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"Listen...I've been searching the Web for Marketing information for over two years. Then one day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

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Strategies of a Successful Nashville Marketing Consultant who Turned $120 into Making $20,000 a Month

Have you ever considered owning your own consulting business? In this free audio seminar, I talk with Sam Bowman, a successful marketing consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, who was trained in a sales and marketing system that is almost identical to the Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) system. Based upon his experience with real face-to face selling and all the planning that goes with it, Sam explains what it takes to be successful as a marketing consultant.

The purpose of this Sam Bowman interview by Michael Senoff is to share Sam's key strategies for starting and operating a successful consulting business and how he applied a sales and marketing system that works.

During this discussion, you will learn about

  • Required traits and competencies of a successful consultant

  • Getting started and projecting revenue

  • How to get clients, number of calls, and ratio of calls to appointments

  • Identifying the right clients and which clients to avoid

  • Setting appointments and pre-qualifying

  • Pre-call planning and handling appointments

  • Importance of a client needs assessment and what to look for

  • The proposal, agreement, pricing, and getting paid.

Once you listen and learn from Sam's consulting experience, you will be able to apply these methods to your own consulting business and reap the rewards of owning this type of business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For more information on marketing consulting like this go here

"Let One Of North America's Top Marketing Consulting Experts Show You, The Hottest "Low Cost/High Return" Marketing Consulting Secrets To Grow Your Business 20% In The Next 90 days Without Advertising"

This next interview is a series of ten client case studies from Richard's private files. Listen in because I make Richard tell me everything he knows about how to think and act like a marketing genius. The best way for you to learn how to grow a business, is to hear real examples of how others previously have done it. Each case study in this interview below is a marketing consulting lesson by it's self. Included are Richard's secrets on what a marketing consultant goes through before he obtains clients. Learn one idea on how to get clients that is so simple but overlooked by 99% of all consultants. Hear what to charge your larger clients. Hear why you may not want to charge your smaller ones. Learn how to take ownership in your client's business rather then charging a fee. You'll need to study these ten case studies at least five times before they become second nature. Use these secrets and start lining up businesses in the next few weeks. You'll feel and hear Richard's true passion, skill and love for the consulting business. You'll experience his true ability and love for teaching you everything he knows. You'll tap into his 15 years of in-the-field experience. Go DEEP--DEEP--DEEP inside the marketing consulting world. If you're ever going to have the confidence to get in the consulting game, then you owe it to yourself to hear these stories at least once. Each recording is 30 minutes and when you get to the end, I'll have a valuable free gift waiting for you. If you want more streaming audio recordings, expert interviews and free reports on the subject of marketing consulting, sign up for a free six month subscription to "Consulting Secrets" at

Live Consulting Session Results in $1200 Consulting Project.

Case Study With A Tanning Bed Operator

George is the owner of a small tanning bed business. He called looking for some advice on how he could grow his business. Without knowing or promising anything, I invited George to talk in more detail about his goals. Listen in as I take George through the HMA Opportunity analysis in an effort to discover (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets. More importantly, listen to the willingness of George to grow his business. And finally, listen as George hires me to develop a USP for his business. Developing the USP is the first recommended product we teach our HMA consultants to activate for clients. I am looking forward to working with George and to get his business hopping in the next few months. Download these two files. 1) Opportunity analysis worksheet and 2) the HMA opportunity analysis training. Follow along as I walk George through each part of the analysis. And once you have a client, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard's HMA System. This recording is 45 minutes.

Bridging the Gap between Selling and Marketing to Increase Business

Are you looking for the answers to what marketing really is and how you can become rich? If your answer is yes, listen to this short recording in which I talk with Carlos, or "Q" as he called, who wants to bridge the gap between selling and marketing to increase his business.
The purpose of this audio-tape is to share answers to what marketing really is and how it can make you rich if applied in the right way. This conversation will help you bridge the gap between selling and marketing so you can build your business. In this conversation, you will learn about

  • What it takes to push a business to profitability

  • Marketing vs. selling and how marketing teaches you how to "leverage"

  • How to multiply and add zeros to the bottom line

  • Using ads that regenerate additional business

  • Positioning and targeting the right potential customers

  • Getting control of your own line of products.

