If you've ever wanted to buy Jay Abraham and other marketing materials but thought they were too expensive, then here's a way you can buy them at huge discounts off their original retail cost.

The Blue Grill Story

  If you've ever wanted to buy Jay Abraham and other marketing materials but thought they were too expensive, then here's a way you can buy them at huge discounts off their original retail cost.

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Dear Friend,

    Here's what you are going to learn.

    First go have a look at the retail prices of Jay Abraham products at on his site then come back and start learning how you can save thousands of dollars from my site.

     If you are a new or seasoned student of marketing and advertising, this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

     I absolutely promise you will not find a person committed as I am to solving your marketing problems. I will break my back, crawl over broken glass, or stay up all night to locate the marketing information you want. If you want to learn more about me and what I am all about go to my bio here. or download this free report with personal stories and case studies from Michael Senoff Students download here

     If I do not have what you want in stock, I can in most cases get it for you. Read on to learn more about my unique service and how it can benefit you...If you do not have time to read this now, you can go directly to what I have for sale at the menu bar above. If at anytime, you want to call me, my home number is 858-274-7851. Call at any time. If you get my answering service, leave a message and I will call you right back.


I was ecstatic to find the video and booklet on your website that I had been trying to find for over 7 years! I've been searching and searching, and then I found your site with exactly what I was looking for -- and at a terrific price! And one other thing, thanks very much for responding quickly to my emails and phone call, answering my specific questions about the package, and getting it shipped to me so quickly. It's refreshing to find someone who is still cares about delivering excellent service to their customers. By the way, the information has already been worth 100 times the money I paid for it!

Thanks again—

Mark Hendricks - Trilby, Florida

The story of how I bought Jay Abraham's most expensive $20,000 marketing seminars for $50 dollars

I first learned about Jay Abraham from a video by Tony Robbins. Jay was speaking at one of Tony's expensive Life Mastery seminars. I was totally blown away by Jay's ideas. Immediately, I started looking for his seminar products.

The first item I was looking for was a set of tapes of the famous Jay Abraham $20,000 protégé mentor training seminar from 1990. You read that right: $20,000. That's how much it cost to attend. The press called it: "The world's most expensive seminar". The students were there to learn how to become a master marketing wizard just like Jay Abraham.

I wanted to be a marketing wizard too, but I did not want to spend $20,000. Anyone that attended the seminar received a copy of the entire program on a set of audiotapes. I knew If I could just find someone who attended the seminar, I might be able to borrow their tapes. If so, I could get a $20,000 Jay Abraham marketing education for free.

I did some digging and managed to find a guy from Northern California who had attended the seminar. I asked to buy his tapes. He said no but agreed to fax me the names of all the people who went to the seminar in Southern California. I found a lady on the list who lived in San Diego. I called he and told he I was looking for a set of the tapes from the Jay Abraham seminars. She said she had them and I negotiated a price of $50. I got the complete $20,000 seminar for only $50.

I studied these marketing materials day and night for six months. I was listening to Jay Abraham while I was jogging, while I was driving, and while I was doing yard work. I would even go to sleep with a Walkman on my head literally dreaming about marketing. That is how powerful and addictive these marketing materials and tapes are.

Along with the 55 audiotape seminar, there was a list of 900 protégés who had trained under Jay Abraham in four previous seminar sessions. The list was intended to be a tool for the seminar attendees to network with each other. When I saw this list, I knew I had hit pay dirt. More on that in a minute.

I've saved thousands of dollars on the retail price of these rare and hard to find marketing materials. Michael has always managed to get what I want, He delivers the materials fast, too. Michael is the absolute TOTAL resource for any business owner or entrepreneur looking for educational marketing materials.

Sean Conley

SE United Kingdom


The blue grill story.

What does the beautiful blue grill at the top of this page have to do with selling marketing seminars? Well, in my case, quite a lot.

You see, like a lot of guys, I loved to barbecue outdoors. I was shopping for a new grill and one hot summer day in July I came across the most extraordinary barbecue grill I had ever seen. It is called a "Kamado" and it was billed as the world's finest ceramic smoker-grill.

Well, I knew I had to have one. There was only one little problem. This gorgeous Blue ceramic tiled Kamado grill sells for $1895 plus shipping.

Now I knew there was no way my wife was going to let me spend this kind of money on "a grill", so I told my wife I was going to sell my Jay Abraham tapes and use the money to buy my blue Kamado grill!

