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Hi I'm Michael Senoff,

I've recorded hundreds of hours of interviews with the world's leading business experts and information marketers including Jay Conrad Levinson, Carl Galetti, Joe Vitale, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Brian Keith Voiles and more...

And I'll going to share my top 7 audio persuasion secrets with you right here in this report.

Why Is Audio
One Of The Most Powerful Convenient
Communicating Mediums...?

The answer to that question lies in your brain and leads into the first secret to why audio can exert powerful mind control on your prospects...

Secret # 1...The area of your brain that deals with sound connects with almost every other part of your brain...

If you look at the picture of your brain below you'll see how massive the audio section of your brain really is and how it has connections to so many other parts of your brain.

This is the biggest secret to audio's power.

All those memories stored in your brain create associations and those associations are linked to sound more than touch, sight, smell or taste.

The area in your brain that processes and stores audio memories is so large that even the areas that aren't directly connected to your sound center are still accessed easily with audio.




Very Simplified Descriptions...
1. Visual Processing Area
2. Visual Memories
3. Memory Of Senses (Like Touch)
4. Processing Of Senses
5. Physical Action***
6. Memories Of Physical Action
7. Prefrontal Cortex
8. Sound Processing
9. Memories Of Sound
10.Speech Comprehension
11.Speech Production

There are literally millions of associations to audible memory binding all those centers to the sound center of you brain.

Let me prove it to you by revealing...

Secret # 2...You can use audio to make your prospect FEEL Physical Sensations...

Let me give you an example.

I could say this to you...

Imagine you're standing over the searing, red hotplate on a stove.

It's so hot you can feel it's warmth from where you're standing and see tiny wafts of smoke coming off it.


Then imagine
you take your hand and you put it
right onto that hotplate...

Feel the skin on your hand burn.  That sharp, fierce, shocking painful sensation of touching something redhot.

I'll bet you felt something then!

If you're unfortunate you probably relived memories of being burnt in the past...

And the same memories and feelings linked to audio can influence your other senses too...

Secret # 3...You can use audio to make your prospect SMELL...

If I asked you to think about your hand burning away on that hotplate right now.

And I said "Imagine the smell or your burning flesh!"...

I'll bet you got some graphic ideas about what your burning hand might smell like that you didn't really need.

On the more positive side imagine it's been dry for a long time and it starts to rain.

Think about the freshly charged air and the sweet smell of the first rain.

See how I'm messing with your mind.

And this is even more powerful when you do it with the spoken word as you'll see.

Speaking of seeing...

Secret # 4...You can use audio to make your prospect SEE...

Imagine sitting in a truck on the plains of Africa.

You see a herd of elephants.

They're huge, wrinkled, long trunks swaying from side to side.

Dust rising from their huge feet as each foot meets the ground.

Now here's an old joke.

"How do you eat an elephant?"

One bite at a time.

Which leads us to...

Secret # 5...You can use audio to make your prospect experience TASTE...

You've got a big, ripe yellow lemon in your hand.  You take a knife and cut that lemon in half.

Then you look at all that lemon juice seeping out of the lemon and you bite right into the lemon and leave your tongue right there on the inside of the lemon letting it bathe in that tart sour lemon juice.

Then you wash your mouth out - with water...

Whatever you do
don't think of washing your mouth
out with soap!

Now you get a nice big table spoon of pure white sweet sugar, put it straight into your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue.

It's even sweeter with the lingering memory of that sour lemon juice.

So you can use audio to get your prospect to experience the memory of taste.

And here's something even more powerful...

Secret #6...You can use audio to manipulate your prospects EMOTIONS...

Audio can make your prospects laugh.  Audio can make them cry.

Audio can help your prospects relax..."music hath charms to sooth the savage beast."

Audio can whip your prospects into a frenzy of anger and best of all if you want to increase your sales...

Secret # 7...You can use audio to make your prospect TAKE ACTION...