  • How Jay Abraham tapes can provide additional marketing help.

Carlos, just like many other excellent salesmen and woman, find themselves faced with finding out more about marketing, necessary to add to the bottom line. By listening to this conversation and applying the principles Jay Abraham includes on his tapes, you, too, will be able to bridge the gap between selling and marketing to increase your business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For more audio interviews like this on the subject of making money consulting go to consulting secrets

Imagine This...

Clients Flooding Your Practice To Hire You

Here's a live three part training call that teaches you how to get a client by phone

Part One Case Study String Cheese Distributor

Treat yourself to a consulting adventure you have to stay home for. You're about to be handed the key to getting all the marketing consulting clients you can handle. First thing I want you to do is to download these two files. 1)Opportunity analysis worksheet and 2) the HMA opportunity analysis training.

Print these out and follow along with me before you listen to any of the recordings. Here's why...

I know if I can work with you and show you by example how to get a client, you're confidence in yourself will go up. I know if you can have a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, you'll be more likely to meet with them. I know that If I can teach you how to conduct an Opportunity Analysis by phone, without face to face meetings, you be more likely to start your own consulting business. I know you're going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use an Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all clients you can handle.

Let me explain.

What you'll hear in the first section is a real client calling me for for the first time looking for marketing help for his cheese business. Then, you'll hear me call Richard for coaching advice on how to perform the opportunity analysis interview with this prospect.

Richard has 14 years of experience conducting hundreds of business opportunity analysis sessions with clients ranging from Mom and Pop small businesses to multi million dollars corporations. Richard will use his years of in-the-field experience to give me a 20 minute coaching session of his best advice on what to do before I call my prospect.

Then, you'll hear me call the prospect and conduct the Opportunity Analysis for real. This part is about an hour long of me taking the client through the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen in as I hunt for hidden marketing assets. You'll hear how I distinguish how my consulting is different from other marketing consultants. You'll hear me offer my services with my unique risk-free guarantee. You'll hear all the exciting, fun, educational and profitable details in this part of the lesson.

And, finally, at the very end of part three is what we all want to hear from our prospects. It's the client calling me back to hire me as a consultant. You'll hear him take my mailing address down so he can send me the money via Federal Express. This was only the second time I have used this Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to sell consulting services. The first is in another recording below with an accountant from Australia.

This is real, as it happened, and it's absolute proof that you can do this too. Other consulting opportunities will tell you how to get clients. They'll give you loads of unnecessary untested client generating tools. They'll give you post cards, newspaper ads and fancy calculators. You do not need all that stuff. All you need is one thing that works. They'll tell you how to get clients but I'll show you how. I'll offer you PROOF! All you have to do is do it. Now go get some clients. And once you have a client, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard's Marketing Consulting Training System. If you want more streaming audio recordings, expert interviews and free reports on the subject of marketing consulting, sign up for a free six month subscription to "Consulting Secrets" at

In Person, The Hottest "Low Cost/High Return" Marketing Secrets & Strategy To Double Your Business In The Next 6 Months!"

97% of salesman make no attempt to sell the prospect after the third attempt. It is also a fact that most prospects do not buy until after the sixth month from initial contact. One third of all buyers buy only after 18 months of the buying process. 20% of buyers amazingly buy 24 or more months after the initial contact. What is wrong with this picture?

I was in my office on March, 31st and I got a call from Jim Cecil. I had recognized the name and voice immediately because Jim Cecil was one of the main speakers at the Jay Abraham Protégé Training Seminar back in 1990. I have heard him often and loved his presentation on how to grow a business. Jim contacted me to see what I was up to. I asked him if I could interview him and we did about a 70-minute interview on a fascinating customer touching process that he developed called Nurture. Nurture is a customized series of ongoing contacts mostly sent by mail for business-to-business customer retention and customer prospecting. In this interview, James revealed three amazing case studies:

The first was about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America , which created tens of millions worth of net revenue; the second case study was with a Brian Ruh from East Holstein Wisconsin who was a life insurance salesman and through the Nurture process alone grew to the 34th ranking life insurance salesman in the New York Life Insurance Company world. The last case study is a story about a stockbroker who generated a multimillion dollar account by singing happy birthday over the phone in to an answering machine. In this interview, you'll hear these case stories and you'll understand the power of this one marketing concept. If you take what you hear in the interview and implemented it in your business or implemented into another business, you could change the business forever. There has been no better time in history and no better software to make this process automatic. Enjoy this 70 minute interview.

