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 Details On How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle In Your First Three Days Of HMA Consulting

Kory had tried marketing consulting on his own, and although he had a lot of skills and was great at landing $30,000 contracts, he wasn’t making any real money because he was essentially promising “endless work” to his clients.

He has since found the HMA System and is much happier.

Without specific steps to outline an exact process, it’s really easy to end up like Kory, with great intentions but little real income or structure.

So in this audio, you’ll hear all about Kory’s story and how he used the HMA System to land more clients, spend less time on their marketing, and make a lot more money. 

You’ll Also Hear . . .

• How Kory positions himself to land high-paying clients willing to sign onto $30,000 contracts

• Exactly how Kory got more HMA clients than he could handle in his first three days

• How to leverage off the relationships of others – and get 10 times the response with half the effort!

• Why it’s critical to get money up front and why Kory never does contingency deals

• How to set expectations from the get-go, make sure every promise is clearly spelled out in writing, and take control of the projects and priorities

• How to deal with the inevitable “failures” that come up when dealing with clients so that you come across as professional and confident – and without ever taking the blame

Kory says that before he got the HMA System, he used to become emotionally attached to his clients and felt responsible for their results. Now he realizes he needs clearly defined projects, structure, and limits.

And in this audio, you’ll hear his story along with all the lessons, tips, and tricks he’s learned along the way. 

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