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Find Out What It Really Takes To Pull More Sales And Profits From Every Ad Or Sales Letter You Ever Use

Here is another exciting interview from my copywriting series. Several years ago, I found a direct response copywriter. His name is Ben Settle. And when someone had sent me a newsletter that he had written about my www.hardtofindads.com site, after reading that copy, I knew this guy was really good and then I knew that I would want to be doing some work with him soon. Ben has since written several winning sales letter for me and my website at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/ , including my Secret Loophole product, my Joint Venture Magic product, and my Art Hamel Seminar product. He’s also done revisions of my letter for my HMA Marketing Consulting Training and several others.

Recently I interviewed Ben on some of the most frequently asked questions people ask me about copywriting. There’s a gold mine of information in this interview and I strongly recommend you listen to this more than once. These secrets have put a lot of money in my pocket and they will do the same for you if you apply them to your own copy. Now, some of the secrets you’re going to learn about in this interview include: How to get unlimited ideas for your ads, products, and other writing by playing video games…The strange but scientifically sound reason why you should write your headlines under water…How to write sales letters, newsletters, and books while driving your car…A secret way of using spell check on your computer to eliminate writers block and procrastination forever…How to make everything you say in your ads one hundred percent believable and credible without needing testimonials, credentials, or other proof elements…What exact questions to ask a client to get the best material for the ad you’re writing. You’ll learn how to make even deadly boring products sound exciting and fascinating. You’ll learn two ways to write copy for own products and services without sounding like an arrogant chest pounding jerk. You’ll also learn how to find time to study and learn about copywriting even if you have a job, family commitments, and other adult responsibilities. And in addition, you’ll learn how to make outrageous claims and exciting promises in your ads without sounding hype.

How The Japanese "Cracked The Code" To Online Advertising Testing

Testing your website and conversion process is the only way to get maximum profits in minimum time but most people don't know how to conduct a test that gets good results.

"Tagoochy" is a funny sounding name. It's a Japanese name. And we all know that when it comes to business the Japanese lead the world in Technology! It's this same technology that created the need for more efficient testing applications for manufacturing. A wiled haired genius and national hero in Japan names Tagoochy created a system for testing that works with online advertising optimization.

Simply put, if you are trying to increase your profits and reduce your costs associated with your online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns, you need to know about Tagoochy.

The Tagoochy Advertising Method is used to "compress" the number of tests you have to run to get superior response rates and results. If applied correctly, this testing method causes significant increases in advertising response in record time. This 50 minutes recording is with David B, a trained Tagoochy expert. This interview will reveal the power behind this Japanese testing miracle and show you how to get the response and conversion increased you need to decimate your competitors and to survive in today's competitive market.

So what is the tagoochy method and what's the big deal?
Learn in this recording...
The most common and biggest mistake most make when testing.
The one variable that is critical to increasing your online ROI. (90% of the online marketers are watching the wrong factors.)
What method is most effective to manage your online testing.
The manufacturing principle that applies to all business growth.
The critical design elements that must be held for the components themselves so create maximum response.
How to perform a "forced survey" in your marketplace.
What is the proper sequence for testing?
Where do you use this method in your sales process.
What kind of increases can you really expect?
Why "Split Testing Thinking" does not work (actually fails) if used with Tagoochy Algorithms.

For more information on this breakthrough advertising and marketing testing system, contact David directly at 1-866-300-1568.


"Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, or Direct Mail Until They've Listened To This Interview At Least 7 Times"

Introducing The Clyde Bedell Advertising System

Sit back and listen as I interview Barry Bedell in this exclusive Five part presentation about the real "Father Of Advertising"  Clyde Bedell.

You have the lucky fortune of hearing this interview with Barry Bedell, the son of the great advertising genius Clyde Bedell.  I hope you'll be as excited as I was hanging on to every word in this amazing adventure about a man many in the advertising and marketing fields have never known.

