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I've invested over 12 years buying, selling and studying marketing books, tapes, CDs, videos, transcripts and exclusive courses from the world's leading marketing and business experts...

Experts like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Vitale, Brian Keith Voiles and more...

I sell pre-owned marketing materials from all these masters of business and marketing, but I never thought I'd be offering a package so valuable that it could potentially kill my sales and put me out of business.

At The Same Time I'm Excited At What This Package Can Do For You, But I'm Also Genuinely Nervous...

Let me explain...

A couple of years ago I interviewed an Internet guru named Luis Arauz. Luis literally blew my mind with all the free resources he'd uncovered online.

He showed me site after site packed with thousands of dollars worth of awesome value. Then he went one step further...

He revealed all the insider secrets of searching for and finding those sites and more faster than I ever could have believed was possible...

I was awestruck at the possibilities.

Since then I've sold a set of four individual, one-hour audio interviews that I did with Luis over and over.

The lucky people who listen to these recordings RAVE about the amazing gold mine it reveals...

Fantastic. Luis shows you how to effortlessly find mountains of information that would normally cost you thousands of dollars if you paid for it....”

“Even better you get it almost instantly.”
Brian Andrews, Bakersfield CA

Oh my God. This set of interviews is absolutely incredible. The best way I can describe it is like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant...”

“These interviews are not just a Gold Mine, – they are in fact - THE WHOLE MOTHER LODE.”

- Al Robinson

Then a few months ago I started working with a writer named Andrew Cavanagh.

I told Andrew about the set of Luis Arauz interviews and he suggested that he might give me a few additional links of his own so that I could add even more value to the four hours of Luis Arauz interviews.

I didn't think much of it at the time but...

“When Andrew Showed Me
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I thought “How could I be so stupid and not have known about any of these FREE resources?”

I was thrilled at the value of the resources he's spent years uncovering, but I have to tell you the thought of sharing all these links terrified me...

If I give you all these completely FREE links to every powerful Internet resource packed with the best quality information in the world on free website hosting...

...free software, the best marketing information in print and audio for both online and offline marketing and more....OH SO MUCH MORE.

And if I give you all the secrets, all the tools to finding more of these resources yourself...

You'll Never Need Me Ever  Again

But I thought about you. And I thought about one of life's laws that has never let me down.

The more you give, the more you receive.

I thought about how you'll learn so much – you'll save so much money with this gold mine of free online resources, you'll be eager to buy my other products and services down the road.

And you'll be so thrilled at the many thousands of dollars of real value I've given you in this Gold Mine of links...

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You'll be so thankful at the value I've given you in your Goldmine link package that you won't spend a cent on any business and marketing resource without contacting me first.

So I'm offering you these links to over thirty-one thousand dollars worth of the most valuable online resources...

Resources to get your website up, running and making real-cash profits...

Resources to power your online and offline business and marketing...

To give you free online phone calls, a flood of fantastic business contacts and more...

A Gold Mine of download links so huge and so valuable you'll think you've tapped Fort Knox...

Let me show you all the fantastic resources you'll be able to take advantage of immediately in this Goldmine links package...

1 Anti-Virus Resource: $300 Value

“End Viruses And Spyware
For Good...”

Let me share a shocking secret with you about computer viruses...

When you get a virus on your computer you can buy anti virus and anti-spyware software from the store or online, load it up, let it run and when it's all finished you can be $100, $200 even $500 out of pocket and the virus is still there.

Here's a dirty little secret anti-virus and anti-spyware companies don't want you to know...

Software you can download free on the net beats the pants out of most of the paid anti-virus software on the market...

  • If you're sick to death of spyware, popups and other annoying viruses, you'll be amazed with the links I've included in this package for three different kinds of powerful anti-virus software – all completely FREE.

  • And unlike other software, this anti-virus software comes with regular FREE online updates. Your computer will be like Fort Knox to any virus, spyware or hacker and it won't cost you a cent.

  • The best anti-virus software available commercially will cost you $150 to $200 a program. These three links will save you at least $450 immediately. And think of the time and frustration you'll save.

And this is just the beginning. How much money do you spend right now on long distance phone calls?

Read on to find out how you can slash your cost of distance phone calls immediately...

2 Free Phone Calls Resource: $600+ Value

“Phone Calls” Online
To Anywhere In The World

  • You'll get the secret of making completely free online “phone calls” to anywhere in the country – anywhere in the world.

    This service is free. The software is free. No hidden catches. How much money are you paying now on your long distance phone calls? Imagine what you'd save if you didn't have to pay a cent. I'll give you the secret link in this package...

Now let me ask you a question. Could the perfect contact completely transform your business? If that perfect meeting could make you a boatload of profits you'll love this...

3 Free Business Contacts Resource: $5,000+ Value

“Link Up To
Powerful Business Contacts

  • A secret site many powerful business people and professionals all over the world use to connect and share moneymaking contacts with each other.

    This site is filled with genuine CEOs, business owners and professionals all actively networking online to increase their businesses. If you're not a member you're missing out on tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars of business you could be doing with this gold mine of contacts.

And that's just the beginning. This fabulous Gold Mine of links includes some of the hottest marketing material you'll find outside of my marketing interviews including...

4 Free Marketing Materials Resource: $12,000+ Value

“Over $12,000 Of
Marketing Secrets From Marketing Masters Like
Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert And More...”

  • Links to audio, video and written material from the world's leading marketing masters like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and John Carlton...

    Mainstream and obscure, hard to find, highly valuable information from real marketing experts who've made literally millions of dollars in the real world for their clients.

    These links alone are worth an absolute minimum of 100 times what you'll pay for this whole package including...
  • Links to three powerful marketing newsletters filled with some of the best, highly guarded marketing secrets you'll find anywhere. You would pay over $900 a year for these incredible newsletters if you bought the hardcopy versions, but you'll get them all free online.