The original set of Jay Abraham protégé tapes that I had bought for $50 sold right away for $1700 on my very first marketing effort. I was stunned! I had made a killing the first time out of the gate.

To make sure this was not a one-time fluke, I promoted another less expensive set of Jay Abraham boot camp tapes the next day. This set sold very quickly for $900.

After these two sales, I have enough profits to become the proud owner of a brand-new blue Kamado ceramic smoker, and there was not a thing my wife could do or say about it.


Your 61 hour audio recording CD was incredible. I own a small business and I was able to get several ideas that are going to put money in my pocket immediately. Your information really got my creative juices going and thinking about my business in new innovative ways. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Keep up the great work!!!!

Greg Ramsier

A+ Fundraising


How I got the list of Jay Abraham's $20,000 protégé attendees

Do you want to hear what I sound like on the phone before you call? Click on the
audio clip page for 117 hours of free audio recordings, interviews and transcripts.

Convinced that I had a hungry market, I went right to work. I still had the list that I mentioned earlier of the 900 Jay Abraham protégés who possessed all of these valuable Jay Abraham products. All I had to do is track them down.

Finding people from a ten-year-old list was no easy task. Most of the phone numbers were wrong. Many of the people no longer had the seminar materials. But one out of ten people I made contact with did. Usually, it was as neatly packed away as it was the day they brought it home from the seminar. Many tapes had never been used, not even once and the printed materials were in pristine condition. 

I must say, that as much as I thought I knew, the information I gained is and will be immensely helpful to me. I've found tools that can literally make my job so much easier, and enable me to reduce my research time by at least half, and allow me to spend more time on the things that generate income for me and my consultants. Thanks, Michael, for unselfishly sharing this valuable information.

Martin Howey, President - The Quantum Organization

The amazing  discovery I learned about buyers of marketing seminars that changed my life forever and for the better

As I continued to contact these people, I made another discovery:   A person who pays $20,000 for a seminar is considered a gold mine to marketing information sellers like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and Ted Nicholas. These marketing gurus will spend thousands of dollars to locate and have a chance to sell to this type of buyer who they refer to as 'Big Fish'.

These sellers get together to enter into joint venture partnerships. They refer and endorse each other's marketing materials to these same hot buyers using all their in-house customer lists.

Because of this, when I found a person who had attended the $20,000 Jay Abraham seminar, they would usually have tons of other marketing materials from all the other great marketing promoters as well.

All the materials I sell are purchased from the original owners. Many have even mortgaged their homes and maxed out their credit cards just to get their hands on this critical information. I make these packages available to you at huge discounts.

Every week I find some of the most expensive and best audiotape seminars, videotapes, books, directories, reports, and guides on topics like marketing, persuasion, selling, direct mail, copyrighting, advertising, and NLP. Here are just a few examples:

 Jay Abraham's 28 tape Boot Camp seminar is a good place to start your marketing education

This was the second Jay Abraham seminar that I purchased. This is a set of 28 tapes that Jay sent to his students prior to attending his live seminar. The purpose was to provide the student with an overview of Jay's strategies. If you're looking for a good introduction to Jay Abraham's marketing principals for a couple hundred dollars, this is a good place to start.

How you get $50,000 worth of contracts in your Jay Abraham Protégé Contract Guide

Who knows if Jay Abraham spent $50,000 on these contracts? Anyway, this is another very valuable Abraham product. It is called the "Protégé Contract Guide." It's a compilation of 42 legal contracts put together by Jay's personal attorneys. These are the same contracts Jay used to set up the various licensing agreements, joint venture deals, and non-disclosure proposals that are part of his marketing strategy.

Some say the legal fees to draft these contracts cost over fifty thousand dollars.

Why you should own the Jay Abraham Protégé Ad Guide

The Protégé Ad Guide is a 500-page compilation of Jay's best and proven money making direct mail letters, offers, promotions, and ads. If you were to total the sales volume these letters and ads produced, it would easily exceed 500 million dollars. You can use these letters and adapt the words and ads to make them work for your business.

What makes this guide so valuable is that each letter went through thousands of dollars worth of test marketing. Each letter and ad was edited, polished, and tested until it became a proven winner. With this package, you will get 500 pages of pure marketing genius for around $300 depending on availability of course.


Jay Abraham's "For Your Marketing Eyes Only" FYMEO

This is another incredible Jay Abraham Product. It is s called For Your Marketing Eyes Only or FYMEO for short.

