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By senoff.michael@gmail.com On January 21, 2017 Under Uncategorized
It was recently a holiday to honor the great Martin Luther King here in the USA.

And I’ve got a little tid bit you don’t know about your ol email buddy.

As a poor young boy, I attended an elementary school with the great Martin Luther King’s daughter, Bunny King.

It was a self-pace learning school in Atlanta Georgia called The Galloway School.

( Now I know why I’m a little bit slow )

I must have been only seven years old.

And I only remember one thing about Bunny King.

And it was on the gravel field during the 60-yard dash.

Every student had to run it.

I remember when Bunny King ran.

She was fast.

She was so fast that at the finish line she fell forward face first into the gravel.

That was a visual forever burned in my mind.

But it was NOT her fall that I’ll remember her most by.

It’s how she got her UP after her fall.

skinned knees and elbows and all.

Not a tear.

She must have been a lot like her Dad.

Anyway, have you ever wondered why some eBay listings go for a lot more than others when the products seem practically the same?

My eBay expert doesn’t.

He’s a power seller on eBay who has figured out how to make more on every auction just by incorporating a few key direct marketing strategies into his listings.

And he reveals exactly how he does it in this three-part audio seminar

According to Greg, it’s really all in the marketing.

eBay has already done the hard part for you by bringing you targeted buyers who have searched out your auction.

So, like Greg says, “your fish is hooked and your bait is already half-way eaten.”

All you have to do is create a description that will close that deal.

And over the next three hours, you’ll not only hear how to create those kinds of descriptions, but you’ll also hear everything else this eBay expert does to turn his auctions into bidding frenzies.

In Part One, you’ll hear how Greg and his wife use a cell phone and a computer while shopping at garage sales to find big-ticket eBay items at below bargain prices.

You’ll also hear how they set up their listings so that those items are easily found by the people who’ll want them the most.

More Must-Hear Info From Part One Like . .

* First steps for new eBayers that will really get the ball rolling just the way you want it to

* How to conduct research for an item and determine its price point in under 60 seconds

* How “telling more to sell more” can be combined with an action step to get that bid button pushed more often

* All about eBay’s strict limitations on auctions and some proven strategies for getting around them

* How you can develop customer lists from your auctions – and what to do with those lists once you’ve compiled them

* Why you’ll want to make sure you “go international” for all of your eBay listings

* Tips on shipping that will get rid of the hassle and save you money

You’ll also hear how Greg and his wife sold an old 10-cent packet of knock-off Kool-aid for more than $100!

In Part Two, I ask Greg to reveal the number one tip that will squash the eBay competition – and he gives me an ear-full.

It’s all about writing lengthy descriptions that sound conversational, paint mental pictures, and create ownership.

And Greg tells you exactly how he does that.

According to him, most power sellers don’t even know about this tip (or use it) so you could dominate with this one technique alone.

You’ll also hear . . .

* Why you’ll want to load your titles with as many keywords as you can and where to find the best ones for each listing

* What the #1 mistake is when making an eBay title and how to make sure you never make it

* Why you should always list the benefits in your description instead of the features – and the best ways to do that

* Why you should never try to incorporate humor in your listing

* How to use guarantees to bring in high bidders

In Part Three, Greg reveals the one tip he usually likes to reserve for himself.

It’s just a simple sentence that he adds to certain listings, but he finds it works like magic.

You’ll also learn . . .

* Best ways to up-sell on eBay even though the site isn’t set up to help you do so

* How to cross-promote your auctions and make the most on similar items without grouping them into “lots”

* Secret ideas for making commission by directing your eBay customers to other people’s services

* Creative ways to promote your eBay auctions outside of eBay

* How to know when to use a 10-day, 7-day, 5-day or 3-day listing to your advantage – and when you might want to just list something in your eBay store

* Exactly how eBay works and the best ways to get your feet wet

* All about PayPal – why people use it and how

* How to edit and crop your pictures for eBay

* Easy ways to know what category to list your items in

* How to write attention-grabbing titles for your auctions – and what to leave out of them as well

* How to make sure your auctions end at a good time – and why you’ll probably want to cater to the eastern time zones

* Why Greg recommends you wait until the auction ends to wrap items up for shipping

* An easy cheat-sheet for knowing the best ways to ship any item

* How to ship glassware and other fragile items – and get them there in one piece

* Where and how to get the cheapest shipping supplies around

* When to use USPS for the cheapest rates and when you may want to look elsewhere

* Why you should always get delivery confirmation – and what can happen if you don’t

* How to know what to charge for shipping.

Look, if you have failed at buying and selling before, do what Bunny Kind did as a kid at the Galloway School.

Fall forward.

Don’t go too fast.

Brush yourself off and keep going.

Reply back to this email of you want the link to this training.

Happy MLK day.


Michael Senoff

About the Author

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s work away free.

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