Now you can use Richard's simple,
risk-free home study system to...

Become A Well Paid Marketing Coach
Even If You Have No Prior Marketing, Business Or Consulting Experience

Dear Friend,

In this letter you will learn a simple, painless and inexpensive way to become a well paid marketing coach complete with paying clients and a steady flow of income that comes in month after month and year after year.

It doesn't matter what your current skills are now. And it doesn't matter if you have any "connections" or business experience.

In fact, all you really need are a few simple systems my friend Richard has developed over the years to become a highly paid in-demand marketing coach or consultant.

And the best part is, you do NOT have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars up front for these secrets...and you can even use them for your own business or for the businesses of your family and friends.


Almost Free, If You Choose.


I’ll explain the details of this offer in a second.

But first, let me tell you what's in Richard's "Hidden Marketing Assets" system, and how you can be up and running earning money soon after getting it.

To begin with:

If you do your homework, you'll find that there are several competing marketing coaching and consulting opportunities in the marketplace.

And I'll be the first to advise you to look into all of them before you invest in any of them, including Richard's HMA system.

I've interviewed countless people who have paid enormous up front fees to attend these trainings.

I have received firsthand feedback on Y2 Marketing, Power Marketing Consultants, Action International, Quantum, Topline, Peter Sun Consulting, Kennedy and Glazer and other opportunities and many of them are actually pretty good.

But what separates Richard's system from the other ones I've seen is that, with Richard's system, you don't need any previous marketing experience, any business connections or even a lot of money.

In fact, Richard will be the first person to tell you if he can do can do it.

How can he be so sure?

Because when Richard started he was broke himself, and had very poor selling, speaking, marketing and presentation skills. And even today...

He's Just As Shy And "Introverted" As The Next Guy.

In fact, the only difference between you and Richard - is because of a simple system he invented after attending a Jay Abraham marketing consulting seminar over 25 years ago.

You see, Richard discovered that while Jay Abraham really is a marketing genius, his system (like most other marketing coaching programs today) was not geared toward "ordinary" people who don't have a lot of money or natural marketing talents.

Jay Abraham in the early 1990s had credibility, contacts and millions of dollars. The training Jay taught was from his own millionaire perspective.

But Richard was nearly broke. So broke he had to borrow money from his Dad to attend Jay's $15.000 dollar training. He had to pay for air fair, food and lodging too in addition to the $15.000 dollars.

Richard had no credibility and few contacts.

And when Richard went out in the field to test Jay's teachings, he failed.

But Richard did not quit. After years of experimenting and organizing the marketing concepts into a workable system, Richard began to experience success.

Richard discovered his own unique "system" to make money as a marketing coach that is easy to follow and simple to learn.

Richard created a system that will work whether you are a millionaire like Jay Abraham or broke and struggling to make your rent, car payment or utility bill.

It's taken Richard 25 years to perfect and tens of thousands of dollars working out the "bugs" and getting his system so you can approach virtually any kind of business that has HMA's ("Hidden Marketing Assets") to offer your coaching and consulting services.

And since sharing his system to the public, Richard has trained hundreds of marketing coaches in the US, the UK, Nigeria, Luxemburg, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Canada and even Holland (some who were totally new to marketing when they started).

He's also got Dell and IBM using and teaching his marketing system in their online learning management platforms.

Here's why...

With Richard's system all you do is use the tools he's created for you the exact way he says to use them...and within just a few weeks you can have a marketing coaching business with paying customers and paid coaching fees dwarfing anything you could make at a regular job.

And best of all:

You can do it all without pressure...without strain...and without the unbearable personal rejection most marketing coaches endure when getting started.

For example, most people getting into the consulting business believe making cold calls to get clients is the worst and most difficult way to get clients.

And the truth is, it can be.

This method is usually reserved for the coach who has no contacts whatsoever.

While other consulting trainings tell you to make prospecting calls yourself, Richard's system trains you to pay others to do your prospecting for you.

Take for instance, the telephone prospecting scripts in the system.

All you do is take these proven phone scripts, hand them to a part-time telemarketer with good leads that fit your target market, and have him or her call businesses and read the scripts word for word.

This simple method for getting new clients works time and time again.

You do none of the calling and you can still generate clients.

This way you can be sleeping in, playing golf, or even taking a vacation...and have an endless stream of fresh, quality appointments coming in each and every day...

Without You Lifting A Finger.

Plus... In addition to these proven phone scripts, you'll get an audio training called “How To Get Appointments” which takes your people step by step through the whole process on how to use the scripts.

That means, if you don't want to pay a lot of money for a professional telemarketer, just hire a student or a stay-at-home mom and give her the “How To Get Appointments” training and she can be as good (if not better) than anyone else at getting you appointments.

Of course, the phone is not the only way to get clients.

  • Your HMA system also has already-tested, direct-mail letters for selling your consulting services such as:
  • An approach letter.
  • A joint venture letter and
  • A follow-up letter.

And with the simple tools he's created, you'll be hitting your prospects from every conceivable angle, giving yourself the maximum chance of capturing those high-quality clients within days of starting your consulting business.

And if you're really ambitious, you can also use Richard's system to create what's called "the podium effect."

What's the podium effect?

The podium effect is this phenomenon where people automatically respect, trust and believe people who talk at seminars or small workshops.

And since Richard also includes prewritten seminar, done for you, PowerPoint slide presentations and workshop fliers; you can fill a room, give your presentation and watch as you'll get clients who want to hire you the second you step out from behind the podium.

Not sure how good you'll be at putting on a presentation?

No problem.

Because Richard has already created a powerful, professional seminar outline for you -- complete with a PowerPoint presentation and all the training you need to be up and running fast.

This is the same presentation Richard uses to capture clients today.

More on this later.

You won't have to try and figure anything out or structure your presentation. Just plug in Richard's "pre-made" seminar presentation; follow the word-for-word transcripts and you'll be delivering a powerful, proven presentation that gets clients fast.

Easy As 1-2-3.

And here's something else to think about:

With Richard's system you won't have to worry about not having a reputation or a "track record" of helping business owners with their marketing.

If you've never done coaching before, I know what you may be thinking now. You're asking yourself, why should these business owners believe anything I say?

You're afraid that they will ask you for proof that you can get results. You think they'll want referrals before they work with you.

You're thinking that you have no credibility. This is only an illusion in your imagination.

It's a FEAR not based on reality.

I am here to tell you this will not happen to you and here's why.

You must understand that your clients are not interested in you. They are only interested in the results you can bring to them.

Being a fully certified HMA Marketing coach means you'll be able to draw on the successful track record of the HMA system.

It's actually pretty simple:

Richard has discovered a proven way for you to use his testimonials, his stories and his success for your business.

And by following Richard's simple instructions, you'll be able to "borrow" Richard's credibility for yourself.

Plus, you will also learn how to "create" your own credibility within the first thirty seconds of meeting a potential client…


Without Needing ANY Testimonials, Success Stories
or Past Successes.


This is one of Richard's "trade secrets."

And it works like gangbusters for almost everyone who uses it.

But here's the thing...

Getting the appointment or filling a room with prospects is only step one.

You can get all the appointments in the world...but if you can't close the sale, then it's all for nothing.

Richard knows this more than anyone.

And after spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of "trial and error" -- he has created a truly foolproof system that lets almost anyone turn up to 25% of your appointments into up front paying clients.

You get a check BEFORE you start any work!

And what makes this possible is Richard's proprietary "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet and Training." or O.A.W.T for short.

With your O.A.W.T document, you can walk into any business, command immediate respect and attention and literally become a marketing "miracle man." to the owner of that business.

The reason why is because this O.A.W.T lets you literally "make over" a business owner's marketing and show them exactly how you will create real cash profits right before their eyes.

And if the business owner you are talking with has any desire to grow his business at all...then he will have no choice but to be impressed by you and want to work with you.

In fact, the opportunity analysis worksheet makes converting appointments into paying clients so simple.

You Can Even Do It Over The Phone

And don't worry about giving away all of your secrets. Most business owners are too busy working in their business to do anything about it. They simply don't have the time and that is the exact reason they are talking to YOU!

Richard also shows you how to command large fees and even get paid on a portion of the sales you make for your clients for years into the future.

This is called a "contingency" fee agreement.

This should only be used with a client after they have hired you and paid you to do project work.

Other expensive consulting opportunities teach you that contingency is the only and best way to sell consulting services. And this can work but often the consultant finds himself in a compromising position.

They end up working many hours with only a promise to get paid.

The client has nothing to lose and since you've never worked with this client before you risk working for little or no money.

It's like getting married on the first date.

It seems like a good idea at first but later you realize it was a big mistake.

But, if you do it Richard's way and "Date" your client for a while it can work out great like this:

If you help your client make an extra $100,000 a year and you make a 15% "contingency" agreement with that client, you'll pocket an extra $15,000 on top of your regular project fees per year.

If you do this for just five of your clients, you will make an extra $75,000 a year. If you do this for just ten of your clients you will make an extra $150,000 year.

But wait. Richard is going to show you have to structure a contingency agreement to get paid not just for one year, but for as long as they are using your intellectual marketing property. After all these are your marketing systems that the client is licensing from you.

So imagine now that you are making $15,000 per year for 10 of your clients for five years.

Now that $150,000 turns into $1,500,000.00 over 5 years.

And so on.

Again, this is in addition to your regular fees. You can typically charge a client anywhere from $500 to $5000 per project. And most clients will need at least four projects.

And it's so easy once you understand Richard's HMA System.

Because Richard really has done 90% of the "work" for you already.

For example, his system includes...

Endorsed letter samples.

All you do is find businesses that sell similar (but not competing) products and services as the business you are helping and strike a simple deal with them where they send your offer to their customer list for a portion of the profits.

This way, you and your client make a bundle off the initial sales, and an even bigger windfall from additional sales later.

All from leads that didn't cost your client a penny to generate.

Client reactivating letter samples

This is your easiest way to make fast and immediate profits for you and your client because almost NOBODY goes after his or her inactive clients and customers.

And all you do is take one of your prewritten e-mails or letters and send it to your client's inactive customer list.

Watch your clients shake their heads in disbelief as inactive customers (they thought would never buy again) come back to life -- spending their money with your clients again and again and again.

And remember, if you set up simple contingency deals with these clients (as Richard explains in his system)...

You Will Get Paid On All This Action Year After Year.

Anyway, these are just a few of the reasons why you should consider the HMA System and coaching business part or full time.

And this is why I have no problem saying nothing could be simpler than using Richard's HMA system to make money as a marketing coach.

And realize this: Every time you make one of your clients money using Richard's "paint by numbers" pre-created tools...

