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Secret Flaw In World Economic System Makes Your Business Almost Immune To High Taxes, Rising Prices And The Ravaging Effects Of Inflation


“It’s like going back in time and buying things at last century’s prices…with today’s money.  Get $100 of products and services for $20.  $1,000 of products and services for $200.  $10,000 of products and services for $2,000.  And so on!  

There are certain people who’re seething mad at me for ‘going public’ with this secret.  I’m expecting a letter from their lawyers demanding I stop teaching it any day.  I’ll fight them, but if it gets too messy, this offer ends forever.”


Let's go.

If you’d like an almost magical way to buy anything you’ll ever want or need for your business for just 20 cents on the dollar (or less), then this’ll be the most startling news you’ve ever seen.

Here’s the story:  My name is Michael Senoff and I have been publishing an elite website for the past 15 years that contains over 297 hours of raw, one-on-one audio interviews with some of the savviest business and marketing “wizards” on the planet.

These filthy rich entrepreneurs have created some of the most cutting-edge money-making ideas ever invented.  Ideas that have made me, and thousands of others around the world, a ton of money – fast.

However, there’s one secret none of the “gurus” on my site knows about that’s so different, so provocative, and so utterly controversial…even the most cunning and brilliant experts I explain this to just sit there in awe

Sometimes even giggling like excited children.

In fact, one marketing expert I shared this secret with believes…


Even A Bum On The Street Could Run A Business And Make A Bundle Of Money With This Secret!


Fact is, this information is so powerful…and so “sensitive”…I’ve purposely held back sharing it with even my closest friends and family members for over five years. 

Reason why is because…even though it’s 100% legal and ethical…it involves using a major “loophole” in the cash currencies used around the world. A loophole many of the “powers that be” in certain multi-national corporations do not want people knowing about. Especially small business owners (like you and me) – because it gives us a level playing field to compete with them on. 

In fact, the small handful of people who do know this secret are extremely tight-lipped about it.  Keeping it to themselves and acting like some kind of “secret society”, denying this loophole even exists.

I almost can’t blame them. 

Because of all the hundreds of ingenious business ideas, systems and inventions I’ve seen and used…this one simple “miracle” tactic is by far the best of the best. 

Especially since it works like crazy for almost everyone who uses it, can be learned in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show…and is literally…


As Simple As Calling Or Mailing A Letter To Your Own Mother!


And oddly enough, I didn’t learn this secret from any of the experts on my site.  Nor did I learn it from a book, on the Web or at any school. No, whether it was fate, chance or just dumb luck…I actually stumbled on this secret by complete accident…while playing the board game “Monopoly” with a friend. 

Here’s what happened: If you’ve never played “Monopoly”, it’s a game where you buy and control real estate, and includes its own “currency”– ranging from $1 to $500 “bills”.

And that night I was winning big…with two large piles of $100 and $500 “Monopoly” bills stacked in front of me. 

This was driving my friend (who hates losing) crazy.  So crazy that, when he finally went “bankrupt” – and lost the game – he became so desperate to keep the game going…he whipped out his wallet, pulled out a real $50 bill, and eagerly offered it to me…


In Exchange For Half My Monopoly Money!


And strange as it sounds…that little “outburst” has been one of the most profitable thing that’s ever happened to me.

Here’s why:  A couple years passed and, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get that affair with the $50 out of my head. 

There was something seductive about the idea of having several thousand dollars worth of “Monopoly” bills and someone giving me real U.S. currency for it.

And the idea wouldn’t go away.  Like an incomplete song you can’t get out of your head.

Until one day a guy came to me out of the blue, and told me about a weird “business club” I ‘d never heard of.  And how joining it would save me a ton of money.

He called this buying club the “barter” or “trade” industry.

An industry that normally would’ve seemed foolish to me.  But, because of that game of Monopoly…and my obsession with someone paying me real money for my play money…I immediately saw a “loophole” in the world economic system…


Worth Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Almost Anyone Who Uses It!


In fact, this loophole makes it both possible and 100% legal to use fake money – as useless in the “real world” as Monopoly money – to buy real products and real services for your business (even high quality products and services that cost a fortune) for just 20 cents on the dollar or less

In other words, if something you want for your business retails at $100, you get it for $20.  If something for your business retails at $1,000, you get it for $200.  If something for your business retails at $20,000, you get it for just $2,000. 

