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How To Turn $30 Into $200 On ebay


Here’s a 30-minute gem of a consultation that I recently did with a gentleman named Kevin. Kevin had ordered by Audio Marketing Secrets package and called me for some help in getting ideas about an audio information product that he could develop and start selling fast.

Kevin and I discuss his previous work experience which includes being a production assistant at QVC, buying and selling real estate, and MLM’s. Kevin’s current business venture is buying and selling items on Ebay. His goal is to buy low and to sell high. One of the ways that he does this is by purchasing lots of specific items at government auctions and then selling the items individually on Ebay for nice profits.

Although he’s doing fairly well on Ebay with auctioning consumables, you’ll hear us discuss how selling an information product is so much easier. Kevin wouldn’t have to spend the time searching for items in government auctions, transporting and storing the items, etc.

Kevin tells how he had created a video on Ebay on the topic of how he bought and sold products. Although many people looked at his auction, he only had one sale. He thought that his limited success was due to poor copy. However, listen as I point out that since he got so many hits on his auction that perhaps there were some other reasons for his poor sales. Listen as I give my recommendations for selling items on Ebay. If you are an Ebay seller, this part of the consultation may really interest you!

As we get back to the subject of creating an audio information product, I give my professional opinion of what a successful audio information product should do for the listener:

– It must present value to the listener
– It should teach the listener how to make money

People will pay a higher price for a product that possesses these two most important attributes.

Kevin and I discuss finding a topic and then interviewing 10 experts in that field. The beauty of the interview style of an information product is that you do not have to be the expert. Additionally, you can hire a freelance copywriter to do the interviewing for you if you don’t wish to conduct the interviews yourself. In this regard, Kevin would choose to be the interviewer himself.

Suddenly Kevin has an idea: Could I help him to create an audio information product that explains the businesses that Kevin has been involved with over the years and how to make money buying and reselling real estate and/or consumer products? Yes, this could be a very viable product and I do provide the services to accomplish this.

You see, Kevin would be positioned as the expert and I would do the interviewing, create the product, and create an infomercial to help get traffic to his web site for more information about his audio information product. You’ll hear me advise Kevin of how a product like this must be of high quality and be risk-free for the consumer (i.e. offer a money-back guarantee).

If you’re trying to come up with ideas for your own audio information product, this consultation with Kevin may be just what you need to get that spark – an idea that can make you a fortune. Enjoy!

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Hi, this is Michael Senoff with Michael Senoff’s HardtoFindSeminars.com. This is a 30 minute consult with Kevin. Kevin ordered my Audio Marketing Secrets package, and call to see if we could come up with some ideas for an information product that he can sell fast to start making some money. Kevin has been involved with all kinds of business opportunities like buying and selling real estate, multi-level marketing and recently buying and selling on eBay. In this audio interview, you’ll hear about a great success story of how Kevin made thousands of dollars on eBay within just a few short days. You’ll also hear one idea how Kevin can take his eBay success and create an audio information product that can sell for hundreds of dollars. Use this audio interview to get ideas for your own information product. Now, let’s get going.

Kevin: Hello?

Michael: Hey, Kevin. Mike Senoff here.

Kevin: Hey, Mike.

Michael: How’s everything going?

Kevin: Good.

Michael: So, where are you, in South Carolina?

Kevin: Right, I’m in Columbia.

Michael: Are you from there originally?

Kevin: No, I’m from up north.

Michael: Where are you from?

Kevin: Philadelphia. I’m one of the military brats.

Michael: Moves around a lot.

Kevin: Right.

Michael: Are you done with the military?

Kevin: Yeah, I wasn’t in. My parents, my dad was.

Michael: Oh, your dad was. How old are you?

Kevin: Forty-four.

Michael: Forty-four, are you married?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: Kids?

Kevin: Yes, I’ve got two kids.

Michael: How old are they?

Kevin: Two and nine.

Michael: All right. So, you’ve pretty much gone through and listened to a lot of the recordings on the Audio Marketing Secrets.

Kevin: Yes, I’ve listened to all the recordings on Audio Marketing.

