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Hidden Marketing Assets System

How A Simple Joint Venture Can Help You Turn Your Luck Around
Jez Hunt bought the HMA package, the ultimate system for business marketing two years ago but never really did anything with it. Then one day he got an unexpected bill for $8,500 pounds (more than $17,000 US) and was given only eight weeks to pay it off. Jez knew he had to do something. So he picked up his Hidden Marketing Assets system, switched himself into overdrive, and ended up changing his luck and his life.

Not only was he able to pay off his bill on time, but Jez is now picking and choosing his clients, is about to conduct a two-day seminar workshop on direct marketing (charging 2,000 pounds a person) and is starting to charge his clients a monthly fee for his services.

And once you listen to Jez's story, you'll realize you can do it too. All you really have to do is try.

Key To Jez's Success: You'll hear
• How he got his three big clients and how he has eight new appointments set up for the next two weeks
• How Jez "takes the sale away" from prospects during the Opportunity Analysis - and makes them more interested
• The incentive he uses to get more referrals than he needs - try this and you may never have to cold call again
• How he pre-qualifies prospects by asking them seemingly innocent questions about their businesses during normal conversations
• How he's tweaking his HMA system to make it 12 modules - so he can charge clients for one a month and have a steady, monthly income
• The USP he uses for his HMA business that works better for him than the usual "20% in 20 days"

Jez didn't pick up the HMA system and start doing everything right his first time out. (In fact, you'll hear how one of his mistakes landed him a legal letter from the Yellow Pages.) But Jez is quick to point out that it doesn't matter whether you're doing things right or not. It only matters that you're getting yourself out there and trying. And before you know it, you'll be landing clients, gaining confidence and changing your luck and life too.

PDF transcripts download mp3

Get Sales Faster by Changing your Cold Calling Methods-a Challenge to Traditional Thinking!

Old "tried and true" cold calling and sales techniques that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. Here's a completely new sales mindset and cold calling approach that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition.

This 45-minute interview will challenge your thinking and change your mind. You will hear from Arrie, an experienced sales trainer, who designed and developed sales training for inside and outside salespeople in very large companies--companies that increased sales because of these techniques.

The purpose of this audio-interview is to provide new cold calling tools and techniques to get sales faster by..

  • Diffusing pressure and removing suspicion

  • Changing from the "dreaded salesperson" to trusted advisor

  • Transitioning from selling "product" to problem solving.

You will learn about the following topics:

  • Opening the call

  • Talking to customers in a non-aggressive way

  • Examples of what to say that are different from traditional scripts

  • Avoiding customer negative responses-words to avoid

  • Avoiding objections and "putting you off" comments

  • Handling gatekeepers and voice mail.

By applying the techniques you will hear on this audio-tape, you will eliminate fear and reluctance in making cold calls and build trust, help prospects, and build sales.

You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. Get Your FREE SEMINAR "7 Cold Calling Secrets Sales Guru's Don't Want You To Know" Go to for more details.

Suggestions to Uncover Hidden Marketing Assets and Generate Increased Revenue

Would you like to differentiate your company from the competition, attract new customers, increase retention, and find new ways to increase revenue? In this audio tape, you will hear some of my secrets during my consultation with Nick, the owner of a Chicago-based Web hosting company. Nick's business is already successful, but he is seeking ways to increase revenue and grow his business.

The purpose of this 40-minute consultation is to provide suggestions for differentiating your company from the competition, attracting new customers, increasing retention of existing customers, and finding new ways to increase revenue.

You will learn about

  • Identifying your competitive advantage

  • Uncovering value based upon the customer's point of view

  • Importance of articulating in a language people understand

  • Developing the unique selling proposition

  • Getting referrals and adding upselling techniques

  • Value of consistent sales scripts and staff training

Listen carefully as I suggest techniques to enable Nick to grow his Web hosting business. The questions I ask and suggestions I make will provide you with a wealth of ideas to uncover your hidden marketing assets, identify your unique selling proposition, and increase revenue in your business.

You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. More on consulting
click here.

How To Turn $30 Into $200 On ebay

Here's a 30-minute gem of a consultation that I recently did with a gentleman named Kevin. Kevin had ordered by Audio Marketing Secrets package and called me for some help in getting ideas about an audio information product that he could develop and start selling fast.

Kevin and I discuss his previous work experience which includes being a production assistant at QVC, buying and selling real estate, and MLM's. Kevin's current business venture is buying and selling items on Ebay. His goal is to buy low and to sell high. One of the ways that he does this is by purchasing lots of specific items at government auctions and then selling the items individually on Ebay for nice profits.