And so on.

Now, before I explain this loophole, and how you can use it for your own business, I need to give you a quick “run down” of what the barter industry is. Otherwise, you won’t fully understand this secret and how to use it for your business.

Here’s how it works:

Barter is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry where literally every kind of business you can think of – in almost every country in the world – does business in a large network called a “barter exchange”.

These exchanges are exactly like huge buying clubs, where all the different member businesses are automatically inclined to buy from one another. 

So, for example, when the web designer joins…everyone in the exchange gets a notice about it, and whoever needs a web designer is probably going to hire him.

And the same goes for everyone else who joins – the plumber, the lawyer, the dentist, the copywriter, the pharmacy, etc. (As you’ll see, every single kind of product and service provider that exists are in these exchanges.)

And here’s what’s interesting:  These businesses do not buy and sell from each other with regular “government circulated” money. 

Instead, they use “trade” dollars – which are actual currency, just like a U.S. dollar bill is currency – but that can only be spent within the barter exchange. 

So it’s like a giant “Monopoly” game: where you can only spend “Monopoly” money within the game itself. 

But outside the game…


It’s Completely Worthless!


And the same goes with trade dollars.  They can be used like cash, but only with the businesses in the exchange.  And these businesses buy each other’s goods and services with these “trade” dollars, instead of regular dollars and, therefore, legally do business outside of the regular economic and currency system of the country they’re in.

And that’s it.  That’s the old-fashioned, “mainstream” way barter is done today. 

Now I want to show you the amazing loophole I found, and how you can use it to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your business career. 

Pay close attention. Even the sharpest, most respected business and marketing people I tell this to get downright giddy when they hear this. 

Listen:  There are three little-known facts about the barter system almost nobody knows about – including people in the barter industry:


1.) You don’t have to be a member of a barter company to buy and sell things on trade. 


2.) “Trade” money is not as easy to spend as “regular” money.  And so, there are many businesses in these barter exchanges sitting on tens of thousands of trade dollars they can’t (or won’t) spend.


3.) And most important of all: Because these businesses have so much trade money in their accounts…many of them will let you buy their excess trade dollars – just like my friend wanted to buy my “Monopoly” money – with real cash…



At A Huge Discount!


Usually 20 cents on the dollar or less.

And all you do is this:  Simply buy their excess “trade” dollars at a discount…with real money.

So if someone has $100 in trade money, you offer to “buy” that trade money for $20 of your real money, and then use that $100 in trade money to buy any of the thousands of different products and services sold in the exchange. 

Which means you get $100 worth of products and services for only $20.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you wanted to buy advertising space from a local magazine that’s in a barter exchange (advertising is just one of the thousands of things you can get on trade). 

And the ad rep sells that space for 500 trade dollars. 

Here’s what you’d do: 


s  Simply find a business in the exchange with excess trade dollars sitting in its account (these businesses are easy to find).


s  Offer to buy 500 of their “trade” dollars for just $100 (20 cents on the dollar) of your “real” money.


s  When he agrees, you simply go to the ad rep with that $500 in trade money (you bought for just $100), buy the advertising…


And Save $400!


Is it really that easy?  Yes!  And I’ll prove it to you right now.

Listen to this:  I have personally used this loophole to save tens of thousands of dollars for my business. 

Not just on “small ticket” things like toner cartridges, paper and computer supplies, either.

I’ve also bought “big ticket” products and services that would normally cost an arm and a leg.

Take, as an example, years when I was in a lawsuit.  Instead of paying the $350 an hour it normally would have cost, I simply went to my list of lawyers on trade, found one that could help me, and then used my little “system” of buying trade dollars at a discount to turn a $15,000 bill…into an easy-to-pay $4,500 bill I paid cash for.  That’s over $10,000 in savings.

Now I can guarantee you, the guy I was up against paid his lawyer full price.  Maybe even taking out a loan and putting himself in “the hole” financially.


While I Barely Felt It!


Here’s another example: I owed my accountant $3,000 last year for doing my taxes. Since my accountant is in a barter exchange, I simply found someone with $3,000 in excess trade money and, in less than ten minutes, bought the trade for just $600 cash.  That’s a full $2,400 in savings. I have been doing all my personal and corporate taxes, bookkeeping this way for over a decade. That one service has saved me 24,000 and more.