You'll Become Your City's Marketing And Business Guru.

And you'll have the instant reputation as the guy who turns straw into gold.

You'll be the person your clients won't be able to help but rave about to their business friends who will also want to pay you for your expert advice.

And your whole consulting practice can "snowballs" from there until you have a controlled stream of clients and profits coming to you.

As I said before, I have seen all the other marketing coaching programs out there. And I have not yet seen anything that even comes close to Richard's System.

But you certainly don't have to take my word for it because as you will see, you can try everything risk free for 21 days if you want and you'll see for yourself.

But first, here is a quick break-down of only some of your exclusive marketing training and recently added resourced you'll get with your HMA Marketing & Coaching System:

HMA Resource # 1:

(10) HMA operations models

This is the Main Guts of your HMA "System."

You'll get a total of ten (10) HMA operations manuals showing you each step of the way how to capture clients and make them real profits using a systemized way of marketing.

This collection represents the core of the HMA System.

Each module walks you through all the steps of the system.

You'll reference these materials as you take your client through the 8 steps of the HMA system.

Richard has spent years creating and refining these modules.

Each module comes in printed form with three holes punched on the left side of the paper.

You'll need to pick up a few three ring binders if you want to insert the pages for easy reading.

You'll also get digital access to all 10 operations modules as downloadable and readable  PDF files.

You'll use these manuals as you follow along in Resource #2 & #3.

Here's the outline of each module and what you get.


*System Philosophy and Uniqueness
*Actual Case Studies
*Sample System Outline/proposal
*Sample Client Agreement
*Fee Based Agreement
*Contingency Agreement


* Mission Statement/USP of HMA Marketing System Tele-prospecting scripts to generate manufacturing client leads Telephone follow-up letter
* Marketing Assessment Questionnaire Marketing presentation to prospective client How to close a new client
* How to determine the fee
* Fee based direct mail letter/E-mail marketing brochure ideas
* Large postcard promoting 30 minute consultation Seminar flyers/promotion pieces
* 21 page marketing report for use in prospecting
* FREE REPORT: How to Increase your business revenue and profits 25%-100% Chamber of Commerce Endorsement letter
* Seminar workshop on hardcopy and PowerPoint
* New promotion letters and agreement for Group training - Train the trainer workshops Quick fix marketing - one-shot turn around strategies for 50 different companies
* The Headline Bank - 100 of the top money making headlines ever written
* Other prospecting methods - business shows, groups and
associations, niche marketing Vertical marketing and Long Distance consultation
* Phone consultation outline

3) MODULE THREE: DETERMINING A BUSINESS USP - Unique Selling Proposition - 68 pages

* Overview
* Definition of what a USP is Examples of Successful USP's
* Project Implementation - the four steps needed to successfully implement this module How to determine and write-up a USP for your client
* Focus Group Questions with owner and staff Customer Survey questions
* Competitive Analysis Matrix


*Overview: How to determine a client's current selling process
*Project Implementation: the four steps needed for successful implementation of this module
*Implementing follow-up systems
*Customizing a SALES TRAINING workshop for your client Sample of
sales training workshop with the answers - also on DVD Developing packages and value added services
*Productivity and sales report samples Personality profile to identify the right sales people


* Overview
* Project Implementation - the four steps needed to successfully implement this module Identify and segment customer base
* Back-end selling opportunities
* Seven sample letters to increase purchases from current customers letters to reactivate past customers
* Letters to use in follow-up to prospective customers 12 additional sample letters
* Special savings certificate sample


* Overview
* The Advertising Situation Analysis tool The creative strategy
* How to do good copy writing for advertising Developing the Media Plan
* 50 page report on Yellow Pages Advertising Newspaper Scoring
* How to write and schedule effective Radio Commercials
* Project Implementation - the four steps needed to implement this module How to use local advertisers, designers, printers for outsource help


* Overview
* Project Implementation - the four steps needed to implement this module How to uncover marketing alliance prospects
* Sample letters of cross promotion Ticket to event cross promotion value card cross promotion Reverse Cross promotion
* Joint venture sales letters
* Joint venture prospecting letters


* Overview
* Project Implementation - the four steps needed to implement this module How to determine and create newsworthy material about your client How to get FREE publicity
* How to write a press release
* How to increase the public awareness of your client Sponsorship/contribution: How to turn them into marketing tools
* Implementing community marketing efforts. How to turn your business into an education/teaching business.


* Overview
* Project Implementation: the four steps needed to implement this module How to find mailing lists
* Determining the proper lists/target marketing Testing the list
* How to write direct mail copy
* How to get the best response to any direct marketing effort:

- the envelope
- postage
- headlines
- interest
- urgency
- P.S.
- Compelling offer
- Short or long copy?

*What are all the direct marketing tools and how to use the right one!

- tele-prospecting
- direct mail
- E-mail
- Website
- Salespeople
- Infomercial
- Newsletter/E-zings

10) Internet Marketing - 241 pages

* Overview
* What is your business objective - website scorecard
* Branding on the web
* Steps to an effective website
* E-commerce with your website

HMA Resource # 2:

HMA Live Seminar Training Vol. One

You'll own 25 hours of cutting edge HMA marketing training in downloadable mp3 audio.

Richard's first live marketing consulting seminar was conducted in early 1995.

This training features Richard at the top of this game teaching a room packed with students his system for becoming a successful marketing coach.

Each student paid over $5000 to attend.

You'll be able to download, hear and learn everything you need about capturing clients and creating marketing systems for them.

It's like having Richard right there with you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

HMA Resource # 3:

HMA Live Seminar VIDEO Training.

You get 17 plus hours of HMA Marketing Consulting Training Videos. 

You'll be able to play online from any computer.

Your HMA Marketing Consulting Training featuring Richard at the top of his game.

Richard is teaching a packed house full of want-to-be marketing consulting students his HMA system for becoming a successful marketing coach or consultant.

Each student paid thousand of dollars to attend this live training.

You'll be able to download, hear and learn everything you need about capturing clients and creating marketing systems for them.

It's like having Richard right there with you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

- VIDEO #1 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 217 minute video (3 hours and 37 minutes)

- VIDEO #2 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 205 minute video (3 hours and 25 minutes)

- VIDEO #3 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 214 minute video (3 hours and 34 minutes)

- VIDEO #4 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 201 minute video (3 hours and 21 minutes)

- VIDEO #5 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 132 minute video (2 hours and 12 minutes)

- VIDEO #6 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
- 124 minute video (2 hours and 4 minutes)

HMA Resource # 4:

HMA Group Training Videos as a digital online play version.

This is Richard's most recent training conducting a live Group Training for 15 business owners wanting to learn how to grow their businesses using the HMA System.

The Group-Training concept is another way for you to make money.

Richard discovered that many of the businesses he talked to wanted his consulting services but could not afford his one-on-one fees.

As a result, Richard started working with manufacturing associations and started doing Group Trainings with 10 to 20 business owners at a time.

Each Group Training would last for two hours twice a month for three months. You can charge anywhere from $500 to $3000 per business owner.

If you were to do Group Training for 10 businesses, and let's say you charge only $1000 each, you'll make $10,000 for only 12 hours of work. That's $830 per hour.

If you're the coach who likes action in an exciting group atmosphere but does not want to do one on one coaching, this group training is for you.

Here's what you get.

- VIDEO #1 Overview -- Foundation, Results & Impact of the HMA System
- 112 minute video (1 hour and 52 minutes)

- VIDEO #2 How To Uncover Your Unique Selling Proposition For A Lot More Sales! -
- 75 minute video (1 hour and 15 minutes)

- VIDEO #3 Integrating The USP For A Lot More Sales -
- 77 minute video (1 hour and 17 minutes)

- VIDEO #4 Sales Training Workshop -
- 80 minute video (1 hour and 20 minutes

- VIDEO #5 Customer Relationship Marketing For A Lot More Sales -
- 60 minute video (1 hour)

- VIDEO #6 Marketing Alliances For A Lot More Sales -
- 70 minute video (1 hour and 10 minutes)

- VIDEO #7 Customer Advertising For A Lot More Sales -
- 41 minute video

- VIDEO #8 Community Relations For A Lot More Sales -
- 19 minute video

- VIDEO #9 One-to-One Marketing For A Lot More Sales -
- 32 minute video

- VIDEO #10 Internet Marketing For A Lot More Sales (Bonus Step) -
- 54 minute video


Your set of Group Training videos will train you how to execute the HMA training in a group workshop setting so you can teach one to many rather then one to one multiplying your income while leveraging your time.

The Group training curriculum is done for you. You just follow the training in the videos and follow along as your group learns how to implement the HMA System for their own business.

These business owners will love you for this training. And this is the same training used by Dell and IBM use in their learning management platform. Their clients paid up to $20,000 to get access to it.

HMA Resource # 5:


HMA Group Workshop Workbook Training Curriculum.

8 Workbooks in total. Beautiful design 8 1/2 X 11 in size and with full color covers.

These are done for you, pre-designed marketing curriculum in workbook form to provide each one of your paying group workshop clients.

And you may even have these workbooks private labeled with your consulting name on the cover. ( 10 Sets Minimum Only $50 per set )

They will have generic content meaning that your client will not find my contact or Richard's contact information in the workbooks. You can be sure that any hard work you do will lead back to you and not me.

Both the front and back covers may be branded with your information, contact number, logo and image. It's up to you. And you may use this branded curriculum to sell or and do group trainings as you wish.

This is a great option for you if you want to work with one on one clients or to use in a group setting.

You'll just follow the training in the group training videos from HMA Resource #3 and follow along as your group training clients learn how to implement all the HMA Steps in the HMA system for their own business.

These business owners will love you for this training and it's different from your one on one clients.

With your one on one clients, you are the implementer of the system.

With the group training clients, you become a coach to offer teaching and support only.

This same marketing system is branded under a different name is used by


The system is exclusively licensed by centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership network throughout the United States.


In 2006 Dell Computers began to sell the popular Dell Learning System with the 7 STEPS training course included. In 2007, IBM showcased a Corporate Learning System at trade shows across the USA (including Linux World in San Francisco and Brain Share in Salt Lake City) which now features the 7 STEPS training course!


Since 1995, The International Guild of Professional Consultants headquartered in Orlando, Florida has endorsed and used the system to train over 2000 members in marketing and sales consulting skills

You'll get 8 total workbooks in each set.

The workbooks look great and are printed in 4 color.

You'll get one set with your HMA System. And if group training is the way you want to go, you only pay $50 per set. ( A set is all 8 workbooks )

You will also have a set of the workbooks online to print out and use. ( note the online version may not be reproduced for resale. They are only available for one to one consulting client work.

