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How To Double Your Income Using Marketing Strategies… And A Little Confidence


Yevon is a mother of three who works from home as a graphic designer. Even though she has so many clients she’s actually turning people away, she still isn’t making the kind of money she’d like to. So she’s come to me for advice. She’s thinking about supplementing her income by creating information products that will teach others how to work from home like she does.

So in this 30-minute consultation, you’ll hear my advice to Yevon. I don’t think she’s going to feel good about teaching others how to work from home when she’s not happy with her own business right now. So I tell her some simple strategies that will help her make more money and spend less time making it. 

Yevon’s biggest problem is that she lacks confidence. She could easily double her prices, but she needs to realize she’s worth it. She’s also sitting on a goldmine list of about 1,000 past customers that she hasn’t done anything with. So I give her some ideas on how to make money with that database.

You'll also learn these key strategies…

  • How she can put together “high-end packages” for her clients –

  • and charge more while providing extra value and savings

  • How to price her services based on personal goals and market value

  • How to come up with a list of 10 reasons people should pay more for her services – and what to do with that list

  • How to farm out some of her extra work and make a profit off of others

  • Why Yevon should never turn clients away when she’s too busy – and how she can easily set up referral deals with other graphic artists instead

  • Ideas that will get people excited to give her as many referrals as she needs

Once Yevon is happy with her business and is making the kind of money she wants, she’ll easily be able to sell her story as an information product, and people will jump at the chance to buy it. Who wouldn’t want to know how a stay-at-home mom with a struggling business suddenly started making a healthy six-figure income? And the strategies I gave to Yevon can easily be applied to just about any business.

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