More: years ago when I offered physical CD products, I needed some CD Rom duplication work done.  I found a guy on trade who does CD-Rom duplication and got a $6,000 estimate. While he did the job for me, I called someone I knew had excess trade money…and bought $6,000 of it for just $1,200.  A fat $4,800 in savings on this one deal.

Sometimes you can even get things cheaper than 20 cents on the dollars. In fact, when one time I was going to run a full-page ad in a mainstream magazine (“Money-Maker’s Monthly”) – normally a $5,000 bill – for only $700.


Just 14 Cents On The Dollar!


And those are just a few examples of what you can get on trade for your business.  As you’ll see, literally anything you want – and are currently paying top dollar for – is available on trade.

For example, there’s advertising, like radio, T.V. and print ads – accounting services, like bookkeeping, tax returns and consulting – office supplies, like software, fax machines and copy machines. 

There’s even direct marketing resources, like list brokers, printers and even tradeshow exhibits on trade.


There’s more.  A lot more.


That’s just a taste of the things you can get for your business on trade. When you see the full list, you’ll be stunned. And with this loophole…you get it all at a small fraction of what you’re paying now at retail.

I’m not kidding, either. With my own business, I’ve saved so much money using this loophole, I’ve lost count of the exact amount.  Last I checked it was well over $75,000 and climbing.  And whether you realize it or not…


You Can Do The Exact Same Thing!


It doesn’t matter how smart, wealthy or “business savvy” you are, either. As you’ll see, If you have the ability to use your phone, mail a letter or operate your fax machine, you can easily use this loophole to add an extra $5, $10, $50 even $100 thousand dollars to your bank account just in savings alone.  Instantly.  Automatically. Simply buying the things for your business you’re already buying anyway. 

That’s what makes this loophole the only legitimate way ever invented where you can literally…


Spend Your Way To Prosperity!


Because the more things you buy on trade, the more money you save.  And the more money you save, the more you’ll have of what’s called “found money”.

Just like if you found the money on the street – the money’s not planned for, but it’s there nonetheless – an extra $5, $10, $20 thousand (or more) in cash – sitting in your bank account for you to spend however you please.

Money you didn’t have to work extra hours for.  Money you didn’t need a raise for. Money you didn’t have to add one single new customer to your books for.

In other words, if you use this loophole the right way…then if you normally spend $2,000 per month on products and services you can get on trade…you’ll only spend $400 (or less). 

That’s over $19,000 per year in savings.  $19,000 of “found” money sitting in your bank account.  $19,000 you didn’t have to lift a finger for.  $19,000 you “made” getting what you’re already buying anyway.

And yet that’s only the beginning.

Because, at the exact same time you’re saving tens of thousands of dollars each year…you can also use this loophole to quickly and easily install a six-figure cash income stream to your current profits…no matter what you sell or who you sell to.

Here’s how:  All you do is simply buy any of the thousands of different products and services on trade at 20 cents on the dollar…and then resell them to your current customers at 50 cents on the dollar…


With You Keeping The 30% Difference For Yourself!


For example, if you sell “business to businesses” then chances are most (if not all) of your customers advertise, and would jump on a deal to get their advertising done at half price.

So you simply go to your clients and ask them, “how would you like a magazine ad, radio ad or TV ad – including the cost of production – for 50% off?” 

Then, if the advertising costs $10,000, you’d use this loophole to buy it for $2,000, resell it to your clients for $5,000…and keep the $3,000 left over.

And if you did this for just ten of your customers/clients, you’d make a quick and easy $30,000 cash profit in less than a full day’s “work”.

Plus, since these customers are getting such an amazing deal…there’s a good chance many (if not all) of them will come back and do this over and over again with you…for years into the future. 

In this case, if you did this for those same ten clients just five times per year…


You’d Add $150,000 To Your Annual Profits!


But why stop with advertising? 

You can do this with any products or services your customers are already spending money on.  They’ll fight their way in line to get what they’re already buying for half off.  And you’ll never run out of things to sell, back-end sell and profit from over and over again, whenever you want.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “sure that’s great if you sell business to business.  But what if you sell to the consumer market?”  Well, in that case…


You Have Even More Options!


