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Client Getting Stampede Master Pack

Own 91 Client Getting Letters, Agreements and Tools For A One Time $597


Ask yourself . . . what's one good-paying client worth to you or your business?

$500, $1000, $3000, $20000 per month?

I don't care what business or service you sell; your success and or failure will depend on your ability to get customers or clients.

If you're struggling with getting more clients for your consulting, coaching, copywriting, or financial service business, you are going to love what I've put together for you.

If you own the right tools, the right words, and the right systems for getting clients, you can have an endless stampede of clients wanting to do business with you.

The right systems are virtually guaranteed to take you out of obscurity into the spotlight of your market or niche.

Enter my Client Getting Stampede Master Pack.

I have compiled and organized 91 of my best client getting tools, letters, interviews, agreements, audio transcripts and postcards for a one-time $597.

Many of these came from my Hidden Marketing Consulting training that I have been offering for the last 18 years. At a retail price of $6970, it's not affordable for most.

That's why I put together this tool to help you get your fist client at a price just about anyone can afford.

I believe I've created the ultimate client-getting resource in a one simple to-download digital product for only $597.  If you don't agree, you get a full no questions asked refund.

Own this massive collection of direct mail letters, joint venture letters, workshop invitations, proposals, and dozens of other done-for-you marketing tools to helps you get clients fast.

Other than my HMA Pro Marketing Consultants, you won't find this collection anywhere, much less for such a meager price.

I've done the work. I have paid the transcribers, the assistants, the web designers so you don't have to.

Take a moment to look at what's waiting for you.

Take action and just maybe you're business will enjoy a client stampede too.

What's one good-paying client worth to you or your business?

$1000, $3000, $20000 per month? 

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1) Lumpy Direct Mail Client Getting Letter Examples


Own these well written direct mail campaign that was successful in generating client work from consultants. The idea is to use lumpy grabbers inside your mailing that get your mail open. Make sure you test small and based on your response you can mail as you need more clients. This lumpy mail campaign can totally eliminate the use of cold call prospecting for client work when executed properly. You can outsource this type of mailing to fulfillment houses or you can do it on your own at first. Some consultants will look at this type of mailing too expensive compared to a regular flat mailing, but remember that return on your investment is what this consulting business is about. You’ll see a great example of a series of timed lumpy mailings that you can test, modify and mail for a potentially killer client getting strategy.

Lumpy Mail Letter Examples

* Consultation #1 – Postcard

* Consultation #2 – Aspirin

* Consultation #3 – Puzzle Pieces

* Consultation #4 – Worry Doll

* Consultation #5 – Lobster

* Consultation #6 – Dinosaur

* Consultation #7 – Round Tuit


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2) Client Getting Tools Examples

You may want to consider some new ways to generate an ongoing stampede of new clients. If you find only one way that works, you may never have to cold call or knock on doors for clients again.

I’m certain these client getting tools will shortcut your client on boarding process.

* Marketing For Profit Seminar

This is a fantastic document that can show your client how to grow their business without spending money on advertising. It also has the prospect reveal their failed attempts at marketing giving you an insight into their pass behavior.

* Opportunity Analysis Worksheet

This is another proven tool you can take your prospect thought in person, over the phone or online with zoom. It demonstrated ideas about marketing that most have never considered all while using your prospects data. It's a fantastic tool for building credibility and positions you well as an expert in your field.

* Appointment Follow-up Letter Marketing Asset Questionnaire

This is a powerful document to get your potential client to open up about their business. It's powerful, but it's the client essentially interviewing for you to take them on as a client. More other business owners are begging for clients looking too needy. This flips the on boarding process the other way around where you are doing them the favor. Questions are the answer and this Asset Questionnaire delivers the clients when used properly.

* Sample Growth Matrix

This is an mathematical growth cart that creates a video representation of how fast and how large one's business can grow using only a dew marketing system. Use it and close more client work than every before.


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3) Consultant Documents To Impress Your Prospects

Your magic profile analysis. The real secret behind this profile is two fold. Firstly, it’s a way to separate your serious prospects from the ones who just wants you for free consulting information. Your prospect, your buyer, your client and or your customers will have to make a concerted effort to earn the right to work with you. And this positioning can make all the difference in your consulting practice.

Secondly, on their time, you’ll gain valuable information that will help you understand the needs of you clients. This profile will save you time and effort and positions you in a favorable manner. Modify it to your liking. Start qualifying your prospects on their own time not yours.

Consultant Documents

* Consultant Profile Analysis

* Business Growth Questionnaire

* Communication Audit

* Consultant Profile Analysis

* Marketing Needs Analysis Questionnaire

* Pre-Marketing Asset Workshop Questionnaire

* Product Promotion Audit

* Project Implementation Worksheet

* Standard Copywriting Agreement


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4) Client Getting Joint Venture Letters

There’s no better way to get clients than this. It’s doing Joint Ventures. The simple idea is to leverage off the business assets of others. And these Joint Venture letters will get you on your way. 