    Think about this for a second. With just three links you'll get well over 20 times what you'll pay for this whole Internet link gold mine. And these are just add-on bonus links I'm throwing in for you...

I think you've hit a grand slam home run this time. This has got to be worth a fortune....”

“Just so much information in such a short space.”
- Bob Lee, Acaseplace.com

That's just the beginning. If you have a website or you want to set one up, you'll FREAK over the links we've put together to save you a bundle of time and cash...

5 Free Website Resource: $1,500+ Value

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How much have you paid to web designers, web developers and other online experts to put your site on the Internet and despite all the cash you've shelled out you're still not making real money?

If you have a site and you've been paying through the nose for these self-professed experts you'll be thrilled at the fantastic Gold Mine of free resources to create real results online.

And if you don't have a website yet, these step-by-step resources will save you a fortune and help you to cash in on the Internet boom.

This series of links, books, audios and more will save you hours of wading through a whole pile of junk you don't want or need...

  • You'll get a valuable online video course on how to create your own selling website fast. And the template for the website is included. This is a very simple step-by-step course that shows you everything you need to know.

    You won't have to waste a cent on a swanky website designer who'll just throw your money away on useless bells and whistles that don't sell. You'll be able to do it all yourself faster and better.

  • I'll show you where to get your own website with no advertising and no fees. You'll have the links to the best free website hosts. And if you're looking for something with a little more punch, I've included links to help you decide what kind of web hosting you need and which provider is best for you.

  • Links to a gold mine of photos and graphics you can use completely free for your website, ebooks, advertising – anything you want them for. No copyright and no charge.

And your Goldmine package of links goes on and on...

6 Free Internet Marketing Resources: $4,000+ Value

“Turn Your Website
Into Cash....”

You'll get all the links and resources you need to make your website really sell. When you run a website with these real, proven online marketing secrets, it can become a profit-producing powerhouse...

Now I know what you're thinking...

If you've spent any time on the Internet, you know it's flooded with free online marketing ebooks and audio. And you know there's a very real problem with most of these ebooks and recordings...

Most Of Them Are Pure
Self-Serving Garbage.

We've saved you years of time and effort by picking out only the most useful, valuable ebooks and audio you can use immediately to turn your online marketing into a powerful business-building machine.

And we've even acquired resale rights for many of the best ebooks so we can pass these highly priced products onto you, completely free.

Your links to the very best online marketing resources include...

  • The most powerful Internet marketing series of audios you'll ever hear. Most Internet marketers don't even know this audio series exists...and you can download and listen to it free.

    But I don't know how long these links will last. When I wrote this, all the links were active but if you wait the links could be gone forever.


  • You'll learn the secrets of converting visitors to your website into paying customers, how to write powerful emails that really pull, what kinds of websites and products really make money online and the insider secrets you must know before you start building or changing your site...

You'll also get the master keys to the greatest online marketing method ever devised...

7 Free Email Marketing Resources: $600+ Value

“How To Email
Thousands Of Your Prospects
And Clients As Often As You Want
Completely FREE....”

  • I'll give you a powerful ebook that spills the beans on how to set up your own autopilot, autoresponder series to send targeted emails to thousands of your prospects and clients at the same time all legally. Just set this system up once, and you can contact thousands of people every day without lifting a finger.

    Imagine the power of delivering email after email to your prospects and clients, educating them about the benefits of doing business with you. Getting one step closer with every contact. And you don't have to lift a finger to do it.

    If you're not using the power of autoresponders in all your online and offline marketing, you're just throwing money away

  • Links to the best, completely free autoresponder services you can use to capture email addresses of your prospects and customers and send them a series of emails automatically.

  • A valuable software program you can download free immediately and use to format your emails and autoresponder messages so they get to your recipient looking perfect.

And here's an online marketing resource you simply won't believe. You can use this powerful step-by-step system to create real cash in the real offline world too...

8 Free Internet Marketing Resource # 2: $5,000+ Value

“With This Mind-Blowing Course
You Won't Even Need
A Website To Cash In....”

  • I'll give you the links to a step-by-step course that teaches you how to create cash profits fast online with no real capital, no website and no special skills.

    This fantastic ebook and video will show you not just how to do it but give you a real-life example proving it really works. But this link could go down at any time, so you'll have to act fast.

And there's more...

  • Links to powerful online resources that help you find the best products and the best keywords to power your online profits. You can pay $100 each for software to do this or you can use these links online and get this highly lucrative information free.

“Discover The Fortune
Hidden In “Blogs”

  • Blogs are a great way to find highly qualified, cash-paying prospects online. I'll give you a system packed with the secrets of “blogging” to create business online completely free.

  • Links to the free sites you need to set up your own blog to send free web traffic to your sites. You'll also get the links to “ping” your blogs – the insider secret to creating a stream of visitors to your website.

And I'll give you more powerful and highly valuable online marketing resources like...

“How You Can Turn
Online Forums
Into Cash....”

  • A powerful course sharing all the insider secrets of using online forums to drive targeted traffic to your online and offline business. This information sells for $47 elsewhere but I've acquired the resale rights so I can give it to you completely free.

  • The secret link that gives you resale rights to a whole pile of digital products you can give away free or sell from your website. You can be up and selling product online overnight and these resale rights won't cost you a cent.

  • And more. There's simply too many powerful, online marketing resources to list here. But you'll get the best in this package of Goldmine links.

And the profit-producing resources in this amazing Goldmine package just go on and on..

9 Free Book Marketing Resources: $5,000+ Value

“How To Cash In
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If you've written a book OR you want to get into the highly lucrative business of selling books and ebooks online or offline, then you'll flip over the Gold Mine of resources I've found for you including...

  • The secrets to making $150,000 to $1,000,000 or more than ordinary authors make from EACH book...

  • $4,320 worth of the most closely guarded secrets you'll ever find on marketing books in the real world from people who've done it.

