

I am doing well. I am going thorough the HMA training videos 4 to 6 hours a week. It started a little slow because I have studied Jay Abraham in depth. But once Richard started talking about how to sell the consulting it got very interesting.

I like his practical step-by-step system.

The only problem I am having is I have been unable to match anything I have to the power points he is going through.

Warmest Regards

- AJ

Michael, it is going very well.

I told you I needed something to energize myself and it is working.

I closed my first real deal on a referral from an accountant yesterday.

I have two appointments next week: One with an existing client (your suggestion) and another referral from a different accountant.

I made the "I bought time from this consultant to help you at my own expense" deal. I made each give me one dollar, as I don't like to fib if I don't have to.

I am changing all my stationery, business cards, etc. to call myself "Senior Marketing Consultant" It is amazing how true to form some things run.

I have been using much of the knowledge I picked up from your interviews in dealing with the identical situations your guests' experience. I partition my brain and go on autopilot saying what I heard in the interviews and watching the client respond as they were supposed to! The other part is laughing while this goes on. Anyway, I am having fun for the first time in a long while.

I expect to earn more money this year as a result of your program than I have in 4 or 5 years.

That may not sound like much to speak of but my income has been only a shadow of what it once was before things began to change. I am confident now that I can be back to my former self if I choose to be. Keep those interviews coming, they are great. I have only scratched the surface of the materials so far, but my confidence more than compensates. I will be the poster child for "It is never too late to shift gears" and it will all because of you. I thank you


- Richard

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the note. I have signed an agreement with my first client! I will meet with him again tomorrow to pick up the check and start to work on creating his USP.

I am starting off a little slow in the sense that I want to be fairly deliberate in learning each step, and reconciling it with what I'm reading and watching in the program materials, along with my existing knowledge.

I've also been working on formally setting up my business, with creating a logo, website, filing requisite forms, a bank account, etc.

I'm pretty excited about this, I finally have clarity about where I'm going and where it is I fit. I thank you for presenting this opportunity to me.

- Jacob


Slow, but sure. I can't wait to get through this transition of working full-time at my current position to where I can devote more time to the marketing consulting business.

I've mentioned a farm chemical sales company that I was hoping to work with. They do well over $20,000,000 in sales each year. I just made an appointment with the owner to go through the Opportunity Analysis. His business is growing fast because he is a low-price leader in his industry and he is creative. He believes that his USP is his ability to deliver products at the lowest prices.

They just sent out a mailing of 3,000, and have gotten back an overwhelming response. So, being my first real case, I'm a little nervous about how to charge for the various projects, and where I might be the most helpful to him.

I also approached a computer sales and service business that has 3 stores. They are in the process of researching a web project I arranged for them in exchange for marketing services. The deal I worked out was that if my employer would purchase the HMA course for me at $2,500, I would pay for my employer's web project which was going to cost them $3,500. It would save my employer $1,000, and I would be a more educated employee for them. I would then trade marketing services for the web project so my out-of-pocket expense for the HMA course would be $0.

Thanks for asking,

- Clay

Hi Michael,

Things are going really well. After a dry spell of almost 5 years in my software consulting business, I now have an ongoing client that is providing a service to a large grocery store out there in your area. That's a good thing.

But - the exciting thing is my marketing/business consulting gig(s)! I have a client doing 7 or 8 projects with me. The client is a hair salon. It is an upscale salon serving the people who are in the middle income kind of bracket, with hair, nails, waxing and so forth.

In the process of talking with the owner, she let me know a lot of things about the business itself, and its health. So, I've taken some of the role of business advisor as well as building an expanded marketing program with her. We're currently working on her USP, although she actually has one, as we realized one day last week.

Our goal at the salon is to increase customer worth about 10% and increase number of customers about the same amount. This will take the business from about 750K to 1 MILLION per year and make her actually profitable. The interesting about a salon is that each of the cosmetologists who work there is actually a small business within the salon, so I'm working with them, too (as part of my work with the salon) to market each of them in various ways, so they have an increase in their income as their client bases grow.

And since I have a lifetime of computer software knowledge and internet marketing knowledge, I'm helping her get a stronger presence online and helping to add an online store on her site, as well.

I've also started building relationships for joint-venturing between the salon and two other local businesses. They are all open and interested in the concept and we're planning to have a couple of things started and going by the end of the month. The joint-venture conversations are actually creating consulting opportunities for me, too.

This is exciting work for me, because I'm able to utilize practically everything I know in working with the salon.

So - again - thanks for asking, Michael! Things are great!


- BM

Hi Michael,

Yesterday evening I just did my "practice OA" with one of my old friends, the CEO of a consulting business.  It is a 10Million TL/year consulting business helping mid to large businesses (50 Million TL/year or more) apply SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning systems into their businesses.

The Opportunity Analysis revealed that he is not my ideal potential client for two reasons: First, he gets 90% of his customers from SAP-Turkey, therefore his business is kind of like a franchise (like McDonalds or something), he is getting most clients from parent company marketing. Second, he is doing almost everything right, but maybe he can develop the USP better (they have some competitive advantages but he is a bit vague in putting it in 90 words or less) and to integrate it to marketing more efficiently.

However since he has few new customers per year (7-8), and all sales are large (150,000-500,000 Euros, 250,000 on average), they make it up mostly when they have face time with potential clients, and explain it in more detail. Other than that they do very well with working on their customer/prospect database, asking for referrals or building JV's, community marketing and PR.

The feedback I get from him is just as you described, he thinks this is a very much needed service for SME earning 500,000-5,000,000 TL per year, and my asking prices of 1500-5000 TL per project per month is very reasonable.

Even though this was just a practice OA and I was not intending for a sale anyway, I feel more comfortable now that I've done this, to go out and do OA for real potential clients.

I also have one OA meeting with a potential client that I met recently. She is the founder of the first Preschool & Kids Club using Montessori system in Turkey. The business is new (8 months old) and is already on a growth period.

However the owner is open to get help from outside experts about topics she is not already an expert (marketing, finance, etc). I know as a start-up she is not my ideal customer, but I guess she roughly is earning around 400-500,000 TL per year and I could still use her business as a "first customer" even with low prices (like 750 TL/module-month). In Turkey, I can live on around 1000-1500 TL/m, so I can have one or two cheap customers at first, until I build more self-confidence.

In the next two weeks I'll also be contacting my friends who have businesses who are serving other small businesses (one advertising/art consultant, one CPA) and a couple of old friends who knows large numbers of people some of which may be in my target market. I'll also set up one web site and write articles and promote myself as "obvious expert" in the field of SME marketing.

Just to keep you up to date.


- OT


If you have any questions at all, feel free to call or text me at 858-692-9461. E-mail me if you have any questions at


Michael Senoff


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