This is an awesome informational product that Jay sold for $3000. FYMEO is a 23-section compilation of the greatest marketing knowledge I have ever seen in one place - It's a virtual marketing encyclopedia. Eight inches thick and about 22 pounds, FYMEO comes in three huge spiral bound notebooks. 


You can be a fly on the wall hearing
Jay Abraham's alliance call tapes

I was also looking for post-seminar training tapes. After Jay's $20,000 seminar, ongoing training was provided for 12 months. They were called Alliance Calls. These are recordings of conference calls featuring Jay and the other teachers from his seminars answering questions about real problems the protégés encountered once they started implementing these marketing techniques. Jay sent copies of these tapes to all the protégés.


Is Gary Halbert a real marketing genius?

If you are unfamiliar with Gary Halbert, you are in for a real treat. This guy is my all-time favorite marketing teacher. He is a no BS teacher on the subject of direct mail and how to write killer advertising copy. He delivers marketing information in a very powerful style that you will like. I will warn you in advance, Gary can be crude, vulgar, and often offensive but he teaches what you need to know with out all the BS.

Gary's pre-1994 material is very hard to find. Jay Abraham has done several joint ventures with Gary so I have run across a lot of his stuff. 

"Michael was fast and efficient. More importantly, he talked to me several times
on the phone and gave me ideas as how to use the material. That is going way
beyond the call of duty. I greatly appreciated that extra effort because it helped
me to get far more out of the material than I would have otherwise".

Roger Noorthoek

The ability to market your business is
the key to your business success

I strongly believe marketing is the single greatest subject to study and master.

When you study human nature and what motivates people to buy, you hold the key that unlocks the door to unlimited wealth.

My list of teachers is the best chance you have in obtaining this knowledge. This is a list of just some of the marketing teacher's materials I buy and resell:

  • Jay Abraham
  • Tony Robbins
  • Bill Myers
  • Gary Halbert
  • Paul Hartunian
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Joe Polish
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lant
  • Mike Enlow
  • Mike Havlish
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Karen Anderson
  • Don Bice
  • Bob Bly
  • Marty Chenard
  • Declan Dunn
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Randy Gage
  • Brad Peterson
  • Harry Pickens
  • Jeff Paul
  • Joe Vitale
  • Brian K. Voiles
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Brian Tracy

I have carefully studied each of the products I sell. Feel free to ask me for a review of a particular seminar before you buy it so you do not pay for something you do not need. I have a very good feel for which programs are the best.

"Good products, great prices, fast shippingand great communication all add up to multiple smooth transactions with Michael. I highly recommend you do business with him."

Willie Lattimore
Albany, Georgia


Why I am your second best choice for pre-owned marketing products

Your best choice is to do what I do and try to locate the original material from a seminar attendee. If you do not have the time or patience, call me. All of the audiotape seminars, written material, videos, CD-ROMS, and courses I sell are the original products. None are copies, duplicates. And I do not work for any of the promoters. My materials are strictly second-hand purchased from the original owners. I take the time to clearly photograph each and every item I sell so you can see exactly what you are getting.

I carefully seek this material out, negotiate the best price I can and resell it in a variety of ways.

Please beware of cheap quality counterfeit tapes. Many of the affected marketing promoters are going after counterfeiters. Buying bogus materials leaves you open to legal hassles and possibly even criminal charges. The consequences can be devastating to you and your reputation. Besides the legal hassles, these materials are usually of very poor quality. The tapes are often third or fourth generation copies that are noisy and barely audible. The photocopied material is often illegible.  

Buy from me and there is no doubt you will save thousands of dollars buying these high quality used materials. Why would you even think of paying retail for any particular seminar when you can buy the same seminars for less?


Warning: Do NOT buy any Jay Abraham material unless it meets the following 6 criteria

There is a lot of "alleged" Jay Abraham material for sale on the net. Much of it is counterfeit or of questionable origin.

I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you buy this stuff from anyone including me:

One: Buy only materials with proven value. With people like Michael Basch, Vic Conant, Tony Robbins, and Fran Tarkenton endorsing him, Jay Abraham is PROVEN.

Two: Do not buy counterfeit items. There are a lot of them being sold - online. As you can see from the photos, the items I am offering are genuine, off-the-shelf products produced by Jay himself.  