    With this link you'll get over 140 online back issues of the greatest newsletter anywhere to help you turn books into cash. All for just one measly dollar.

  • Two software programs that'll help you build your own ebook cover completely free. You can pay upwards of $100 for ebook cover generators or over $200 to have just one cover done professionally.

    But I'll give you the links so you can download your own software free and...

  • The links to sites where you can download graphics, art and photographs. All copyright free material you can use without paying one red cent.

But hold on, it gets even better...

“Now There's A Way
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Worth Of Books And Reports
You Can Resell
Without Paying A Dime....”


  • That's right. I've included the secret links to a gold mine of books and reports you can repackage and sell completely legally without paying the author a dime. These books and reports are filled with highly valuable niche information the market will go ape over.

    Think about it. You don't even have to write to sell your own product. It's all there for you free online and I'll give you the links you need to find it fast...

Yes, I admit I've been on the Internet 6 hours a day, 5 days a week in a year and I never came across this kind of valuable information...”

“This info is priceless.”

- Richard Alcebar, author “Money Making Secrets Exposed”

Last of all, you'll get something no one else in the online world is brave enough to give you...

So how much is it?

I'm not going to charge you $1,500 for over $31,500 worth of the best business and marketing resources you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

I'm not even going to charge you $1500.

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I am seriously considering raising the price back to $597 or even $997.

But I can guarantee you this; even if you paid $1500 for my collection of links and free resources, you'd be getting the deal of a lifetime.

Let me make this exceptional offer perfectly clear.

1) You only pay one payment of only $597

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So let me sum up. You'll cash in with over $31,500 worth of links and downloads for one payment of $597.

Your $31,500 Goldmine
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1 Anti-Virus Resource: $300.00 Value
End viruses and spyware for good with these free software download links...

2 Free Phone Calls Resource: $600+ Value
Make online “phone calls” to anywhere in the world completely FREE....

3 Free Business Contacts Resource: $5,000+ Value
Link to powerful business and professional contacts all over the world...

4 Free Marketing Materials Resource: $12,000+ Value
Links to a gold mine of audio,video and more from the world's marketing and business masters...

5 Free Website Resource: $1,500+ Value
Get your website up and running completely free....

6 Free Internet Marketing Resources: $4,000+ Value
Turn your website into cash fast....


7 Free Email Marketing Resources: $600+ Value Email thousands of your prospects and clients free....

8 Free Internet Marketing Resource # 2: $5,000+ Value The powerful Internet marketing secrets of joint ventures, blogs, online forums and more...

9 Free Book Marketing Resources: $5,000+ Value Cash in big time with your own bestselling book or ebook...

Your Investment Guaranteed Your guarantee that you'll see over $2,910 worth of value for your $597or I insist I refund your $597

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27 Breakthrough Sites for Entrepreneurs

11 Secret Health and Wellness Sites

23 Best Overlooked Self Development Sites

30 Cutting-Edge Sites for Finding Information

31 Containing Hot Marketing Strategies

21 Compelling Sites That Save You Money

...and much, much more!

I wanted to know what your one most favorite site was. I asked not for the regular old Joe sites like Amazon or eBay. I wanted little know sites that most people don't know about. Sites that save you time, save you money and make your life easy. 800 submissions came in. I went through all of them and narrowed them down to about 150 of what I felt like were the best sites. And here's they are all in one place. There yours with your order. The descriptions of each site are written by the person submitting their one favorite site. Grab this wonderful bonus resource today.

NOTE: None of these site are embedded with my affiliate links in them.


Advertise on Google

Comments: Google External Keyword Tool -  It's the best for keyword and related keyword research.


Interview with Actor, Will Smith


Comments: Many people believe you have to be born successful. This video helps show some successful people refuse to believe that you are born successful.


Auction Site

Comments: The site offers free fully functional software. It has saved me thousands of dollars in software expense.


Audio Books, Audio and Video Podcasts


Comments: I love this site because it offers FREE audios that you can listen to in various subjects.  I have gained from it a great deal  as it fits in with my current budget (FREE!) and I continue to grow in my overall education of personal development and business.  

This gives me inspiration to keep on going on during difficult times as I listen to how OTHERS dealt with their own personal challenges.  I don't feel alone anymore in my own pain nor do I experience long periods of hopelessness.  I feel rejuvenated from within and am able to forge ahead with a renewed sense of peace and focus in accomplishing my goals.


Audio Slideshow Messaging


Comments:   is a video based email marketing website. It has immensely helped me communicate with my prospects and deliver a message in a way that other consultants haven't gotten to yet. It even has a free option for non-business users.


Business / Self Development

Comments: This newsletter is always packed with high quality  information on business & self development. I disregard/delete most emails I get in my inbox & I read every issue of this newsletter. That's how valuable it is.

Business Growth Ideas

Comments: This is site has the King of all Copywriters -Clayton Makepeace - at the head of the table officiating. He is without a doubt at the very top of the list of the world's greatest direct response copywriters. And other greats gravitate to this website and deliver incredible insights daily. 

As a copywriter it gives me information I can use to hone my craft.  On a daily basis from Monday thru Friday Clayton Makepeace and his guest contributors share their suggestions on what to do to become a skillful copywriter. 

Amazing copywriting and marketing resource with relevant and high quality content. Worth more than many high priced products available online. A must read.

Business Plan Resource

Comments: Most people who visit your site are small business owners.  Many know they should have an updated business plan, but may not know how to get started.  The website is a favorite of mine because for FREE, a business owner can choose from hundreds of business plan models in many industries and use it as a template for their own business plan.  Can save thousands of dollars for the business owner. 

 I like this site best because it gives you an option of purchasing products used in which many used products I purchased were really nearly new at a much cheaper price than the new product. This really benefited my pocket book


Comments: This is one that I found very valuable to help me learn how to write a business plan. It was the best of the business plan sites available online for free. Very quality resources including audios by business persons on how implementing each module of the course helped their business grow.


