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How To Acquire And Profit From Obsolete Plastic Injection Molds

I've been busy learning about  about plastic injection molds. I have learned that there is a lot of opportunity in buying these molds. Here are a few related audios to get you started. Enjoy...

This May Be Your Last Chance To Make A Killing Buying And Owning Plastic Injection Molds - Learn Where And How To Buy Them For Pennies On The Dollar

Please accompany me through a step-by-step system for exploring a new business opportunity in the plastic injection molding field. 

An injection mold is the tool that is used to make a plastic molded part. Look around your home and you'll see many items made from this process. For example your mop bucket, kids plastic toys, your phone ext.

I am learning a great deal along the way and I am certain that through contacts I make and through my research, I will uncover several very lucrative money-making opportunities. And I want you to do the same.

The purpose of these recordings are to provide proof that this can be done. It's to show you evidence of the immense opportunities awaiting for you in injection mold shops throughout the US and the world.

The names and contact numbers have been removed from these recordings. If you want to explore any of these opportunities further, please e-mail me In the subject line, write in all caps "INJECTION MOLD DETAILS"

Here’s the background:

I sent a simple one page lead-generating letter to 300 injection molders in the United States inquiring about obsolete molds that injection mold businesses no longer use for one of many reasons. 

Any old letter will not work because I had tested this before and had no response. You must know what to say in the letter to get them to call you back.

The end of the letter requested that they call me to discuss the details of any available molds.  My purpose was to determine if the available molds may be a hidden asset that I could purchase and put back into use.

The letters are all sent out online. I never folded any paper, licked a stamp or addresses any envelope. The sending of this letter is 100% automated and can be sent from anywhere in the world.

The first five-minutes of this recording contains just some of the responses to my letter of inquiry where my assistant, Sarah, obtained the person’s name and telephone number so that I could return their calls.

Subsequent audio clips on this recording are my actual conversations with these injection molders and are detailed below as Case Studies 

You will hear what the injection molder has available and how I ask important and leading questions in an attempt to determine if the mold would be a good business opportunity for being put back into use.  Also, please take note of how I continue to probe these business owners about other molds that may possess that could be made available. 

You will be surprised when you hear these people start to remember molds for products that they would not have thought of if I had not continued to prod their memories! 

Each of these Case Studies is a valuable example of how to conduct a friendly, relaxed telephone call to get the information you need to make the decision of whether or not to pursue opportunities.  Enjoy

Case Study: Roger

Roger states that he had one set of molds to create a product for infants. It's a Baby bottle holder.  The company that was selling the finished product had gone out of businesses and so Roger now owns the molds.

Listen as I inquire about patents, the details of the actual mold, the product it made, and prices.  I believe that I have actually heard of the product so I tell Roger that I will be researching it further and be back in touch with him.

I ask if Roger has any other molds that he may have available for producing consumer products.  Yes, indeed!  Roger has a mold for a product that holds a bride’s wedding gown train in place.  It snaps through the gown and is designed not to harm the gown.  The person who was selling the product had passed away and no one knows who owns the rights to the product – another possibility!

Roger also has the molds to make all of the parts comprising a veterinary syringe.  He believes it had been patented.  The product had not been pursued after its initial test because there were problems with the material used for one of the product’s components.  I asked myself, “Could this be corrected?”  More research!

Case Study: Boyd

This is a fun and interesting conversation that I know you will enjoy.

Boyd originally responded to my letter wanting to know if I was interested in buying an actual molding machine.  I explain how I am looking for molds that are no longer being used in order to put them back into service.

I ask him to think back to any molds that he may have in his possession that produced good products.

Affirmative!  When he thinks about it, Boyd remembers that he has all of the molds necessary to create parts for expensive bird cages (feeders, connecter pins, etc.).  The company is no longer making these bird cages, but perhaps a contact at that company could provide information that I need.

You will hear me ask again about the kinds of molds that I may be interested in.