Consultants to AT&T, Microsoft and TEC Worldwide Jim Cecil, founder and president, is an acknowledged leader in the field of loyalty marketing and customer-relationship strategies. Jim conducts strategic sales process training seminars for corporate teams and individuals. Jim is one of the top resource speakers for CEO groups such as The Executive Committee (TEC) and Financial Advisory groups like the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP). He works personally with clients of all sizes, from AT&T and Microsoft to growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Jim Cecil has over 41 years of sales and marketing experience. He was the founder of West Coast Marketing Group, Mr. Cecil also founded Profit Systems, Inc., a large equipment distributorship in Redmond, Washington. Named Marketing Man of the Year in Asian Trade, Mr. Cecil is a popular speaker and is called upon to present over 100 speeches each year. Previously Mr. Cecil served with Smith-Corona Corporation in New York for some thirteen years in various marketing and sales positions. Additionally, he has consulted for clients across the country including Canon, Washington Natural Gas, Sharp Electronics, General Electric and Digital Equipment to name a few. If you want more streaming audio recordings, expert interviews and free reports on the subject of marketing consulting, sign up for a free six month subscription to "Consulting Secrets" at

It's My Turn To Reveal My Business Secrets
Michael Senoff is interviewed

This is a twist for me. In this audio, I'm the one being interviewed and I rarely give out interviews. But when an Internet marketer named Jay Gould asked me to talk about my business strategies, I decided to give him the full story.

Now, this isn't my biography. For those of you who don't know, I have a separate web page with my life story on it-- complete with baby pictures and personal information. So that's not what this interview is about. This audio is the biography of my site and my business. It's how it came to be what it is today. You'll hear how I stumbled across the business of reselling Jay Abraham seminars and how that developed into the site I have now.

You'll hear about what I call hustling. Sometimes when you're first starting out, you just need to bring in cash. So, I talk about my old pen business and how I got my son's nanny to put together pens during naptimes. And you'll also hear how it all progressed to the business I have today - exactly how I did it and how I'm still doing it.

Here are a few of the many things I reveal in this interview…

  • How I record audio and get it on the Internet - including the exact products I use, what they cost, where I buy them and how I hook them up

  • What kind of marketing I use for my site

  • How I get testimonials easily and effortlessly

  • How I started working with Richard and HMA Consulting

  • Why I don't use pay-per-clicks or any offline marketing

  • How I track my promotions

  • How I price my products

  • And much, much more

This audio is about two hours long, broken into four 30-minute clips. It was originally recorded in 2004 for the marketing students on Jay's website. And I don't hold anything back. This really is business as I know it.

Even though I majored in advertising and minored in marketing, college didn't teach me much about business. Experience is the best instructor I know of, and that's what this interview is all about -- the lessons I've learned along the way that you just can't get from a university. Enjoy.

PDF transcript download mp3 part 1
download mp3 part 2
download mp3 part 3
download mp3 part 4

10 Real-life Examples of The HMA System In Action: An interview With HMA Marketing Consulting System Founder

This audio isn't theory - it's reality, and it comes straight from the files of Richard himself. In it, you'll hear 10 stories that perfectly illustrate how the steps of the HMA system work.

Best of all, Richard tells you exactly how he did it - not how it could be done or how it should all work if the conditions are ideal and your fingers are crossed. These are proven steps and techniques in action. He brings you into the field with him to hear how he dealt with real people and real problems, and he lets you in on all the lessons he learned along the way.