Three: Do not buy "sight-unseen". You can see photos of the items I am selling. In most cases, these are the same items I will send to you.

Four: Buy from someone who has good overall feedback. Mine is spotless! (See for yourself)

Five: Buy from someone who will let you pay by credit card if you desire. Credit card payment is a good way to protect yourself from fraud and has been proven to be the safest way to buy through the internet.

Six: Buy only from someone who is willing to have their identity and their bank accounts verified by an independent third party.

As far as I know, I am one of the very few people selling these materials - and the only one who meets all six of the criteria above!


Michael, What a pleasure it is to work with you!

In the past year I have bought several rare "Gary Hilbert" products from you, and each one of them was better than described. I appreciate your quick "speed of service". It was truly a pleasure to talk with you.

As a side note: In April 2001, I strayed and purchased some Halbert material from another seller. This transaction involved several hundred dollars and the seller stiffed me. Not only did I wait & wait for him to send me my order (which I never received), I missed out on the SAME product that you were selling!!!

Man, oh man...had I bought this product from you... I would have this Halbert tape set today... without ANY of the hassle!!!

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I sincerely appreciate your business ethics, and your great service.

You can have your customers e-mail me at "docnielsen@aol.com" and I'll be
happy to recommend you!!!

Greg Nielsen
Waterford, WI


Advise and Direction On What To Start With

Many of you reading this may be new to the marketing world. If you would let me, I would like to answer any questions you may have about marketing free of charge. Tell me what you do and what your goals are and I will help steer you to the right materials for your particular situation. Just go to my audio clip page and you can hear me consulting with others.

I find that the most rewarding aspects of buying and selling this information is meeting great quality people like you.

Do not waste your hard-earned dollars on a seminar product that will not meet your needs. Let me assist you in finding not only the right seminar products, but also for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay if you bought them at retail.

Why not give me a call today? Ask for me, Michael Senoff at 858-274-7851. Let me know what types of marketing material you are interested in. If you would rather e-mail me, that is fine too.

"Over the past year I have purchased from Michael many times and have never been even a teeny tiny bit disappointed. One time he sent me the wrong item, a nice tape set, but not the one I ordered.

Guess what he did when I brought it to his attention? Not only did he send me the correct tape set right away, he told me to keep the other one for my troubles!

CJ Bronstrup - The Marketing Wiz
Renowned Author, Speaker & Money-Making Webmaster
(If you can do it; It ain't bragging!)



My marketing services requires a fair test, marketing can work miracles; but only if you put the ideas to use. A month’s test will prove what my marketing products can do for your business. If your marketing trouble is old and deep-seated, my advice may not work for you within 60 days. But you will know that it is going to help. If not, then return the products to me and I will return all your money—I will trusts you to be honest. You have more at stake than I have. Yours is a difficult, desperate case, if a 60 day test of my marketing products or services fail to start you toward a business breakthrough.

Why you should immerse yourself In these seminar tapes

You will be MUCH more skilled and better equipped to achieve the absolute maximum possible results in any situation. Being able to market your business is THE skill that can quite literally change  your life. That brings me to my second guarantee: Anytime within SIX MONTHS, if you can send proof you used one or more of the strategies and secrets in any of these materials and can honestly say you did not profit more than double the price you invested, I will still refund every penny you paid PLUS $50.00 for your trouble! (I dare any direct marketing pro offering seminars to match this guaranteed offer.) So my materials come to you with ZERO risk. I would not have it any other way. Let me put the best marketing tools in the world at your fingertips while saving you hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars.


Michael Senoff

PS. Play these closing words: Remember my products do not cost you a single cent-nothing. Not a penny. If you are not delighted with this product, send it back for full refund and I'll even refund the return postage...that way it does not cost you a cent. Not a penny. 

PSS. I absolutely promise you will not find anyone as committed as I am to solving your marketing problems. I will break my back, crawl over broken glass, or stay up all night to locate the marketing information you want.

If I do not have it in stock, I will get it for you. If you want to go directly to what I have for sale now, use the menu bar above to get around the site. If at anytime you want to call me, my home number is 858-274-7851. Feel free to call at any time.

If this is your first exposure to my site and you have not taken the site tour, I would advise you do this first. It will be time well spent. You'll learn about 10 additional FREE resources that are worth over $10,000 including marketing, copywriting and consulting audios, transcripts, reports and more. Please do it now before you forget.

Take the tour now.  https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Site_Tour.html

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