Here's what you get.

Workbook #1- Uncovering Your Unique Selling Proposition for More Sales - 35 pages

Workbook #2- Integrating USP for Exponential Growth and More Sales - 16 pages

Workbook #3- Database Marketing for More Sales - 26 pages

Workbook #4- Strategic Marketing Alliances for More Sales! - 15 pages

Workbook #5- Custom Advertising for More Sales - 36 pages

Workbook #6- Community Relations/PR for More Sales - 14 pages

Workbook #7- One-to-One Direct Marketing for More Sales - 41 pages

Workbook #8- Internet Marketing Is your Website Making Enough Sales? - 16 pages

HMA Resource # 6:

I record lots of audio interviews with my little handy digital recorder from Radio Shack Electronics. And you can do the same. Recording and publishing audio interviews have been a fantastic way for me to developed, promote and sell information products.

There's a good change you're reading this now because of one of my audio interviews.

And there's certainly no reason you can't do this for your own consulting business too

Or, at the very least, offer an interview or product creation service for your clients.

Here's what you get.

1. How To turn A $28 Book Into A $3,900 Information Product
- 20-minute audio, 46-page report

2. Seven Fatal Mistakes That Will KILL The Creation Of Your Audio Program Stone DEAD
- 9-minute audio, 34-page report

3. Seventeen Roadblocks That Can STOP You Making Your Information Product And How To Get Around Them FAST!
- 21-minute audio, 41-page document

4. Seventeen Inside Secrets To Planning And Creating Your High Value Audio Program In The Fastest Time Possible - A Fastrack Audio Creation Guide
- 20-minute audio, 42-page guide

5. Front Line Secrets From The Trenches
- 2-minute audio, 30-page report

6. Seven Hidden Audio Preseason Secrets - 7 Hidden Ways Audio Can Powerfully Control The Minds Of Your Prospects And Clients
- 12-minute audio and accompanying 35-page report

7. A Half Hour One-on-one Audio Information Product Consultation
- Certificate entitling you to your half hour one-on-one Consulting with Michael Senoff

8. Unknown Secrets About Michael Senoff’s
- 55-minute audio, 57-page transcript

9. How To Avoid The Orange and white Winnebago Of Life
- 55-minute audio, 49-page transcript

10. How To Have A Career From Your Kitchen Using A Telephone And Your Voice
- 60-minute audio

11. How I Make My Living Using A $49 Digital Recorder From Radio Shack
- 67-minute audio, 54-page transcript

12. “How To Turn Your $28 Book Into A $3,900 Information Product...”
- Two-part audio, Part One is 59 minutes and Part Two is 50 minutes, 58-page transcript

13. I Didn’t Know I Was Withholding These Secrets About Audio Marketing
- 65-minute audio, 60-page transcript

14. How To Make Your Audio Interviews Timeless…Without Spending A Lot Of Time
- 62-minute audio, 25-page transcript

15. How To Use Digital Audio Interviews To Make Money: Michael Senoff Shares Secrets for Building a Successful Internet Business
- 35-minute audio, 44-page transcript

16. How To Market Your Private Practice Using Audio Interviews
- Two-part audio, Part One is 46 minutes and Part Two is 55 minutes, 68-page transcript

17. A Detailed Look Into The Marketing Mind Of Michael Senoff
- Three-part audio, Part One is 108 minutes, 84-pages

18. Automate Your Selling Using Audio CDs
- 35-minute audio, 37-page transcript

19. How To Use Audio Interviews To Hook Prospects And Leave Them Hungry
- 45-minute audio, 62-page transcript

20. A Jam Packed Audio Marketing Consult With Kathy From Canada
- 53-minute audio, 23-page transcript

21. A Motivational Writer Learns How To Promote His Book With Audio
- 62-minute audio, 42-page transcript

22. How To Pick A Niche And Find A Market: An AMS Consultation
- 28-minute audio, 43-page transcript

23. Audio Marketing Consult With Octavio From Chile
- 48-minute audio, 21-page transcript

24. "Shez Got The Moves"
- 47-minute audio and an accompanying 52-page transcript

25. How To Win At Online Poker Information Product Consult
- 53-minute audio, 55-page transcript

26. Singing Your Way To The Bank: Marketing Advice For a Voice Coach
- 69-minute audio, 45-page transcript

27. How To Turn A Bum Opportunity Into A Money Maker Using The Power Of Voice
- 69-minute audio, 45-page transcript

28. An Idea Better Than Barbeque Baby Back Ribs
- 75-minute audio, 51-page transcript

29. Consult With Cory A Glass Blowers Information Product Seller
- 31-minute audio, 42-page transcript

30. The Red Had Lady Story
- 35-minute audio, 37-page transcript

31. How To Record And Publish Audio Content For Your Web Site
- 8-minute audio, 29-page transcript

32. Edit, Record, Encode, and Master Nearly Any Form of Digital Audio Including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and More
- 89-minute audio, 60-page transcript

33. How To Get Audio On Your Website And In Your A-mails With The Use Of A Telephone
- 32-minute audio

34. How To Choose The Right Product To Market
- 29-minute audio, 40-page transcript

35. The Story Of A “Love Guru” Who Uses Audio To Find Mr. Right
- 45-minute audio, 54-page transcript

36. How To Use Ebooks To Find Great Ideas For Your Own Information Product
- 51-minute audio

37. How To Shift Your Strategy To Explode Your Information Product Sales
- 31-minute audio, 41-page transcript

38. Discover The Simple, Yet Little-Known Secrets For Creating Your Own Best-Selling Information Product In A Single Evening! - 41-minute audio, 57-page transcript

39. The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide To Making Money Off Of Audio Interviews: A Tele-seminar With Michael Senoff - Six 30-min audio segments, 90-page transcripts

HMA Resource # 7:

You get lifetime access to exclusive online training and support in your HMA University --including online audio, email, telephone back-up and more.

You’ll hear intensive interviews with marketing coaches making anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000 (two million dollars) doing marketing coaching and consulting. You'll learn their secret ways of making money.

You'll learn how they run their consulting businesses for maximum profits and minimum work.

These interviews and trainings have been published in your HMA University, which means you'll have all the support and feedback you need to make your consulting business fly right from the start.

HMA Resource # 8


You'll get my famous "Joint Venture Magic" system -- including audio training, joint venture sales letters and more.

My Joint Venture Magic System has sold for as much as $595, but you'll get it as part of your HMA system at no extra cost.

And trust me, if you do nothing else but harness and apply the enormous power of joint ventures -- as explained in this course -- you'll never worry about money again.

Here's what you get.

1. Joint Venture Training Manual
- 196 page, Joint Venture Letter Templates, Winning Joint Venture Sales Letters

2. Business Analysis Solutions
- 32 Business Analysis Solutions and Worksheet

3. How Oprah Winfrey Created A Multi-Million Dollar Stream Of Income With One Simple Joint Venture…And How You Can “Adapt”  What She Did And Do The Exact Same Thing!
- 58-minute audio, 62-page transcript

4. How To Make Cold Call Selling Into A Fun And More Profitable Activity Over Night
- 41-minute audio, 56-page transcript

5. UK Joint Venture "Guru" Explains How To Quickly And Easily Set Up Profitable Joint Venture Deals Part One (And Why Most People Do It The Wrong Way)
- 33-minute audio, 38-page transcript

6. Vanish Interview Part Two
- 72-minute audio, 60-page transcript

7. How High To Raise The Price Of Your Joint Venture Commissions And Fees Without Your Joint Venture Partner Batting An Eye
- 50-minute audio, 48-page transcript

8. How Your Local Yellow Pages + A Simple Mathematical Formula + A Routine Joint Venture Agreement With A Web Designer Can Equal Tens Of Thousand Of Dollars In Monthly "Take-It-To-The-Bank" Cash Flow For You And Your Family
- Three-part audio, Part I is 21 minutes, Part II is 23 minutes, and Part III is 25 minutes, 62-page transcript

9. Attitude Is Everything – Learn How To Make The Best First-Impression When Approaching A Joint Venture Prospect
- 15-minute audio, 33-page transcript

10. How To Introduce The Massive Power Of Barter Into Your Joint Venture Deals
- 62-minute audio, 46-page transcript

11. How to Use 45,000 Online PayPal Shop Owners and One Simple E-mail Letter to Set Up the Easiest and Most Profitable Joint Ventures on the Planet
- 38-minute audio, 45-page transcript

12. You Will Be Amazed To Learn How Easy Joint Venture Deal Making Can Be
- Two-part audio  (One is 33 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes), 55-page transcript

13. How You Can Make Big Money As Easily As Answering Your Phone - Even If You Are Dead Broke, Have No Experience And Have No Resources Whatsoever
- 58-minute audio, 50-page transcript

HMA Resource # 9:

There is one thing better then growing a client’s business.

And that's buying one already making money. Ok, we’ve all had the dream.

Wearing an expensive outfit, you strut into your high school reunion and announce to all your old snooty classmates that you own a multimillion-dollar business.

Their mouths fall open as you tell them about the healthy six-figure income you’re taking in for doing nothing… but goofing off and playing golf.

And your life couldn’t be better.

Believe it or not, that doesn’t have to be a dream.

An elite businessman mentor of mine named Art Hamel has been doing just that for more than 50 years. He’s perfected his formula for buying businesses, and for a limited time, he’s teaching it to others.

But don’t think this system is just for the “elite” or the “privileged.” His step-by-step course is so down to earth and easy to follow, anyone can use it to buy businesses and earn six-figure incomes -- without banks, credit or even any experience.

As as an HMA Coach, you'll have the detailed information you need to identify if your client's business is ripe for selling.

Many sellers have never given it a serious thought. If you can buy right and grow your new business with good marketing like what you'll learn in the HMA system, you could end up sitting on a goldmine.

You'll receive more than 22 audio lessons in all. 8 plus hours of the audio lessons are from Art Hamel.

You also get a downloadable comprehensive workbook that guide you through each and every aspect of the system - from A to Z.

He's owned more than 200 businesses himself over the last 40 years using his system. And, he used to teach seminars on the subject.

In fact, the system you'll receive is the home-study version he created for the people who couldn't make it to his seminars.

About 19 years ago, this same system was the biggest seller on the Home Shopping Network.

And since I am the only person on the planet who Art lets offer his system, you simply cannot get it anywhere else.