Boyd is delighted when he remembers that he still has the molds that he used to make millions of pogs slammers.  Perhaps you remember that pog craze were kids all over the country were buying these things. Hundreds of millions of these were sold only less than ten years ago. 

We go into great detail discussing the types of pog slammers that Boyd made, which were “specialty” slammers with beautiful designs and a unique manufacturing process.  Boyd told of how he had made millions of them.  One day the bottom dropped out of the market and no one wanted pogs or slammers anymore. 

Boyd has everything needed to start making pog slammers immediately but there is no longer a market.  I inquire about his manufacturing costs as well as the necessary materials.  Could there be another product that could be made using Boyd’s pog molds?  Perhaps! Could the molds be used to promote pogs to another country?

Then Boyd remembered that he is associated with an optometrist.  Together, Boyd and the optometrist made special product to help people place their contact lenses in to their eyes.  This is a problem for many people who use contacts. We discuss the history of the product. We review the components of the product, the cost of product, and its retail price. This product enjoyed huge mark ups and Boyd claims this optometrist would love to do something with me. Thousands have been sold already. What could be done with this proven product for Contact wearers?

All of this talk jogs Boyd’s memory and he recalls a product he invented and intended to sell to elementary schools to assist children in learning the alphabet, words, and arithmetic.  Years ago, Boyd had sent sales letter to all of the elementary schools in California.  He describes the products he manufactured in great detailed.  He has all of the machinery and molds as well as fifty thousand of dollars worth of products ready to be shipped – if someone would buy them.  He tells me the inventory is just sitting in his shop today. Most of it already packages and ready to sell.

Could I get this inventory at no cost and sell it for a profit? Could I make $10,000 to $20,000 on this deal? Perhaps.

Boyd agrees to send me a sample of this product right away.

Then he remembers yet another product – a spinner that goes on model airplanes for electric starting.  Boyd manufactured 2-inch spinners because it is the most popular and sells the highest volume.  Boyd says that his spinners sell for much less than his competitors.

After we say our goodbyes, Boyd calls back because he remembered a product that holds golf clubs in the bag.  He wasn’t currently making any because he didn’t have the proper marketing to sell more (and he had a sales rep sell thousands of them).  He has five thousand sets sitting at his plant, waiting to be sold. He had the packaging done, the promotional flyers too.  We talk about its wholesale price.  Boyd’s product was far less expensive than his competitors and he boasts that his product is universal to virtually any type of golf bag.  He already made up his mind to send me a product sample. How much effort would it take to sell this lot? Do you think Boyd would be open to a deal? In part three you'll hear how to get into a deal like this without any front money. You'll also learn how to maintain complete control of the product.

Case Study: Louis

Louis states that it’s difficult for him to stay competitive.  His job is to make the tools and he is not a salesman.  He wants me to come to his shop to see what he has that I might be interested in.  I encourage him to talk with me on the phone first about available molds. 

He quickly runs through a short list of molds that he has developed products for in the past, such as light fixture parts, a rubber shooting gun, and drinking glasses.

We talk in more detail about the rubber shooting gun and how he came up with the idea for it.  It is a toy gun that you can put up to fifteen rubber bands on that you shoot.  He could sell his plastic ones for cheaper than the wooden ones on the market.  I find this interesting.

In the same mold, he has cavities to make what he calls “brown mirrors.”  These are stand-up mirrors for ladies and he made them in two sizes.

Louis mentions that he not only made one of the first Barbie dolls but that he used to make Hot Wheels cars but doesn’t have any molds any more.  We talk of history of these great little cars and both with that he still had the molds for them!

He goes on to describe a square cake tray he invented and produced a few of them that makes the serving and transporting of square cakes easier and less prone to ruining the delicate pastry.  We discuss what it looks like and how it is used. 

Louis also produced nose inhaler parts for a product that you put an oil or essence into it that smells pleasant, such as lavender.   If you are in a confined place, such as an airliner, and there is suddenly an unpleasant odor, you can inhale your pleasant lavender essence instead. 