There’s everything from floral services and expensive food products…to pricey gift baskets, bakery items and rare wines on trade.  There’s also formal wear, like tuxedos and fancy dresses – photography, computer repair and limo services – bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels and country inns – even healthcare products, like vitamins, eyewear and herbal supplements. 

These are just a few of the things available on trade that can be bought and resold at huge markups. The list I have of products and services in just one barter company is well over 300 pages long. You can buy and resell any of them to your customers at a big profit while saving them a ton of money at the same time.

And get this:  You can even have your customers “prepay” you the cash for whatever it is you’re going to get for them, and use that money to buy the trade dollars with.   That way you have no up front fees, no hard costs and…


No Risk Of Losing Any Money At All!


Plus, there’s even a way to arrange things so you can do it all – buy the trade dollars, get the products or services, and then resell them to your customers – by “remote control”.  Without ever touching the things you sell. 

That way, you can do this anywhere in the world, at any time and in any way you choose. Earning a fat bundle of money without leaving your house, getting up from your chair…


Or Even Getting Out  Of Bed!


This is that  “instant dream business” everyone’s looking for…but can never find. Where all you do is make a few calls or mail a few letters to your customers…tell them you can get them the things they’re already buying at 50% off…and basically make money out of thin air.  With no employees to parent.  No inventory to count.  And no overhead to worry about.  With everything running on remote control.

And think about this: Your customers will love it when you start giving them the things they want for 50% less than what they’d normally pay.  

It generates good feelings for you and your business.  And creates customers more likely to spend even more money with you in the future.  

All of which means:  Everyone comes out ahead…everyone wins…


And Everyone’s Happy!


Especially you.

Because eventually you’ll blow right on by your competitors – even the ones with huge budgets and marketing war chests stuffed with cash – as they struggle to compete with you. 

While they spend a fortune on advertising, you’ll laugh at them and their “caveman” ways of buying ad space.  While they struggle through economic downturns, high taxes and rising costs…you’ll hardly even notice it, because you’ll be almost immune to those forces. While they panic after losing a big client, big customer, or big sale…you just smile, pick a product to “back-end” sell, send out an offer to your customers…and…


It’s Money In The Bank!


Quite frankly – and maybe I shouldn’t say this – because you can save and make tens of thousands of dollars per year like this – you can probably do most everything wrong in your business…even commit multiple financial “blunders” that’d bankrupt anyone else…and still come out on top!

Because let’s face it, this is exactly like going back in time and buying things with today’s money at yesterday’s prices. 

Prices aren’t going up for you…they’re coming down. Inflation, rising costs and skyrocketing taxes will be like a kiss from your grandma.  You won’t even think about it.

Bottom line:  When you take your ability to buy almost anything you want or need for 20 cents on the dollar…and combine it with this instant “backend” business plan…you’ll save and make a bundle of money at the same time. And possess one of the easiest and fastest ways to create wealth in the world. 

Does that sound good to you?

Then hold onto your hat my friend, it actually gets better.

Because not only can you use this loophole to “stack the deck” in your favor, give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition, wipe out the burden of high prices and overhead, and quickly multiply your profits into outer space, but…


You Can Also Use This Secret In Your Personal Life, Too!


In fact, you’ll do what other people call “miracles” when you use this loophole for your personal wants and needs. 

Here’s why:  As you’ll see …whatever you want…whatever you need…whatever you must have for you, your family and your loved ones…you can get on trade.  And you can use this loophole to get it way cheaper than everyone else.

For example, there’s restaurants, like fast food chains, mom and pop diners and fancy gourmet bistros – home improvement and maintenance services like landscapers, pest control and painters – entertainment items, like TV’s, stereos and computer equipment – personal hygiene and fitness services, like spas, tanning salons and health clubs – quality furniture for your home and office, like couches, chairs and desks.  There’s even expensive jewelry, apartment rentals and big-name hotels, like Ramada and Holiday Inn, on trade.

And that’s not even close to everything.