Here's what you get

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide To Buying And Owning A Winning Business: A Tele-Seminar With Art Hamel

1. Part One: How To Get Started...Even If You Don’t Have Any Money Or Connections
- 58-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

2. Part Two: The Best Types Of Businesses To Buy And How To Find Them
- 37-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

3. Part Three: Evaluating And Determining The Value Of A Business
- 46-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

4. Part Four: Obtaining Investors Or Bank Loans
- 38-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

5. Part Five: Negotiating The Deal
- 20-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

6. Part Six: Running The Business
- 51-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

7. Part Seven: Working With Art
- 28-minute audio, 159-page transcript of all seven segments

8. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Buying A Franchise Interview With Art Hamel
- 50-minute audio, 98-page transcript

9. If You Invest In Real Estate, Then Here's A Fast And Easy Way To Multiply Your Profits By 1600% And Get Cash-Flow You Can Use For What You Want
- 27-minute audio, 13-page transcript

10. Detailed Answers To Questions From Existing Art Hamel Students
- 51-minute audio, 50-page transcript

11. How To Get The Money You Need For Your Business When The Banks Says No
- 43-minute audio, 44-page transcript

12. Why Even IRS Agents And Small Business Administration Officials Attended Art's Business-Buying Seminars
- 81-minute audio, 31-page transcript

13. Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Buying A Business Using Other Peoples' Money - Even If Your Outside The United States
- Two-part audio, Part One is 41 minutes and Part Two is 63 minutes, 94-page transcript

14. How A Ten-Minute "Chat" With Art Hamel Turned Into A "Mini-Seminar" Revealing Some Of His Most Jealously-Guarded Secrets!
- 32-minute audio, 60-page transcript

15. How A “Business Angel” Can Get You The Money For Your Next Business
- 42-minute audio, 42-page transcript

16. How To Use “Business Angels” To Get All The Money Your Need For The Business Of Your Dreams
- Two-part audio, Part One is 53 minutes and Part Two is 22 minutes, 52-page transcript

17. Introduction to Arthur Hamel Business Evaluation Program
- 53-minute audio, 34-page transcript

18. How To Get Financing For A Business Fast
- 61-minute audio

19. Don't Buy A Business Until You Hear This Advice From Art Hamel Student
- 53-minute audio, 54-page transcript

20. Can Talking With Art Hamel Save You $4.5 Million? For This New York Man, It Almost did...
- 13-minute audio, 37-page transcript

21. Art Hamel Business Plan Web Links
- Web Links to create your own business plan

22. Art Hamel System Workbook
- 139-page workbook

23. Complete Transcript of Art Hamel's Audio Lessons
- 251-page transcript

24. Sample Letters And Scripts
- Proven samples of letters, emails, scripts, and messages that you can customize


HMA Resource # 10

HLMA Hidden Licensing Marketing Assets System

As you start to learn more about your client's business, you'll learn that they own systems, informational intellectual property, info products, processes, specialized know-how, trademarks, patents and more. And you need to understand that all of these non-tangible items are hidden marketing assets.

And as an HMA Marketing Consultant, being able to identify licensing assets in your clients businesses can be huge win for you.

I've secured and exclusive licensing deal with Rand Brenner, America's dean of licensing to bring you his specialized licensing training to the HMA family.

Rand has negotiated landmark merchandise and promotional licensing agreements with Hewlett Packard, Kellogg's, Bandai America, Hasbro, Quaker Oats, Pepsi, and many others.

Rand managed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (a $3 billion worldwide retail sales licensing phenomenon), two Power Rangers Movies (produced in conjunction with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation), the Batman movie (Tim Burton/Warner Bros production generating over $500 million in merchandise revenues), the classic Looney Tunes (i.e. Bugs Bunny) and Tiny Toon Adventures (Spielberg/Warner Bros)

But the best thing about Rand it that he can teach you how to uncover hidden licensing marketing assets in your clients business.

Rand can actually make the subject of licensing IP cool and fun.


1. Intro to Licensing: Creating A Cash Flow Machine - Part One:
Getting Started On An Action Plan That's Right For You
-52-minute audio, 12-page course workbook, 21-page transcript.

2. Intro to Licensing: Creating A Cash Flow Machine - Part Two:
How To Find Licensees And Negotiate The Terms Of Your Agreement
-37-minute audio and accompanying 15-page transcript.

3. Licensing Mastery Part One: Identifying Options, Opportunities, And Where Your Product Fits In
-55-minute audio, 63-page course workbook, and accompanying 22-page

4. Licensing Mastery Part Two: The Power Of Research, Trade Shows, And Enthusiasm
-48-minute audio and accompanying 20-page transcript.

5. Licensing Mastery Part Three: How To Build Value And Negotiate Royalties
-42-minute audio and accompanying 17-page transcript.

6. Licensing Mastery Part Four: Understanding The 3 Key Legal Documents Of The Licensing Process
-46-minute audio and accompanying 18-page report.

You'll learn the fundamentals of licensing like . . .

* Examples of intellectual property licensing
* 5 quick-start steps for using it to make money
* A "can't miss" way to get started.
* How to present yourself when putting license agreements together
* How to start with no prior experience
* Everything you need to find intellectual properties to license
* License VS selling . . . The truth about both.
* Exploding the education myth with IP licensing
* Steps to go from zero to making money in licensing in 90 days.
* Real-life insights into identifying lucrative licensing opportunity
* What your first move should be once you find a product to license
* The surprising reason why you don't you have to be a lawyer.

HMA Resource # 11:


Here's a valuable collection of contracts and letters of agreement to use in your HMA consulting business.

Without a doubt, you would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees for a collection of agreements like these.

But this entire collection is yours when you become an HMA Coach.

With your guide, you can legally close the deal using binding agreements without the pain and the expense of an attorney.

You'll get each agreement typed out in MS Word and you'll get a training on the best way to use these agreements.

1. Agreement For Licensing An Old Product To Create A New One

2. Barter Letter Agreement  

3. Barter Letter Agreement for Personal Services  

4. Contingency Letter Agreement

5. Copy Writer Agreement

6. Intellectual Property Rights Agreement  

7. List Use Letter Agreement  

8. List Usage With Contingency Fee Agreement  

9. List Rental Agreement  

10. Marketing Consultant Retainer Agreement  

11. Non-Disclosure Agreement  

12. Productivity Enhancement Agreement  

13. Agreement For Creating A New Profit Center  

14. Referral Fee Agreement  

15. Simple Letter Agreement  

16. Consignment Letter Agreement  

17. Authorization to Negotiate Letter  

18. Permission To Use Copyrighted Materials Agreement  

19. Demand for Payment Letters  

20. Standard Clauses  

HMA Resource # 12:

You get a gift certificate for $1000 off my audio creation service.

This will pay for itself a hundred times over in your first year alone.

Here's why:

If your client can talk into a phone, I can create him an information product that can sell for anywhere between $497-$3900. I’ve done it myself. I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of information products using this very system.

And with your help, he can then sell that product or use it to generate leads for his business. And, of course, if you set up a contingency agreement...

You Will Get Paid On These Sales Too.

You'll also get a certificate worth $500 off my audio infomercial service.

There’s nothing better than a hard-hitting audio recording that features the benefits of your product or service, and there’s no better deliveryman than the Internet.

Plus, you can also use these services for your own business.

When you have your own, unique audio infomercial, you'll literally ooze with the kind of ironclad credibility money can't buy.

And even your most skeptical prospects will want to hire you right on the spot.

There's a good chance you're reading this now because of an audio interview.

And perhaps the best part about your certificate is that it can be sold or transferred to your clients. There is no expiration date as long as you remain an active HMA Coach.

HMA Resource # 13:

Free publicity and press training from the "Publicity Doctor."

This is HUGE.

Especially when you set up contingency and commission deals. Because every time you use free publicity, money will come back to you in buckets, without your client having to do anything but answer the phone and answer a few questions.

You’ll learn the secret of getting millions of dollars in free publicity for your business and your clients' businesses in newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

HMA Resource # 14:


You'll get the reprint and resale rights to 24 professionally written business reports:

You'll own the reprint and resale rights to all reports below.

You don't pay me a dime or any royalties.  You can package them and sell them to prospective clients or use them as educational incentives.

You can give them away for free. These reports are available for you to download in Microsoft Word and in PDF.

My website and company name is NOT listed on most of these reports.

By you becoming an HMA consultant, you are granted the digital and print duplication resale rights of these reports.

Use them as lead generating tools for your consulting business.

There are thousands of dollars worth of consulting advice contained in there reports.

Report No.1: Special Report BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Vol. I 21 Insider Consulting Secrets You're NOT Supposed To Know.”86 pages of The Most Revealing, Proprietary Consulting Secrets On The Subject of Marketing Consulting That Exist Anywhere

Report No.2: The Headline Bank which is a hundred of the top money-making headlines.

Report No.3: Quick Fix Marketing which is a one shot turnaround strategies for 50 different companies. If all you did was take that one business report that you’ll be getting in your MODULE two, you’d have 50 marketing plans for 50 different businesses that you can go out and use

Report No.4: Insider Business Strategies, Five Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line Profits Without Spending an Extra Dime on Advertising

Report No.5: Report #2: SPECIAL CLASSIFIED MAGIC... How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG! (Best-Selling Book - 80 8.5 x 11 inch pages)

Report No.6: Headline Q & A's -- Frequently Asked Questions About How Anyone, Anywhere Can Write Compelling, Moneymaking Headlines, Quickly & Easily

Report No.7: Great Advertising Quotations... A Collection of Thoughts On The Business Of Attracting Customers

Report No.8: The Power of Unique Selling Propositions Why Your USP Must Be #1 in Marketing

Report No.9: How To UP YOUR PROFIT In A Down Economy... 114 Tips, Techniques and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, and Pile Up Your Profits -- When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive!

Report No.10: 7 Quick and Easy Headline Formulas... Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Explosive, Attention-Grabbing Headlines ANYTIME!

Report No.11: Yellow Pages Success Secrets... How To Attract More New Business With A Riveting Ad That Captures Immediate
Attention... Arouses Intense Interest... and Gets The Call Every Time!

Report No.12: 140 Quick Headline Tips... Easy To Use Techniques, Tactics and Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting
Attention-Grabbing Headlines!

Report No.13: How To Use Brochures To Grow Your Business... 79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics and Techniques to Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure!

Report No.14: How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days... 11 Key Concepts For Turning Your Business Into A Powerful, Customer-Focused Marketing Machine!

Report No.15: The Ultimate, Idea-Inducing, Creativity-Enhancing Sample Headline Collection... Over 600 Examples Of Published Headlines Including Some Of The Best Ever!

Report No.16: How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time... 113 Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Productivity and Overcome Procrastination!

Report No.17: Unlimited Prospects Instantly... How To Magnetically Attract A Flood of Fresh, Qualified and Highly-Interested Prospects -- Anytime You Want!