Buy Products


Comments: Although Amazon is hardly a secret, what it can do still is to many people!  We sell there. We test there. We buy there. We find things there we can't find anywhere else.

We benefit from the cumulative wisdom of large groups there. And we use it to springboard on to other sites of interest!



Comments: Discover what people will do for five dollars! Easy to find qualified people who do tasks for you for 5 bucks. I have had incredible luck finding some awesome and talented folks who did some tasks for me.



Buying Trends


Comments: The Internet Time Machine. Know today what people will buy tomorrow. Web marketing made easy by spotting trends before they become hot.



Copywriting Newsletter from Gary Bencivenga


Comments: I've never read one of these bullets that didn't stimulate a usable idea. They are simple and usable (Every Single One).


Copywriting Resources


Comments: I've been a general copywriter for some years but AWAI is helping me become Financial Copywriter which pays better. 


Comments: As a copywriter and blogger,  has been a valuable tool in my business.


Comments: Just go “The Copywriters Crib Sheet” for free 9-29-2010. I learned more than the ones I paid for. Now I can really work with a good feeling on my first non-fiction book.


Discount Products


Comments:  They offer great deals on cool stuff, and no matter how much money I make i always love a deal!!!


Comments: This is my go to site for new or refurbished computer items and more. Not only do I save a lot of money, they usually have a discount shipping option/



Ecommerce Solutions (mainly products)


Comments: This is an open source ecommerce package that has a lot of marketing tools built in.  It also handles downloadable products.


Comments: I use this free download to print cd covers for information CDs that I sell on eBay. It helps because it looks like a better quality product as a CD. Initially it is free, then a low price afterwards.




Comments: Opens up a global perspective, satisfies my life long desire for travel. makes wanderlust respectable and even profitable. Offers opportunities for employment, study, humanitarian service and foreign adventure.


Comments: They help you figure out the federal hiring process, assist with applications to get you a job.




Comments: I get new business ideas.


Comments: It has kept my mind keen about new and cutting edge business ideas around the world.  There are lots of off the wall ideas and stories behind them.


Comments: Full of articles and videos of motivation.


Comments: All the advice I needed to seriously pursue business.


Comments: This guy is awesome!  I have learned much about being able to be in business for yourself, anywhere in the world.


Comments: Have made genuine money from this unconventional, sure fire, stock instruction!  Phil Grande makes it easy to learn and has proven little-known  techniques!  It's so good that many stations won't even carry his show because it gives away to many trade secrets.  Other competing advertisers complain he gives away too much, they can't compete!  I've learned to tune out the comments (noise) about the stock market  and understand technically  how to trade both sides going  long and shorting the market.


Comments: I've benefited personally from this site because I've found clients for my property lending business from that site, carried out research on potential business opportunities, learnt a ton of information on property letting, investing and landlording and kept my knowledge and proficiency in property letting and UK landlord law reasonably up to date.


Comments: It has helped me with staying motivated with tips, tools, resources for entrepreneurs and it has given me tons of exposure.


Comments: I personally benefited from Rich's site because while other sites offer products/services, Rich's information show entrepreneurs of all kinds "how" to run a business properly using proper processes and project management. After everybody choose what they're going to do, it still boils down "doing" the business. Rich shows you exactly how to implement "doing" the business.


Favorite Product


Comments: Definitely this site is one of my favorite sites as far as products used. I find it to have great customer service.   


Comments: This site saves me time when calling any service where I may have to wait in a queue. I connect, put on hold and then hang up. Then a call comes back to me from the service and I have saved time, my most precious commodity.   


Comments: This site allows you to easily send large files that are too large to send as email attachments. The main service is free but you can upgrade for more features (receive notifications, receipts, etc.). The free service suits my needs perfectly and also keeps a log of all files sent through the service for easy tracking and reference. It's come in handy for forwarding videos, pictures and other larger files to my partners.   


Comments: I find this site exceedingly useful for sending large files that can't be transmitted by email. This is quite common when I'm working on client's websites or other material if they include photos. The site is easy to use, easy to download files to, and easy for other participants to collect documents from. I have no idea how I managed without it!   




Comments: Quick and easy financial data.


Comments: Unbiased financial commentary from someone willing to give of their time


Forex Trading Tips


Comments: I am a forex trader and this site has more insights and trading help then a person could go through in a lifetime.


Free Media


Comments: This site is great for finding tv shows and movies for free. I have watched entire seasons of my favorite tv shows, even one's on pay stations like Showtime. I love it.


Free PDF to Word Converter Software


Comments: Here is a site I've used a number of times.  I sell ebooks online, some with master resale rights.  It is easy to take a word document and make it a PDF, but not the other way around. This website can change a PDF to a word document, and it is free.



Gary Halbert Newsletters


Comments: This newsletter site has helped me, be a better marketer.


Comments: Marketing site and weekly "espresso" news update. Full of relevant Australian content which works in our marketplace. A lot of "Americanized" content doesn’t always sit well with the Aussie consumer !!!


H/R Management Resources


Comments: I have been able to download an amazing variety of material relevant to training from this site.


Health and Wellness


Comments: Finally, a supplement company that tells it like it is. Never seen any other company drug-test their athletes to further prove their products actually work!


If you are interested in fitness and exercise: this site is a great site to go to. It has a vast library of videos demonstrating different exercise and conditioning routines as well as self defense techniques that are practical (excellent if you are in law enforcement).


I am 71+ years of young & have been using Herbs & Natural-therapies since the early 90's & have not had a bad cold, or any major health complaints since then.  The Medicos wanted to remove my Prostate back in '94-'95, but by using this site; & others; I was able to work out a regimen of Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals which cured my problem.  I play golf 2 or 3 times a week, & can still jog & run without getting puffed.  Go for Natural therapies & live a better.


Comments: Incredible information on healing that is not found in normal websites.