Michael: You can see how just about every one, I always come back to saying, “Create your own damn product.” Do it by interviewing the experts. Do you remember the lady with the horse who wanted to buy and sell horses? Let me ask you this. Do you have some germination of an idea in your head of something you think you may want to put together?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: What kind of ideas?

Kevin: What I had tried was the idea I told you to make $30 of the $1,600 on eBay. Well, I tried that idea through a video, put a think on eBay, got like over 250 hits on it, but I only got one sale.

Michael: How much were you selling it for?

Kevin: $9.99.

Michael: $9.99, and what were they buying, a video?

Kevin: Right, just a video on how I bought a product, turned around, did the research and sold it.

Michael: In your ad, did you describe what the product was.

Kevin: Right, but see I’m not a professional copywriter. I don’t have that skill on how you guys seem to write.

Michael: Well, 250 hits on the ads. Do you remember what the headline was?

Kevin: Just, “How to Turn $30 into $1,600 on eBay Video”.

Michael: That headline, if you got 250 hits, that’s telling you something. What kind of auction was it? Was it just a standard auction?

Kevin: Buy-it-Now.

Michael: One thing I’ve learned with eBay is people go on eBay because they want bargains. Those Buy-it-Nows, they want they feel like in an auction environment that they have a chance of getting a kick-ass deal. Even though I don’t do it sometimes, it depends what the purpose of my auction is for. Sometimes I will put auctions up where I have a Buy-it-Now price or a very high reserve with no intention of selling the product, but I use it as a lead generator to let people know that I have it and there’s always a way for them to get to my site through my About Me page.

So, you can use eBay as a way of getting traffic to your site, less expensive than using Google because no matter what anyone types in on the internet, they’re going to see a link to get it on eBay. Ebay’s got an angle on every single key word out there. So, you could use eBay as a wonderful tool for building traffic.

Now, if I really want to sell something, people want to be involved in an auction. They want the excitement, and the potential of getting a good deal. So, always start your auctions with a minimum bid of 50 cents or a dollar or two dollars. If it goes for two dollars, what’s the big deal? It’s a digital product that you may get two people or three people or four people in the auction fever, and when those emotions run high, that’s when you sometimes get more than what you even wanted to set it at.

There are auctions for a reason because they work. They sell property at killer prices because you’ve got people competing against each other. You’ve got the fear of loss working. People don’t want to lose out, and that not wanting to lose out is a very strong motivator, and it creates desire to come out on top and win. People lose their head. They get emotional, and they pay way more in an auction than they would if it wasn’t an auction.

Let the natural reasons why auctions work work for you in all your eBay auctions.

Kevin: Now, I’m using the About Me page. In fact, I put that – I don’t know ifyou’ve heard of Jim Corcoran.

Michael: I have not heard of Jim Corcoran. Who is that?

Kevin: He wrote a book called, “Silent Sales” which his technique is using the About Me page to filter people. To get them to get another product on your favorites when you put My Favorite Websites.

Michael: I’ve been doing that for years. I’ve never even heard of him.

Kevin: You’ve been doing this for years?

Michael: Yes, because eBay will allow you to put links from your About Me page. Absolutely, okay.

Kevin: But, the key is what I’m doing is putting the affiliate links to newsletters and trying to get those people to then purchase that product, and I get half the commission.

Michael: Has it worked?

Kevin: No, I’m not getting any commissions.

Michael: Relying on that About Me page, most people are on the auctions looking for what they want, and that’s really why they’re there. You’ll sometimes filter people to that About Me page if you’ve really caught their attention or if they’re curious about who the seller is and they want to check you out.

For the most part, I don’t think it’s going to be that affective. Now, maybe you read this guy’s book. Was he extremely effective at it?

Kevin: Yeah, he’s built a newsletter of 100,000 subscribers.

Michael: What ideas do you think you have for creating an information product, especially an audio information product? You mentioned something that’s really important. You’re not a professional copywriter, but you know how to talk don’t you?

Kevin: Yeah, I work for the telephone company.

Michael: Isn’t it easier to talk than it is to write?

Kevin: Yes! It’s every easy to talk.

Michael: When babies are born, haven’t they been talked to all their lives?

Kevin: Right.