* Joint Venture Proposal Letter

* Sample JV Partner Letter

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5) Idea Generation Client Getting Too

Your next idea for your client can be the one that makes him a ton of money. And it’s hard to sometimes come up with these ideas on the fly. These docs have more marketing ideas packed into their pages than you’ll know what to do with. Review these marketing idea generators when working with clients.

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6) Appointment Client Getting Tools

All of these documents are centered around your initial client getting appointment. Here are some tools that will help fast start the process for interviewing potential prospects. Use these templates to format your opportunity analysis whether it’s in person, over the phone or in direct letter format. I’m certain these documents will shortcut the client acquisition process.

* Appointment Follow-up Letter

* Marketing Asset Questionnaire

* Marketing For Profit Seminar

* Opportunity Analysis Worksheet

* Sample Growth Matrix

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7) Client Project Marketing Proposals Examples

The big mistake most consultants make is working by the hour and not working based on the value brought to the client. This occurs because other consultants don’t have a system for project work. With these tools, you sell projects not hours. And when you’re selling projects you’ll need to show the client exactly what they’re getting for their money. These proposals describe all the project steps of your consulting system offers. You will save time and effort so you don’t have to write them from scratch.

* Client Proposal Cover Letter Sample

* Client Proposal Sample #1

* Client Proposal Sample #2

* Client Proposal Sample #3

* Marketing Evaluation

* Proposals Samples

* Proposal Template – Paul Flood


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8) Postcard, Brochure and Flyer Examples


I have a secret. The USP or unique selling proposition was always confusing to me. For the longest time I had a hard time really grasping and understanding the importance of this concept. And it’s critical in your marketing. You need the USP before you do any of the other marketing or writing for your client. So here’s some examples of USPs that will help shortcut your understanding of how important, how to form and what the USP actually is.

Postcard, Brochure and Flyer Examples

* Report Postcard #1

* Report Postcard #2

* Brochure – Tri Fold

* Chamber Workshop Flyer

* Flyer Sample

* 30 Minute Postcard

* Report Postcards

* Opportunity Analysis Flyer

* Promo Post Card Sample

* Seminar Invitation

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9) Press Release Examples

Every once in a while I’ll have a subscriber who send me a press release that they used to generate business for their consulting practice. Here are a few examples that you can use and modify if you’re interested in using press releases to generate radio, television, or newspaper media opportunities. I think you’ll find more than a few good ideas within the sample templates.

* Press Release – County News

* Press Release – Direct Marketing Workshop

* Press Release – Sample Get Clients

* Small Business Marketing Seminar


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10) USP Examples

Helping your client identify and or create a USP for this business is the most overlooked step when it comes to helping clients explode their business. And it’s critical. You need the USP before you do any of the other marketing, copywriting or promotion. So here’s some examples of USPs that will help shortcut your understanding of how important and how to form and what the USP actually is.

* Developing A USP

* Creating A USB And Samples

* USP Sample

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11) Telemarketing Scripts Examples

Own these proven telemarketing scripts on how to generate client acquisition and appointment setting. These examples scripts can be used to train independent telemarketers.

* Call Script – Appointment Ad

* Cold Call Scripts – Sandler No Pressure

* Call Script – Tele-prospecting

* Call Script – Telemarketing

* Call Script – Telephone

* Script Ideas – Telemarketer


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12) Group Workshop & Seminar Documents


You can make a lot of money and save a lot of time by working with clients in a group setting.  You can set these workshops up online using zoom or in porson. The choice is yours. Feel free to modify these letters for selling and setting up your own group training. Contact me if done for your marketing workbooks are something you want more information on.

* Features And Benefits Checklist

* Seminar Sales Letter

* Seminar Tools Close Evaluation Bonuses

* Successful Seminars Promotions

* $5000 Marketing Seminar

* Marketing Workshop GEN


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13) Contracts & Agreement Examples


I‘ve assembled a collection of contracts and agreements that will make setting up consulting deals fast and easy. Feel free to use and modify these for your consulting practice. 

* Agreement – Create New Profit Center

* Agreement – Licensing An Old Product

* Contract – Authorization To Negotiate

* Agreement – Barter Letter

* Agreement – For Personal Services

* Agreement – Consignment Letter

* Agreement – Contingency Marketing Services

* Agreement – Copy Writer

* Letters – Demand For Payment

* Agreement – Fee Based On Services

* Contract – Guarantee Of Plan B

* Agreement – Intellectual Property Rights

* Agreement – List Rental

* Agreement – List Usage w/ Contingency Fee

* Agreement – List Use Letter

* Agreement – Marketing Consultant Retainer

* Agreement – Marketing Consulting Groups And Associations

* Agreement – Non-Disclosure

* Contract – Permission To Use Copyrighted Materials

* Agreement – Product Creation

* Agreement – Productivity Enhancement

* Agreement – Referral Fee

* Contract – Standard Consulting Clauses



14) Client Getting Interview Transcripts

Here's 18 of my best interviews related to getting clients for your marketing, copywriting and web consulting practice fast.