You can also get high-ticket medical procedures your insurance won’t cover – like hair transplants, plastic surgery and corrective eye surgery (including LASIK). You can even find “specialized” doctors – like dermatologists, chiropractors and naturopathic doctors – on trade.  And instead of spending your life savings on these services…


You Get Them For A Fraction Of The Retail Price!

Here’s more:  If you plan to get married someday, you can finance it all– from floral services, hotels, cruise ships, videographers and wedding planners…to tables, chairs, gourmet caterers, limo services, tuxedo rental, and even your honeymoon – on trade. Get your entire $20,000 wedding – from stem to stern – for as little as $4,000, $3,000 even as low as $2,000!

Or maybe you’re single.  There are dating services, bed and breakfasts, fine wines and even car rentals on trade.  If you’re a man, you can take your woman to expensive restaurants without dreading the check. Lavish her with flowers.  Buy her jewelry and nice gifts. With this loophole, you can  “Wine and dine” any woman and look like a total stud


Even If You Make Minimum Wage!


If you’re already married you can do all this for your wife.  She’ll think you spent a fortune.  All nagging, prodding and complaining about not buying her things will vanish.

Or maybe your car needs maintenance.  Whatever you need…tires, oil change, tune-up, transmission work, detailing, even a complete engine overhaul…can be bought on trade.  Instead of doling out a few thousand dollars every year for upkeep, you’ll spend just a few hundred.

       If you like to travel, there are exotic cruise ships and vacation deals on trade. While your brother-in-law takes his family camping at the local KOA campground, slapping everything on his high-interest Visa card, enslaved by a budget…you take your family to 4-star hotels and gourmet restaurants, enjoying limo rides wherever you go, seeing the sights, drinking in the fun…And Doing It With Cash!

And get this: There are also a lot of “high ticket” home improvement services on trade – like roofers, general contractors and carpenters.

Put entire additions on your house on trade.  Get whole new roof on your house. Have your yard beautifully landscaped.  Hire a professional interior designer to give your home an entire makeover. Instead of shelling out 10 or 15 thousand dollars for these things, get them for only 3 or 4 thousand dollars. Maybe even less

Heck, you can even get cars on trade.   In some cases…


You Can Even Buy Property On Trade!


This is no joke.  Let’s say you wanted to buy a house on trade that costs $300,000. You can use this loophole to get it for only $60,000. It’s not real common, but it does happen.  You just have to look at what’s available and talk to real estate agents within the exchanges.

Look, the list of things on trade is endless and its’ beyond the scope of this letter to list everything. Anything bought and sold on the open market – from “A to Z” – is or has been available on trade. And when you use this special loophole, you get it all cheap.  Dirt-cheap.  So cheap you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying things any other way.

I know this may sound like “fantasy land”.  But I assure you this is real.  That it happens every day.  And, even more importantly – that you can do the same thing.  Just as easily and logically as I’ve shown you in this letter.

You don’t have to be a “wheeler and dealer”.  You don’t have to be a “slick talker”. 


You Don’t Even Have To Be A Smart Businessman!


If you hate the phone, you can do it all by mail or FAX.

Now, here’s the important part:  This loophole is easy to learn and simple to use.  But, if you want to “hit the ground running” – and get things going as fast and smoothly as possible – you’ll need a few important details:

For example, you have to know where the best places to get the trade dollars are. 

You see, most businesses in the barter industry never do anything.  They never earn trade dollars and never spend any.  They join an exchange and do nothing. They have no extra trade dollars to sell.

On the other hand, there are certain businesses…in certain “niche” industries (most people would never think to look)…that almost always have massive amounts of trade dollars in their accounts…


And Have No Clue What To Do With It!


How do I know this?

Because I hired a telemarketer to call hundreds of businesses within the various exchanges to find out which businesses have little or no excess trade money…and which ones are sitting on so much trade money…they’re almost desperate for someone to take it off their hands. 

Even if it’s just 20 cents on the dollar.

Which means, if you want to save a lot of time and find the excess trade right away – without having to join a dozen different exchanges, hire a telemarketer (like I did) or figure it all out yourself – it’s vitally important you know who these businesses are and…


Exactly Where To Find Them!


Secondly, you’ll need to know which barter companies to join. This is extremely important because there are literally thousands of different barter companies – with their own unique currency and members – in almost every country on the planet.