Michael: Don’t their teachers talk to them, their momma, their daddy? So, when two people are talking, it’s more natural than reading a letter. It’s easier to listen. They’re familiar with it. If you’re talking in a normal conversational tone just like we’re talking, you’re not sounding way off or any different than what’s normally heard throughout your life. It’s easier to accept ideas when you’re being spoken to in a normal way.

When people aren’t born to write, it’s hard to write. It’s not natural to write. It’s like getting blood from a stone to write. You’ve heard that over and over again because it’s not natural. So, stop writing and start talking.

Kevin: People tell me I have this radio voice, and I’ve worked at a radio station. My background is mainly television. I used to work at QVC Network. I worked at a couple of TV stations here in town.

Michael: What did you do at QVC?

Kevin: I was a production assistant.

Michael: How long were you there for?

Kevin: That was like two or three years.

Michael: Is that where the main company is?

Kevin: It’s in Westchester, Pennsylvania, but I was there day one when they flipped the switch, launched the first product.

Michael: What was their first product?

Kevin: I don’t remember.

Michael: So, you were there for three years?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: What was that like?

Kevin: It was very unique because it was in infancy. Everybody it was a joke. Nobody is going to sit there and watch people sell products, and talk all day long about fake jewelry. It was a shakedown of all these competitors, and then of course, they all went away. Hollywood then stepped in, and it became this huge mega-success.

In the beginning, they didn’t really pay much. So, I had to go on other things. Then, I jumped into “no money down” real estate venture. I did a lot of stuff with Robert Allan, actually worked with them on their mentor programs. Actually, they flew me to Chicago to help teach one of the seminars, things like that.

Michael: Did you ever buy real estate?

Kevin: Yeah, I bought one property in Philadelphia. Of course, they tell you how to buy property all day long. They never tell you how to keep it.

Michael: Oh, really?

Kevin: Yeah, dealing with tenants and taxes.

Michael: Do you believe that the Robert Allan stuff is really valuable information?

Kevin: It’s not as valuable as they say.

Michael: It’s not easy as they say.

Kevin: Yeah, I mean it’s easy. It’s just you’ve got to find a good deal, and motivated seller, and then if you have the time to do all that.

Michael: It’s very time consuming.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, extremely. I did it with my current house. Bought a property, walked away with cash at the closing. This stuff works. It’s-

Michael: It’s a commitment.

Kevin: Right, you have a commitment or haven’t all day long to go look at deals.

Michael: It is very time consuming. I could imagine.

Kevin: Then, a year I spent in network marketing with pretty much every company out there – Omnitrition, Herbal Life.

Michael: That’s about 15 years ago.

Kevin: I did Quick Start for a little bit, Prime America, A. L. Williams.

Michael: Did you have any success with any of those?

Kevin: Everytime some craziness would happen, the company would shut down. Upline got arrested for faking it’s policy.

Michael: Really, and A.L. Williams?

Kevin: All types of scenarios that the company would fold, or something would go wrong in my upline would dissuade the whole download, and just forget this.

Michael: So, what does that tell you? You put your time and energy into other people’s dream, into Robert Allan’s dream, A.L. Williams, all the multi-level marketing companies, and you come up with shit. So, now it’s time to put your time and effort into your own dream, into your own product, one that you control. The only reason it’s going to fail is because of you. Doesn’t that make sense?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: So, hopefully that saves time. Now, I always go back to information products because this is what I know, and this is what I do, and it’s so damn easy making these information products. If you would just understand all you’ve got to do is talk.

Kevin: I’ve got no problem talking.

Michael: Yeah, you’ve got that radio voice going. That isn’t even important. I don’t even know if that would be an advantage to you. It probably would be a disadvantage to you because if you come across sounding like a radio announcer, people believe they’re going to be sold. That’s not the idea.

The idea isn’t to come across sounding slick and with a radio voice. You have to be able to talk clearly and communicate so people can understand you, but the whole idea is to present value to the listener, and put together something of value that people will pay you for.

All these other things you’ve tried to position yourself an expert maybe buying and selling real estate or being an expert in multi-level and their product. What I’m telling you, when you create an information product, you’re going to have to fight your ego.

