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You are now in the "power position" to take proven persuasive, irresistible advertisements written by professional copywriters . . .Ads that sold millions of dollars worth of products and services . . . Ads that contributed to building well-known brands of today . . .Ads that generated hundreds of thousands of happy customers for companies that became large national (and some of them even multi-national) corporations . . . Ads that influenced YOU to buy products you have in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.

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This is the actual transcripts of the ACTUAL ADS from the early 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and today and (most over 50 years ago) by:
The Wall Street Journal
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
General Electric
Ivory Soap
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
American Express Travelers Cheques
New York Stock Exchange
Quaker Oats
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
The Sugar Information Inc.
Green Giant Company
Postum by General Foods Corp.
Reynolds Wrap
Beltone Hearing Aid Company
Listerine Mouthwash

And many other companies… BEFORE they fell into the so-called "Image Advertising" trap and decided that keeping their names before people’s eyes is what's going to make the public buy their products.

Each ad had to qualify and meet five criteria before it was added to this collection of 527 ad transcripts'

1. The Ad must have a Powerful Headline (according to David Ogilvy, "The headline increases your results up to 500%!". You'll have hundreds of them to steal, change or modify for your own advertising campaigns).

2. The Ad must be compelling, crystal clear, and copy rich (Because copy sells your products… not silly pictures, not clever slogan or a classy design).

3. The Ad must be an Editorial style ad (according to Mr. Gary C. Halbert this style "sometimes increases response by 2,200%. How’d you like to jump the response of your sales messages from 2% to 44%". See how the pros do it.

4. The Ad must be a Classic product, either well known in the past or still in use today (enough said... Chances are you have at least one of these products in your home).

5. The Ad must be pure Salesmanship-In-Print (Albert Lasker, the head of "Lord & Thomas" advertising agency was said to have made more money than anyone else in the history of the advertising business because Mr. John E. Kennedy taught him, in 1904, what advertising really is – "Salesmanship-In-Print").

Here’s how you can use this collection of ads today.

Influence parents, expectant mothers, and nursing mothers to buy products for their children. (Kellogg’s did; so can you!)




1. 17 Appliance Advertisements

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55 Automobile Advertisements

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3. 77 Specialty Book Advertisements

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4. 29 Problem Solving Chemicals Advertisements

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5. 13 Fashion Trend Setting Clothing Advertisements

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6. 97 Consumer Food Advertisements

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7. 99 Diet, Health & Beauty Aid Advertisements

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8. 53 Information Product and Seminar Advertisements

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9. 42 Insurance Advertisements

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10. 18 Retail Advertisements

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11. 38 Bonus Winning Advertisements

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Transcripts Of 527 World's Greatest Ads Transcripts   Descriptions Below:

The Transcripts of your 527 World's Greatest Ads includes everything below. And there is NOTHING more to buy and no monthly payment. You get all of this for $597

1) 17 Appliance Advertisements from companies like Frigidaire, Lennox Industries, and General Electric

• Ideas that work for people
• Afraid of electric blankets?
• Best Looking Haircuts in Town for a Dime
• The Truth About Television Picture Tubes
• Any Second Class TV citizens in your family?
• Bathing without beating…a better way to wash clothes!
• Home heating magic that saves up to 20% on fuel bills
• Food-keeping Without Frost is Here Now from Frigidaire
• Do Today's Complicated Appliance Make Your Housework Easier?
• What You Should Know Before Buying Any Automatic Washing Machine
• Free-Clean Air, Big Bonus of New Lennox Whole-house Air Conditioning
• No Frost…Even in the Freezer In Frigidaire Frost-Proof Refrigerators
• New Frigidaire refrigerators eliminate frost, even in the freezer section!
• A brand name alone is not enough -- It takes a local Comfort Craftsman too!
• New Frigidaire Frost-Proof refrigerators eliminate frost, even in the freezer

2. 55 Automobile Advertisements from companies like Ford, Texaco, and BF Goodrich