Although he's doing fairly well on Ebay with auctioning consumables, you'll hear us discuss how selling an information product is so much easier. Kevin wouldn't have to spend the time searching for items in government auctions, transporting and storing the items, etc.

Kevin tells how he had created a video on Ebay on the topic of how he bought and sold products. Although many people looked at his auction, he only had one sale. He thought that his limited success was due to poor copy. However, listen as I point out that since he got so many hits on his auction that perhaps there were some other reasons for his poor sales. Listen as I give my recommendations for selling items on Ebay. If you are an Ebay seller, this part of the consultation may really interest you!

As we get back to the subject of creating an audio information product, I give my professional opinion of what a successful audio information product should do for the listener:

  • It must present value to the listener

  • It should teach the listener how to make money

People will pay a higher price for a product that possesses these two most important attributes.

Kevin and I discuss finding a topic and then interviewing 10 experts in that field. The beauty of the interview style of an information product is that you do not have to be the expert. Additionally, you can hire a freelance copywriter to do the interviewing for you if you don't wish to conduct the interviews yourself. In this regard, Kevin would choose to be the interviewer himself.

Suddenly Kevin has an idea: Could I help him to create an audio information product that explains the businesses that Kevin has been involved with over the years and how to make money buying and reselling real estate and/or consumer products? Yes, this could be a very viable product and I do provide the services to accomplish this.

You see, Kevin would be positioned as the expert and I would do the interviewing, create the product, and create an infomercial to help get traffic to his web site for more information about his audio information product. You'll hear me advise Kevin of how a product like this must be of high quality and be risk-free for the consumer (i.e. offer a money-back guarantee).

If you're trying to come up with ideas for your own audio information product, this consultation with Kevin may be just what you need to get that spark - an idea that can make you a fortune. Enjoy!

How Do I Convince Clients To Try My Marketing Services When I Don't Have ANY Experience At All? And Other Urgent Questions For A Marketing Genius

In this audio, marketing students from all over the world ask Richard their most pressing questions, and even an experienced marketing consultant could learn a thing or two from the answers.

As always, Richard delivers the kind of advice and guidance you can't get from some generic marketing book. And the thing about Richard is: he really cares about every question, so you know he's giving you the most relevant answer possible.

Here are some of the questions you'll hear:

  • How can I market my business with little or no money?

  • How do I convince potential clients that I can get the job done?

  • What's the number-one expectation that clients have when they employ you as a consultant?

  • I have a contingency contract and I've done the work but they're failing to implement my advice• How do I get paid?

  • How do you tell an ego-driven business owner that he's the problem?

  • What is the quickest way to get through to the decision maker and capture corporate clients?

  • How do you divide your time between prospecting for new clients and servicing existing ones?

  • How can I expand my services globally?

  • And much, much more

Richard also goes over the three things you can do that will position you as an expert in your field. And if you're not sure how to price yourself so that you stay competitive in the marketplace, Part Two of the audio includes tips on that.

In fact, this session has something for everyone -- from the novice to the expert. Honestly, you can only gain from listening to these Q-and-A sessions with Richard.

He has a wealth of information. So sit back and listen as Richard fields some pretty tough questions about HMA consulting.

If you have other questions, please get them to me at once so I can get them answered for you by Richard personally.


How To Protect Your Assets And Pay Incorporating Your Business-Protection Power of Incorporating in Nevada

Are you thinking of starting a small business? Do you already own a small business? Because of varying state laws, are you hesitating to incorporate because your business is small or you are just starting out? Once you listen to this audio program, you will want to take advantage of the protection offered by incorporating in Nevada, no matter where you reside in the United States.

The purpose of this program is to help you protect your personal assets, limit your tax liability, maintain your personal privacy, and maximize your profits by setting up your business as a Nevada corporation.

During this 45-minute audio program, presented by a prominent Nevada business advisor, you will learn about

  • Reasons why setting up a corporation is important

  • Special tax savings available in Nevada

  • Examples of allowable tax deductions and tax savings in Nevada

  • Handling multiple corporations

  • Where to get help incorporating in Nevada

Be sure to listen to the complete program to hear how easy it is to incorporate your business in Nevada. The asset protection, lowered tax liability, and increased tax savings alone will help you maximize your profits and grow your business.

Take The Guess-work Out Of Your Hiring Employees; Use This Personality Profiling System and Learn The Secrets Your Next Applicant Don't Tell You In An Interview.