Many times, we all want to be the expert. I want to be the expert at my stuff on audio interviews, which is only natural. People want to be the expert at something because it gives them validation. They feel good about themselves, but if you can get over that, and not be the expert, and just be the guy asking the questions in interviewing the experts. If people have a problem with that, you don’t have to be the expert. All you’ve got to be is the guy asking the questions.

I don’t know if you heard one of the interviews I was saying, “Who are some of the most powerful famous personalities that you know today?”

Kevin: Yeah, I heard that.

Michael: Larry King, Oprah, all the people who do interviews and they’re not experts. All you’ve got to be able to do is just ask the questions. So, now you’ve got to think of what kind of product, what kind of information do you want to sell.

Now, you may have heard me also talk about you want to sell something that can teach people how to make money, and the reason is just like your real estate, just like you’ve been in MLM, you’ve bought into ideas and products that will show you how to make money, that can take care of yourself. If you can show someone how to create an ongoing income, that’s a lot more valuable than just selling a product that’s going to maybe entertain you or a widget or something you buy. Plus, you can get a lot more money from it because if you teach someone how to make money, you’re providing more value than you would on something else and you’re able to charge more money for it.

Kevin: Right, and that’s the market that I’m in. That’s the market that my friends are in. So, commercials and all these other ventures, it’s a huge market.

Michael: It is a huge market, the biz-op market.

Kevin: I think everybody wants to make some money.

Michael: Yes, they do. They want an easier life. They want to be with their family more. They want to work less hours, have less stress. That’s what they really want. Money is a solution, part of a solution.

Kevin: With all the things I’ve done with auctions – I mean, I’ve done stuff with eBay. I also buy into government auctions, bought a hundred refrigerators for two dollars, turned them around and sold them for a hundred.

Michael: Tell me about that. That sounds like a cool story.

Kevin: Before the contractors stepped in, government used to run all the auctions themselves. It wasn’t on the internet. You simply would just show up at the auction, submit a field bid, no minimum bid like they have now. You have to bid at least $40 or $50. A dollar, two dollars – if you’re the only bidder, you’ve got a lot.

Michael: So, what did you buy? A lot of a hundred refrigerators.

Kevin: Right.

Michael: Full-size ones or mini ones.

Kevin: Full-size, just to prove that they talked about this stuff on television, and you can actually go to an auction back then. You could buy a lot of a hundred refrigerators, a hundred TVs for a dollar or two dollars.

Michael: So, you’ve done this. So, you believe in your head. You know that this is possible. You sound like you like buying and selling, buying low and selling high.

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: That’s what I like doing.

Kevin: It took a lot of time for me to personally go, pick up a hundred refrigerators, load them in a U-Haul truck and then unload them at my warehouse, clean them all up.

Michael: That’s great, but you’ve got the whole concept, buy low, sell high, get control of something, but now compare it to information product. No picking up. No delivering. All stored digitally. No cost at all, nothing needed. Operate anywhere from the world. You had to wait for supply. You didn’t have an unlimited supply.

You need to have unlimited supply, unlimited demand, and be in the toll position, have exclusivity. You didn’t have that with anything else, but with your own product, with your own voice interviewing other experts, you have exclusivity and you have none of those other problems.

What would be better than that?

Kevin: Nothing, that eliminates of having to go get stuff, having to pick it up, having to store it, having to clean it. Then, if it doesn’t work-

Michael: You have your work on the front end. If you just get it together, and if you can’t do it yourself, there is a solution. You either have money or time. If you don’t have the time or you’re the type of person – and I’m like this sometimes too – there’s stuff that you have to kill me to get me to do, just tedious stuff that I just can not do, but I’ve solved the problem because I hire and get other people to do it for you.

So, let’s say you wanted to interview ten of the greatest eBay experts, for example, ten whatever, whatever your market is, your expertise is. You can go look in your local papers and find writers who are writing for either local papers or your city paper, and find some freelance journalists. Freelance journalists know how to interview and how to know how to ask questions because they’re out there interviewing. They know how to get a story and put a story together.

You can hire these people for very little money to do your interviews for you, and probably do them better than you. So, you can hire someone to put together ten audio tapes and pay them $100 an interview, so for $1,000. You just make sure you get the rights to everything, and once you get the core meat of the interview, then you’re going to put your name all over it. Now, you’ve got a product, and now you need to start selling it and start marketing it.