• Think Small
• MY Farewell Car
• A Real 1913 Car
• Each a Lucky Car
• What an Engine Did
• If I Bought a Car
• REO the Fifth -$1,055
• How Will Your Car Be Built
• The Tale of Goodyear Tires
• Better Tires - Better Sold
• A Wonderful Business Story
• The Car That Marks My limit
• Nylon that was made to run!
• A Big Step Closer to the Perfect Car
• The Tire that proved good in a pinch!
• Oil Changes…Necessity or Sales Gimmick?
• Why they call this the "Pattern of Safety"
• Will a Real "Dream Car" Ever be Designed?
• He Staked His Life on a Tire He Helped Build
• Chalmers 1913 -- Made in the Chalmers Shops
• Do You Own Your Car…Or Does Your Car Own You?
• Overland -- How To Make An Automobile Valuation
• The more you drive, the less it costs per mile!
• Goodyear No-Rim-Cut Tires Cost Nothing Extra Now
• Why some New Cars Get Old - before their time
• The fish that swam in a stream - of heavy traffic
• Should a Car's Engine Be in Front or in the Rear?
• Hudson Six - 40 -$1550 -- The Class Car Now at Top
• Does your family's care have the "Line of Safety"?
• Boston To New York -- 231 miles…on four blow-out tires
• Some things You should Know About the New Economy Cars
• Texaco Invites You to Write A Prize-Winning TV Commercial
• Up to 9 Miles More Per Gallon! -- Up to 20 More Horsepower!
• Studebaker -- The Automobile with a reputation behind it
• When and where a car driver should be an outright "crank"
• The Midas Muffler Man and Our Unforgettable Fishing Trip
• How motorist can enjoy extra fun and convenience at "bargain" rates
• The year my classic Stutz was new, miniature golf was the big sensation
• More people are talking about this Fine Car than any other Car in America
• When my Classic Packard first ran, the Happy Warrior was running for President
• Do you judge a play by the price of the ticket- or by the performance you see?
• The year my classic Locomobile was new, one city still had horse-drawn fire engines!
• Note How Goodyear Dominate in Every Street -- You Can See That Men Prefer Them
• The 1912 REO For $1,000 -- A Temporary Price - Made to Learn If This Price Can Be Profitable
• What Should you look for in a Winter Oil? -- Check these five important points if you want complete protection.
• Which Gasoline Should I Use - Regular or Special? -- The answer depends on the make, model and condition of your car.
• Let's Build 1,000 New Cities! -- In the next 20 years, the trucking industry can help us solve the pressing problem of overgrown, overcrowded cities
• Yuma to Phoenix 204 miles…on four blown-out tires! -- New Goodyear tires make roadside tire changes practically unnecessary after punctures or blowouts
• Your Last Chance to get a Hudson this Year -- in Some Sections All Are Gone - In All Others Only A Few Are Left
• It Is Easy to make advertising claims for cars; but to make cars that will make good the claims is hard.

3) 77 Book Advertisements from companies like Executive Research Institute, Greenland Books, and Information, Inc.

• A Sensation!
• How to Avoid Lawyers
• Instant Relaxation!
• World's Easiest Yoga
• Safe Advertising
• She sells Youth!
• How to Buy Money…Cheap!
• World's First Spot-Reducing Diet!
• How To Stay Young till 90
• How Fortunes Are Made in Advertising
• You Are Twice as Smart as You Think!
• I Found a crazy, lazy way to reduce!
• Is This Offer too good to be true?
• Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!
• Now! Turn Your Mind Into a Mental Magnet!
• How to Eat Your Way Out Of Fatigue!
• How to live to Be a Hundred!
• Miracle Fat-Burning Foods
• Mr. Advertiser, What Does This Mean to You?
• Natural Face Lifting By Exercise!
• Secrets of Eastern Super-Men Revealed To West At Last!
• At Last! -- A Plastic Surgeon's Diet!
• Why Was Their Average Guess Six Times The Actual Price?
• How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out Of Your Face!
• I'll make You A Mental Wizard In One Evening!
• Thirty Books Bound in Genuine Limp Leather- Only 5.75 Book Rack Free
• I Don't see how you can do it -- Greatest bargain of my life
• What's the "book of the month" this month and why?
• Six Books for the Sick -- What I learned after 30 Years
• How To Increase Your Child's Test Grades
• Give me One Evening And I'll Give You A Push-Button Memory
• Let This Machine Work On Your Mind For On Evening
• A New Lord & Thomas Book -- Clever Maneuvers - Strategy in Advertising
• Are you Ready to use Self-Hypnotism to Make Life Give You What You Want!
• Follow these 3 simple steps, and begin your "middle years" at 70, 80 even 90!
• Doctors in Sweden say there IS a Cure for Arthritis
• Has this man developed the power to see into the future and control his own destiny?
• $2.98 For All These 30 World's Greatest Masterpieces -- Bound in Flexible Redcroft
• How to Defend Yourself Against the Human parasites Who Want to Rule Your Life!
• How to Make Up to 13 1/2% or More on Your Savings - All Fully Insured
• The Greatest Bargain of Your Life -- $2.98 For All Thirty World's Greatest Masterpieces
• Lose As Much Weight As You Want -- Lose 20-50-60-80 Even 100 Pounds
• Strategy IN Advertising -- The Climax of Salesmanship-in-Print
• Telling Men How To Make Money -- The Advertising Agent of Today
• Now! Stretch Your Way to a Beautiful Body in exactly TWO utterly delicious minutes a day!
• Take Food, Not Medicine, If You Suffer From Any One of These Ills!
• Automatically Brings You Anything You desire…
• Now! Automatic Learning With: The Information Machine
• The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself -- Are You Guilt of Any of Them?
• The Springtime of a Woman's Life Should Begin at 55
• Now! The World's Greatest Minds Force-Feed Their Knowledge Into Your Brain - Automatically
• Don't Pay One Penny Till This Course Turns You Into A Human Computer!
• Turn Yourself Into A Learning Machine
• Turns Up Your "Digestive Furnace" and burns flab right off your body!
• You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief From Aches and Pains all Over the Body!
• One Time Only Price Slash! -- Save One Full Dollar On this One-Time-Only Offer!
• You Can Make Your Face look at though time was running backwards!
• You Can Manage Almost All But the Most Grievous Illnesses Entirely By Yourself
• You Will Lose up to 100 Pounds Per Year and Never Gain an Ounce of it Back!
• Your Body is Twice as Young as You Think
• Your Nerves Can Cure Themselves once you learn how to desensitize them, this doctor's ingenious new way…
• 60 Books - Bound in Leather Shipped-Free For Inspection -- Only $1.00 Down after 5 Days if you keep them!
• How can this incredible offer be made? -- and why it is made. and interesting experiment in human nature