You'll get a detailed and personal account about the history of this great advertising legend. And you'll hear it from the man who loved him and knew him best. This set of recording is designed to teach you about a proven system of advertising you have never been exposed to before. I know you will enjoy what I have put together for you in this exclusive presentation.

Michael Senoff On Copywriting



April is a working mother of two young boys. She e-mailed me frustrated and in search for some honest advice about copywriting. April had recently invested money into a copywriting training system. She was disappointed with the product and the coaching that was promised with it. Listen as I guide April through some simple yet overlooked principles on copywriting. You'll hear how my hate for copywriting forced me to create easy shortcuts to creating compelling copy that sells. I unload all my most closely guarded secrets about copywriting in this exclusive audio recording from hardtofindseminars.com This is a one hour call.


Carl Gelletti Interview


You can't hire Carl Gelletti today to write copy for you. Why? because any smart copywriter knows you can make a whole lot more writing copy for your own products then you can for clients. It's been said if you can hire a copywriter, they probably aren't that good. Carl Galletti has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Carl and I can attest that he is unique as a copywriter because of his vast marketing skills Many of the top direct response advertisers used Carl to write advertising copy for them including Gary Halbert, author of The Gary Halbert Letter. Here is what Gary says about Carl..

"Carl Galletti is, perhaps, the most serious student of the masters of marketing I've ever encountered. "How good is he? Well, to give you a clue, Carl has written several direct mail sales letters for Jay Abraham. Jay Abraham is considered to be the top marketing consultant in the country. Jay charges $5000 per hour for his telephone consultations and his seminars cost as much as $20,000 for five days.

Carl's client list is diverse. He has worked with authors, professional speakers, publishers, computer companies, contractors, executive search firms, printers, training organizations, jewelry manufacturers, schools, health technology firms, and the American Red Cross.

Anyone who is serious about learning copywriting and marketing can benefit from Carl's advice. This interview will take you on a guided tour from the  days when Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert were just getting started. You'll hear stories about the great Robert Alan, John Childers, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Brian Keith Voiles, Ted Thomas and many others. Carl knew them all because he was there from the start. This is a fast paced jam-packed intensive 111 minute interview. It's split into three easy to listen to parts.  You can gain 25 years of copywriting and marketing experience in less time then watching two episodes of Survivor.  If you truly want to learn how to sell more, sell faster, write better copy (that brings in the money), and market your product smarter, you need to listen to every word in this exclusive interview with Carl Galletti. You can only find this one here for a limited time only. Enjoy. The first part of this recording is a bit hard to hear. But it clears up in part's two and three.

How Brian Keith Voiles Went From A Minimum Wage Brick-Yard Worker, To Part-time Janitor, To Professional Magician, To Brain Tumor Survivor, To One Of The World’s Greatest Living Copywriters

Learn about 36% and getting phenomenal results and learn how to get it for your own swipe file.  

  • Hear Brian's true story of how he survived a deadly softball size brain tumor in the middle of his head.

  • Hear exactly how Brian sold 3000 copywriting courses on his first major direct mail campaign.

  • Hear why Brian thinks going offline with your product may be the best way to rake in big money with your product of service.

  • Learn why Brian cuts and tapes hundreds of headlines to his wall before he picks “the one” for his client’s sales letter. 

  • Learn how if your loaded with great testimonials and a risk free proposition, you can sell anything with the write copywriting skills.

  • Hear what Brian does first before he writes one word of copy in any letter.

  • Learn who to talk to in your research phase and who to record twice..

  • Learn why recording your conversations will get you mouth watering sales copy.

  • You’ll hear specific results and success stories Brian has generated for world-class marketers like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Yanik Silver and more.

  • Hear what to do when a client gets too lazy to mail your letter.

  • Learn one legal clause to place in your contract to protect you before you write one word of copy for a client.

  • Learn Brian's secret for generating headlines that smash controls and how to get them to pop into your subconscious at will.

What are you waiting for? Start playing the interview now.