Kevin: I don’t mind doing the interviews.

Michael: Then, you do them. I’m just saying for anyone else listening. Most people don’t do shit. That’s the thing. They have good intentions, but they can’t get started, and I totally understand, but there is a solution. If you can’t get yourself to do it, pay someone to do it for you because I’m constantly doing that.

I have a webmaster who does tedious stuff I can’t even do, and I would never do. I know it’s an investment in my business, and I pay him to do it. I have transcribers who transcribe all my transcripts. Do you think I’m sitting there typing up my transcripts? Forget it. I have two people who do the editing, the pre-editing of all my audio recordings. I’ve edited so many audio recordings, I have almost like carpal tunnel in my wrist. If I’m editing for more than two hours, my wrists are killing me. I can’t do it. I’ve got to pay someone to do it, not all of it. I have final approval.

It’s kind of like when you go to the dentist. You have the hygienist who cleans your teeth, and then a dentist comes in. That’s how I do my editing. I have someone clean up all the ums and the ahs, and then I go through and do the final editing.

I’m buying time. I would never be able to do all that myself. At first, if you’re going to do it all yourself, it’s just going to take you more time, but if you get a team together to help you with these things and you have the money to invest and you believe in your product and what you’re doing, that investment will all come back to you. It really will.

Kevin: As far as the recording, I’ve worked at a radio station, and I seen how you had mentioned the green bar does the voice and how you edit that. So, I’ve seen that done. I’ve might have even done it. I can’t remember. We had that at the radio station all digital audio. I’m familiar with that aspect of the editing part.

Michael: You just need your editing software.

Kevin: Is there a way to record the phone stuff on the computer?

Michael: That’s all in the Audio Marketing Secrets. I go over that – how to record and publish web audio. It’s one of the recordings, and you have the transcripts. You need any digital recorder, and then you need a device from Radio Shack that plugs into the digital recorder and plugs into the back of your computer.

You’ll do the recording. I’m recording right now on the digital recorder. Then, when I stop it, I save the file as a wav file onto my computer. Then, you’ll open it up in your editing software like Goldwave or Sound Forge, and you do the editing. Then, you have control over it on your computer.

Kevin: So, there’s no way to just directly go from the computer.

Michael: There is a way. You can go from a microphone into your computer directly into the computer, yes, or you can use your tool like your Camtasia. There’s a free software called Step Voice Recorder which is a simple piece of software and it allows you to record right into your computer as a wav file. So, yes, and that’s all in the recording there as well. That’s in there.

Kevin: If you interviewed me, would that be a product?

Michael: If I interviewed you about your stories and stuff, it could be a product, sure, because I can interview you for an hour or an hour and a half. If you want to outline all the cool deals you did like how you bought 100 refrigerators for two dollars a piece – all your buying and selling stories, if you put them all together, that’s something I do. It’s called an internet audio infomercial, and the whole idea is to slant it to sell someone something.

If I interviewed you about all your stories, and that was the product, you would have to create a something to sell that product. The audio interview of you revealing how you did all those things to be a product, and then you can print out the transcripts and you can create some extra value, some bonuses. So, yeah, you can create your own product and position yourself as the expert, or you can interview other people who make cool buying and selling deals. They’re all over the place.

Kevin: Right, because at the time I’d rather somebody interview me like you’re interviewing me, and then I talk about all these different deals that I’ve done and the different experiences or knowledge of the telephone business, real estate business, the different things that I’ve done over the years.

Michael: You can create four hours of interviews and have your own product. I provide that as a service. I can do that. You can talk into the phone. We can create your own information product. If you want your stories and your successes and your failures and have your own course and position yourself as an expert based on your experience, we could position you and do that and you’ll have your own product that you could sell and help others.

Kevin: With all the things that I’ve done. Does it look like something that can be applied to a sale?

Michael: Well, it’s all in the marketing. You’ve done a lot of things that most people only dream about, and you’ve only told me a couple of stories. I think as you create an outline for the stories we talk about, those stories will prove that you have credibility and that you’ve actually done them. Sure, it could be sold, absolutely.

There’s so many people who don’t do anything.

Kevin: I tell co-workers, “Yeah, I did this $30 deal.” Then, they want to know, “How’d you do that?”