Report No.18: Display Ad Secrets... 101 Powerful Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Maximum Results

Report No.19: 113 Powerful, Persuasive Ways To Turn ANY Sales Letter Into An Explosive, Highly Responsive Moneymaking Machine!

Report No.20: The Ultimate, Idea-Inducing, Creativity-Enhancing Sample Headline Collection VOLUME TWO... Another Bundle Of
Published Headlines -- Including Some Of The Best Ever! (Not shown in photograph)

Report No.21: Best Headline Words And Phrases Quick Reference Guide -- The Ultimate, Super-Fast Headline Creation Tool! (Not shown in photograph)

Report No.22: Instant Headline Postcards Swipe File -- Get 125+ Top-Notch Headlines Prepared For Easy and Instant Headline Writing (This is the kind of headline reference library the great Gary Halbert uses and endorses!) (Not shown in photograph)

Report No.23 Hidden Marketing Assets -- How To Sell More Consulting Services At Full Price In A Shorter Period of Time Than You Have Ever Done Before!

Report No.24 Client Case Studies Volume 1 - Let One Of North America’s Top Marketing Consulting Experts Show You, In Person, The Hottest “Low Cost/High Return” Consulting Secrets & Strategies To Double Your Business In Record Time”

The great thing about having all these reports is not only the business changing information...but that you can also resell them.

You're going to have all the rights you need to put your own company name on them and resell them to your clients to make revenue.

This is a residual income opportunity built in to the HMA Marketing Consulting Training.

You'll own these reports in Microsoft Word and PDF files so that you can reproduce these for your clients to sell to them directly.

HMA Resource # 15:


Unlock The Buying Code System Workbook, MP3 Downloads plus the Online Audio Lessons

Selling has never been easier. In this system, you'll find the key components on how the Unlock the Buying Code system works, and what you will need to get started.

Why you will want to practice this system on your friends and family before you try it on prospects and how to do that. How to look for unconscious physical feedback cues that will let you know that you have gotten their code right.

What criteria that people much meet before you can sell them anything. The way that most people sell is wrong, but fortunately it is not hard to rethink your selling strategy.

Here's what you get with the Ken Ellsworth Unlock The Buying Code System.

1. Unlock The Buying Code Workbook and Worksheets
- 28 page workbook, 2 worksheets

2. Unlock the Buying Code Lesson Audio Transcripts
- 41 page transcript

3. The Psychology of Selling: How to Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale
- 55-minute audio, 34-page transcript

4. Lesson One: How To Unlock The Buying Strategy
- 29-minute audio, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons

5. Lesson Two: How To Get Your Prospects Prepped And Ready
- 25-minute audio, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons

6. Lesson Three: How To Find And Decipher Code Words
- 21-minute audio, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons

7. Lesson Four: The Key To Locating Your Prospects’ Motivation Keys
- 25-minute audio, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons

8. Lesson Five: How To Use Your Prospect’s Buying Code Once You’ve Got It
- 27-minute audio, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons

9. Lesson Six: Hear The Buying Code System In Action
- 11-minute audio, a Jewelry Buying Code Strategy Worksheet, 41-page transcript of all six (6) lessons.

HMA Resource # 16:



I no longer offer my audio interview on my site for free. They can only be used and offered by my new HMA 2015 Marketing Consultants.

This is huge news for you. You'll have the marketing, upload and editing rights on my collection of 157 hours of audio content and written transcripts from

You'll own the use rights ( not the resale right) to over 157 hours of downloadable audio interviews, marketing lessons and transcripts by Bob Bly, Mark Joyner, Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, Brian Keith Voiles, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, and many other marketing experts.

You'll instantly have a mountain of new products you can:

* Use to get more customers, clients, subscribers and strategic business contacts.

* Use as free bonuses to sell consulting projects and services.

* Offer as special incentives to help your clients sell more of their existing products.

* Package and bundle together to make one-of-a-kind products to give away free to build good will.

* Educate and excite your clients.

* The options of what you can do with this content is endless.

* This content has been a labor of love that has taken me 10 years and easily over $100,000 to build.

And yet, I'm making this available to you exclusive as one of my HMA Marketing Coaches.

HMA Resource # 17:


The Wal-Mart Gold System is by far the most comprehensive training system ever created on real ways for getting your product into Wal-Mart and other giant retailers -- including non-mass market stores (such as grocery and gift stores).

It covers every aspect of getting your product into Wal-Mart and other mass retailers -- from "A to Z." It reveals insider secrets learned throughout many years from an inside and very secretive look at the world of mass-market retailing.

Your about to learn how to start making money as quickly as possible with Wal-Mart Gold.


You'll Start with section one and work through each section, one at a time, in order. Before you know it, you'll know more about getting your product into Wal-Mart and other mass retailers than 99% of all businesses in the world.


The Wal-Mart Gold System contains 19 audio lesson in mp3 audio files. You can play online or download to your ipod, cell phone or computer. And you get the accompanying word for word transcripts that you'll be able to print out or read online.

1. Five Simple Ways to Get In Wal-Mart…Even If You Have No Money
Section One consists of a 26-minute audio and an accompanying 15-page transcript.

2. How to Tell If You’re Ready For Wal-Mart
Section Two consists of a 12-minute audio and an accompanying 9-page transcript.

3. How to Prepare For Wal-Mart
Section Three consists of a 16-minute audio and an accompanying 11-page transcript.

4. How to Research Your Market and Competition
Section Four consists of an 8-minute audio and an accompanying 7-page transcript.

5. How to Read a Wal-Mart Buyer’s Mind
Section Five consists of a 22-minute audio and an accompanying 13-page transcript.

6. How to Create a Product That Makes Money in Wal-Mart
Section Six consists of a 27-minute audio and an accompanying 16-page transcript.

7. How to Know If Your Product Will Sell Before You Create It
Section Seven consists of a 15-minute audio and an accompanying 11-page transcript.

8. How to Use Other People’s Money to Get in Wal-Mart
Section Eight consists of a 17-minute audio and an accompanying 12-page transcript.

9. How to Set Up a Million Dollar Joint Venture
Section Nine consists of a 7-minute audio and an accompanying 7-page transcript.

10. How to Start or Buy a Business with None of Your Own Money Down
Section Ten consists of a 27-minute audio and an accompanying 15-page transcript.

11. Million Dollar Packaging Secrets That Can Make You Rich
Section Eleven consists of a 23-minute audio and an accompanying 14-page transcript.

12. How to Merchandize Your Products for Maximum Sales
Section Twelve consists of a 20-minute audio and an accompanying 11-page transcript.

13. How to Get Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Advertising for Pocket Change
Section Thirteen consists of a 18-minute audio and an accompanying 12-page transcript.

14. How to Make a Fortune Selling to Non-Mass Market Retailers
Section Fourteen consists of a 15-minute audio and an accompanying 11-page transcript.

15. Preparing For Sales Calls to Wal-Mart Buyers
Section Fifteen consists of a 18-minute audio and an accompanying 12-page transcript.

16. How to Sell Your Products at Trade Shows
Section Sixteen consists of an 11-minute audio and an accompanying 9-page transcript.

17. How to Finance Your Business Without Paying Any Interest
Section Seventeen consists of a 6-minute audio and an accompanying 7-page transcript.

18. How International Businesses Can Sell to Wal-Marts in the U.S.
Section Eighteen consists of a 13-minute audio and an accompanying 9-page transcript.

19. It’s Your Move – How We Can Help You
Section Nineteen consists of a 5-minute audio and an accompanying 7-page transcript.


I've been busy interviewing giants who have been able to get their products into mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lows, and more. I've captured their full story from the humble beginnings to success. Listen as I dig out every step-by-step secret and method so you can get the blueprint to do it on your own. This is some of the most powerful information ever. Here are a few related audios to get you started:

1. "How I Personally Sold 45 Million Dollars Worth Of Products To Wal-Mart and Other Major Retail Giants."
-This audio interview consists of a two-part audio (Part One is 54 minutes and Part Two is 58 minutes) and accompanying 62-page transcript of both audios.

2. "I Came To America At Age 15 And Now My Company Employs More Than 1,000 Associates With 5 Distribution Centers Around the Country Importing Flowers From Colombia And Selling Huge Volumes To Wal-Mart And Most Of America's Largest Mass Retailers. Learn How I Did It."
-63-minute audio and an accompanying 38-page transcript.

3. "C'mon! It Can't Be THIS EASY To Get Your Product Into Wal-Mart ( And Become A Millionaire)... Can It?" (Ultimate Wal-Mart Selling Secrets)
-61-minute audio and an accompanying 41-page transcript.

4. How I Got My Product Into Home Depot
-Two-part audio (Part One is 31 minutes and Part Two is 25 minutes) and accompanying 39-page transcript of both audios.

5. Discover The Amazing Winning Secret To Selling To Wal-Mart Many Will Try And Most Will Fail. Why? Because To Sell To Wal-Mart You Must Have The One Ingredient That Most Manufactures Are Missing...A Buyer On Your Side!
-57-minute audio and an accompanying 32-page transcript.

6. How To Use Master Brokers To Get Your Product Into Wal-Mart And Other Large Mass Retailers.
-48-minute audio and an accompanying 24-page transcript.

7 How To Make Huge Amounts Of Cash Selling To Wal-Mart… Even During A Recession!
-Two-part audio (Part One is 52 minutes and Part Two is 51 minutes) and accompanying 49-page transcript of both audios.


This is a complete recourse directory of the top websites, publications and resources revealed in the main system.

It took over 15 years to find and test these different resources. And this list can literally be worth a fortune to you -- as long as you use it the way describes in your Wal-Mart system.

You can learn a lot about each distribution channel you are considering for your product by checking out industry trade shows, trade magazines and trade associations.

• Advertising, Media & PR Resources

• Direct Marketing/Mail Order Resources

• Distribution Channel Directories

• Dunn & Bradstreet Resources

• EDI Info, Supplier & Training Guide

• UPC Codes

• Infomercial Contacts

• Inventor Web Site Resources

• Licensing Contacts

• Market Research Reports

• Retail Trade Associations

• Wholesale Distributor Trade Associations

• Trade Show Directories

• Wal-Mart Information and Resources

• The Top 100 Retailers

HMA Resource # 18:


Here are My TWELVE Most Powerful Audio Consultations On The Subject Of Developing A (USP) Unique Selling Proposition

I have searched my archives for my most powerful audio consultation on the subject of USP. Many of these recordings are actual consulting sessions with paying clients.

