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Thank You My Lovely Patrisha . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On January 21, 2017 Under Uncategorized
A Wounder Woman in every way.
Trish has been painstakingly transcribing each and every word of my audio interviews for over a decade.

And I pay her a pretty penny too.

All so YOU can not only listen to my audio interviews but so you can READ them too.

And until now, I can’t EVER recall Trish writing to me about the quality of ANY of my audio interviews.

Until now.

She writes . . .

“Michael, now That Was a GREAT Interview – Loved it !!! ”

And you’ll love it too.

Here’s why.

This is one of my Gold Star interviews.

it’s with legendary “Memory Expert”, Mr. Harry Lorayne

“There is no learning without memory.”

So if you’ve been listening to my interviews and can’t remember what you’ve listened to, you may want to carve out some time.

This is a wild and crazy story.

Harry’s memory landed him on The Tonight Show 23 times with Johnny Carson.

He’s developed information products, starred in infomercials, had his own TV show, and, at age 85, admits he’s had a pretty good life.

And in this two-part audio, you’ll hear how he did it.

Learn how Harry went from being a depression-era child to a household name.

Hear how he took a simple “Aha!” moment – and turned it into an informational product empire.

It all started when he was a kid.

He wondered why he was failing tests that his classmates were passing.

When he realized they were able to remember the material better than him, he set out to improve his memory.

This led to his life mission to help others improve their memory too.

And in part one, you’ll hear . . .

* How Harry negotiated his deals for his shows, the unbelievable things he used to do in them, and how much he got paid to do it

* Exactly what he learned the hard way about managers and contracts that he wishes he would have known back in the day

* All the details about how Harry met Eugene Schwartz – and the famous 3,000-word ad that changed Harry’s life

* Hear about the one simple trick you can start doing today that will quickly take your memory to  “superpower” level

* Learn the surprisingly innocent element the Wall St. Journal changed in one of Harry’s ads that sent his sales plummeting down… practically overnight

Harry is an unforgettable legend.

With more than 50 years of experience in the information product and entertainment industry, he knows what sells and how to sell it.

And in this audio, you’ll hear all about his amazing road to greatness that started with a simple “Aha!” moment, and how you can take that road to greatness too.

PS. Stop asking these annoying questions . . .

“Where did I put my keys?”

“I’m sorry, what was your name?”

“Can you please repeat the number?”

Contact me now and after I eat my fried chicken and waffle dinner I’ll send you the direct links to this massive audio training at no cost.

Sometimes you really do get lucky.

And tonight may be YOUR night if you ask for it.

Let’s get fat together.

About the Author

Michael Senoff

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s work away free.

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They’re more informative, natural, and the information is more dynamic and dense.

The sheer scope of marketing and business growth information below is mind blowing.

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