Story-telling Advice From A Hollywood Screen-writer

How To Effectively Use Story Telling In Your Copy To Sell More Of Your Ideas, Products Or Services

Ruben, a screen writer and a teacher of screen writing skills, was in the process of creating an information product on how to write compelling stories, screenplays, or stage plays. He was basing the content of his product on his own personal experience, various teachings from his mentors over the years, seminars, and courses.

As Ruben was creating his product, he realized that his techniques not only applied to screen writing, but many other areas such as:

  • Creating more effective marketing and sales presentations.

  • Helping teachers to present their lesson plans more effectively.

  • Teaching lawyers how to present their cases better.

  • Telling stories to children.

  • Improving personal relationships.

  • … and the list goes on because telling and listening to stories are such an integral part of our daily lives!

Ruben presents the parts of a successful screenplay. First, you have to have an idea for a story. After you have a story, the screenplay becomes your story in writing – what the audience will see and hear. He explains that the screenplay is a “blueprint” and gives us some simple examples.

Listen as he discusses what the best structure is for any story and presents several elements essential to create a successful, compelling story. Understanding story structure will become important as you continue to listen to this interview.

Ruben goes on to teach some other keys to creating a good story. There must be a conflict, whether it’s an outer or inner conflict. An outer conflict may be another character. An inner conflict may be a character’s self doubts or fears. The writer must make sure that the audience will care about the story and stay to see the end.

For example, Ruben gives a list of great techniques to make the main character more identifiable to the audience. This is the key to a successful story.

Subsequently, Ruben reveals that the same principles used to create a great screenplay can be applied to just about any facet of business or personal life.

For example, in a business situation where perhaps you are a sales person trying to make a sale to a potential buyer, you can become what Ruben terms “a Dramatic Strategist.” This involves a mind shift that makes both you, the sales person as well as the potential client both “characters” in a story. In fact, Ruben suggests that you keep in mind that each of you would be the main character in your own lives – each of you with a different goal.

When there are two characters, there may be a conflict. In a selling situation, things such as price, terms, and conditions can become the conflicts.

Ruben suggests that you will be a more successful sales person or marketer if you aware of both your role as a protagonist in your own drama paradigm and your client’s role as the protagonist in his or her own drama paradigm. Further, you should not try to hide or minimize the conflicts of the situation. Instead, identify and resolve these conflicts with the client.

Make yourself identifiable to your client, just as an audience should identify with the main character of a story. Develop the trust and rapport with the client so that he or she sees you as an authority and that there is a feeling of affinity between the two of you.

This interview really presents a unique approach to understanding human nature and dealing with conflicts in a very imaginative way. I know you’ll enjoy it! This recording is 46 minutes.


Advice In “Kick Starting” Your Copywriting Business. 

This is a consultation that I did with a gentleman named Mark who needed some advice in “kick starting” is copywriting business.  This short recording is packed with great information for new and veteran copywriters!  You may get some ideas for business avenues that you haven’t thought of before.

At the beginning of our conversation, Mark was mainly concerned about what the name of his copywriting business should be.  His first thought was to use his surname.  However, he believed that his surname might be too unusual for someone to pronounce.  You’ll hear how we discuss sole proprietorships and the option of incorporating after getting started, obtaining customers, and making some money.  Find out what Mark finally decides to use as his business name.

Listen as I give Mark an idea about obtaining copywriting work by researching Ebay.  Look for closed auctions for big ticket items where the item did not sell.  Look at the Ebay ad to see what could have made the item sell.  Sometimes it is simply because there was no research done on the item and thus, there was not a good description of the item or its features.

Contact the seller by email and negotiate to re-write the ad and re-run the auction.  If the item sells, you would get a negotiated percentage of the sales price.  Of course, you would need an option agreement and some sort of non-disclosure agreement as well as software that would prohibit the seller from printing or copying your ad – but you’ll hear me explain the details of everything you would need to accomplish this.  Listen as I give example of a generic email that could be modified for any auction and sent to sellers.