You'll listen in as I craft and teach the power of a USP. Each of these consultations are packed with money making ideas and specific examples of how you can take what you do and developed it into a powerful reason why someone should buy from you.

Your USP quickly telegraphs this reason and reminds your prospect over and over and over again.

My TWELVE Most Powerful Audio Consultations On The Subject Of Developing A (USP) Unique Selling Proposition

1. A Systematic Approach To Creating A USP (Live Case Study With Web Hosting Firm)
- 46-minute audio, 60-page transcript

2. USP Strategy Revealed
- 15-minute audio, 35-page transcript

3. Why Your Customers Will Always Know Your USP Better Than YOU
- 32-minute audio, 49-page transcript

4. How To Integrating Nick's USP In To His Web Hosting Business To Sell More, Sell Stronger
- 23-minute audio, 41-page transcript

5. The USP Of A Snack Food String Cheese Distributor
- Three-part audio, Part One is 33 minutes, Part Two is 31 minutes, and Part Three is 38 minutes, 88-page transcript

6. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Live Consulting Session Results in $1200 Consulting Project
- 43-minute audio, 49-page transcript

7. Opportunity Analysis Training With Jonathan The Owner of A Guided Fishing Tour Business
- 61-minute audio, 62-page transcript

8. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Dave Owner Of A Diabetic Supplement Company Part One
- Two-part audio, Part One is 55 minutes and Part Two is 40 minutes, 54 page and 45 page transcripts

9. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Small Start-Up Internet Business
- Two-part audio, Part One is 31 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes, 53-page transcript

10. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Barcus Accounting Practice
- Two-part audio, Part 1 & 2 are 25 minutes, 50-page transcript

11. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Raphael Small Moving Business
- Two-part audio, Part One is 35 minutes and Part Two is 29 minutes, 47-page transcript

12. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Ryan Dental Lab Part One
- 40-minute audio, 75-page transcript


HMA Resource # 19:


Writing or what folks in the sales writing field call copywriting is a critical part of marketing and selling. And I've included a collection of trainings and products that will help you become the best in the world.

And if you did nothing but work on honing your skills as a copywriter, you could write your own ticket working from anywhere in the world.

And these training are now exclusive only to my 2015 HMA Marketing Coaches.

Here's what you get . . .

Eugene Schwarz Master Pack

A while back, a business owner with only $3500 to his name asked Eugene Schwartz to write a sales letter for his company.

Eugene’s fees for the letter were $2500, and without hesitation, the man paid it to him. That night, Eugene wrote the letter while waiting for his wife to put on her make-up so they could go out to dinner.

When the letter was released, sales for the company exploded. And now that company, Boardroom Inc., makes $50 million in sales a year.

Saying you have “Eugene Schwartz-like copywriting skills” is like saying you’re one of an elite group of top-notch, highly paid, sought-after, “gun” copywriters. It’s like saying you’re the best of the best.

And, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to become one.

This Master Pack gives you everything you need. You could be up and running, writing fantastic copy for clients in just days after reviewing this exclusive HMA copywriting training.

Just Look At What You Get . . .

1. Eugene Schwartz Copywriting Seminar Audio

This audio seminars are 180 minutes and comes with the accompanying html transcripts.

2. Eugene Schwartz Swipe Files of Eugene Schwartz's Ads in PDF format.

* Now -- Run Your Car Without Spark Plus -- Get Up to 31 More Horse-Power
* How to Avoid Lawyers
* The British Miracle That Creates SUPER PLANTS in the the House!
* Wonder Sprayer For Farm and Home
* You Can Lose 20, 40, 60,EVEN 100 pounds and never gain an ounce of it back
* Has this man developed the power to control his own destiny?
* Builds You A Memory In 4 Short Weeks So Powerful It is Beyond Your Dreams
* At Last! A Plastic Surgeon's Diet!
* How to Make Up to 13 1/2 % or More on Your Savings -- All Fully Insured
* Turns up your "Digestive Furnace" and burns flab right off your body!
* World's First Spot-Reducing Diet!
* I found a crazy, lady way to reduce!
* World's First Spot-Reducing Diet!
* World's Easiest Yoga
* How To Buy Money...Cheap!
* Secrets of Eastern Super-Men Revealed To West At Last!
* World's First Spot-Reducing Diet!
* At Last! Instant Relaxation!
* How to Stay Young Till 90
* She Sells Youth!
* Don't Pay A Penny Till This Course Turns Your Mind Into A Metal Magnet
* Throw Away Your Pillow
* The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself
* How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out Of Your Face!
* The Springtime Of A Woman's Life Should Begin At 55
* "Miracle Fat-Burning Foods"
* Your Nerves Can Cure Themselves
* Take Food, Not Medicine, If You Suffer from Any One of These Ills!
* Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!
* Every cell of your face has a "clock" in it! Here's how to wind it backwards!
* Begin Your "Middle Years" at 70, 80, Even 90!
* Don't Pay 1 Cent More For Gas this Year Than You Did Last!
* Are You Ready To Use HYPNOTISM To Make Life Give YOU What You Want!
* Now! Turn Your Mind Into A Mental Magnet
* Turn Yourself Into A Learning Machine
* How To Turn Your Child Into A Classroom Wizard
* Your Body Is Twice As Young As You Think!
* How To Live To Be A Hundred!
* At Last! Natural Face Lifting By Exercise!
* You can make your face look as though time was running backwards!
* Learn How to Rinse Away Your Blackheads!
* Use Your Newspaper to Boost Your Child's Grades
* Break All the Rules, and Win a 35-Year-Old Body at 50-60-70- and Beyond!
* How To Eat Your Way Out Of Fatigue!
* World's First Effortless Exerciser!
* How to Defend Yourself Against the HUMAN PARASITES
* Food Is Your Best Medicine
* You Will Lose Up To 100 Pounds Per Year and Never Gain an Ounce of it Back!
* Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Starving Your Brain?
* "I lost 85 lbs. of ugly fat in only 2 short months!"
* Don't Pay A Penny Till This Course Turns Your Mind Into A Human Computer!
* 'You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches and Pains All Over the Body!'
* Doctors in Sweden say there IS a Cure for Arthritis
* You Are Twice As Smart As You Think!
* I'll Make You A Mental Wizard In One Evening!
* Now! Automatic Learning With: "The Information Machine"
* Now! Run Your Car Without Spark Plugs!
* Fantastic New $5 Rose Never Seen Before
* How Your Horoscope Can Bring You Wealth, Love, Success and Happiness
* Ohio Man Discovers The Secret of How to Escape The American Rat Race
* The Secret Of Having Good Luck
* The Machine That Peels Off Pounds While You Sit Back and Enjoy It
* Why People In Vermont Are Healthier, Less Overweight, Stay Young Longer,
* How I Finally Lost All My Excess Weight - After Being Over Weight All My Life and Failing At Every Diet In Existence
* Fountain of Youth Discovered By Little Known Civilization Over 2300 Years Ago
* Public to get FREE U.S. Coins
* The Only Dignified, Meaningful And Lasting Memento Of Elvis Presley
* Notice of U.S. Mint Release
* It's The Necklace Inspired By The Movie Titanic
* Crackdown on sweepstakes focuses on abuse of the elderly
* New advanced portable heater can cut your heating bill up to 50%

HMA Resource # 20:


Tap The Brains Of 20 Of The Greatest Masters Of Writing Of All-Time . . .Including Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Denny Hatch, Melvin Powers, Mike Pavlish, Carl Gelletti, Brian Keith Voiles, Gary Halbert, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly, Ben Settle, David, Bullock, Eugene Schwartz and more. Slash years off your writing education.


1) Ted Nicholas Interview - "Secrets From "The Man" Who's Sold More Than $6 Billion In Products Using These Direct Response Methods"
-79-minute audio, 59-page transcript
2) John Carlton - How To Succeed In Marketing Even When Everyone Wants To See You Fail
-76-minute audio, 60-page transcript

3) Denny Hatch - Money-Making Secrets Straight from the Lips of the Legendary Direct Market Guru.
-55-minute audio, 32-page transcript
4) Melvin Powers - An Interview With Legendary Book Publisher
Three-part audio, Part I is 62 minutes, Part II is 38 minutes, and Part III is 44 minutes, --77-page transcript

5) Mike Pavlish - - Writing Secrets That Will Double To Triple your Direct Mail Response And Profit
-52-minute audio, 41-page transcript
6) Bob Bly Interviewed By Michael Senoff
Bob Bly - Two-part audio, Part I is 62 minutes and Part II is -48 minutes, 87-page transcript
7) Ben Settle -- Find Out What It Really Takes To Pull More Sales And Profits From Every Ad or Sales Letter You Ever Use
-63-minute audio, 63-page transcript

 8) David Bullock - How The Japanese "Cracked The Code" To Online Advertising Testing
-63-minute audio, 59-page transcript

9) Barie Bedell - "Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Marketing, Advertising, Writing, or Direct Mail Until They've Listened To This Interview At Least 7 Times"
-123-minute audio, 85-page transcript

10) Eugene Schwartz - "Having Been An Ad Man For Over Fifteen Years, I Wish I Could Have Heard This Eugene Schwartz Recording Sooner"
-The Full 90-minute audio
11) Carl Gelletti Interview
Three-part audio, Part I is 41 minutes, Part II is 36 minutes, and Part III is 54 minutes,  -81-page transcript

12) Brian Voiles - How I Went From A Minimum Wage Brick-Yard Worker, To Part-time Janitor, To Professional Magician, To Brain Tumor Survivor, To One Of The World's Greatest Living Copywriters

Five-part audio, Part I is 33 minutes, Part II is 28 minutes, Part III is 28 minutes, Part IV is 31 minutes, Part V is 50 minutes,-87-page transcript

13) Ruben Estrada - -Story-telling Advice From A Hollywood Screen-writer - How To Effectively Use Story Telling In Your Copy To Sell More Of Your Products Or Services-60-minute audio, 51-page transcript

14) Herschell Gordon Lewis--Author Of 20 Books On Advertising, Writing And Direct Marketing--Reveals Secrets Of Success In Writing
-77-minute audio, 52-page transcript

15) Here's A Rare Recording From Gary C. Halbert A Marketing Legend In The Direct Response Mail Order Business
-31-minute audio, 42-page transcript

16) Classified Advertising - Work Smart, Make Money, Retire Early With Two-step Classified Advertising Promotions- John Edgar
-48-minute audio, 42-page transcript

17) Taylor Trump - When To Sue Your Copywriter-281 Pound Body Builder Spills His Gut And Reveals All He Knows About How To Write Killer Web Site Copy
-40-minute audio, 36-page transcript
18) Another Recording From Writing Expert John Carlton On How To Make Your Copy Sell Better
-29-minute audio, 32-page transcript

19) Joe Vitale - How To Electrify Your Writing
-71-minute audio, 52-page transcript

-20) Ken Ellsworth - The Psychology of Selling: How to Use People's Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale
-Two-part audio, Part I is 30 minutes and Part II is 27 minutes, 44-page transcript

Training like this with just half these experts sell at over $5,000. But they're all yours as part of this super HMA Consulting package.