• An Offer That May Never Be Made Again -- Why we have been willing to lose money on this introductory offer - and why it must soon be withdrawn
• Read Below Why This Hard-Hitting Volume Has racked up the incredible sales figure of 225,000 copies of sold in America Alone!
• Use Your Newspaper to Boost Your Child's Grades -- Five minutes every Sunday with this paper could be one of the greatest gifts you will ever give your youngster
• Read Below Why This Hard-Hitting Volume Has racked up the incredible sales figure of 225,000 copies of sold in America Alone!
• Hollywood Plastic Surgeon's amazing new book Show how any woman over thirty Can Look Years Younger, Pounds Lighter in ten short days!
• Is It Possible? -- An Automatic Income for Life of $20,000…$50,000…$100,000 a year…Without Working…from a Business that Runs Itself!
• Any one of these "Smart-money secrets" may make you $20,000, $50,000 even $100,000 this year alone
• Now, a blunt promise by an eminent dermatologist; -- Every cell of your face has a "clock" in it! Here's how to wind those clocks backwards!
• Now, a world-famous physician, who treats some of America's leading celebrities, says forget about drugs and realize that Food is Your Best Medicine
• Throw Away Your Pillow -- And Wake Up the Next Morning Looking and Feeling UP To Ten Years Younger!
• World's First Effortless Exerciser! -- Perfected by a leading physician - to give you a new body and a new heart in just two easy minutes a day
• You May Suffer From This Secrete Sickness That Makes Millions Of People Weak and Weary All Their Lives
• If You're Over Thirty - This Is The Best Exercise You can Do For Your Face, Your Body and Your Heart!


4) 29 Problem Solving Chemicals Advertisements from companies like Monsanto, Union Carbide, and DuPont

• The Thick Suds Myth
• Rust Can Be Stopped!
• Whiteness by the Spoonful
• It Turns the White Back On
• Revolution in the laundry room
• The case of the "Invisible Sandwich"
• The Greatest Wastemaker of Them All!
• New House Paint That Lasts 50% Longer!
• Are you spending too much on grass seed?
• The Story of the First Foolproof Lawn food
• Why the Zippo Man spent $300,000 on this tiny wheel
• Science restores softness to wash-hardened fabrics
• New Miracle Rinse Restores Softness to Wash-Hardened Fabrics
• Paint blister problem 90% solved with new Du Pont Lucite house paint
• The invisible Plastic-glass Sandwich that rides between you and danger
• Crabgrass: How the Agrico Lawn Plan helps you wipe it out once and for all!
• Unknowingly Millions of Women Use Cleansers that "Eat Away" Luster of Porcelain Sinks and Tubs
• The Incredible story of the Zippo Lighter -- And a man who believes a lighter should work forever
• Complexion care for apples -- bigger and better fruit is yours…with good looks that are more than skin deep
• The Sayville Story: Science Wins a 42-Year Battle Against Weather -- Story of the struggle to develop a house paint that will last years longer - under all weather conditions in the U.S.A!
• New wonder chemical prevents crabgrass, let's you re-seed the same afternoon -- Ortho Kleenup eliminates delay, gets lawn off to a flying start

• Sciences Makes Wash-Hardened Fabrics Soft and Fluffy Again -- New Washday Miracle Amazes Housewives
• Microphotos Show Most of Today's Speedy Cleanliness "Bite Into" Luster of Porcelain Sinks and Tubs -- Photographic evidence from United States Testing Company, Inc
• Your Home can be stunning, thanks to the New Book of Color Harmonies -- Now You can have New Rooms in A Day
• This big can of new Zippo Fuel gives you an average of 38% more lights for your money than the leading brand

5) 13 Clothing Advertisements from companies like Coats & Clark, Burlington Industries, and Pellon