I advise Mark to research unsuccessful closed auctions for boats, houses, machinery, and other high priced items.  And don’t just stay with Ebay.  Look into the real estate market for beautiful homes that just aren’t selling.  Most of the time, real estate ads just don’t do a good enough job of explaining the real advantages of owning that particular home.  The very best way to advertise a home is to interview the current homeowner about the home itself, the neighborhood, the schools, etc. – important things that real families are interested in.

Listen to my own experience with using written copy in conjunction with audio for both a product and for real estate.

Mark certainly loved that idea and was going to start researching completed auctions for big ticket items on Ebay right away!  The key is to identify poor ads for great products.  You must also learn to negotiate well and then you will have a great niche market!


Advice In “Kick Starting” Your Copywriting Business Update

Welcome to an update with Mark, a copywriter that I previously did a consultation with to advise him about some of the best ways to kick start his new copywriting business.

You will hear how Mark had, indeed, implemented some of the strategies that I had recommended – specifically about how to obtain clients using Ebay.  Here’s what Mark did:

  • He researched Ebay for completed listings by category where the item did not sell.  The categories that he has investigated thus far include cars, boats, real estate, trading cards, and some other big ticket items.

  • He developed a sales letter that he sent to these Ebay sellers.  A copy of Mark’s sales letter is included in the transcription below.

  • He sent out between twenty and thirty of these sales letters to the unsuccessful Ebay sellers and received a 10% response (not bad for a start!).

He believes that he may be able to strike a deal to re-write one of his respondent’s Ebay ads with his copywriting skills.

The great part about Mark’s new venture is that it took him less than an hour to send out all of his sales letters!  He admits that this type of sales approach is much easier than approaching businesses cold.  He also admits that Ebay has so many auctions that he could never even scratch the surface of all of the closed, unsuccessful auctions that he could approach (Hint: Some copywriting competition wouldn’t hurt Mark!).

In our conversation, Mark says that he needs to develop more of a solid system to research and follow through with potential clients.  You will hear me suggest that he look into implementing the HMA System’s Opportunity Analysis into his sales letter and follow through phases. 

I send him links to specific interviews and consultations on my web site dealing with Opportunity Analyses.  If used, the Opportunity Analysis would provide a proven methodology to help his potential clients to grow their businesses or sell their big ticket items.  It might also open opportunities for Mark to do more marketing for his clients – not just copywriting – because it would entrench Mark in his potential clients’ businesses.


Herschell Gordon Lewis—Author Of 20 Books On Advertising, Writing And Direct Marketing—Reveals Secrets Of Success In Copywriting

Even though I had heard his name for years, I never gave Hershell much thought until I was searching for one of his books, "World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time." This book is not to be confused with a similar book by Richard Hodgson titled "The World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time." An interesting fact I learned about Hershell is that within the Collector’s Plate industry he is known as the "King of Direct Mail." You may have seen collector’s plates advertised in the Sunday newspaper and other widely-circulated publications. I used to wonder why so many people invested in these plates until I talked with Hershell personally. Hershell Gordon Lewis is a well-connected expert who has been involved in the direct mail industry for many years. He is the author of more than twenty books on advertising and marketing, and is the former chairman of BJK&E Direct. He now heads Lewis Enterprises, a creative source. He is also chairman of Communicomp, a full-service direct marketing agency affiliated with True North Communications based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On this audio clip, prepare to receive a real history lesson on some amazing things. My conversation with Hershell was one of my most interesting, illuminating talks. In it, I take you from the days of Hershell’s first direct selling job as a door-to-door salesman through his development and evolution into a prestigious, powerhouse ad agency owner. This is one talk you will feel compelled to listen to three or four times. It is that eye opening.

