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Copywriting Master Six Pack

Own 6 Of My Best Selling Copywriting Products & Trainings For A One Time $1297


   If you can craft the right copy that hits a home run in the minds of your clients and or customers, you've found the one thing that can bring them out of obscurity into the spotlight of fame.

Appropriately crafted sales copy is pure marketing gold.

And I can show you how to get it.

You can steal 6 of my best copywriting training's for a one time $1297.

Plus, to tip the scales of success in your favor, I have added two unadvertised bonuses to get you to a yes decision today.

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**IMPORTANT! **Below is just a cliff note version of what you are going to own with each of your six best selling copywriting training for a one time $1297. Plus you get to incredible bonuses. However, each description below has a hyperlink to the full sales page. So, if you want to see in detail everything you get in each of these six trainings and the two bonuses, go to the regular sales page and then come back to this page to order ALL SIX trainings for the low $1297 price. All the information is here for you to make and intelligent decision. Let's get started . . .


1) Ben Settle 10 Part E-Mail Writing And Marketing System Audio Training.

Learn How To Write B-Mail The "Ben Settle Way" When it comes to writing and selling using email, there is no one better than Ben Settle. I was able to interview Ben over the last decade and capture is methods, secrets and email copywriting strategy.

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2) 527 World's Greatest Ads Transcripts

Here's your virtual swipe file of 527 of the best all-time classic advertisement transcripts ever.

You are now in the "power position" to take proven persuasive, irresistible advertisements written by professional copywriters . . .Ads that sold millions of dollars worth of products and services . . . Ads that contributed to building well-known brands of today . . .Ads that generated hundreds of thousands of happy customers for companies that became large national (and some of them even multi-national) corporations . . . Ads that influenced YOU to buy products you have in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.

All you do is…

Borrow, modify and use the ad transcripts to your own products or services.

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3) Claude Hopkins Ad Collection

Claude C. Hopkins was one of the great advertising pioneers ever to live. Now available over sixty of his original ads that I have compiled based on his classic books, "My Life in Advertising" and "Scientific Advertising." This ad collection includes many of the actual ads Claude Hopkins wrote and a training outlining what made the work. Swipe each ad for your own use.

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4) Eugene Schwartz Speech And Rare Ad Collection

The late, great, Eugene Schwartz was the best there's ever been.

And he's going to show you how to craft powerful copy that can do all these things and take your financial fortunes to the highest possible levels.

It does not matter if you're selling marketing services, land plots, web page design, SEO, key word optimization, or financial planning.

Even if you have no selling, copywriting, coaching or business experience, this information will fast track you to better results with the words you write.

It's all here in your Eugene Schwartz Ad Collection below.

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5) Tap The Brains Of 20 Of The Greatest Masters Of Copywriting Of All Time  

Including Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Denny Hatch, Melvin Powers, Mike Pavlish, Carl Gelletti, Brian Keith Voiles, Gary Halbert, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly, Ben Settle, David, Bullock, Eugene Schwartz and more and Cut Years Off Your Education.

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6) Story Magic

Steal, Copy and Profit From These 80 Star-Power Stories Today

At last, your complete done for you, easy-to-use SYSTEM built especially if you need killer stories to supercharge your sales letters, blogs, emails, speeches, social media and everyday conversations

(Includes transcripts, play audio, formatted emails and mp3 downloads to 80 incredible stories)

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BONUS 1) Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement Guide

When it comes to writing copy for clients, you'll need to protect yourself with agreements. And “deal killer contracts” can either scare your client away or stall a profitable gig. Now, you can set up copywriting deals using simple letters of agreement on your own? They are legally binding and way less intimidating. And, I’ve assembled a collection of legal agreements that will make setting up deals, working with clients and getting paid fast and easy. And now you can get the Instant Contract & Business Letter Agreement Guide.

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BONUS 2) Rand Brenner's Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing is a creative game copywriters can cash in on if they know what to look for. With very little boundaries or limitations it's known as the poor man’s advertising, it can give you enormous exposure to even the smallest of businesses by leveraging off the popularity of movies, events, personalities or brands. Licensing other copy can crosses over into all markets. Licensing great proven promotions can easily launch your product, expand you business, make your career, or make you a household name overnight. And in this audio series you’ll hear all about it from Rand Brenner, one of Hollywood's top licensing experts. Rand's been in the licensing game since the early days when huge corporations were still guessing at how to make money from it. Take your copywriting business to the next level through licensing.
(Includes transcripts, play audio, formatted emails and mp3 downloads to 80 incredible stories)

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Copywriting Master 6 Pack Itemized Product Description


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Copywriting Master 6 Pack Package


Ben Settle Ten Part E-Mail Writing And Marketing System Audio Training



The World's 527 Greatest Ads Transcripts



The Claude Hopkins Rare Ad Collection and Training Guide



Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection



Writing For Money Master Interview Collection



Story Magic



Rand Brenner's Intellectual Property Licensing


Ultimate Contract Letter Agreement Guide








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