• New Bra Made for Real Live People
• How to "chill-proof" your children
• The Ice Follies Most Punished Perform
• A candid look at your Big Fall Investment
• How to keep Warm in a 90 degree heat wave
• How an amazing new kind of cloth saves you housework time
• On the subject of walking…men talk more but women walk more
• An Easy Key To Watch Buying -- Selecting a Good Watch for Your Money
• Words of wisdom for the sports enthusiast from Eddie Shipstad of Shipstads & Johnson
• The Shoe that Changed America's Habits -- How One Shoe Took a Load off the Country's Feet and Started a Whole New Kind of Footwear
• The prize catch in comfort -- A revealing insight on clothes by a man whose leisure hours lead him to the great outdoors: C. R. Smith, President of American Airlines
• There's Pellon Inside -- How One Basic Invention Sparked More than 1000 new Users - In Less Than 7 Years


6) 97 Food Advertisements from companies like Kellogg's, Quaker Oats, and Pillsbury

• Diet and Enjoy it…
• How Big is an Egg
• Run, run, run…but where?
• Have You Outgrown Fun?
• Ask Your Doctor
• The Beverage of Health
• Purity Is Supreme
• Perfection of 50 Years
• The Home Beer
• A good town to GROW in
• The Little Fellow Can Succeed
• Infection Fighters in your blood
• New Idea Adds Fresh Appeal
• What is this Milk that Whips?
• The Day I Switched to Instant Tea
• You may be Younger than you Realize!
• The Gift from 93 Million Miles Away
• The Day Charles Laughton Roared at me
• Is It Getting Worse Night After Night?
• Strange How We Sin Against Ourselves!
• The world's most remarkable fruit
• How Instant Iced Tea Changed My Mind
• White-Collar Workers: Watch Your Weight!
• The Weight-Control Law That Works Both Ways
• Feel "guilty" about your appetite?
• The Milkmen who weren't satisfied with Milk!
• Are our teenagers risking their health?
• A Revolution in Bread…and Your Health
• Your child - and the psychology of variety
• When the "ball of fire" starts cooling off
• Does your food cost too much?
• They Work To Help you Keep Young
• The Weight-Control Law That Works Both Ways
• What Americans taught me about iced tea
• 53 Cookbooks later I Switched to Instant Tea
• It Pays to increase your Cereal Word Power
• Ever Feel Like Trading Yourself in for a New Model?
• The First and Only 100% Pure Tea in Instant Form
• Why you Have Always Been Right to Like Hot Oatmeal for Breakfast
• Sensible new approach to weight control -- You eat the foods you like
• Protein for Breakfast -- in a delicious, new ready-to-eat cereal form
• A private eye's view of TODAY'S YOUNG MOTHER
• torture Chamber for Tea -- and the wonderful secret it revealed!
• Protein! Why protein answers a problem of teen-agers
• Discovered: A Granulated Sugar Substitute!
• This Remarkable Food "Remembers" When Modern Diet Forgets
• Remarkable Food helps people over 40 enjoy vibrant living
• How This Remarkable Food Eases Dieters' Fatigue
• New Nutrition Insurance for Hit-And-Run Eaters
• The Secret of Mrs. Rudkin's New Stuffing
• Why do so many people Sage before the day is over?
• America's Favorite Food - Today's Economy Meal
• An Inventor's Dream Gave You Weighing Accuracy At Home
• Quicker Way to More Turkey Flavor… and More Meat
• This New Chiffon Ice Box Pie Mix Needs No Baking
• A Twilight Story -- About Puffed Wheat
• Where Children Are Fed With Oatmeal
• My Dear these surely are Van Camp's
• How Much of This Difference is Due to Oatmeal?
• I Told My Mother-in-Law a Thing or Two -- …and you should have seen her face!
• How Wise Is Your Body? -- A special health message from the Florida Citrus Commission
• From Carnation-delicious new nonfat way to more protein, B-vitamins, minerals!
• Some people say we're old fashioned -- We still think it's necessary to trim vegetables by hand