Michael: Yeah, “How’d you do that?” Then, what you can do is you can give away the recording of how you did all those things and offer coaching and stuff like that, offer mentoring. There’s all kinds of things you can do.

If you sat down and thought, how many different stories could you come up with, success stories like the refrigerators and like that thing that you bought off eBay, the pump?

Kevin: Probably at least ten stories – real estate, the property I have now is one of these incredible deals for $500 down, and I walked away at the closing with six checks for I think it was $16,000.

Michael: What it was?

Kevin: For the house that I live in.

Michael: Oh, the house you live in.

Kevin: It was so undermarket, the mortgage was able to do this double closing and pull out cash, and turn around three days later, close again, and get a new mortgage.

Michael: If you want to create your own product, there’s nothing more satisfying than having your own product. I’d be glad to help you do that, or you can get someone else to do it, but I’ll do all the interviews with you and do all the editing. I’ll email you a link that goes over all the details, but we can create your own information product based on your experience and your stories, sure.

Kevin: I want to get something that’s going to sell pretty quickly to get some cash. Some programs take years. This seems that once you get this say joint venture, or whatever, it’s immediate money.

Michael: Yes, but you have to have something really good and a good quality product that people are not going to return and they’re going to pay for.

Kevin: How do they return a digital product?

Michael: If you offer a money back guarantee on it, and say, “If you’re unhappy for any reason within 30 days or 60 days, just email me, and say that you want your money back.” So, to sell it, you’ve got to offer a risk-free proposition. You’ve got to stand behind it.

Kevin: I do that with my eBay auction. Everything is 100 percent satisfaction.

Michael: So you do the same thing, but if it’s digital, they say, “Well, I want my money back.” So, you’ve got to give them their money back. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s digital or physical. The amount of returns are directly proportionate to the value you give. If someone feels like you gave them a shitty product, and it wasn’t worth the hundred or $200 or $500, they’re going to return it whether it’s physical or digital. Your value determines. If they feel like they got a good deal, and you gave them value, they’re not going to return it. If you got a happy customer, they’ll buy your next product.

With this Audio Marketing Secrets, my returns are so small because I give great value, and that’s all digital. Regardless of whether it’s digital or physical, it’s the value I give in these recordings and the product I put together.

Kevin: I noticed on some of the internet marketers, they will send me an email, “Click this link”, and then it’s this 90 page sales letter, and they want $895. I don’t know who this guy is from anything, and I can’t justify paying $895 to a total stranger and no guarantee. It’s like $800 for a sales letter. I wonder who he thinks he is. You immediately get this huge amount of money.

Michael: You’ve got to do it step by step. What situation are you in? Do you have money to invest in developing your own product?

Kevin: I have very little money.

Michael: So, you’re going to have to invest your time, then.

Kevin: That’s the reason I wanted to invest in a digital product because it’s something that’s not going to cost me a lot of money, and I can get started and get going whereas most things cost. This doesn’t take a lot of time either. When I go to auction, I have to go physically, take off work to go to the place, rush through there, look for something, take it out. There’s just no time.

Michael: I understand. Have I been somewhat helpful?

Kevin: Yes, yes.

Michael: Bottom line, you know what to do. You’ve just got to do it. That’s all there is to it. You’ve got to start.

Kevin: Right, that’s why I wanted you to interview me so I can get a product out there. How quickly can that be done?

Michael: We can start it next week, but I charge a pretty penny for it. I’ll send you the link.

Kevin: Do you provide a website?

Michael: I’ll send you a letter to everything you will get. I’ll email it to you.

Kevin: All right.

Michael: Confirm that you get it because we’re having a couple of problems with our email. Is that something you can handle? I wouldn’t want you to do it if you couldn’t handle it.

Kevin: I’m tapped out.

Michael: I’ve emailed you two links on my Audio Marketing Service and my Secret Weapon. They do cost money.

Kevin: Right, I understand.

Michael: But, it will give you an idea of what I can do for you.

Kevin: As far as the website, would you get the website?

Michael: Well, you’re really paying for me to create your product. I don’t create all the marketing around it. That’s a separate game, but one of the other services where I do create the marketing, once we have your product, but this is a totally separate service, it’s called My Internet Audio Infomercial. We create an audio recording that’s designed to sell your product.