It’s an ingenious idea that Louis must have come up with when he was in such a situation!  Louis explains that this product is not meant for the pharmaceutical market but rather would be something that would do well in a novelty store.  He does own the tooling for it. 

He also has a vial mold that produced vials for taking blood tests.  He had produced millions of vials for a client in previous years.  However, the vial is for eight milliliters of blood and new blood testing machines now only require a drop of blood. 

Louis promised to send me samples of any products that he still has that we had discussed.

Case Study: Carol and Robert

Carol’s mission was to determine what I wanted.  You will hear me explain the purpose of my letter. 

Satisfied with my answers, she refers me to Robert.

Robert begins to explain why he believes his company was never too successful.  First of all, they couldn’t do the molding and the marketing both nor did they have an “entre” to large companies such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware.  He was happy to hear that I did have connections to these retail outlets as well as several other distribution companies.

Robert has a mold for a product that patched gypsum walls.  We discuss the details of the mold.

He was very proud of the bacon cooking tray that he developed for use in any microwave oven.  They only marketed it over their web site so they only sold about 400 units.  Robert and Carol had begun the patent process, but it was never completed due to financial constraints.

Robert also told me about a soap dish and a sun visor that he had developed and produced. 

Without marketing time or expertise, their small company relied solely on their Web site to sell their products.  However, they never were able to direct much traffic to their site and thus sold few products. Do you see any opportunity in these molds? Do you understand how important the ability to market is? Onward.

Case Study: David

The mold that David had available was for an oxygen sensor unit that was used in hospitals.  After the products were molded, they were sent to the company who owned the product and was fitted with the medical telemetry necessary.

David ran the molds for almost five years.  Although it appears that this was a successful product, the company who owned the product went out of business and now this fine mold is sitting in David’s shop.

David owns the mold and he is unsure if the company who owned the product ever patented it. How many letter do you need to send out to find a product with the tolling ready to go? I only sent out 300 letter when I did this test. How many letters would it take for you? With my letter and some direction from me, I can have your phone ringing off the hook with injection molders calling you.


Part Two

More Case Studied From Plastic Injection Mold Owners. Part Two

Case Study: Felix

Like most of the people who received my lead-generation letter, Felix was extremely interested in what my real intent was. 

After I gave him my full explanation, he told me that he currently owns two molds that produced milk crates.  One mold would hold sixteen quarts or four one gallon jugs and the other mold would hold twenty-four quarts or six one gallon jugs.  Felix explained that he had sold more of the twenty-four quart crates.

He had previously had a customer who bought tens of thousands of these milk crates but that the customer eventually found another supplier.

Felix is more interested in selling his molds because of the large amount of warehouse space necessary to house the milk crates.  He currently produces battery cases which take up most of his floor space.

He will check to see if he has any other molds that fit my criteria and will call me back. 

I was surprised to hear that Felix thought that I was in the business of buying molds and then selling them to third-world countries.  I had never thought of that! 

Case Study: Gary

After I explain the purpose of my inquiry and ask if Gary has any molds that might interest me, he states that he simply wanted to know what I was looking for.  He really didn’t think that he had anything that would interest me but would think about it and get back to me if he had any ideas.

 Case Study: Dick

Dick is curious about the purpose of my letter.  Like Gary, he doesn’t think he has anything I’d be interested in.  He is also reluctant to talk about any of the molds that are in his shop.  The calls ends quickly.

Case Study: Mr. X

This gentleman produced millions upon millions of pipe risers to connect pipes for sprinkler heads and similar types of piping products. 

He currently has more than a half million pieces sitting in his warehouse.  He explained that he lost his customer after he fulfilled an order and there was a disagreement about the price – the customer wanted a bulk discount on this small order. He's now sitting on 500,000 units of a product that was once sold in to Home Depot. Note" Home Depot currently sells this exact product for .25 cents each.