• Here's One Fruit I Encourage My Children to Eat Freely -- A doctor laughs off an illusion
• The Truth About Meat -- Most Important Food in the Human Diet
• How Much does nourishment weigh? -- Here's morning food that's light in everything but nutrition
• The Tiny Explosion That Shook A Giant Industry
• How to get more out of life
• The Tastiest Ocean Treat From Gloucester -- plump, tender, juicy Chicken Salt Mackerel Fillets
• Doctors of Two Nations Agree to the Benefits of Beer
• All America This Week Helps Itself to Puffed Grains -- Full Size Package Free At Your Grocer's
• To Open-Minded Women -- And the Men They Like to Please
• Scientists - Not Chefs -- Why No Other Kitchen Anywhere Can Match a Van Camp Creation
• Your Way
• The Ladies Lead by Nearly 2 to 1 -- Nationwide Research reveals that almost twice as many women as men are overweight.
• Don McNeil! ABC Star Tells How "We squeezed…and squeezed…and squeezed, and they still laughed!
• Quick-Cooking: New Milestone in Food Canning -- Big Step forward in processing of corn saves fresh flavor, color and vitamins
• Cincinnati Housewife Comes Out of Hiding -- Overweight all her life, Frances Scheuerman uncovers a beautiful figure and a new lease on life.
• America's Most Shocking Eating Habit -- An interview with Dr. Herman N Bundesen, a leading authority on public health
• The Food that is breaking America's laxative drug habit -- constipation caused by lack of bulk can now be ended without pills or medicines
• How to overcome constipation without pills or medicine -- Millions rely on this Good Food Way to end irregularity caused by lack of bulk in the diet
• Ten Million Compliments to the Cook -- How an Ohio mother taught her sons an appreciation of fine foods that inspired a fabulous business
• Special diets are not necessarily problem diets -- When ulcers, hypertension, sensitive stomach create diet-menu problems - Cream of Rice offers dozens of ways to brighten meals
• The importance of granulated rice in special diets -- If your problem is food alelrgy, ulcers, high blood pressure or sensitive stomach, please read this:
• The importance of granulated rice in special diets -- If your problem is food allergy, ulcers, high blood pressure or sensitive stomach, please read this:
• Granulated rice high on the list of special food diets -- If you have a diet problem caused by ulcers, hypertension, food allergies, you'll be glad to know about Cream of Rice
• Gentle Answer to many special diet needs -- People with diet problems caused by high blood pressure, hypertension, ulcers, food allergies are finding help in a food as old as civilization
• Special diets are not necessarily problem diets -- When ulcers, hypertension, sensitive stomach create diet-menu problems - Cream of Rice offers dozens of ways to brighten meals
• How the accident…of pouring a cup of water on a fine cake batter created the new "cake with "sauce" -- Py-O-MY Puddin' Cake Mix
• Hidden Hunger for Vitamins -- It Can Make A Tremendous Difference in Your Health and How You Feel
• Raise a Healthier Family -- Research shows how you can help your children avoid many childhood ailments
• Earn more - weigh more? -- 51.4% of all Americans in the $5,000 and over income group are concerned with overweight
• What's the difference between appetite and hunger? -- What makes some people crave more food than their bodies can use up?
• Are 60 million overweight Americans passing up the simplest and safest reducing plan of all? -- "Fact" diet succeeds where "fad" diets fail!
• How cereals like Wheaties may actually help you live longer! -- Use this "Fats-in-Food" Counter now on back of Wheaties packages
• Food Shot From Guns! -- Noted scientist explodes a hundred million food cells in every grain of wheat and rice


