"Listen...I've been searching the Web for Marketing information for over two years. Then one day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

Real-Life Case Study:
$40,000 In A Single Hour

Here is a clip of an extremely rare interview with a very successful marketing consultant named Robert Stover. You'll have a systemized way of generating clients with our HMA system, but you'll also learn from other consulting experts like Robert - with their own "Street-smart" strategies and tactics they have honed and perfected throughout the years. Robert Stover's marketing consulting experience will save you heaps of time and frustration. He reveals exactly how to leverage your practice to suck every last penny you can out of it, without doing any extra "work". You'll also hear why a start-up business is not a good client for  you and four wildly successful consulting client case studies you can use in your own consulting practice. This is the first four minutes of the 60 minute interview. Want more recordings like this? Go here


From The Pages Of Forbes Magazine: 30-Year Old Business "Wizard" Reveals Two Secrets That Took Him From Minimum Wage Stock Boy To Filthy Rich Ceo Of His Own International Consulting Firm

(And How To Use His Secrets To Pay Yourself A Bundle Of Money As A Marketing Consultant)   


I am excited to introduce to you another exclusive interview for the HMA consultants with Christian Cares founder and president of Cares Cares Consulting. Christian Cares is only 30 years old and runs a multi-million dollar consulting firm. Now you can be a "fly on the way" as I dig out all his consulting secrets in this shocking interview with a true "powerhouse" in the business world. This is a five minute clip from a three part 90 minute interview. You're about to learn how Christian went from working as back room stock boy making minimum wage to being the CEO of his own international consulting firm. You'll hear his opinions on what it take to make it in the consulting business, as well as how he used his marketing skills to buy ownership and control of two successful moneymaking businesses. You will even learn a special "trick" he uses (called "reverse engineering") to get written up in Forbes Magazine. And finally, you'll learn how to get the driving reasons why a potential client wants help with his business to determine if you should even work with him or not. If you follow his advice, you'll also make far less mistakes in your consulting practice and make a ton more money.  Want more full length recordings like this? Go here

How One Free E-mail Generated Big Consulting Fees With Local Chamber Chapter.


I am excited to introduce to you another sample clip of and exclusive interview for the HMA consultants. It's with Mr. Alex Whiting, a 26 years old who runs a half a million dollar consulting practice. Be a "fly on the way" as I pull out all his consulting secrets in this 60 minute interview. Alex had paid his dues in the business. When consulting, he's worth about $1000 an hour. But you don't have to pay that. You'll hear his opinions on what it take to make it in the consulting business, as well as how he used his marketing skills to walk in cold and close clients with a 95% success rate. If you follow his advice, you'll also make far less mistakes in your consulting practice and make a ton more money. Enjoy.

How To Start Generating A Flood of New Consulting Clients Using These Proven Referral Systems That You Can Start Today.


Here's another recordings with Bill Brodie. Bill had taught internationally at some of the most recognized international business schools in the world. In this two part recording we are going to be talking about how you can use referrals to grow you consulting practice. You'll learn specific techniques that get referrals fast and how to keep the coming in day after day and month after month. You'll discover one referral strategy to quickly create a predictable stream of clients for your consulting practice without face-to-face asking. Now you can get all the referrals you can handle without the pain and humiliation of begging. Learn how to get better quality referrals that are more hungry to do business with you. Learn how giving away gifts to get others to send clients your way. Learn how to get customers to lend you their Rolodex for the day so you can tap their network of vendors and best customers. Enjoy control over the amount of referrals you get with one system in at the end of part two of this recording. Isn't that what you want for your consulting practice?  Each part is 25 minutes.

World Famous Sales Trainer Of Fortune 500 Companies Reveals Powerful New Tactic To Immediately Double Your Sales...And Get ALL Your Clients To Instantly Trust You   

Here's an exclusive HMA training interview with Barry Maher. Barry first made his mark as a world-class salesperson, then as a management and sales consultant, helping clients improve their productivity, often dramatically. Selling Power magazine declared, "To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business."
Barry's client list ranges from ABC/Capital Cities and the American Management Association, to Fuji Film and the National Lottery of Ireland, to Verizon (not to mention Ameritech, BellSouth, and SBC). He's been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Businessweek, Success, and The Wall Street Journal. This straight-talking primer for consulting professionals introduces a powerful new approach to winning clients trust instantly and selling more. And not just down the road but right now, This is a sample clip from a two part 50 minute recording. Enjoy.
Want more full length recordings like this? Go here

How to Create Million Dollar USPs For Your Clients In 57 Minutes or Less.

Clarify Your Marketing Message, Craft A 30 second Elevator Speech, Align Your Business Image With Its Operations, And then sell, Sell, SELL in RECORD time Without Doing Hardly Anything at All

I kid-you-not … if you can craft a powerful USP that hits a home run in the mind of your client's customers, you’ve found the one thing that can bring them out of obscurity into the spotlight of fame. It’s pure marketing gold. A good USP can take an unknown “nobody” and miraculously turn him into a famous “somebody.” It’s the difference that can take a product or service from “good” to a marketing “great.” A great USP will not make the cash register ring, but it will make that sucker sing. Without a doubt, it is one of the core marketing vehicles through which great financial fortunes are made. Together we are going to craft a powerful USP for your business that can do all those things and take your financial fortunes to the highest possible levels. We’re going to do that by increasing sales. We’re going to increase your sales by crafting a compelling, memorable introduction for your product or service that will having everyone aching to try you. In the next 50 minutes, you'll hear me interview Mr. Bill Bodri a international marketing consultant and professor. Bill had written the book called How to Write A Million Dollar USP. Get ready because in this recording you'll have a clear understanding of the subject and some additional tips other then in your HMA training on how to develop killer USPs for your clients. This recording is 50 minutes short. Enjoy