PDF transcript download mp3

Here's A Rare Recording From Gary C. Halbert A Marketing Legend In The Direct Response Mail Order Business

If you are unfamiliar with Gary Halbert, you are in for a treat. This guy is my favorite marketing instructor on the subjects of direct mail and how to write killer advertising copy. He delivers marketing information in a powerful style, without all the BS. Gary's pre-1994 material is hard to find. Jay Abraham has done several joint ventures with Gary so I have run across a lot of his work. Go to my Products page to see which Gary Halbert programs I have available. How much would you pay to attend a Gary Halbert seminar? Here is a recording from a Group M Marketing seminar in Hot Springs, Arkansas, put on by Bill Myers in the early 1990s. Enjoy this 31-minute recording featuring Gary Halbert. You'll love it! 


Classified Advertising

Work Smart, Make Money, Retire Early With Two-step Classified Advertising Promotions

This is a great recording of John Eger. When John Eger speaks, direct marketers listen. At the time of this recording, John and his partner Phil Kratzer were the nation's leading experts on classified advertising. John's low-cost, 2-step direct response methods allow both large and small advertisers to test with the least possible risk. This recording was from the Bill Myers seminar in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. John presents the secrets that have helped many work smart, make money and retire early. This recording is from the Bill Myers direct mail boot camp.

Why Settle For 1% Response When You Can get 50% Response With "Effective Copywriting" – Learn how To Hone Your Skills To Improve Your Sales

Good, captive copywriting is essential in today’s marketing field. I got a call from a gentleman who was new to the copywriting field and he was looking for some advice on how to improve his own skills. The information I shared with him is invaluable: I gave him direct resources he could use and I discussed different products and aspects of these products that are currently available. Best of all, though, I shared with him the underlying implications of good copywriting and explored why and how many people are doing it all wrong. This is information you can’t afford to miss – the insight you’ll gain will be unique Since I interview and review marketing gurus all day for a living, you can guess I know what works and what does not.

When To Sue Your Copywriter-281 Pound Body Builder Spills His Gut And Reveals All He Knows About How To Write Killer Web Site Copy

Would you like honest, no-fluff advice on internet marketing, copywriting, mailing lists, and other business tips?  Listen to the interview with Mr. Taylor Trump, a successful copywriter, small business management specialist, and online and offline marketing specialist. 

The purpose of this interview is to share Taylor’s success and how you, too, can  became successful by applying the internet marketing techniques and principles he learned from marketing experts, such as Jay Abraham, and a secret of top copywriters that is not always obvious.

In this interview, you will learn about

  • How motivation and drive enabled him to pick up concepts from marketing gurus —most from purchasing materials on my Web site, https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/.

  • How he applied marketing principles and concepts to his first business and continued with Internet marketing.

  • How he made money without doing all the labor himself and establishing deals with cost-saving, “do-it-yourself” contracts

  • “The Marketing Genius Letter,” a newsletter to learn strategies about mining the hidden assets of your business, as well as marketing to and outwitting, outsmarting, and crushing your competition.

  • A marketing portal site with over 100,000 links to articles and resources, general marketing information, niche marketing, target marketing, and how to market.

  • Helping people get close to their dreams by offering solutions to their problems

  • Value of researching your target market, knowing each customer, prospects, or client and the actual motivations, aspirations, and “hot buttons” of each.

  • Using lists, direct mail successes, and how to go about it.

You, too, can be successful with your business by learning from Taylor Trump’s advice about Internet marketing, copywriting, and using lists. You will then be able to help your customers get close to their dreams by offering them the right solutions!

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below.  You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

Copywriting Expert John Carlton On How To Make Your Copy Sell Better Than Ever


Here is a rare recording of John Carlton from the early 1990s at a Bill Myers seminar. John had over 10 years of copywriting experience before this recording. He was a freelance writer who agencies hired to do the work their own writers couldn’t do. He has written for Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and Gary Halbert. John made big money as a writer for some of the largest direct mailers in the world, including Rodale Books and Boardroom. His writing brings in millions for his clients. This is a rare recording from the information marketing book camp in Hot Springs,  Arkansas. This recording is 17 minutes long. Check out his course, "Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel -- An insider shortcut guide to creating sensational ads that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life even if you flunked English!"