7) 99 Health & Beauty Advertisements from companies like Proctor & Gamble, Lever Bros, and Revlon

• Make This Test
• The war against "staph"
• Battle of the Beards
• Only two to a customer
• New Hope for Dry Skin
• It Came Without Warning
• How tension taxes your body…
• The Bright Look of Health
• 2,864 failures came first
• Flourides for Healthy Teeth
• Eyeglasses: New Status Symbol?
• How To Rinse Away Your Blackheads
• Are you a Fatalist About Cavities?
• Now It's Easy to Stay on Your Diet!
• Problems a Girl Faces on Becoming a Woman
• Telfa New Mercy Dressing for Wounds
• What Today's Woman Knows about Herself
• The Mistakes -- That ruined millions of teeth
• The Dental Clinic That Never Filled A Cavity
• As the World Changes - so Does the Woman
• Are You Trying to Keep a Man on a Diet?
• Infant Mortality an Alarming Problem
• What to do when Something Gets in Your Eye
• Do You Get More than Your Share of Cavities?
• Teen-age Confusion about Vital Feminine Facts
• Sleepy Away the Creeping Signs of Age-Glamorously!
• Imagine! Me - not taking proper care of my dentures!
• Troublesome People .. Are They Worth Your Trouble?
• Can we keep our hearts from wearing out too soon?
• New Way to Heart Clearly Again…with Both Ears!
• I Stopped being Self-conscious about my dental plates!
• The Secret Codes that Held the Key to Fewer Cavities
• The Mysterious Quonset Hut that Made Dental History
• Why spend money-to deaden or deceive your precious sense of smell?
• Are you Just a hair shaw away from looking younger…prettier?
• Soak or Brush? -- The Big Question for 48 Million Denture Wearers
• New toothpaste - super weapon against bad breath and decay germs
• Asleep For Ages - Germs Awaken - Find Haven in Today's Bathrooms
• Doctors helped us design and prove our new Back Care mattress
• 336 Hours Are Required to Make Liquozone - Yet the First Bottle is Free
• Story of One Million Americans Who Wanted More Out of Living
• Will Your Child Have Beautiful teeth 15 Years From Now?
• Two Towns Named Bloomington That Helped Lick Tooth Decay
• How "Decay Detectives" Track Down the Secret of Few Cavities
• The School Children Who Taught Scientists A Lesson About Cavities
• How Dial does more to protect the health of your family than ordinary soaps
• The Swiss Discovery That Will Silence 500 Million Coughs This Winter
• How the Class of "57 Brushed Their Way To Healthier Teeth
• "Lick-And-A-Promise" Tooth brushing: What to do About it
• Eye-Glass Hearing…New Era in the Conquest of Hiding Deafness
• Some Questions And Answers about Arthritis and Rheumatism:
• Don't Doctor Your Skin Just Clean It! -- …sound advice from a noted cosmetic chemist
• $2,000,000 Have Been Spent to Let the Sick Try of America Liquozone Free
• "Miracle" At Fort Morgan -- How a Colorado Ranch-Wife Helped a Whole Town Slim Down
• "Last Summer the Midwest Stopped Sneezing" -- Good news for hay fever sufferers
• How the Switch of a horse tail helped bring eye comfort to millions
• A Personal Message to the 48 Million Americans Who Wear Dentures
• Aches…Pains…and "Cures" -- Many products make hopeful promises - but can they deliver?
• Why Some Women Look Young At 50 -- While Others Look Old At 35
• How to Sleep Together - in Separate Comfort
• What One C.M.B.A (Chronic Morning Back Ache) thinks about the Koylon foam mattress"
• Will Your Christmas Gift Disappoint Him…or Delight Him?
• Can a deodorant really stop odor- without "stopping up" pores?
• The Amazing "Face Life In A Jar" Used By Hollywood Stars Who Don't Want Plastic Surgery
• Now! A new way to lighten cloudy teeth
• Why that Tartar if You keep Teeth Clean? -- It is due to film
• Five New Joys Await You In Palmolive Shaving Cream
• Five New Ways -- To whiter, cleaner, safer teeth
• This 10-Day Test -- Has shown millions the way to white teeth
• Use Palmolive Soap -- Avoid Effects of Sun and Wind - Escape Injury From Dust and Smoke
• Special Authorized release For Readers of this Publication -- Alleviate Your Knee Pain Now
• Clinical studies find that most overweight people are lacking in these 8 fat burning nutrients
• I Lost 85 lbs of ugly fat in only 2 short months!
• "I'm Well" -- Because of Liquozone, is now said the world over
• It Is Wrong -- To Suffer from a Germ disease, When Liquozone is Free
• Let Us Pay -- For a bottle of Liquozone, and give it to you to try
• Millions Know -- That Liquozone Does What Medicine Cannot Do. A 50c Bottle Free
• Major Breakthrough -- New pill targets fat and water in the abdomen that cause the pot belly
• Nine Nations -- Now Use Liquozone. Won't You Try It - Free!
• Product Used in Japan For 71 Years relieves pain in 10 minutes without taking dangerous drugs
• New advanced heating pad from Canada brings pain relief in as fast as 30 minutes
• We Offer $5,000 -- As A Guarantee on Liquozone. The First Bottle Is Free
• We Will Buy -- A 50c bottle of Liquzone and Give it to You to Try
• You can't Kill Inside Germs with Medicine. Won't You Try Liquozone - Free?
• Sagging springs cause backache -- New Back Care Mattress with buil-in bedboard holds spine straight as no other mattress can!
• Stripes Say Safety Barrier -- Now striped toothpaste gives your mouth a lasating safety barrier against the germs that cause decay and bad breath
• Is a mattress causing your backache? -- New Back Care Mattress with built-in bed board holds spine straight as no other mattress can!
• What many hospitals have found out about Dial Soap -- besides the fact that it's a very effective deodorant soap
• He Didn't Even Kiss Me Goodnight! -- A dramatized story about a wife who worried about her husband
• New Anti-Cough Tablets Work Internally - Get to the Root of Cough Spasms! -- Stop Hacking Coughs For Hours!
• If You suffer from minor pain of Arthritis or Rheumatism read these highlights from a recent PAIN REPORT
• Those "Middle Age" Aches and Pains! -- Don't ignore them - they may be the first signs of arthritis or rheumatism!
• Dramatic New development in toothbrushes pioneered by California dentist -- The high rate of tooth loss due to neglected gums sparked an idea which is revolutionizing toothbrush design
• MY Sweetheart -- Ten Million sweethearts between the ages of two and eighty have clear, healthy complexions as a result of using Palmolive Soap
• New Inflatable Air Shorts provide pneumatic support plus massage to help you slenderize where you need it most!
• New Super air purifier can eliminate 98% of the worst pollution in 15 minutes -- Prozone Products Used by the Federal Government and United Nations


8) 53 Information Advertisements  from companies like Simon & Schuster, Gary Halbert, and Jay Abraham