But, the vast majority of barter companies are very small…with a limited number of members and businesses.  So even if you did find excess trade to buy in these exchanges, there wouldn’t be many products and services to spend it on.

However, after several years of doing business in the barter industry…and after a lot of  “trial and error”…I’ve discovered two specific barter companies that have merged and they have thousands of active members.  Some of these members have tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of trade dollars.  And many of them are more than willing to sell them to you…


Dirt Cheap


And here’s something else: While it’s true you don’t have to be a member of a barter exchange to buy and sell things on trade, you do need to “officially” join (even if it’s just for a month) to get their list of businesses.  That way you’ll know who’s selling what in the exchange and have all their contact info.

Only problem is…almost all of the barter exchanges charge a heavy fee to join. Sometimes as much as $600 (or more).  

But, after a lot of experimenting, and after talking with the right people in the industry, I have discovered a simple way to join almost any barter exchange you want…


Without Paying One Red Cent!


You just need to know who to talk to and exactly what to say…and you can almost always get in free.  It’s simple, too.  As easy and painless as asking someone for directions. In many cases, you can even do it by mail, fax or email.

And then, of course, there are the other things we went over – like how to use this loophole to install a six-figure cash income stream to your current profits, what products are best to sell and exactly how to do it all by “remote control” – so you never actually touch a single product or so much as leave your chair.

Luckily, none of this is rocket science. And it’s actually very easy when you know the tricks. You just need a few basic details that take less than an hour to learn. 

So, should you hire me to teach my system to you?

Probably not. 

First of all, I’m not cheap.  It’ll cost you $3,000 (or more) for me to personally teach you this system over the phone. This secret really is a “secret” to everyone you know. It’s not some half-baked trick you can find in a $20 eBook or free e-newsletter. This is true “player” material…


You Won't Find Anywhere Else


Especially from the handful of people who know about it.  They’re fanatical about keeping it a secret. The way some of them act…you’d think they were protecting state secrets. That’s how seriously they take this, and how bad they don’t want anyone (especially their would-be competitors, like you and me) knowing these facts.

And even if you did hire me at my (admittedly) sky-high fees…I’m not sure when I could teach it to you.  The demands on my time are unbearable as it is, with my marketing business, a full-time website, my Money Shot Newsletter, buying and selling and a demanding wife and two teenagers.

But here’s the good news: I’m willing to send you a short information course that’ll teach you my entire system quickly, easily, and…


At A Fraction Of The Price It Costs To Hire Me!

I call it “Barter Secrets”. 

“Barter Secrets” is a 45-minute audio recording (and the written transcripts, in case you learn better by reading) of one of my recent private teachings of this system.  It’s short, easy to digest and “spoon feeds” you everything you need to know about the barter system, and how to milk it as I’ve shown you here.

You’ll learn where to find business owners who’ll sell you their trade for pennies…which exact barter companies to join…and how to join them free.

You’ll also learn what you need in order to create your own six-figure yearly “back end” business, without employees, overhead or even having to see the products you sell. 

And don’t worry:  My system walks you through everything, step by step.  Explaining it all in a way that assumes you know nothing about barter or buying trade dollars at a discount. Plus, since this is a recording of a real, “live” teaching lesson…you get every single detail…


As If We’re In The Same Room!


In other words, you’ll listen to a real consultation, with questions and answers from a real client, in a real business situation.  Which is why this course is the next best thing to me sitting down next to you and consulting you in person.

And here’s more good news:  I’ve also included pre-written phone scripts and letters (in case you hate the phone) that do all the work of finding trade dollars, negotiating the deals and even back-end selling products and services to your customers.

You can use the phone scripts yourself or simply take the pre-written letters, fill in the blanks and stuff them in your mailbox or zip them through your fax machine.  That’s it.  That’s all you do. No sales, telemarketing or copywriting skills necessary.  In other words…


If You Can Mail A Letter You  Can Do This!


Best part:  It’s just like riding a bike. You learn it once, practice a couple times, then bam!  You’ll do it simply, easily and automatically…whenever you want. 

There are no complicated techniques involved.  No hair splitting rules to follow.  No exhaustive studying required. It’s the kind of system you can learn tonight…


And Use Tomorrow!


And that’s still not all.  Because I’ll also give you 90-days of unlimited email access to me with any questions you may have.