How To Electrify Your Copywriting
The Joe Vitale Way


Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale is by far one of the hottest copywriters around. But he didn’t just wake up one morning with a million-dollar sales letter in his head. He had to study, plan, research and test. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about how he develops his winning sales letters and the thrill that comes along with each success.

When Joe first started out, he was working miserable jobs selling Chryslers and encyclopedias. He knew right away that direct sales wasn’t for him – mainly because he could only reach one customer at a time. He quickly found that with copywriting, he could maximize his time by reaching thousands around the world with the exact same effort. And that’s when the money started pouring in.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of the kind of success that Joe has had, this is the interview for you because he shares all the little-known secrets about his life, his influences and his unusual sources of inspiration.

Key Concepts From The Interview
• How to write a surefire sales letter full of enthusiasm, excitement and electricity
• The three most important aspects of the copywriting formula – believe it or not, the copy itself is actually third
• How to train your unconscious mind to write like a pro
• How to add “readable writing” and “plain talk” to your copy. If you make your sales letters natural, conversational and fun to read – your audience will likely show their appreciation with their checkbooks
• How Joe makes more money off of e-books than he ever thought possible – and why he’ll never go back to a traditional book publisher again
• All about Joe’s most famous book, Hypnotic Writing – how he came up with the idea and the title – and how he turned it into a huge success

Joe has been studying all the great marketing experts since he was a teenager – from the famous to the obscure. So when I asked him who his biggest influences were, he gave me some pretty interesting answers. So sit back and get to know Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale, an incredible copywriter, researcher and promoter who will really help you spark your sales copy.

PDF transcript download mp3

"At Last - A Website Conversion Expert Will Take You By The Hand And Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Maximize Your Internet Profits In Minimum Time!"


Widely Recognized as "The A Website Conversion Expert," Dan is the "go-to" Internet copy genius who's created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letters for clients in more than 49 different industries...Dan has a track record of selling over $25.7 million of merchandise and services. If Dan is such a wizard with words, perhaps you're wondering why you haven't heard of him before. It's because Dan doesn't seek out the spotlight. This "quiet giant" keeps a low profile in an industry over-run with self-promoting, self-proclaimed, and often self-deluded "experts." Instead of stoking the "Lock Publicity Machine," Dan focuses on stoking the fires of success for his small business clients. Instead of devoting his time to his celebrity status, he spends hour after hour, week after week, working for the little guys... and loving it. Dan has resuscitated copy that was previously in "critical condition" and helped his clients double and triple their conversion rates... some as much as 417%. The strategies, techniques and psychological tactics Dan employs are irresistible to consumers. They produce dramatic results and spell the difference between failure and success, and between success and "super-stardom" for his clients. This interview is 60 minutes


The Psychology of Selling: How to Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale

You will be energized when you listen to this two-part interview with Ken Ellsworth. Ken is an expert in the application of hidden persuasion techniques to increase sales. The fresh ideas about how to motivate your prospects to buy will amaze you! Ken’s real-life application case studies provide a wealth of information about how to apply psychological principles to sell and market your products and services.

The purpose of this audio recording is to explain ….

  • How to apply hidden persuasion techniques to uncover a prospect’s unconscious buying strategy.

  • How to use psychological principles to increase sales and marketing programs.

You will learn about

  • How people unconsciously make buying decisions

  • How to use psychological principles to uncover what buyers want

  • How the principles and techniques apply to one-on-one selling and marketing programs

  • You’ll hear examples and case studies of application of persuasion techniques

Be sure to listen to this two-part program to find out how you can elicit the “Wow” factor from your customers. Whether you are seeking fresh sales and marketing ideas or trying to get out of a sales slump, this program will provide the techniques you can put to immediate use to increase sales.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below.


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