•  I Want to Make You Rich!
•  The New Way in Typewriting
•  How You Can Win Contests!
•  A $500 A Day Writer's Utopia!
•  The Machine That Prints Money
•  How I Made A Fortune At the Track
•  Do you Make These Mistakes in English?
•  How I Improved My Memory In One Evening
•  Do you Make These Mistakes in English?
•  How to Win Friends and Influence People
•  Money! -- Beyond your wildest dreams…
•  Both Are Embarrassed - Yet Both Could Be At Ease
•  I Made Betting On Horses A Consistent Winning Business
•  If You Ever Wanted To Win At the Track -- …Now You can
•  I Made Betting On Horses A Consistent Winning Business
•  If You Ever Wanted To Win At the Track -- …Now You can
•  Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Starving Your Brain?
•  Don't Pay 1c More for Gas This Year Than You Did Last!
•  Warning: Do Not Read This Unless You Are Already Rich!
•  The Amazing Blackjack Secret of a Las Vegas Mystery Man
•  How To Self-Publish Your Own Book And Make it a Best Seller
•  The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a Desperate Nerd From Ohio!
•  In A Survival Retreat When Society Collapses And Violence Rules
•  "I Talked with God" -- (Yes I did -- Actually and Literally)
•  The Key to Banking Secrets -- (And how to profit from them!)
•  The Amazing Marketing Miracles Created By Sir Gary of Halbert!
•  The Amazing Secret of a Marketing Genius Who Is Afraid to Fly
•  The Amazing Secret of the Hottest Investment of the Last 5 Years!
•  This Book Could Put Us In Jail -- (As It Puts You On "Easy Street")
•  Now You Can Actually Cure Baldness! -- (Even if it Runs In Your Family!)
•  Scatter Brained! -- No wonder he never accomplishes anything worthwhile!
•  How to Make Money Fast! -- Financial Columnist Makes Unique Discovery!
•  They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play!
•  You Must Win at Least $7,500 With My 13 Points…Or They're Yours Free!
•  An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants to Lose Up to 20 Pounds in Two Weeks The Lazy Way
•  The Lazy Man's Way to Riches -- "Most People Are Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Any Money"
•  How To Outfox the Foxes -- 263 Secrets the Law and Lawyers Don't want You to Know!
•  Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With A "Million Dollar Smile"?
•  Now! A World-Famous Trainer of Champions says: -- Break All the Rules, and Win a 35-Year-Old Body at 50-60-70 and beyond!
•  Builds You A Memory in 4 Short Weeks So Powerful It Is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Today! -- Quite frankly, this is an almost unbelievable advertisement for what has justly been called, "The Most Explosive Memory Course Ever Written."
•  37 Ingenious Spare-Time Businesses that Require Almost No Investment -- And Net You Up To $200 Extra Income Every Week!
•  Save Hundreds of Dollars! -- Make Your Own After-Shave Lotion, Cold Cream Lemon Oil Furniture Polish, Deodorant, Oven Cleaner, Mouthwash, Drain Cleaner, and Hundreds More with Safe, Easy Recipes!
•  Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards to Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices -- …and can slash up to 10 strokes from your game almost overnight!
•  Who's Making A Bundle -- Our New West Coast editorial and production offices, headquarters of the nation's only small business information bank
• How to Perform Major Surgery on your Doctor, Drug Hospital and Dental Bills -- You Can Easily Cut Them By 30% or More - Guaranteed! 
•  Secrets of the Money Masters Revealed! -- Over 5,000 people become millionaires every year, there are almost 200,000 millionaires in the United States
•  God Help You If the Crash Comes, and You Haven't Taken These Four Initial Steps To Protect Yourself!
•  Ohio Man Has 21-Year Tested Formula to Create Multimillion Dollar Businesses From Scratch, Without Bank Loans, Venture Capitalists or selling Stock
•  Are You More Than Just Another Pretty Face? -- Generous Creative Businessman Wants To Find A Hot, Sexy Woman With a Good Sense of Humor
•  An Open Letter To Every Attractive Woman In Miami Who Is Serious About Having a Career As A Professional Model
•  High School Student Lose Almost 600 Pounds and Now Devotes His Life To Helping Others Get Skinny!
•  Hot New 4-Hour Seminar Sponsored by Key West College of Millionaires Reveals 11 Amazing Secrets That Can Make Huge Profits for Any Business In Florida… Even During the Coming Recession!
•  An Open Letter To Every Man And Woman in Key West Who Wants to Have Better Sex Without Feeling Guilty!
•  How It Feels to Earn $1000 A Week -- By a Young Man Who Four Years Ago Drew a $25 a Week Salary. Tells How He Accomplished It.


9) 42 Insurance Advertisements from companies like Blue Cross and Metropolitan Life Insurance