As we discussed the history of this mold, I found that he had bought the mold and made modifications to it.  He went into detail about the mold itself, the products produced, the prices, and who the end customers were.  I found his pipe risers at Home Depot web site. He promised to send me some samples of each piece that he produced. What would you do if you were him. In part three, you'll learn how to gain control of that inventory without any upfront cost. We'll also show you have to buy time to market and sell the inventory. You'll have everything shipped from his location and you'll not have to do a thing.

 Case Study: Sandy

This is a case study that I know you’ll be interested in because it can be visualized very easily.

Sandy has three molds that produce one product.  The product itself holds a standard paper towel roll in the middle and has space for cleaning supplies on its periphery.  It also has a self-contained water bucket.  This product was specifically designed for car enthusiasts who go to auto conventions or racing runs and want to carry clean-up supplies to keep the car looking great – but they don’t want the clean-up supplies to take up a lot of space.  This product is perfect because it is eight inches square!

Sandy hasn’t made the product in several years, although she is quite proud of it.  She explains that this product does not fit with their other line of products.  Further, their marketing company never properly marketed or even packaged it properly. 

She owns the patent on the product and it is up to date.

As Sandy explains the components of the product and how they all fit together, I could visualize what a great little product this could be if marketed correctly.  I will certainly think about this one!  I only sent out 300 letter when I did this test. How many letters would it take for you? With my letter and some direction from me, I can have your phone ringing off the hook with injection molders calling you.

Part Three

More Case Studied From Plastic Injection Mold Owners. Part Two

Case Study: Ron

Here’s a great call that I got from a fellow named Ron who owns and operates an injection mold company in California.  This might be one of the most interesting calls that I received from injection molders since I sent out my letter of inquiry.

You’ll hear me explain that I am interested in molds for consumer products that may not be being used anymore but could possibly be put back into use.

Well, Ron had lots of information for me!  He first told me about all different types of toy molds that he has and wouldn’t mind parting with.  Some of the toys we discussed were:

  • An A-Team “Doll House”

  • A water blaster gun

  • A children’s water slide similar to the popular Slip and Slide toy.  This was a very popular toy in the 1980’s.  You will hear Ron tell me the history of the mold and its production.  This mold has been idle for about 12 years.

  • A magnetic fuel monitor for automobiles

  • A product called the “P Trap” which fits into drains to catch small items such as rings so that they can be easily retrieved.

The product that sparked my interest the most was the Razor ***.  This is a magnetic razor sharpener that has been in production more than ten years.  Ron had produced them for many retail stores including The Shaper Image and Home Shopping Club. 

The inventor of the product owns the patent on the mold but has since turned the handling of the product over to his daughter.  I had actually owned a Razor **** several years ago and still think that it’s a great product with lots of possibilities.

I was able to obtain some contact information from Ron so that I could make further inquiries about obtaining the rights to market the Razor **** product and called one of the contacts given to me by Ron.

As it happens, I had called the company that is the exclusive distributor of the product and produces all of its marketing material.  I spoke with a gentleman named Jim.  You will hear Jim tell me his company’s history and the history of this product.

I explained that I wanted the rights to sell the product.  Although the inventor and his daughter aren’t doing much with the product, Jim thought my idea was great because  it is a well-designed, unique product with tons of possibilities. 

Jim has all of the marketing material ever produced for the Razor*** and said that it would be at my disposal should I obtain the rights to sell the product!  Additionally, Jim stated that he would be willing to work with me to sell the Razor **** and would facilitate communications with the product’s inventor. 

Jim was going to call the inventor’s daughter to discuss the possibility of me obtaining rights to market the product.  It’s sounding very promising and I hope I have good news for you soon! These is a lot of meat in this call. The most important lesson you can understand is how to pick a winning product. This Razor product had been proven successful in the past. Has a huge market with unlimited demand. Getting exclusive right to it and having the use of past promotional materials could make this a real winner. Stay tuned. Go here for another great story about a guy who got into Home Depot.


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