Hiring employees is time consuming and expensive and you want to do it right the first time. Employee turnover costs businesses an incredible amount of money (recruitment costs, training costs, lower productivity, etc.) so matching the right employee with the right job is crucial. Finding this "fit" is what the entire Placement Industry is based on and Personality Profiling has become a hot ticket to finding quality workers. Listen as I discuss with Dennis how Personality Profiling uncovers the true person lurking behind that interview-perfect persona, and, how an organization is "crazy" if they don't use it. There are lots of personality profiling techniques out there but Dennis Drew's method is the only one that is as effective as it is efficient - it only takes 5 or 6 minutes to complete and the pay-offs are astounding. No more silent brooders or manic chatterboxes gracing your coffee room table; just people who fit the job and your corporate culture. Listen to this two part series and be amazed by, and raring to try the software and profiling system that Dennis Drew has developed. Back to index

Business Success Takes More than Just Effort: Michael Senoff Interviews Mr. X

The businessman in this interview prefers to remain anonymous, so we'll call him Mr. X. He is not related to the Mr. X book sold by Jay Abraham.

Mr. X is the CEO of a Silicon Valley corporation. He's also a multimillionaire. It takes a tremendous amount of drive, determination and focus to get to his level of success, and in this interview, Mr. X tells us exactly what that means. Unlike many other businessmen, he isn't afraid to discuss the "nitty-gritty" elements of the business ladder.

"You may have your body with your wife but your mind should still be with your business."
According to Mr. X, in order to be successful you've got to give "total response to it -- complete mind, body, soul, bones, bone marrow, and flesh, everything you've got." It's not enough to merely study business; you pretty much have to breathe it.

This is an honest interview with someone right smack in the middle of the business world. If you're looking for a sugarcoated version, this isn't the interview for you because Mr. X doesn't hold many things back.

Here are some of the things you'll hear in this interview•

  • When to fail on purpose• and why

  • The essential things you must do and look for when putting together a driven, business-hungry management team.

  • Why Mr. X says you should never hire anyone who's worked as a policeman, CIA, FBI or in the field of intelligence operations.

  • Why face-to-face meetings are infinitely more important than background checks when hiring executives.

  • After you've put together a good management team, how to maintain teamwork and productivity in a fast and ever-changing marketplace.

  • Why you should make sure your employees have the same drive and business philosophies you have.

  • What a "reference group" is and why you should "live, sleep, wine and dine" in one.

Mr. X will be the first to tell you that millionaires aren't made overnight, despite what some con artists may claim. It's not always easy, and it's not always pretty. But he says it should be rewarding - in more ways than just financially. So sit back and learn what it takes to run a successful multimillion-dollar business from someone who knows. Back to index

Tips For Turning Garbage Into Gold

Carlton Pruitt owns a trash hauling business where he makes about $75 to $100 an hour. Still, it's backbreaking physical labor and he's not really working enough to bring home a decent living. So in this audio, you'll hear my advice to Carlton on how to expand his business and bring in more money - without taking on any more physical labor or costs.

Most people have never heard about joint ventures, but these kinds of deals can really make life much easier and are amazingly simple to set up. So I introduce Carlton to a whole list of ideas on how he can make joint ventures work for him. And once he gets them set up, he'll be getting paid for basically doing nothing.

Here are just a few of the ideas you'll hear in this audio•
• How to find companies to make joint venture deals with, what to say to them and how to negotiate the best deal for you
• How to think "outside your business" to set up deals - and bring in thousands of extra dollars a week without really lifting a finger
• How to find cheap labor to do your dirty work and ways to make sure they're actually doing their jobs
• How to use joint ventures to set up a "golden rolodex" of referrals to have at your fingertips so that you're always ready to make that extra cash
• Creative ways to make sure companies have your name and number on hand when they need to make a referral to their customers
• How to easily take your expertise (or someone else's) and turn it into a high-end information product - and never see another backbreaking day again

Business is never black and white -- and neither is marketing. It's funny how many people think they have to do things a certain way and inevitably get stuck in a rut because of it. This interview will help to open your mind and get your creativity flowing. And once you see the gold in Carlton's garbage hauling business, you'll definitely be able to see it in your own - even if you don't have a business yet. Enjoy.

How to Buy an Existing Profitable Business the Right Way

Have you ever wanted to buy a profitable business and do it right? Listen to the audio tape of my interview with Mr. Arthur Hamel, an expert in buying over 200 businesses successfully for over 40 years. Arthur has taught tens of thousands of people all around the world-even those with no money or prior business experience.

The purpose of this 58-minute interview is to share Arthur Hamel's knowledge and experience, inform you about core business truths, and explain how you can spend less of your time, money, and patience to find cash-flush investors to buy a large multi-million dollar business that is already running smoothly and bringing in huge profits.