Comments: My favorite in the alternative health arena is this .com.  It contains life changing and life saving up to date information in a compact format anyone can use at once.


Comments: I've learned a lot about using food to take care of my weight problem.  Hey, I lost 20 pounds and even getting a little tighter in the 'women areas':)


Comments: There is a ton (a university's worth) of free interviews with top experts covering health and the real scoop on the money and banking systems.

Comments: Since I'm in the health and fitness business, this allows me to cut through the crap when it comes to supplements and medical procedures that work or do not work.  Even though by informing people that certain products or procedures have absolutely no benefit does cost me money initially, the trust I gain will pay off in the future.


Comments: Great on health and wellness.


Comments: This without any doubt my favorite site because it is the first from which I have earned a consistently monthly income. This site also promotes the World's First Adult Stem Cell Enhancer, a dietary supplement which has improved my eyesight to the point where I no longer have to wear corrective lenses after having started wearing glasses in 1971. I've also seen my school mate Steve have his prostate cancer - he was given 18 months to live -reversed and he's now cancer free. This has got to be my favorite website of all. I hope that you'll visit this site and that it will become your all time favorite website as well. 


Health and Wellness Products


Comments: It has a nice selection of personal products that you don't always like to ask for in a shop, and sells things for men and women.


Home Weatherization Products


Comments: This site that I was invited to go into the weatherization business for a small fee. It is my favorite site as it helps make my small family const. firm money.



Improve Your Memory and Attention


Comments: I have been a member of this brain development site for nearly 45 days and it helps my mental abilities to improve.


Industry Research


Comments: This URL is a very important and helpful web address I have kept over the years for researching industries and/or companies. It is a collection of all major links and resources to generate detailed market research.


Information Finder


Comments: Can see Federal lawsuits - what I like is you can look at legal papers and get good competitive information!


Comments: This is a website contain tips and tricks to help you save time when using Excel. Some of these tips that take only a few minutes have saved me hours.


Comments: I like this site because it helps me answer just about any questions I have.


Comments: I enjoy learning and sharing with others. The information is invaluable.


Comments: This "Way Back Machine" is an amazing resource of info that's been removed from websites over the last 15 or so years (as sites have been upgraded or modified or shut down). It allows me to find info on equipment that is no longer sold new or supported  ...  and that helps me enormously in my work of repairing equipment that no one else will fix.  I first heard about it years ago on one of your interviews Michael ..  I think it was "67 Most Unforgettable Marketing Web Sites". 


Comments: This is my favorite way to find out whether a market is on the up-trend or downtrend.  It's also a great way to decide which keyword variation is the best for you to use based on volume.


Comments: My favorite site is this one and the reasons are:  1- it provides me, the job related articles and latest news.  2- it is user friendly and I do not need to go through so many links.  3- it is prestigious and I like to refer to it while talking to people.


Comments: My favorite site is a branch of Duke University called  Ad Access. There are really many ways to branch out from this website such as Emergence Of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1092. It's an almost endless source of old ads within the Duke University pages - you just have to do some snooping - your site has also had one of the biggest impacts in turning me onto the great classics and is also one of the largest recourse of marketing information in one single location : )


Comments: My favorite site isn't really a site, per se, but it is Google Reader. It allows me to stay on top of the latest news in my market and I love getting a snapshot of all the topics/websites/blogs I am interested in without wasting time searching for them.


Comments: I believe this is best site on the web because it is a user-edit site that is has almost any topic and is community driven.  I love learning new things, and that one website can engage me for hours on end. It is amazing what you can do when you combine the brain power of millions of people who create and edit all the content on that page.


Comments: When you need programming help, you NEED programming help. I've never actually had to ask questions on this site. There is such a huge knowledge base of already asked and answered questions that it blows the mind. I would highly recommend this site to anyone that has questions about computers. For programming, networking, data-basing and general hardware problems, Experts Exchange is the place to go. This is a pay site, but if you need the information from it, it is totally worth it. It is also possible to earn your membership by answering questions. Answering about 7 questions (for 10,000 points) will get you your first month free and answering enough questions to get 3,000 points a month will keep you active.


Comments: I am an accountant, and this has seriously changed tracking personal budgeting and transactional doings. I work daily with quicken and quickbooks and find this site so fundamentally simple to use, plus it’s FREE!


Comments:  I have been able to get marketing questions answered there from people that do this day in and day out. They have helped me with suggestions on business problems I have had in the past. I owe these guys a debt of gratitude that I could never repay.


Internet Marketing


Comments: I've learned more "how to" information about internet marketing from Chris than any other site.  His teaching style makes everything easy to understand and he seems to honestly care about his members.


Comments: A unique, incredible tool for marketing!


Internet Research Reports


Comments: If you want to sell online services to left-brained people, the stats you get at Pew Internet are the clearest and most straightforward internet-use-stats I've found anywhere else on the web.


Make/Save Money


Comments: This is a good one simply because it has everything laid out by categories. For example, your particular site is difficult to sift through if I wanted to search for a recording on a specific something. On the home-page, it's a hodgepodge of recordings. A Craigslist type of feel would be great.   I've made money from buying and selling cars, household items and electronics.


Comments:  because it is the only site where I can actually make money on the web. I have sold lots of items from hypnosis/motivational programs, motorcycles, cars, truck, to an original Napoleon Hill Home Study Course, etc.


Comments: It's where I can sell coins at top prices, usually at higher prices than ebay.


Marketing & Copywriting Ezines


Comments: Twice each week you get a summary of the most recent ezines from more than 10 of today's best-known marketers and copywriters. Even though I already subscribe to most of their sources, I really like the idea of having everything in one place. I can review something I have already read, or catch up on an original entry that I didn't get to the first time.


Marketing Advice


Comments: Excellent advice on the marketing of professional services.


Comments: This site has great ideas on how to market myself through publicity.


Comments: Advice on developing products and marketing them on YouTube. Now have my own product thanks to Bill Myers.