We’ve got to create the product first, and then we’ve got to create an infomercial to sell it because they’re two separate services. That’s what I sent you on. There’s two links – one on creating your product, the second on creating a tool, an audio recording that’s used to sell it.

So, you’ve got that.

Kevin: As far as your website, do you use that to sell your products basically.

Michael: Yeah, I use my website to sell. That’s my main selling. That’s correct. I use my website to sell my products.

Kevin: One last thing I found interesting you had interviewed John Turner, and he’s the guy who ran Holiday Magic, and it kind of triggered back to me here’s how I first got involved in be your own boss. Years ago, I took a seminar from a guy who used his Holiday Magic, Ben Gay.

Michael: Ben Gay was in Holiday Magic?

Kevin: You didn’t know that.

Michael: That’s famous salesman.

Kevin: The famous salesman, yeah, he wrote the closers.

Michael: Wow!

Kevin: That’s what got me into this be your own boss, this Ben Gay started this company called National Toll-Free Marketing, and he was in Alahambra California, somewhere out in northern California. I don’t know. You’re in San Diego.

Michael: Yes, I’m in San Diego.

Kevin: But, he started this company out there.

Michael: Was it multi-level?

Kevin: It was multi-level. It was pyramid. They shot it down.

Michael: Did he get in trouble?

Kevin: I don’t know if he did or not. It was back in like ’84 or ’85.

Michael: So, is he a hell of a salesman.

Kevin: Yeah, you would just get blown away. What it was he was the stair step network marketing deal were you go to these different steps, and the final step was you fly out to California, which I did. They talked me into it. You go out there and you live the life that these people are living for like seven days. They’re flying their airplane through the middle of town, hang a right, hand a left, and then parking an airplane in their front garage door. So, he’s mesmerizing you for these seven days with nothing but speeches about how to become wealthy, what he did over the years, and all this talk. You’re just immersed in riches.

It’s like, after that, there’s no reason you can just settle for just having a regular life because it was like such a powerful seminar of just “This is the life” of how to make all this money.

Michael: He learned all that from Holiday Magic.

Kevin: Right, he did.

Michael: Was he a leader in Holiday Magic?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: You know Glenn Turner was in Holiday Magic.

Kevin: Right, he talked about he was pretty big in Holiday Magic, and something happened, some guy flew in an airplane into a mountain and killed himself, the president of the company.

Michael: I’m going to talk to Glenn Turner later today. I’m going to ask about that. I have heard of him. I have never heard him speak. Did you hear the Glenn Turner clip, the very first one. I’m telling you. Have you heard his three speeches?

Kevin: Not yet, not the three speeches.

Michael: I’m taking a lot of his old stuff and we’re creating products together bringing him back. So, for $99 you get his full speech of Dare to Be Great. You get the full speech of Better Your Best, and the full speech of Challenge to America.

Now, the clip you heard was a nine minute clip from Challenge to America. I just tightened it up a little bit to give you a sample because we didn’t want to put the whole thing on there, but this one speech was responsible for making him over $300 million.

He had over a million distributors in his Dare to Be Great organization. This is his speech he did over and over again. You heard the nine minute clip. That’s just part of it, but for $99 and it’s the same offer, one dollar, and then you pay only if you’re happy. You get all three speeches, each of them over 30 minutes long, and then three’s another thing that he put together that probably costs over two million dollars to do this.

He had an editor who had produced movies for the Kennedy Foundation back then in those days, and they took all his speeches and compiled a huge amount of content and they pulled out audio and segmented into all these different sections like humor, confidence, salesmanship, and so there’s 12 lessons. It’s just Glenn Turner teaching about his philosophies. He’s philosophizing over his life and how he built his success. It’s just amazing because this guy is so heart-felt. He never prepared for any of his speeches. He even says he can’t relate to other speeches. He gets up there and he looks at the audience and he just talks from his heart. He even says it’s like God’s just putting the words in his mouth. It’s an amazing gift.

I have never heard Ben Gay, but I’m telling you, I don’t think he’s going to talk Glenn Turner with the passion that he had back in those days, and you get all three of those speeches plus 12 lessons – over six hours of his philosophy. It’s wild.