  • You'll also hear…

  • Ways to spot hidden marketing assets

  • When to ask for a commission agreement and how to ask for one

  • What to charge larger clients

  • Why integrating a USP is just as important as creating one

  • The three ways this system will grow a business

  • How to work with a start-up company that doesn't have a lot of marketing assets

  • How to make money on group training sessions - using government funds

  • Why you should think twice before taking on a contingency contract

With each story, you'll hear how Richard molded the system to meet the needs of his client. And that flexibility allows this system to be used with any type of business --from large corporations to small mom n' pops.

This is a valuable interview that really puts the HMA system into perspective by showing you how to apply core principles to real-life business scenarios. So don't miss this opportunity to tap into 15 years of HMA experience and learn from the one person who knows this system the best.

If you want more streaming audio recordings, expert interviews and free reports on the subject of marketing consulting, sign up for a free six month subscription to "Consulting Secrets" at

How to Increase the Closing Ratio, Save Time and Money, and Increase Sales

Do your salespeople receive a lot of sales leads, but their closing ratio is low? In this audio recording, you will hear how I consult with the owner of a software company who is seeking help with this challenge. Based upon my marketing and sales expertise, you will hear the questions I ask and the suggestions I make to save time and money and increase sales.

The purpose of this audio recording is to provide consulting expertise for qualifying prospects, identifying decision makers, providing marketing incentives to buy, and increasing sales staff productivity to increase the closing ratio and increase sales.

During this conversation, you will learn about

  • Assessing the current sales lead process

  • Importance of consistent use of sales scripts

  • How to increase telemarketer productivity

  • Qualifying prospects, identifying decision makers, and eliminating "dead wood"

  • Tips for offering better incentives to buy

  • Resources available.

Be sure to listen to this entire recording. The questions I ask and the consulting tips you will hear will provide you with a wealth of ideas about how to identify decision makers, determine marketing incentives to buy, and increase the productivity of your sales staff. The result will be increased sales.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

How To Use Tent Promotions To Sell Your Products By The Trainloads Outside The Doors Of Huge Retailers Like Lowes, Home Depot, Sport Authority, and Circuit City

Tent promotions work! Imagine…if you could introduce your product to customers who shop at a large retailer on any given day; you'd be reaching thousands of people per week. Big Box Retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Sports Authority, and Circuit City draw customers into their store like bees to honey; and one very astute marketer has perfected a plan to get in on their success. He sets up a "tent" outside their store to promote and sell his product. He gets direct access to all the Retailer's customers without having to spend huge dollars on his own advertising and he enjoys the instant credibility that the retailers provide. After all, Home Depot isn't going to let just any product be promoted outside its doors; and there is always the possibility the retailer will decide to carry your product if you can demonstrate a significant percentage of their customers are interested in it. The gentleman I speak with is a joint venture tent promotion expert and he provides details on how to set-up the joint venture with a large retailer, how to negotiate permission to set up your tent promotion, what licenses are required, the amount of money that can be made, back-end costs, the best dates to stage your event, and potential drawbacks to be aware of. Listen to this interview and you will immediately be able to put a plan in motion that gets access to more customers than you ever thought possible. This is a comprehensive how-to lesson so sit-back, listen, enjoy, and profit from Tent promotions in your town.

Lowering Advertising Costs While Generating Additional Leads to Build Your Business

Are you spending a lot of money on advertising? Would you like to learn how to lower your advertising costs and increase marketing results? If your answer is yes to these questions, listen to the three 20-minute recordings of my conversations with Robert Jones, an owner of three Kung Fu studios. The techniques you will hear can easily be applied to all types of business!

The purpose of this program is to suggest new advertising avenues to lower advertising expense, retain customers, generate additional sources of income, and increase sales.

You will learn about

  • Overcoming "old-school" philosophies

  • Determining whether current advertising is working

  • Importance of tracking advertising results and implementing a system

  • Additional advertising and marketing techniques to uncover hidden benefits

  • Using risk reversal messages

  • Learning materials and courses available on

If you found yourself spending huge amounts of money advertising using media, such as Yellow Pages and television commercials, this recording will help you identify advertising techniques that will save you money and increase your marketing results.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

How To Interview The Best Restaurants In Your Town And Make A Mint From What They Tell You.