That way, if you ever need guidance…just pick up the phone, or shoot me an email, and I’ll be here.  Ready to answer your questions and walk you through the steps.

Here’s the bottom line:  With this system at your fingertips – the audio, transcripts, email access, phone access, letter templates and phone scripts –I’m practically handing you almost guaranteed success…


On A Silver Platter!


In fact, I insist you look at both your personal and business bank statements before using my system. Then, a month later, look at them again.  If you use my system to buy things you’re already spending money on, then I guarantee you’ll have at least an extra $1,000 of pure savings in both accounts.  Even more if you use this system to back-end sell products and services to your customers.

Either way, that’s an extra $2,000 in one month, practically guaranteed

Frankly, I’m so sure this system will save you at least $2,000 in your very first month…so sure it’ll add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line each year…so sure it’ll change your entire life as you know it…

So, what does it cost?

This system includes everything – literally – you’d get if I taught it to you in person. But I realize the average person can’t afford the $3,000 fee I charge to do that. And so…if I hear from you immediately…I’ll let you have it for just a fraction of the price:  Just $597.00 

That’s chump change compared to the tens of thousands of dollars you’ll save (and make) with this system over the course of your life – even in your first month.  

However, there is one small “catch” to this offer: 


I Must Hear From You Today!


Right now, in fact. 

Why?  Because this is the FIRST TIME anyone has “gone public” with this information.  There’s nothing anyone can do about using this loophole.  It’s 100% legal and ethical.  And that’s why the “powers that be” at many of the barter exchanges are not happy with me sharing these truly insider secrets with you.

It’s actually a pretty big risk for me – and if I catch too much “heat” for revealing these secrets like this, I’ll stop teaching this system altogether.  Or, at the very least…go back to teaching it privately at three, four even five thousand dollars a pop (or more).

So if you want to try this system out, at this price, then I must hear from you right now.

This page could be yanked down next week, tomorrow or even later today.

Here’s how to order:


1.)  Email or text me any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-858-692-9461

If you get our secure voicemail, simply tell us you want your “Barter Secrets” along with your full name and email address address and I will send you and invoice using PayPal to your email in box.

Once I receive your payment, you will be send a direct link to Barter Secrets.

Don’t delay.  This offer (especially at this price) is not going to last forever. Text or Call 1-858-692-9461 . If you have any questions at all, contact me personally at the number above any time, day or night.



      Michael Senoff

            Michael Senoff


P.S.  I’m dead serious about taking a lot of “heat” for revealing these secrets. It’s just a matter of time before the suits in the barter industry sic their “attack dog” lawyers on me, and try to ban me from teaching this system to you.  I’m actually expecting a letter any day now.  I’ll fight it, but just know if it gets too hairy, I’m going to stop selling it.  This is likely your ONLY chance to get it at this low price. Hurry. Text or call 1-858-692-9461.

P.P.S. Nothing is shipped and there is no money back with this offer. since I sell "information" ... not "opportunities" ... nowhere in any of our sales material do we offer any kind of Money-Back option.

Why? ? -- Because...

(1) We are not a lending library. -- If you want to borrow a book, we recommend a visit to your local public library. We do not lend our publications.

(2) We cannot erase your memory. -- Once you have read and made mental note of the information provided in Barter Secrets, there is no way you can return it to us. Even if you delete the audio and PDF files from your hard drive, you still have the information in your memory for your ultimate use.

Plus we have no real way of knowing that you have not downloaded the information.

P.P.S. One last thing.  If you give worth and value to information by its volume and weight, then you're going to be very disappointed with Barter Secrets. The mail audio consultation is less than 45 minutes, and there are none of the packaging “bells and whistles” you see on similar-priced products.  On the other hand, if you give worth and value to information by its impact on your life (and bank account), then you'll find it to be…


Worth Ten Times The Price!


Email or text me any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-858-692-9461

If you get our secure voicemail, simply tell us you want your “Barter Secrets” along with your full name and email address address and I will send you and invoice using PayPal to your email in box. Once I receive your payment, you will be send a direct link to Barter Secrets. Nothing is shipped and there is no money back with this offer.

Text or Call 1-858-692-9461 to own this incredible system today before I take down this sales page and offer.


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