HMA Resource # 21:


Coming up with good ads and ad copy may be your thing as an HMA Marketing Consultant.

Having these ads all on one place will save you time, will save you money and will give you new ideas for headlines and marketing promotions.

You'll get the transcribed ads from Gary Halbert, Joe Karbo, Ben Suarez, Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Maxwell Sackhiem and hundreds more.


Each ad typed out in Microsoft Word.

Each ad formatted and organized by number and title.


1. 17 Appliance Advertisements

2. 55 Automobile Advertisements

3. 77 Specialty Book Advertisements

4. 29 Problem Solving Chemicals Advertisements

5. 13 Fashion Trend Setting Clothing Advertisements

6. 97 Consumer Food Advertisements

7. 99 Diet, Health & Beauty Aid Advertisements

8. 53 Information Product and Seminar Advertisements

9. 42 Insurance Advertisements

10. 18 Retail Advertisements

11. 38 Bonus Winning Advertisements

12. BONUS - You'll get access to all of the actual scanned ads too.

HMA Resource # 22:


If you can show your clients a new way to save up to 80% on hundreds of common business expenses, you'll have qualified yourself as an important and integral part of their business.

Let's face it, CASH IS KING and conserving cash-flow using barter is not well understood by most business owners.

And that is why I have included this training on barter as part of your training. You are going to learn the oldest business secret around. The secret game of barter.

Barter is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry where literally every kind of business you can think of - in almost every country in the world - does business in a large network called a "retail barter exchange."

These exchanges are exactly like huge buying clubs, where all the different member businesses are automatically inclined to buy from one another.

For example, When a web designer joins, everyone in the exchange gets a notice about it, and whoever needs a web designer is probably going to hire him. And the same goes for everyone else who joins - the plumber, the lawyer, the dentist, the copywriter, etc.

As you'll see, almost every single kind of product and service provider that exists is in these exchanges.

And believe me, I've saved tens of thousands of dollars using this loophole for my business over the years.

It took a lot of time-consuming research on these clubs to find out the best ways to take advantage of this system. But I've got it down to a science.

And what I found was that certain types of businesses seem to always be sitting on tens of thousands of trade dollars that they don't use.

And because these businesses have so much extra money, they'll sell you their "barter-club" dollars for pennies on the dollar.

Then, you can turn around and use those barter bucks, dollar for dollar, within the club for services you'd normally buy, but at a fraction of the price you'd normally pay.

It's true. It's easy. And it's perfectly legal. But it's also ridiculous how much money you can save because practically anything you need can be found in these barter clubs -- from lawyers and TV ads to restaurants and formal wear.

And because you can buy your barter dollars for pennies on the dollar, you get these products and services for your clients at huge discounts.

And the real beauty of it is you can have them resell these products and services to their customers for a nice little profit.

Let's say, you buy a product for 20 cents on the dollar and resell it at 50 cents on the dollar.

Their customers will love receiving a 50 percent savings, and your client will love receiving a hefty profit for doing nothing but being the "middle man."

It really is that simple, but you have to know the best ways to do it.

Like I said before, I did a lot of research and "trial and error" on this before I got it perfected. But, I can save you all the headaches I had to endure.

I've compiled this HMA training that'll teach you my entire system quickly and easily.

With the HMA Barter Secrets System, you'll learn which businesses are sitting on thousands of extra barter dollars. Which barter companies to join .

How to trade within a company without being a member of it . Who to talk to and exactly what to say . What products are best to sell and exactly how to do it .

This exclusive HMA Barter Training really is a secret that you won't find anywhere.

And, the few people who know about this are fanatical about keeping it a secret.

You'll blow your clients away when you are able to buy for them the same items they are buying for up to 80% off.

Imagine the leverage you'll have when charging fees for this service.

You can only get this system with free as part of this super HMA Consulting package.

Here's what you get.

1. Downloadable "Secret Loophole" Manual
- 274-pages

2. How to Buy Any Product Or Services For Your Business at 80% Off Retail
- Two-part audio, Part One is 23 minutes and Part Two is 25 minutes, 52-page transcript

3. "How I Bought And Sold On eBay A Ball And Made $3000 Profit Using A Secret Loophole In Our World's Economic System."
- 61-minute audio and the accompanying 46-page transcript

4. How To Buy Products For 20 Cents On The Dollar
- 31-minute audio, 45-page transcript

5. How To Barter Your Products And Services, Save Cash And Expand Your Business Using The Expertise Of A Professional Trade Exchange In You Town Of City
- Two-part audio, Part One is 30 minutes and Part Two is 29 minutes, 41-page transcript

6. How Trading With The Indian Can Make You Rich
- 29-minute audio, 41-page transcript

7. 13 Roadblocks That Can STOP You From Buying Trade Dollars Overnight
- 24-minute audio, 41-page transcript

8. 10 Ideas You Can Start Today With Your Barter Business
- 30-minute audio, 43-page transcript

9. Advice on Barter From A Man Who Sold Over 3000 Businesses On The Concept
- 67-minute audio and the accompanying 52-page transcript

10. Questions & Answers From A Super Skeptical Secret Loophole Student
- 52-minute audio, 53-page transcript

11. How Oprah Winfrey Created A Multi-Million Dollar Stream Of Income With One Simple Joint Venture…And How You Can Do The Exact Same Thing.
- 58-minute audio, 62-page transcript

12. Why Using This Loophole Is The Next Best Thing To Having Money Magically Appear In Your Mailbox - Even If You Have No Product Or Even A Real Business
- 15-minutes, 18-page transcript

13. Undeniable Proof This System Works Anywhere In The World...Even If There Are No Barter Companies In Your Country
- 14-minutes, 18-page transcript

14. Most Commonly Asked Questions From People Who Want To Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out
- 17-minutes, 18-page transcript

15. Barter And Income Taxes 101
- 13-minutes, 18-page transcript

HMA Resource # 23:


Selling Audio Interview Training.

Selling your value as a HMA Consultant is where the rubber meets the road.

That's why I've put together this collection of audio trainings and lessons all related to aspects of selling.

You'll use these proven selling ideas to sell your consulting services better, more often and for more money.

You'll be able to immediately download all audios and transcripts described below once in the HMA University.

1. Get Sales Faster by Changing your Cold Calling Methods - Challenge to Traditional
- 45-minute audio interview, 56-page transcript

2. Ben Gay III Interview From The Closers
- Two-part audio interview, Part I is 69 minutes and Part II is 59 minutes, 88-page transcript

3. How To Crank Up The Heat On Your Cold Calls So You Can Land More Qualified Sales Appointments
- 83-minute audio, 52-page transcript

4. The Real Secrets to Selling: An Interview with Tom Hopkins
- 66-minute audio, 51-page transcript

5. Stan Billue Interview On Selling
- Two-part audio, Part One is 58 minutes and Part II is 47 minutes, 79-page transcript

6. How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal
- 68-minute audio, 52-page transcript

7. Sales People Are Not Born They Are Trained
- 73-minute audio, 54-page transcript

8. A New Way To Sell Consulting Projects
- Two-part audio, Part One is 30 minutes and Part Two is 27 minutes, 44-page transcript

9. "Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Selling Until They've Listened To This Interview"
- 5 segment audio totaling 150 minutes

10. Finding the Phrase that Pays: A Crash Course on Sales Scripting
- Two-part audio, Part One is 27 minutes and Part Two is 20 minutes, 47-page transcript

11. How To Get Your Employees To Sell More Of Your Products And Services Then Ever Before Using The Proven Secrets Of  Incentive Programs
- 52-minute audio, 45-page transcript

12. Story-telling Advice From A Hollywood Screen-writer
- 60-minute audio, 51-page transcript

13. 82 Year Old New York Jew Reveals Lifelong Marketing & Selling Secrets.
- Two-part audio, Part One is 36 minutes and Part Two is 38 minutes, 82-page transcript

14. “Stop Door To Door Selling And Automate Your Selling In One Hour.."
- 52-minute audio, 53-page transcript

15. How A Consistent Follow-up System With Your Customers Can Easily Grow Your Business Without Constantly Going After New Customers
- Two-part audio, Part One is 32 minutes and Part Two is 36 minutes, 59-page transcript

16. "How I Personally Sold 45 Million Dollars Worth Of Products To Wal-Mart and Other Major Retail Giants."
- Two-part audio, Part One is 54 minutes and Part Two is 58 minutes, 75-page transcript

17. How To Use Tent Promotions To Sell Your Products By The Trainloads Outside The Doors Of Huge Retailers Like Lowes, Home Depot, Sport Authority
- Two-part audio, Part One is 30 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes, 61-page transcript

18. World Famous Sales Trainer Of Fortune 500 Companies Reveals Powerful New Tactic That Can Immediately Double Your Sales
- Two-part audio, Part One is 25 minutes and Part Two is 23 minutes, 49-page transcript

HMA Resource # 24:


After the company David worked for went under and he lost his high-paying sales job, he knew he couldn’t start at the bottom all over again with another company – working 70 hours a week for peanuts. So even though he had a family to support and a huge mortgage to pay, he decided to go the marketing consultant route.

