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Angel Investing Interview Series

Here's a six pack of my best audio interviews that will show you how to find the money you need for your next venture

If you don't have a lot of time and don't have a bunch of money to grow or buy a business, you may want to learn about angel investors. In this series of audio interviews you'll how to find angel investors. This growing form of financing may be just your ticket to funding your new or existing venture. Enjoy. Here's the best of the best interviews on this little know about subject all in one place right here below


How To Use “Business Angels” To Get All The Money Your Need For The Business Of Your Dreams.

YES YOU CAN gain ownership in the business of your choice if you know what to do. This recording is with Lawrence from Company Partners based in the United Kingdom. Company Partners are specialists in matching Angel Investors and/or Venture Capitalists with businesses who want to grow or who need financing. Additionally, they offer services such as business plan development and consulting. You will learn what an Angel Investor is, the reasons why they wish to invest in businesses and the different levels of involvement in a business that an Angel Investor may wish to have. You will also learn the importance of developing a thorough business plan, whether you are a starting a new company or you are looking to partner with an investor. You will also learn the differences in business plan formats depending upon the type of investor you are looking to partner with. Company Partners have developed a whole psychology of business plan development and Lawrence gives great examples in this interview. Lawrence gives in-depth advice for any startup business or businesses in general, whether you are looking for investors or not. The important thing to know is at his site and other angel investing sites around the world, you can approach key business secession makers and make consulting deals. I have been to the site and was impressed with what I saw. It’s free to look at all the businesses that want help. And you can be the one to help them grow by trading your marketing services for ownership in the business. This interview is definitely a “must listen” and I know you will learn a great deal. Enjoy!



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How To Use “Business Angels” To Get All The Money Your Need For The Business Of Your Dreams.


How would you like to find the money you need to buy or fund your business without using banks or any of the painful traditional financing options?

Here is an interview I did with Christine Kaine, the founder of Business Angels, Pty Ltd in Melbourne Australia. This is a fascinating call in which Christine explains the concept of Business Angels, or Angel Investors, who are looking to help a business grow by utilizing their business expertise and established networks in return for a percent of ownership. Some Angels invest in a growing company as well as becoming an integral part of the company.

Business Angels Pty Ltd is a service that matches Business Angels with companies who want to grow their business by associating with an Angel who has experience and is an expert in their type of business. It’s almost like a dating service for businesses and investors! Christine explains her screening process and the many scenarios of how and why Business Angels and businesses can work together to accomplish the ultimate goal of making a business very successful. You will be amazed with the possibilities!




UK Angel Investor Reveals What He Looks For When Investing In A Business.

This audio interview is packed with some great content about investing and some innovative marketing ideas using current technology.

In this recording, Vanish gives us brief history of his education and how he lived in the US for several years before returning to the UK. Vanish gives some sage advice about applying systems that you’ve learned to your own environment and that everything is based on your own personality and experiences. The bottom line is that you need to find out what will work for you when dealing with a prospective client. This applies to both the US and the UK. The evaluation of ideas and researching those ideas for their potential is the same on both sides of “The Pond.”

Vanish explains that the differences between selling to an American versus selling to an Englishman become apparent with the need of sometimes translating business terms.

We next talk about Angel Investing and the interviews about Angel Investing that are available on my web site. Vanish is actually very familiar with the UK-based corporation that I talked to. It’s an educational interview that you should listen to if you haven’t done so already.

Vanish tells of his recent experiences investing in new businesses with a lot of potential to help them grow and prepare them for being on the stock market. You’ll enjoy his success story of a small company that he invested a few years ago that is doing quite well and growing by leaps and bounds.

With success there is almost always a failure. Vanish tells how he became involved with a gentleman who was creating a free distribution real estate directory where other types of home-related business could also advertise. It sounded like a great plan, but this was basically a one-man operation. Because there was no team, this business could only be successful in one local geographic area and could not be take on the whole UK. Vanish advises that your investment should be made in a business that has a team.

Also, look for limiting factors that a business may have and not realize at first. Vanish gives the example of a pizza restaurant that sends out thousands of leaflets in a city only to find that people won’t travel for more than fifteen minutes to get a pizza! This really narrows the restaurant’s ability to significantly grow. Look at the marketing consulting business as another example. A limiting factor here is that there are only so many hours in the day for you to do your own marketing as well as work with your clients.

Learn how Angel Investing can be to find a local business investing club. With business investing clubs, you join and the club finds the best investment opportunities that will be presented to club members.