How To Get Students And Housewives To Eagerly (And Cheaply) Make Dozens Of Sales Appointments For You...In The Next Few Days

It doesn't have to take months or even weeks to get booked with clients. And best of all, you don't even need to pick up the phone yourself.  In this sample clip, you'll see there are thousands of students, housewives and part-time people willing to help get you a full roster of clients in just a matter of days. In my opinion, this is one of the fastest (and easiest) ways to obtain appointments. Once you're a HMA consultant, you'll have the full recording and the scripts of exactly what to say. It's all there for you to follow.  Just print them out and hand them over to your telemarketers. You can use the full recording to train them on exactly what to do. Then sit back and watch the appointments pour in.  And do not worry about hiring employees. These people making calls for you are independent contractors and you only pay them seven dollars an hour. One caller can book you an appointment that can land you a client as early as 24 hour with this system. And at a minimum you're going to charge $1500. More on this later. Make sure you check back in at Consulting Secrets to hear me lining up appointments for real. For more information on how to be a Marketing Consultant e-mail. Want more full length recordings like this? Go here

7 Tested Words Proven To Increase Sales In Any Retail Business 300%.

The words you use in your consulting practice will determine the success in every aspect of your consulting business. When it comes to any type of marketing, you can count on scripting to maximize your results every step of the way. From telemarketing and telephone scriptwriting, script templates, sales scripts or what we call RESPONSE STRATEGY is what separates the great sales people from sales superstars. In this interview with Bill Brodie, you learn how to easily develop your own killer sales scripts. You'll learn specific questions to ask your clients that virtually guarantee they work with you. You hear stories of why sales scripting is said to be one of the fasted and most profitable ways to grow a business without spending any additional money on advertising. This recording is 45 minutes long. It's packed with all kinds or tips, tricks and recommendations. Enjoy. Want more full length recordings like this? Go here

58 Minutes Of Relentless Nonstop Q&A From Existing HMA Marketing Consultants And Potential HMA Consultants. Part One

Hundreds of questions flooded my e-mail box for Richard about the marketing consulting business. Here's the full interview and transcript on Richard fielding the first 44 questions from HMA marketing consultants and students from all over the world. This recorded Q&A session is 59 minutes long. For you the HMA consultant, listening to this will remind you of many subjects related to the business you may have forgot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. If you have other questions, please get them to me at once so I can get them answered for you by Richard personally. In the third recording, under the transcript download, you'll hear Richard discuss some new opportunities doing group consulting and trainings. This is another lucrative area in the consulting field that I recommend you explore. This recording is not a clip. It's the full 58 minute interview.

How To Have Richard Personally Get You All The Clients You Can Handle

Below is a sample five minute audio clip from a one hour dynamic Marketing Workshop of Richard going over the benefits of systemized marketing and what it can do for a business. To use this as leverage for your consulting practice, simply position this Demonstration as a $5000 Marketing Workshop you would like to invite a prospect to listen in on. It will "pre-sell" what you have to offer completely on the prospect's time. The workshop ends leaving the prospect wanting more, telling them to contact you to get started. If your prospect is not interested in improving his business after listening to this presentation, then he was never a qualified prospect in the first place. You can also sell this workshop - and put some additional money in your pocket - for whatever price you want. This is also available in a flash online PowerPoint presentation too. Want more recordings like this? Go here

How Even A Shy, Homebound Or Stay At Home Dad (like me) Can Sell Thousands Of Dollars In Consulting Services... By "Remote Control"! 

If you drive to appointments and meetings, you'll agree they can be a huge waste of time. I almost never sell to people face to face. It's not that I am shy or homebound either. I would simply rather be with my kids than fighting the Southern California traffic. Face to face meetings were necessary in the 70s and 80s but today they are "old school" and, in my opinion, the most inefficient uses of time ever. Whatever you can say to someone face to face, you can communicate today as well (if not better) through the telephone, by e-mail or on the web. Below are three demos of what I am talking about. They're each short 5 minute presentations. One on sales training, another one that can be used to sell your prospect on marketing consulting services and the last one is a lead generation tool to get clients. Each one of these powerful presentation tools can be used to train your clients how to sell more effectively in their business. They also double as a client generating tool. As an HMA consultant, your clients can instruct their employees to watch presentations like this online as part of employee training. These presentations allows you to do sales and marketing training internationally without you having to go on site. When you become an HMA Consultant, you'll have use rights and full access to the entire presentations. We'll even host the presentations on our servers. All you need to do is send your prospects and clients to your training site which I'll set up for you personalized with your photo, e-mail, bio, and web site URL Click the demo buttons below to see how they work. Want more recordings like this? Go here


How To Get Maximum Profits From Your Yellow Page Advertising At Dirt-Cheap Prices  

Here's a short, two minute clip from a call I did with one of the world's top yellow page advertising experts. Learn the mindset of a yellow page advertiser and how to use it to your advantage as well as some little-known ways to selling consulting services to the yellow page advertiser.  Want more recordings like this? Go here

To Hear More Full Length (not clips) Recordings On Consulting Secrets Click here


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