No one thought he would make it. But he did. In fact, at his peak, David was making $190,000 a month. Now he teaches others how to do it too. And with his HIMA system you’ll learn all about it. In his Hidden Internet Marketing Assets System, you’ll hear how he runs his workshops, how he always has a full house – and how he lands clients to make thousands of dollars a month

1. “What Businesses Are The Biggest Opportunities” And Other Frequently Asked Questions For The HIMA System
- Two-part audio, Part One is 54 minutes and Part Two is 52 minutes, 64-page transcript

2. How To Gather Clients…And Start Collecting Upfront And Residual Income
- Two-part audio, Part One is 33 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes, 59-page transcript

3. How To Work The HIMA System Like You’ve Been Doing It For Years: ~ Private Coaching Session ~
- Two-part audio, Part One is 40 minutes and Part Two is 30 minutes, 80-page transcript

4. Internet Marketing Techniques That Increase Profits, Cut Advertising …And Edge Out The Competition:~ Sample Workshop For the HIMA System

-Three-part audio, Part One is 35 minutes, Part Two is 36 minutes, and Part Three is 33 minutes, 37-page transcript

5. HIMA Power Point Presentation
- HIMA Power Point Slide Presentation and accompanying PDF are 18 slides

6. Downloadable Customizable HIMA Transcripts / Slide Notes
- 37-pages of Slide Notes in Microsoft Word form

7. Download PDF of HIMA Transcripts From A Workshop that can be used as Slide Notes
- 37-pages of Slide Notes in PDF form

HIMA Workshop Lessons:

8. Lesson #1 – Selecting Your Location For The Workshop
- 8-page instructional PDF document plus additional content

9. Lesson #2 – How To Set Up The Workshop
- 6 page instructional PDF document plus additional content

10. Lesson #3 – Workshop Content
- 4-page instructional PDF document

11. Lesson #4 – The Hidden Closing Technique That Works Every Time
- 3-page instructional PDF document

12. Lesson #5 – The Initial Meeting With the Business Owner
- 5-page instructional PDF document

13. Lesson #6 – Setting Up Your Own Outsourcing Network
- 6-page instructional PDF document and additional content

14. Lesson #7 – Increasing Your Volume Through Demand
- 5-page instructional PDF document

15. Lesson #8 – Words of Wisdom
- audios and transcripts


HMA Resource # 25:

24-7 "Remote Control Consulting Services" selling tool.

Selling consulting to people who don’t want consulting can zap your motivation stone dead and eat hours of valuable time.

You should only be selling your services to QUALIFIED prospects.

And so you get a valuable time-saving tool to "pre-sell" your consulting and coaching services for you.

It’s a PowerPoint Presentation outlining all the steps in the HMA system.

This presentation will let you send a link to any prospect in the world with Internet access and have them learn about what you can do for their business as an HMA Coach.

In other takes you out of the selling position UNTIL they have gone through the presentation.

If your prospect does this, they are uniquely qualified as a legitimate prospect and are worthy of your valuable time and expertise.

You’ll get this presentation customized with your photo, your company logo, your website and your email address branded throughout.

I'll do all the production and coding for you as well.

This one tool has saved me hundreds of hours by letting me pre-sell and educate prospects about the HMA system without my direct involvement.

You would pay thousands to produce a selling tool on your own like this.

But it’s yours to use and brand the second you become an HMA Marketing Coach.

HMA Resource # 26:

You'll own 100% usage rights to all your marketing tools, sales letters, postcards, presentations, ads, press releases, client generation reports, client testimonials, manuals, my million-dollar coach's list of service providers and more – everything you need.

What About Support?

As an HMA marketing Coach, you will be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

By that I mean, when you have a question, you get Michael Senoff. Not some "customer service" rep that doesn't speak English.

You get me working directly with you. You get me returning your calls minutes after you leave a message.

You get me returning your email in hours not days.

You even get marketing assets I’ve accumulated over the years -- like my knowledge on direct mail marketing, advertising and copywriting.

In other words...

I’m Always Here For You.

And I’m personally going to do whatever I can to help you succeed.

If you need something, just ask and I will do whatever I have to do to get any answer you're looking for.

Whether it's asking Richard or going to my network of millionaire marketing and business experts.

And if I don't have the answer...I will find someone who does.

See for yourself exactly what you have in your hands.

So . . . How much does it cost?

Well, I've done the math and the tools, resources and personal help is easily $29,000 worth of material.

Probably even a lot more.

And other popular marketing systems I've seen, with only a tiny fraction of the features in the HMA system, cost $30,000 plus ongoing fees and even royalties on the money you make.

In fact, that is standard practice -- to take a cut of the money you make with their systems.

But with Richard's HMA system you won't be paying any royalties or fees.

Nor will you be paying $30,000, $20,000, or even $10,000 to get started.

No, you can claim your complete HMA marketing system with the tools, modules, videos, audio, lifetime access to ongoing HMA university training and all the high-powered marketing resources I've listed and more for just $597 down and nine additional payment every 21 days for $597.

You can cancel your subscription at any time with just one click after your first payment.

This payment option is my way of letting anyone get started with HMA Pro

And this is not a layaway plan where you only get your system until after you have paid all the payments.

You'll have full access to all of the resources instantly after your very first payment.

And again, there are no additional fees or monthly charge to pay after all your payments are made.

Your investment is small compared to the tens of thousands of dollars you can save (and make) with the HMA  Pro System over the course of your life – even in your first month if you choose.

Especially when compared to what other marketing consulting courses -- with a lot less value and with all their fees and royalties.

However, There Are Two Small "Catches" To This...

Even though you're free to use your HMA system anywhere without restriction, I have a limit on the number of HMA Marketing Consultants Richard and I will place within each area.

Richard wants to make sure as an HMA Pro Marketing Coach you'll have the maximum opportunity to profit without competition.

And after I receive your first trail payment of $597, I'm going to ask you to complete an HMA Profile. This must be completed and sent back before your access into the HMA University is sent. 

I want to know something more about you. Your information is only reviewed by me and will only help me help you should we decide together the HMA System is right for you.

If after reviewing your HMA Profile, I feel for any reason you are NOT qualifies to be part of HMA, I will refund your payment and cancel your membership.

PS. Please keep in mind Richard's system, it is NOT for everyone.

And if I find that you're not a fit for HMA and I say no, please do not take it personally.

There are some people who just shouldn't be marketing coaches, especially with Richard's system.

And after offering my HMA system for over 12 years now, I have a pretty good idea if you're going to be a good fit or not.

To get started click to start your trial below

Yours sincerely,

Michael Senoff

PSS. Remember, I have recently added tens of thousands of dollars of additional resources to the HMA system making HMA 2017 Pro is the most complete system ever including resale rights to tested products, including sales copy, publishing rights to over 157 hours of audio interviews, transcripts and downloads, my collection of over 400 of my best selling e-mail letters, my Barter Secrets System, The Joint Venture Magic System, The Eugene Schwartz Copywriting Master Pack, All 407 Ad Transcripts Package, The $31,500 Goldmine Links Package,  The Letter of Agreements Guide, The Gorilla Internet Marketing System and all you see below.

And you'll have full access to all of these products seconds after your very first payment of $597 and upon acceptance as an HMA Coach.

Here's everything you get in my HMA PRO 2017 Membership gets you


Description Separate Purchase
Video Library $797
Online System Recordings Training $797
HMA Implementation Guides $497
Group Training Workbooks $397
HMA Group & Solo Slide Presentations $297
Rights and Special Reports $297
HMA 117 Hours Use Audio Rights $597
Marketing Templates $597
Direct Mail Letters Examples $297
Lumpy Mail Letter Examples $297
Joint Venture Letters $297
Idea Generation $97
Appointment Client-Getting Tools $97
Client Proposals Examples $97
Press Release Examples $97
USP Examples $297
Telemarketing Scripts Examples $97
Group Workshop & Seminar Documents $97
HMA Opportunity Analysis Training $297
Unique Selling Proposition $297
Client Getting Interviews $297
HMA Conference Calls $297
Telemarketing Training $297
Become a Consultant Interview Collection $297
HMA Inspirational Calls $297
Motivation and Success $297
Rights to Audio Transcripts $597
Founding Fathers of Client Generation  $597
The Art Hamel Business Buying System $597
Joint Venture Magic $597
Barter Secrets $597
Jim Camp Negotiating Training $597
Rand Brenner IP Licensing Mastery $597
Stan Billue Highest Paid Salesman  $597
Ben Settle Email Writing Secrets $597
Wal-Mart Gold System and Interviews $597
Whole Brain Power Advanced Training $997
How To Make a Bundle on Craigslist $597
Emergency Fast Cash Makers Training $597
Guerilla Internet Marketing Audio Series $597
Internet Marketing 101 Audio Series $250
The Lost Files of Internet Marketing $597
Contracts and Agreements Guide $597
Audio Marketing Secrets Audio Series $1297
Secret Free Links Of The Internet $297
World's Greatest Ads Transcripts $597
USP Magic $597
Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection $597
FREE PR Public Relations Interviews $297
Best Copywriting Interview Collection $597
Referral Getting Secrets $597
Advanced Sales Interviews $597
Claude Hopkins Rare Ads $597
Unlock The Buying Code $597
Direct Marketing Seminars   $297
Health Expert Interviews $297
$3900 ID Pen Business System $997

How Michael Senoff Makes Money Interviews Collection

Taylor Swift Referral System $597

Each one of these trainings separately total . .

TOTAL VALUE    $29,223

Only one payment of $597 and you'll get 21 days access to my full HMA Pro training.

e-mail me at if you have questions or just click below.

Note: This is a digital product.

It includes my entire library or winning products.

If you've ever looked at my HMA System but have been sitting on the sidelines because of the full price, this may be your only chance to get in for a tiny $597 starting payment.

e-mail me at  if you have questions.


Final Thoughts:

Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed "The Great One", has been called "the greatest hockey player ever to play the game by many sportswriters.

When asked what made him so great he said . . .

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. and great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."

He also said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

I also know that this is a significant decision for a whole lot of folks. 

Maybe it is for you.  Believe me, I understand; I’ve been there.

But if you DO have to struggle over such an amount, I have to tell you:  that’s the best reason of all to act on this opportunity immediately…so two or three months from now you get past it and are NEVER financially embarrassed again.

It may be time that you finally own your own business, developed marketing and coaching skills and be very well-paid for the effort. 

Grab my HMA Pro System now while you can. 

Decide, right now, to create the kind of business, income and lifestyle you and your family deserves.

OR, if you are already pretty successful, then do what ALL smart folks do – decide to do even better. 

HMA is a positive decision you will be very, very glad you made – I guarantee it.

P.S. Act now  to grab this special HMA Pro 2017 System offer for an embarrassingly low down payment of $597.00

If you're 100% happy with your HMA Pro System, pay only nine additional payments of $597 after that and you're paid in full.                                   



                                                  Michael Senoff

                                                  President, JS&M Sales & Marketing Inc.

P.P.S  Let me emphasize just one more time, five very important facts:

(1) The HMA System is PROVEN in my own business and also by hundreds of happy HMA System-Users

(2) I already built my successful marketing business from scratch, so I speak from experience…

(3) I am now considered by many a “marketing expert” in our industry.

(4)  I’ve been providing my HMA Systems to this industry since 2004 and have industry-wide respect.

(5) I have just recently made big investments in up-dating, expanding, improving, my HMA University and enhancing my support services.

P.P.P.S. THINK!!! – you only need to get one good client to pay for your HMA Pro 2017.

Only one good payment client covers the cost of the entire package.

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I Repeat -- $597.00 is all you pay for the first 21 days and only nine (9) additional payments of $597 every 21 days after that.




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