Comments: Marketing advice on business startup and establishing business.  I have learned a lot about marketing and sound business marketing principles.


Comments: Full of free practical advice that tends to show up weeks later from 'The Circus'


Money-Making Ideas


Comments: Unselfish information to truly help anyone succeed.


Comments:  She has very informative and step by step instructions and keeps on giving.


Money-Making System (Product)


Comments:  Because Mack Michaels is the best instructor online although not always precisely accurate he is most assuredly right most the time. Invaluable info for anyone trying to make money online!!


Motivational, Goal Setting


Comments: This site has all kinds of cool goal setting tools and life organization systems. 

Simplifying Your Complicated Life (aka the Simple Science of Getting What You Want [created by Mark Joyner])


Comments: Completely changed my view on business and life. Great forum and article base, success stories etc. I learned there for first time difference between "easy money" and "fast money" - and the power of knowledge as the strongest weapon in the market fight. I also many times found solution to current problems that I had.


Comments: I've been reading Paul's newsletters for years, and was part of an e-mail list of his as well. He does a great job of making me see things with a fresh view, and another angle.


Comments: This site gives weekly inspirational videos that teach one how to rise above mediocrity and become part of the elite. I listen to these videos nearly every day to feed my mind messages that empower me to build my business when everyone around me is praying for more hours in a J-O-B and telling me that I should do the same.


Comments: Excellent resource for looking at work in a new way. Includes goal setting resources, a free podcast, books, etc. Great motivational & personal forums to help with jobs and starting businesses


Movie Reviews


Comments: This saves me time when I want to buy some music, watch a movie, or see what's "hot."   

Saves me a ton of time!


Musician Tips and Techniques


Comments: As a drummer/musician, this guy, Randy Van Patten, has one of the most educational drum set technique websites on the net. He's amazingly not that well known but as good as they get. His teaching techniques are sometimes comical and he has a great sense of humor. I have purchased his DVD and feel he gives full value for your money.




Comments: I've benefited from this site by getting ideas for article titles.  If a title gets a lot of diggs then I can change it around a bit and use it for article marketing and/or blog posts.


Comments: It gives me a way to learn about multiple business ideas and to network with like-minded people.


Comments: This is my favorite website. It's an incredible online social networking portal that enables me to find and join groups unified by common interests such as internet business, politics, books, careers, hobbies and much more.


Comments: Their slogan is "Bringing People Together in Ways That Matter," and that is what they are doing for me.  This site focuses on the three types of relationships that are important to all of us and our lives:  personal growth and performance, community and enterprise.  Their content has taught me a tremendous amount about all three of these and has made a great impact on my life.


New Trends and Business Ideas Worldwide


Comments: This site has a network of 8,000 spotters which scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds. 

These well done pages are very, very inspirational for everybody with open eyes for opportunities in every field to be engaged, in 20 different categories like Automotive, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Publishing, Non-profit, Social cause, Retail Style & Design, Telecom & Mobile Transportation and others. 

I profit from it, because it is spotted from individuals all over the world, it is fresh and brings a very good overview about what is going on in business, trends and activities, new brilliant ideas doing old business in new ways.   


Every introduced new business idea is already in progress and working, comes with a short overview, the unique selling preposition, a website and email address for further contact and information. It's an entrepreneurial type of site with some really creative ideas.  I benefit by seeing what others are doing and getting creative on how that 'method' or 'process' could be adapted to my ventures. It like brainstorming food - I read about them and say “how can I apply that same idea to my businesses?”




Comments: I get the latest news and interesting updates daily.


Comments: Brought to you by the CBS Interactive Business Network, this site is a great business and marketing resource.


Comments: This is the best mashup of the web I've ever seen There is lots of entertaining news and pictures, but there is also TONS of tech links, social media marketing blogs, design links, science, videos... EVERYTHING


News/Online Fact Checker


Comments: I use this site daily for all my reference materials and quick links to news and information. It's such a winner that I've made it my homepage. 

Quick morning overview of what is happening in the world.


Personal and Home Management Softare


Comments: I'm an idea pack rat. This website offers a free download that helps me organize and store them. I've collected enough material over the years for several books (that I'll probably never write)


Comments: This one favorite site has help me keep on track, plus it has an iPhone app, so no matter where I go I can stay on track all day.


Comments: This site allows people and clients to know your available time and they can schedule meetings. Used along with GoldMail makes for a great contact experience for your potential clients/customers.


Comments: I have benefitted from this site by receiving daily newsletters with links to 4 or 5 choice recipes, having user comments on their experiences with the recipes, and a recipe box for saving my favorites. When I need ideas for preparing meals, work carry-ins, or family reunions, I have a great resource available.


Off-the-Wall Marketing Resource


Comments: This guy has some crazy off the wall NLP, marketing, advertising info and products   Definitely guerrilla underground and great. 


Online Marketing for Offline Businesses


Comments: This membership website for working in the Offline Biz arena.  I love it because it is the single best source for information on being an Internet Marketing Professional to the brick and mortar stores.  The member forum is invaluable!


Online Marketing News


Comments: This killer site has continually benefitted me in a number of ways.  First, it provides me with updates on what's happening in the online marketing arena.  Next, it keeps me informed about technological and computer-related advances and changes. This site also enables me to discover and locate experts in various aspects of online marketing.  Furthermore, it is a vast storehouse of information and resources related to I.M.,technology, business and self-improvement.     (It is the brainchild of Mike Mograbi, who graciously invited me to co-found it with him. Even if I hadn't been a part of it, I would still be "gung-ho" about IMNW.)  I like it so much because it enables me to keep my finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of I.M. as well as providing useful information and resources for students of online marketing like myself.  And, I like it so much that it is the homepage on my browser.


Outsourcing Site


Comments: Using this site can get you enormous leverage of my personal time by effectively outsourcing parts of my operation. Write small cheques to get bigger cheques. I like it because the interface is so simple - it is dead easy to use and train new people to use. time is money and this saves me both – that’s why I like it.