Learn what businesses to avoid like the pelage and why. Learn what makes a business ripe for buying.

Pay close attention to the last part of the interview where Vanish talks about his new practice of text messaging.

I hope that you find this interview with Vanish as educational and enjoyable as I did. Let’s hope that he and I don’t wait another three years to talk again.


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How To Get The Money You Need Fast For Your Business When The Banks Says No.

If you’re a small or medium sized company and you need money for growth, acquisition, or turnaround, this interview could be the answer you’re looking for.

In this forty-minute interview, you will learn how Barry, a financing guineas has carved out a niche in the financing field. He is so good at what he does that many of the leading banks send their customers to Barry as a last ditch effort to get the needed money. Here’s why…  Barry and his team have contacts that represent hundreds of millions of dollars in lending power. Barry and his team have the ability to arrange financing because of their strong relationships within the financing community.  When it comes to getting the money you need, it’s not what you know but who you know. These industry insider allow Barry to deal directly with the decision makers of these select lending institutions.

You'll hear Barry give an in-depth explanation of each of their services along with example case studies where they acted as the intermediary to the process. 

This is a fascinating new approach that will broaden your knowledge of the requirements necessary to engage a person with connections like Barry to help you to achieve your desired business growth.



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How To Buy And Run Your Own Multi-Million Dollar Business Immediately– "With No Money, Credit, Banks Or Experience”

Welcome to another insightful two-part interview with business-buying expert, Art Hamel. In these audios, Art concentrates on how you can buy a business with investor money. This isn’t something that he just thought up. All of the content you are about to hear is based on Art’s actual experience for over twenty-five years.

You'll hear questions and Answers from my students about buying businesses.

When you buy a business using investor money, there are some great advantages. First of all, you pay for your business entirely by cash! That gives you an advantage over other buyers. The other important aspect is that most investors don’t expect you to pay them some kind of a return every month or quarter. They will ride with you for five years or more until they expect their return. That means that you get to use all of that investor money for the entire investment term!

You will also hear Art’s opinions on business brokers and how to know a good one, how to value a business, buying businesses which fit into a consumer buying cycle such as businesses that fit well with baby boomers, how to protect yourself from overpaying for a business, and much, much more!

Near the end of this Q & A session you’ll hear Art’s anecdotes about how he got into the seminar business in the early 1970’s, how he started teaching marketing and business buying sessions that were both IRS and IBM approved, and how his one-hour infomercial on a shopping network made him such a recognized personality wherever he went.

BONUS! I have added an audio clip on how you can qualify to work with Art to buy a business with investor financing. Art has about fifty years of business experience and more than twenty-five years of business-buying and seminar experience. His track record is so great that people (buyers, sellers and investors) listen to him!

Art can help to make sure that your homework is done. He can insure that everything is in place and that all of the paperwork is completed to a status of excellence. He can insure that you have a “million dollar” business plan to present – one that will leave no stone unturned for any investor.

He discusses how his fee structure works and what investors really want out of the deal. He tells you what he requires from you to develop the business plan, what types of businesses that investors like to invest in, and those types of business that they don’t like to invest in.

In short, working with Art Hamel personally to buy your business takes the guesswork out of what you need and what needs to be done. With his track record of success, you are almost guaranteed success.
Press the green play button and make sure you have your speakers plugged in with the volume up. Then just sit back and listen. This is some of the most sought-after information in the world. So be sure to print the transcripts and read them over and over.


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From The Pages Of Forbes Magazine: 30-Year Old Business "Wizard" Reveals Two Secrets That Took Him From Minimum Wage Stock Boy To Filthy Rich Ceo Of His Own International Consulting Firm

(And How To Use His Secrets To Find The Money Your Need To Jump Start Your Business)


The advice you are about to hear can literally changed your life forever. I am excited to introduce to you another exclusive interview with the presedent of Cares Consulting. Mr. Cares is only 30 years old and runs a multi-million dollar consulting firm. Now you can be a "fly on the way" as I dig out all his secrets in this interview with a true "powerhouse" in the business world. You're about to learn how Christian went from working as back room stock boy making minimum wage to being the CEO of his own international consulting firm. You'll hear his opinions on what it take to make it in the consulting business, as well as how he used his marketing and relationship skills to buy ownership and control of two successful moneymaking businesses. You will even learn a special "trick" he uses (called "reverse engineering") to get written up in Forbes Magazine. And finally, you'll learn how to get the driving reasons why a potential client wants help with his business to determine if you should even work with him or not. Enjoy


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