•  Safety Sense
•  Excessive drinking
•  How good are your teeth?
•  Fatigue - a Friend in Disguise
•  How exercise helps your heart
•  "Mother and baby doing fine"
•  "Heart attack? Sure I Had one"
•  The doctor's coming right away
•  How to be younger than your years
•  His pounds melt away - yours won't
•  How to win the "battle of the bulge"
•  How much health did you buy today?
•  This is not a "do-it-yourself' kit!
•  Here's a good way to start a good day!
•  "What in the world will he get into next?"
•  Charting a safer course against CANCER…
•  Are you ready for emergencies like these?
•  A Message to Every Family Buying a Car
•  Can you help your heart "tick" longer, too?
•  Why I'm a no-dollar-a-year man for Blue Cross!
•  Will you "weather the winter" in good health?
•  Now you can protect him from polio…why don't you?
•  Help Your Family to a healthy, happy winter…
•  Some facts and fallacies about Heart Attacks
•  Does your family have these breakfast problems?
•  Do you carry this much extra weight every day?
•  How to help your child have a better school year
•  The truth about the cost of hospital miracles
•  How many home accident hazards can you find here?
• Why every family should have a family doctor… 
•  The Wonderful World…of your 6 to 8-year old child
•  Whatever you drive, here's how to drive it more safely!
•  "Do not regret growing old. It is a privilege denied to many"
•  Cancer…like a small spreading flame…demands prompt action
•  A good school year often starts in the doctor's office
•  Do you know how to restore the breath of life?
•  Why is ARTHRITIS called "the Sphinx of diseases"?
•  Man Most likely to succeed -- …in getting over a stomach ulcer
•  Your Guide to Good Health -- Pages 26,27 are reserved for you…
•  How to Manage your emotions… -- and lead a healthier, happier life
•  The remarkable eyes of the eagle…and some sight-saving facts about yours


10) 18 Retail Advertisements from companies like Sears

•  How to shop at Sears…at 3 A.M.
•  How To Get Your money Back At Sears
•  How to open a charge account at Sears
•  How the Sears laboratory tests to help you save
•  New "Fringe Benefit" That's Better Than a Raise in Pay!
•  Why Sears Signed Ted Williams -- As a Playing Manager
•  Shop at Sears and save (their annual profit is less than 5%)
•  How Sears Helps You Reseed, Repaint and Relax this Spring
•  A New Hammer Free if this Sears Four-Star Value Ever Breaks
•  Sports leaders join Ted Williams' Sports Advisory Staff at Sears
•  Sears Reports Evidence a Typewriter May Help Children Learn Faster
•  Who owns Sears? -- Sears has over 158,000 share owners
•  How Sears Hails Spring With the Charming Children's Clothes for Easter
•  Shop at Sears and save (their annual profit is less than 5%)
•  Trapped at home? It takes one call to open a charge account
•  How Sears gives efficient service on appliances wherever you live - or more


11) 38 Bonus Winning Advertisements

• Gray Lady
• They Drew
• Instant Learning
• Dog Sense for Dog Days
• The magic world of "DDD"
• Bessie Sawyer had a problem
• Why I was a Juvenile Delinquent
• How Do Electric Clocks Rate?
• The Luckiest $7 I Ever Spent
• Where do Great Ideas Come From?
• Who says it's Time for a Bath?
• The Boy-The Dog-and the Painter
• The Quick Way to Put Down Roots
• Who Needs Advice about stocks?
• Let Me Send You My New Book Free
• Wonder Sprayer -- For Farm and Home
• Why Not Music like This in All Hospitals?
• Those marvelous machine-waxed floors
• $14,000 A Year…Now I am Really Living!
• What's happened to Mr. Bell's invention?
• Would you Give $1 for 16 Dancing Lessons?
• You own a brand-new dog…every six months!
• How the Next 90 Days Can Change Your Life
• Weird New Sonic Lure Caught Fish Like Crazy!
• The British Miracle That Creates Super Plants
• Prefabricated Housing: How Big an Industrial G
• How I retired in 15 years with $300 a months
• How $3 for The National Observer Changed My Life
• Why I Offer You this New Kind of Pipe for 25 cents
• Not only that, but I'll start a Monthly Investment Plan
• A new answer to your tires' worst enemy - high-speed heat
• Want the Fun of Playing Music…but not time for lessons?
• To the 10,000 families who will buy a spinet organ in the next 30 days
• Is your heart set on owning one of the wonderful spinet organs?
• Their way from "Rags to Riches" -- Now they're helping others do the same
• Not Many People read the Saturday Evening Post in Russia!
• I Was Tired of Living on $8,000 A Year -- So I Started Reading the Wall Street Journal
• The intimate personal life story of the Duchess of Windsor…the American Woman for whom a King of England
• Mrs. Kennedy's Five Pounds of Sugar -- and why she can't always have it shipped by the most efficient form of transportation
• Who's Watching the Store? -- Here's the ultimate in Self-service: No clerks, no cashiers, no attendants…just customers
• Here's your chance to examine and appraise the famed Museum Collection for 15 days, without cost or obligation. -- This is a Limited Time offer
• New Halley's Comet "Silver Eagle" Is Totally Unique and Made of Pure Silver! -- It won't be Seen again for 76 years!
• When we say $540 to Europe and back - we mean "all the way"! -- And we mean Cabin Class - not Tourist or Economy Class
• Fantastic New $3 Rose Never Seen Before yours for only 50c -- …as a bonus for trying RX-15 on your garden!
• I Have been Happier and more content since buying my Thomas than I have been for years" …and this fine home organ is only $695!
• Send me a man who Reads! -- International Paper interviews the man who trains Pan Am pilots to make decisions at 600 m.p.h.




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