Comments: I have been able to go to this freelancing website and have met and worked with people from all over the world. They have helped me create awesome blogs, websites, information products, etc.


Persuasion Techniques


Comments: This website has the most beneficial information on a variety of subjects ( mostly persuasion ).    The articles are categorically listed for easy to find.    When signing up to Coffee With Kevin Hogan ( his weekly ezine ) you get some great and valuable bonuses.    He generously shares, openly and honestly, some extremely valuable information.  Provides up to date persuasion and selling tactics are reviewed. Kevin provides research data from the most current studies and how to apply them.


Podcast re: Religions


Comments: It's the most educational resource - in line with my interests - on the internet by far



Private Label Rights Software


Comments: This is one of my favorite sites, other than the websites that you own such as www.hardtofindseminars.com. The reason I like this resource so much is that I get quality re-brandable content (some of it is re-brandable) which I can sell online either for free or for a one-time payment for the upgrade in membership.



Comments: I get a lot of website content from this site. I like it because it is easy to find what I need.


Products and Marketing Info


Comments: Its great value, wonderful value, most of it is free. 

A great community. I have purchased products that I have been able to make money from. It is my favorite site because it allows me to interact with some of the greatest online marketers. 

This is the biggest collaboration of internet marketers from around the world that I've seen.  This forum has thousands of dollars worth of info and every time I go I find more info that I can apply to my business. Has a hard core of truly helpful members, and honest marketers. A good place to check on products before buying for an honest review. Has an "offers" forum section which generally has something of use to either a newbie or old hand (never too old to learn).


Provacative and Interesting Speakers


Comments: This site has brilliant people talking about the thing they are most passionate about. 

Always uplifting and compelling. 

It contains video from leading thinkers & thought leaders.  This site has the most provocative and interesting ideas that I have found on a variety of subjects, all in video format, from celebrities and unknown (to me) people with big ideas.




Comments: This site is an abundant resource for real estate investing education...  I read it everyday...



Comments: This site has lots of free online courses. It’s a good source of information for students, teachers, managers... for almost anyone.


Relaxation by Singing


Comments: Great site when you want to take a break from the serious and business part of life. If you find singing enjoyable, the site provides backing music and lyrics and even let's you record yourself and put it up online.


Relaxation with Japanese Cartoons


Comments: This is a site which presents translated Japanese manga (comics).  I benefit from it because, after a day of hectic motion, phone calls, calculations, structured thinking, bad coffee, and evening traffic, there's little better than some "irresponsible drawings" (that's what manga means) to help one unwind.  Better than arguing and kicking the cat.



Research Tool for Your Website


Comments: A great site for studying people's behavior when they visit your website. they show video clips of where they click and where they were reading, and how long they hang around.  Very useful for improving the "stickiness" of your websites.


Robert Kiyosaki Web Site


Comments: It's awesome because you can get free access to Cashflow 101 and 202 game on line, a free course for financial education called "Think like the Rich" and lots of videos and everything for free. I love it because it provides financial education.


Sales Techniques


Comments: This website has great ideas on cold calling.  This master trainer has great ideas on how to change your objectives when cold calling and actually achieve better results than traditional cold call scripts. Using his advice I've slowed down my speech patterns and I'm getting good results.



Comments: The site I go to most often for sales tips. There are plenty of articles for every type of sales situation I encounter. They do pitch lots of products but some are free. This site give lots of motivation, information and tools to help in the selling process.



Comments: This site teaches me how to sell better and smarter. I love the articles by famous Sales authors.


Save Money on Energy Using Veterans


Comments: This website helps people escape high energy-utility costs! Better! Faster! More Efficiently! While putting America's Heroes to work!



Search Engine Optimization Tools


Comments: The best SEO site on the net. Helped me go to 1st page on Google in no time.



Comments: A great site for learning about SEO and has a number of free tools you can use to boost your site rankings.



Comments: I use it get my clients websites to the first page of Google’s results. It's primary function is Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords, Overture, etc.) but it's an even better tool for conducting the keyword research needed to attain one of the first three positions in Google when a search is conducted for your products or services.   

Successful Search Engine Optimization for the laid person is all about keyword research. Placing keywords in your site's meta description, title tags, navigation, photos, copy etc. is easy. It's knowing which keywords will deliver the most qualified traffic without making the copy writing on your site less effective.  You can enter a competing or similar website and see if they are paying for advertising and how much. Once you've identified the keywords your competition is willing to pay the most money for, you can search within SF on those keywords. SF will then give you stats on those keywords or key phrases. Stats include: organic search results (how many sites are competing for those same keywords), the and daily search volume which can be used to estimate traffic base on Google’s own research stating that 42% of clicks go to the first listing, 17% on the second (the rest fight it out for the remaining percentage).  It also gives you the top ten organic search listings in order as well as a myriad of addition information.    The number one and two ranking sites can be visited and the Firefox add on SEO Quake can be used to easily identify where those keywords are listed and the density of those words on the sites landing page.  Long story short... You can use these densities along with other information from SF to find quality keywords that are actually attainable (some keywords are just too competitive). And when used with SEO Quake you will know where to place the keywords/phrases (meta description, alt tags, article title, etc) on your site along with the destiny you need to beat to take the number one spot.


Self Improvement / Motivational


Comments: This site has become a resource for me for not only personal growth, but helping me become a better business person as well.



Comments: This site when I am feeling down or need inspiration. It picks me up straight away helps put things in perspective and is inspiring.


Seth Godin's Blog


Comments: This man inspired me to form my own little "tribe". I like Seth's ideas because he keeps me thinking.


Small Business Growth Ideas


Comments: My favorite site is this one because it has a lot of good quality articles and a big a-z list of resources that this expert recommends. 



Comments: I can get lots of uncommon business ideas from this site and I hope that you will too!