Learn how to develop an audio tape information product for restaurants in New York City. Michael Blyth, a auto industry sales trainer, called to consult on how to do this exact thing. We review the reasons why selling information to restaurants is far better them selling directly to the restaurant owners. 23 minutes. Recorded on 06-01-02. If you want more streaming audio recordings, expert interviews and free reports on the subject of marketing consulting, sign up for a free six month subscription to "Consulting Secrets" at ( Back to index )

How to Add Value-Added Products and Services to an Existing Business to Increase Profits

Would you like to hear about a marketing system that will help you increase your bottom line? If your answer is yes, you will want to listen to my phone conversation with Carlin, part owner of a sales training franchise. Carlin called me to locate pre-owned Jay Abraham tapes. He wanted to learn how to use marketing to increase his income and help his sales training clients save time and money and increase their sales.

The purpose of this audio recording is to explain how to take an existing business, add value-added marketing products and services, save client time and money, and sell marketing materials to increase profit.

You will learn about

  • Examples of add-on sales

  • Questions about franchise limitations and agreements

  • Finding hidden opportunities in a business

  • Selecting the right customers for marketing efforts

  • Taking a sale and leveraging yourself

  • Marketing and sales resources

  • Importance of customized Jay Abraham and other marketing materials.

Be sure to listen to the entire audio recording to hear valuable ways to increase your marketing knowledge. You will learn from the process I used, a process that resulted in an $11,000 net profit from selling marketing materials. The suggestions for adding value-added products and services will provide you with a wealth of ideas about how you can add to your bottom line.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

Determining Which Marketing Seminars Will be Most Effective in Growing a Business

Continuous learning is the key to growing a business, but which seminar materials to buy to bring about that growth can be a challenge! Listen to my conversation with Bernard Howee, an owner of an accounting practice. Bernard wants my advice about which marketing seminar materials will help him increase his income by helping clients with their businesses.

The purpose of this recording is to share advice about the seminar materials that will provide the best marketing strategies to help clients make more money, as well as save money, while building a business to greater profitability.

You will learn about

  • Questionnaires for identifying businesses

  • Leveraging materials

  • Expanding the client base

  • Approaching clients as a marketing consultant

  • Marketing strategies.

The practical analysis and suggestions that you will hear on this recording will add to the marketing knowledge to help you grow your business. Be sure to listen as though I am talking with you! You will be glad you did!

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. More recordings like this about consulting, go here

What Will You Do When Your Personal Assets Are Seized To Satisfy A Judgment Against Your Corporation?

Gary C, CEP®, MCEP, EPS, CSA®, RFC, CCA™, CEA™, CEA® is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to the subject of asset protection. This interview is based on Gary's decades of personal and professional experience. Gary was a business owner first before he became an asset protectionist. He's learned how to protect his assets through real world experience, not just theory.

In this seminar, special emphasis is placed on the mechanics of the various entities including much needed information on business structures like 1) Sole Proprietorships; 2) Partnerships; 3) Corporations; 4) Limited Partnerships; 5) Limited Liability Companies; 6) Trusts; 7) Retirement Plans and more; 8 Foreign Corporations as Entities; and more.

You'll hear how to survive lawsuits, frustrate creditors, and discourage predatory litigation. You'll discover how you can go bankrupt but still legally prosper and get on with your life. Gary also discusses how being on disability or being on Social Security doesn't mean that you can't earn more money.

You'll also learn some strategies to protect your assets if you are a rental property owner or if you are in the process of developing raw land. It all has to do with creating multiple, separate Limited Liability Companies.

Listen carefully as Gary gives a detailed explanation of how you can buy a home at a 70% discount both ethically and legally.

There are too many jewels in this interview on Asset Protection to list here so I strongly advise that you listen more than once. After your mind stops reeling with possibilities, I have no doubt that you will be investigating some of Gary's strategies in more detail. This seminar is 90 minutes.(Back to index)

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