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Emergency Cash Generator . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On January 4, 2011 Under Sales Experts, Sales Interviews

Before I knew anything about marketing and computers, I would drive
to nearby residential neighborhoods to install peep holes in the
doors for homeowners.

(a peep hole is a door viewer to see out the door when someone
rings the door bell.)

I’d park the car, get out and knock on the front doors of homes
with no way to see out.

I had my proven sales pitch totally committed to memory.

And with my blue Makita drill by my side, I would simply say…

“Hi, I’m the guy installing all the peep holes in your neighbor’s
doors, did you guys want one too?”

If the homeowner asked how much it cost, I knew they were sold.

Each sale was another $10 to $20 dollars cash in my pocket.

If you’re ever in need of extra emergency cash, try it.

I could go out with my blue drill with a pocket full of $2
peepholes bought from the local hardware store and earn $150-$200
in few hours.

That’s more money then my brother made all day from his desk
job and in one fifth the time.

Here’s a step-by-step consultation I did with a 21 year old kid named

It’s my best advice on how to install door viewers for cash.

You can do it too.

Download the full consultation at this link below.

Go to


And scroll down two interviews from the top titled . . .

How To Make Money Painting Address Numbers On Curbs And Installing
Doors Locks And Door Viewers.

We all need an emergency cash generator.

And one of the interview from this page could help you this 2011.

Now go to it.


About the Author

Michael Senoff is the CEO and publisher of

The world’s leading free digital audio business library.

Michael is an experienced Internet marketer and talk show host and
a popular professional interviewer. Michael has taught 100% on line
around the country & around the world to more than 50,000 students.

His over-the-top on line audio interview web site
http://www.hardtofindseminars.com is listed in the top 1% of most
visited web sites in the world.

Michael has also worked as a coach and adviser to other famous
marketing consultants.

Michael is a husband and father of two young boys in Southern
California. He has a successful audio publishing business. Michael
is originally from Atlanta Georgia and is now based in San Diego,
California. Michael works with small to medium sized companies on
four different continents.

He is the author of the book: “TALK YOURSELF RICH”: (86 of the most
revealing, proprietary secrets on the subject of how to make more
money with audio interviews and the soon to be released sequel:
AUDIO MARKETING SECRETS. How To Make Your Own Information Product
Using Audio Interviews.  Michael may be contacted at
Michael@Michelson.com or at (858) 274-7851

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