Software Products


Comments: I use this site for ALL my passwords, forms, logins, etc.  All with a click of the mouse.  It’s so easy to use and works great.    It is also flexible enough to build your own Identity files that allow you to auto-fill customized forms.  For example, I submit press releases to multiple sites.  Normally there is a ton of copying and pasting.  But with tool you can create an Identity file to auto-submit all the info so you never have to copy and paste again.    this is a great site! 



Comments: While I happen to be a freeware junkie, I find I can't -- for a lot of reasons -- trust most of the products found on other sites.  However, I've never been let down by this resource.



Comments: This is an incredible website - it is free and when you download the Advisor program it tells you all the programs, hardware, and important information about your computer. Can save a lot of time and money when deciding what to buy, replace, update, etc.



Comments: I can access my computer from anywhere in the world and frees me from my desk.



Comments: It has helped me with monitoring my virtual assistant. Sometimes you just don't know if they are on task and if they are doing job. This website has allowed me to step out and bring on a VA. I receive screen captures of their PC every 10 minutes. I can see when they started their shift and ended it. LOVE IT!



Comments: My Favorite Site is Gizmo's Freeware Reviews, available at this site. It catalogs and reviews hundreds of programs which are the best-of-breed free programs in a wide variety of categories. Fortunately, especially in today's economic climate, there are numerous freeware programs that are as capable as their commercial counterparts. Gizmo's Freeware Reviews' ezine keeps me alerted to the latest and greatest freeware, saving me money I'd otherwise have to spend on commercial programs.



Comments: This is my all-time favorite find because I use it to communicate design changes for websites and print with my vendors, and best of all -- it's FREE. It is a mega time-saver and the next best thing to standing over their shoulder pointing everything out to them.


Swipe File Resource


Comments: I use it to find old ads to add to my swipe file.




Comments: This is a site that checks the speed of your internet connection. If it is slower than what your ISP advertised or what you are paying for, you are entitle to ask your ISP to fix it or refund you.



Comments: This is essentially the new tech tv on streroids ( tech tv was pulled from cable tv back in 2004/5 ). I have constantly obtained useful information on technology, from super specific programming tips to hardware and software reviews and insights. There are a diverse array of shows available for free, each one provides niche market info and in depth insight.



Comments: This is my favorite... many free tips and tricks for keeping my computer up and productive.  I can't be without my computer, and I can't afford an IT guy (yet). Their software and hardware offers are priced right, and shipping is included. I originally signed up for their daily newsletter full of free info, shortcuts and downloads.


Technology (Gadgets)


Comments: This is my number one favorite site. As a gadget-head I really feel like they understand what I'm looking for, and other things that I might be interested in. This site has helped me to stay on top of things that people personally trust me to know. It has helped me to keep my tech guru edge.  


The Mises Institute in Austria


Comments: It continues to enlighten me about free market principles and life lived in liberty.


Topics About Efficiency, Saving Money, Etc.


Comments: It shows me on a daily basis how to get things done faster, cheaper and easier.  It is a "hack" for life. Amazing source of links to free software. 

Since I am a senior it is a great site for tips  on being frugal it also has information on other topics as well. It has been around for a very long time.




Comments:  Has helped me save money on airplane trips and has made my travel life a lot easier by the idea exchange.


Twitter Research Tool


Comments: A way to do keyword research of twitter by searching on this site.  Type in a keyword, topic or person or whatever and see People, Their tweets plus a trending timeline showing how it trends over time.



Wealth-Building Strategies


Comments: This has wisdom on the bigger economic picture, and what to do, AND wisdom about side businesses that one can start inexpensively. I read about www.hardtofindseminars.com on this site over many years, at 2 hours a day, Dr. North has written an economic commentary on the whole Bible--and it's free. Members of the site also contribute their knowledge and experience on the forums on many subjects. 

The guy helped my husband and me: to be future oriented incl. thinking about the legacy we want to leave behind; to understand economics and the history of it; to start building wealth (first emergency fund) through precious metals and real estate.


Web 2.0 Technology


Comments: It allows me to find new applications for whatever topic I have a interest in. I like trying new technology - it's fun.


Web Site Creation


Comments: I have discovered incredible step by step guides to creating mini-sites.  Too many resources and tools to mention and totally free.  The listing of podcast sites alone is worth joining.  Many, many resources for any Internet Marketer.


Comments: A full compilation of beautiful website templates, images, cartoons, CI, logos and many more at a small fee.


Comments: I use this site for creating videos to introduce myself and my website to prospects. Adding a personal video bubble message on their own website or mine - grabs attention and gets my products noticed.


Comments: I do a lot of domain buying and this site is a super time saver when I need a keyword rich domain or just to get amazing ideas.


Comments: They are the best because they have helped me to begin building a web site step by step from scratch. Their service is the absolute best there is because they include everything you need for one annual fee. Everything you need from A to Z to build and market your business. E-Business at its best.


World News


Comments: Portal contains over 500 web sites.   

Fast update of world events.


Worldwide Resource on Doing Business


Comments: Starting/Running a Business.  A worldwide country comparison. Practical advice and stats help select where to go.


Writer/Author Tools


Comments: This is the best site for me, I use it to help writers block, creating products, any type of writing. This is the most helpful site there is for anyone who writes, creates products or just loves to learn new words!


Comments: I earned about $40K selling info products on Amazon!


Comments: It's my favorite because in many industries we get bogged down by acronyms.  If I don't know what an acronym means it's easy to lose the context of a conversation or presentation.  Although organizations and industries may make up a lot of additional acronyms I've found this site to be most helpful in my day-to-day work life and help me come across well versed to my colleagues and customers. 


Comments: It's a great way to publish public domain material, at a very cheap rate.


Comments: I do a bit of freelance writing and find myself at a loss for words on. I love this site and keep it open as I am writing because all I need to do is add a word to the search box and it finds a plethora of great synonyms that I can choose from.


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