This is coaching and business training that would cost you thousands of dollars to get on your own.
This collection of audio transcripts is for you if you are in the coaching or consulting business, the copywriting business.
Even if you have no selling, coaching or business experience, this information will fast track you miles ahead of your competitors.

You may have listened to one of two of these interviews, but I am certain you don't have all of the best interviews in one place organized like this.


You get twenty-one (18) of my best Client Generation Audio Interviews Transcripts
Read these audio interviews and you'll have the ability of getting as many clients as you want.

1. Strategies of Sam, a Successful Nashville Marketing Consultant Who Turned $120 into Making $20,000 a Month -  29-page transcript containing both parts


2. Star Consultant Sells $90,000 In Marketing Consulting Contracts In One Day - 15-page transcript


3. "How I Went From $70,000 In Debt To Making More Than $300,000 In Just A Year And A Half" - 24-page transcript


4. Sales And Marketing Legend Ben Gay III Reveals ... The Secret Of The Close- 44-page transcript


5. How To Grow Your Small Businesses The Verizon Wireless Way (Hint: You're Probably Already Doing It) -26-page transcript


6. How To Use Bumps In Your Mail As A Client-Generating Machine . . . - 24-page transcript


7. $190,000 a Month Doing Workshops...

How To Turn 35% Of Your Audience Into Clients... And Make Thousands A Month For Your Consulting Practice - 41-page transcript


8. Making It - 16-page transcript


9. Details On How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle In Your First Three Days Of Consulting - 37-page transcript


10. How To Set Your Consulting Practice Apart From The Rest...Using This One Word - 29-page transcript


11. The Psychology of Buying Behavior: How to Use People's Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale - 20-page transcript


12. How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal - 29-page transcript


13. Real Secrets to Selling: An interview with Tom Hopkins - 27-page transcript


14. The Secrets Millionaires Spill At A Jay Abraham Seminar... And More From Legendary Marketing Expert Glenn Osborn - Part One: 57-page transcript


15. How Do I Convince Clients To Try My Coaching When I Don't Have ANY Experience At All? - Part One: 25-page transcript containing both Parts.


16. 25 Years Of Marketing Coaching Experience Bottled Into One Short Hour - Part One Audio: 33-page transcript containing both Parts.


17. If You Want A Consulting Client For Your Marketing Consulting Business, Here's What To Do -16-page transcript


18. Famous Speaker Reveals Five Ways To Get Coaching Clients By Helping Others Get What They Want - 11-page transcript


Who is The Client Getting Stampede For?

You have an expertise, a product, or a service that you would like to sell.
You want a simple and proven tools for getting clients
You want more qualified, buying customers.
You love your business and are ready to take it to the next level
You want to use email, direct mail and zoom as a marketing tool but need a system that's low-tech so you can set it up, keep it up, and do it yourself
You have a limited amount of money, time and need templates that will work for you while you're out working your business or regular job.
You have tried getting clients before but are having a hard time making it work and converting traffic and buyers.
You're frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own and you need someone to take you by the hand and show you the way to success.
You are shy and hate talking on the phone and need a pre-written templates and sales messages that are organized and all in one place.
Client Getting Stampede is for YOU if you want a shortcut when it comes to your marketing and promotional efforts with email and even direct mail.
It's for consultants, copywriters and professional financial service providers who want to own and use a collection of proven client getting promotions they can modify and use without having to recreate the wheel.


You'll also get details to you on how to download your Client Getting Stampede right away after your order is received.

Stampede Master Pack Itemized Product Description


Separate Purchase

Stampede Master Pack Package

1) Appointment Client Getting Tools $97 Included
2) Lumpy Mail Letter Examples $297 Included
3) Consultant Documents $97 Included
4) Joint Venture Letters $97 Included
5) Idea Generation $97 Included
6) Appointment Client Getting Tools $97 Included
7) Client Project Marketing Proposals Examples $97 Included

8) Postcard, Brochure and Flyer Examples



9) Press Release Examples



10) USP Examples



11) Telemarketing Scripts Examples



12) Group Workshop & Seminar Documents



13) Contracts & Agreement Examples



14) Client Getting Interview Transcripts $297 Included






Only $597.00






     If you struggle with getting clients for your consulting, coaching, copywriting and financial services business, you're going to love what I've put together for you.

This is your ultimate client getting self help resource.

You'll own 91 tools plus 18 of my best client getting interview transcripts. 

This is coaching and business training that would cost you thousands of dollars to get on your own.

Each lesson and tool is designed to give you the tools you need to get client fees coming in fast.

Even if you have no selling, coaching or business experience, this training will help you.

And now own all of this for only $597.00 without any ongoing payments.

All sales are final and there is not money back offered with your order.



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