Kevin: I know Ben Gay had mentioned him, but when I saw Holiday Magic, I remember Gay would talk about the company and some guy flew their plane into a mountain. He was always talking about his Holiday Magic days. I think he kind of tried to start another spin-off with his National Toll-Free Marketing.

Michael: Very interesting. You’ll enjoy this Glenn Turner. This is an old-timer. It doesn’t get better than this.

Kevin: I thought I had met it all with Ben Gay and his book, “The Closers”.

Michael: So, that was his book, “The Closers.”

Kevin: Yeah, I’m looking at it right now.

Michael: Is it blue?

Kevin: Blue, yes.

Michael: Okay, I know that book. I didn’t know that was him.

Kevin: Yeah, he’s on the back. There’s a picture of him.

Michael: Yeah, that’s a good book. I remember that.

Kevin: I was and that deal sort of galvanized my desire to become an entrepreneur. It was almost like the reprogrammed for you seven days basically.

Michael: How much was it to go on that thing?

Kevin: It was probably four or five thousand back then.

Michael: That’s what they did in Costcot. They took people on these airplane trips for a week, and these seminars. It’s very powerful stuff.

Kevin: It’s the same thing as Allan is doing. I was working with him. We charged these people five thousand dollars. We’d be there a week and we’d reprogram them to think differently, act differently. Then, we’d actually go out and buy real estate instead of just talking about it. They’d actually go out and do it.

Michael: Well, it all starts there. It starts with your attitude and confidence. If you don’t have that, if you don’t have your mind straight on the inside, nothing’s going to happen.

Kevin: Right, well, I know I have the mind. I’ve walked on the burning hot coals with Tony Robbins, and it’s just the money.

Michael: Well, it starts with your mind though. You can get the money. No free lunch. You’re going to have to put the hours in and the late nights and the work ahead of time.

Kevin: I already do that. I’m up late nights now. Late night with eBay, I’m just cranking out like a thousand a month, and that’s not really where I want to be.

Michael: You’re selling a thousand a month. Man, eBay, there’s so many markets. Go look and see what’s hot, and do it better. Make a better auction, outsell the guy, and compete with him. You just got to do it better than that next guy, and go head to head with me.

Look at my offer, pay nothing, pay only in 30 days, how can a guy say, “Give me all your money and then you can return it.” How can someone compete with me on that? They can’t.

Kevin: No.

Michael: So, go compete, create a better product, do it better, outwork them. It usually comes outworking somebody, outthinking them.

Kevin: With eBay though, would you recommend selling something like this on eBay?

Michael: Go look for items that are selling four, five, six, seven, nine thousand dollars. Look for the stuff that’s selling for some money. Don’t deal in ten dollar ebooks. Don’t deal in five dollar trinkets. There’s so many markets on there, get stuff that costs some money to sell. See if you can find a source for it. What if you really did your research?

Kevin: An electronic meter.

Michael: What if there was an unlimited source for those meters? You called the manufacturer. You talked to a sales rep for the company and you said, “Well how are these meters used? When were they sold? Who was buying them? Are they obsolete now?” Then, what if you got a list of those companies and mailed them and said, “We’re looking for these meters.” You bought them just like I bought and resold Jay Abraham stuff. Everything is obsolete at some point. There’s always a newer model. So, you can take the old ones and resell them.

Kevin: That’s what I do when my niche was the TV camera, which now that everything’s going digital, the analog is becoming obsolete, but there’s still a lot of people who want that old stuff.

Michael: That’s right.

Kevin: I can buy them for next to nothing.

Michael: That’s correct.

Kevin: I haven’t worked in television, and the average person at auction could care less what a TV camera – they don’t think. What is it? They don’t know these things are worth something, but now the auction, I haven’t had a TV camera in almost six months.

Michael: That’s why you’ve got to get away from this and create your own product. Listen, we’ve been going on for a long time. I’m going to have to run. It was good talking to you. Keep me posted. Just go do it.

Kevin: Okay, Michael.

Michael: All right, bye.

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That’s the end of this consult with Kevin. I hope this has been helpful for you. Now, I encourage you to start and create your own information product, and start selling.

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