The connection between the part of your brain that processes sound and the part that helps you take physical action is quite huge.

It's a survival trait.

Most human predators in our evolution avoided coming within eyesight.

Our sense of smell is not that strong - relatively speaking...

So our strongest
line of defense was our sense
of hearing...


As cavemen we'd hear something coming that wanted to make us their evening meal and we'd RUN LIKE HELL!

Or we'd hear something we might want to eat ourselves and we'd immediately chase after it or throw a spear at it or club it to death.

So the processing of sound is connected to the center of our brain that calls us to action.

Using sound to get your prospects to take action - to buy or to call you or to download a free report can be very powerful indeed.

You're calling on millions of years of evolution manipulating our prehistoric brain matter.

Now here's a question I know you're dying to ask...

Wouldn't Video Be Even More Effective...?

If you've been paying attention you would have realized that a presentation that includes visual images as well as audio would be even more powerful than audio alone.

And it is.

Combining video and images with audio will effectively activate more areas of the brain - if your prospects take the time to actually watch the video.

So why would you choose audio recordings over video recordings or a multimedia presentation?

One simple reason – convenience...

Your prospects and clients
are far more likely to listen to an audio CD or an MP3 than they are
to sit down and watch a video...

In a recent interview with me Vic Conant of Nightingale Conant – the massive publishing house - said...

"For our audience who tend to be people on the go and people in their cars a lot and they just don't want to take the time to sit down and watch a video. The audio medium is just so convenient.

"It’s so easy to use, you may not sit down and read a book or watch a video.

"But when you’re on the move or exercising or in your car or doing housework – there’s so many places you can have a headset or a Walkman.

"Or in your car you can just put a CD into your CD player and it’s so convenient to be able to listen when your hands are busy, but your mind isn’t."

In this interview Vic Conant also pointed out another HUGE advantage of the convenience of audio.


Your prospects and clients
are FAR more likely to listen to your message over and over again
if it's on audio...

"Most people are lucky if they ever read a great book, and the chances of them rereading it are very unlikely.

"There are a lot of people that get into the audio listening process, and replay an idea they just heard or replay the whole message over and over.

"We have customers who listened to a program hundreds of times and actually wear out the program and buy another one.

"When we come up with an idea that really positively changes us and we want to remember the idea, we tend to forget.

"But you can re-listen to audio and remind yourself."

Also consider this.

If your video doesn't engage your viewer visually – if it's just a video of you speaking – it's far more time efficient for the viewer if it's delivered as audio.

Your time pressed prospects and clients will NOT appreciate you wasting their time with video that is more appropriate as audio they can listen to while performing other tasks.

So consider using video where it's appropriate but keep in mind the unique advantage of convenience that audio has when you're marketing your product or trying to educate your clients.

So how do you take advantage of the many different ways audio can influence your prospects...? 


First use as many different triggers in your audio as you can.

The simplest way is to tell stories from your experience.

Once you're aware of how audio might trigger the different senses you can elaborate on what you saw, what you could smell and taste, how things felt when you touched them and how you felt emotionally.

Most important of all you should put multiple "calls to action" in your audio.

Suggest, infer and straight out tell your listeners WHAT TO DO with your stories and with your advice.

Again stories
from your experience
are usually the easiest to turn into
powerful persuasive audio...


That's why radio interviews and talkback radio are so popular.

The stories people tell on these kinds of radio programs speak directly to more parts of the listener's brain.

If you want to make a high value audio program you can sell quickly getting someone to interview you and recording it is a HUGE shortcut.

In the same way if you want to advertise your services get a skilled interviewer to question you about your business, your experience with your clients and what makes your product or service unique.

Then give or sell the audio recording of that interview to your prospects.

I provide both these services as you can see and I use this method to create and sell my own audio programs - often for many thousands of dollars each.

I use this method because it's FAST and it WORKS!

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Imagine catching yourself at "concert pitch" talking about what makes your business and your product or service unique.

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