During the interview, Art shares his experience about

  • How to research profitable businesses for sale and what to look for

  • Types of businesses to go after and why

  • Which businesses to avoid and why

  • Assessing risk and potential net profit

  • Researching potential investors and where to find them

  • Organizing investors and negotiating fees.

Because Arthur wants you to realize that you, too, can fulfill your dream of buying a profitable business, listen carefully. You, too, can do what thousands of others have done by buying existing profitable businesses the right way.

Press the play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For more interviews with Art Hamel go

How A Crippling Back Injury Forced A Canadian Man Into Making $250,000 A Year Cleaning Offices All From Bed With The Use Of His Local Newspaper, His Brain, And A Brown Cordless Phone

This is a conversation with a very interesting business owner. He has been making a fortune in the office cleaning business. He solicits office buildings and businesses that need light cleaning 2-5 days a week. He acquires long- and short-term contracts with these businesses and finds contract cleaners to clean and manage the accounts. He claims you can have multiple cleaning accounts within weeks for a start-up of less then $50. You can get others to do the dirty work and you keep 40% of the gross sales. He has done it over and over again and wants to let you in on this business. Hear how I grilled him about this venture for over 50 minutes so you can get an inside look at this often overlooked money-making opportunity. I know you will enjoy this talk. Enjoy! I'm not in contact with Dave any longer. But if you want the next best thing to a cleaning business with out all the cleaning.

How To Get Investor Financing For Your Own Business Using Little Or None Of Your Own Money Without The Hassles Of Snobby Bank Lenders And Credit Checks

Welcome to another insightful two-part interview with business-buying expert, Art Hamel. In these audios, Art concentrates on how you can buy a business with investor money. This isn't something that he just thought up. All of the content you are about to hear is based on Art's actual experience for over twenty-five years.

You'll hear questions and Answers from my students about buying businesses.

When you buy a business using investor money, there are some great advantages. First of all, you pay for your business entirely by cash! That gives you an advantage over other buyers. The other important aspect is that most investors don't expect you to pay them some kind of a return every month or quarter. They will ride with you for five years or more until they expect their return. That means that you get to use all of that investor money for the entire investment term!

You will also hear Art's opinions on business brokers and how to know a good one, how to value a business, buying businesses which fit into a consumer buying cycle such as businesses that fit well with baby boomers, how to protect yourself from overpaying for a business, and much, much more!

Near the end of this Q & A session you'll hear Art's anecdotes about how he got into the seminar business in the early 1970's, how he started teaching marketing and business buying sessions that were both IRS and IBM approved, and how his one-hour infomercial on a shopping network made him such a recognized personality wherever he went. Get ready to learn ...

  • How to value a business

  • The truth about government funding.

  • How to buy a business with no money of your own?

  • How to value a business using a third grade math formula.

  • How to determine if there are unpaid bills before you buy.

  • How to measure and value the "public good will worth" of a business before you buy.

  • How do you keep employees from jumping ship after the sale.

  • Why everything you have ever been told about business is a big lie.

  • Learn Art's best technique for finding profitable but under valued businesses.

  • Why never to trust a business brokers in the Midwest, specifically Indiana?

  • How to get the banks to work with you as a last resort

  • How to get 100% financing for existing businesses?

Each recording is 25 minutes. Sit back and listen to some of the most sought-after information in the world. So be sure to print the transcripts and read them over and over. Click here for more Art Hamel Legendary Business-Buying Interviews

Internet Expert Reveals How To Run A Successful Paid Membership Website.

I admit, paid membership sites have always intrigued me but I was leery of them because of the time I assumed was involved keeping the membership happy and the information up-to-date and relevant. Listen to this information exploration with Ron Ruiz about the proprietary software he developed to virtually automate all of the processes involved in running a paid membership site. Ron started with paid membership sites when the work was very time consuming and he has had his share of trials and tribulations along the way. He shares with me how he got started, the valuable lessons he's learned, and how his software can help anyone generate steady, reliable income from their own paid membership site. Ron is an expert and innovative marketer who saw the need to create this software and has positioned his site as one of the most successful paid membership sites on the internet today. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3; set up the site, run the software, and rake in the subscriptions - Ron will tell you how. Since I interview and review marketing gurus all day for a living, you can guess I know what works and what don't. Click here to see how I make my money. Back to index



Here's A Case Study With Mark, The Owner Of A Start-Up Internet Business

Here's a live two-part training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets in your business.

First thing I want you to do is to download these two files. 1) Opportunity analysis worksheet and 2) the HMA opportunity analysis training.

Print these out and follow along with me before you listen to any of the recordings. Here's why...

I know if I can work with you and show you by example how to get a client, you're confidence in yourself will go up. I know if you can have a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, you'll be more likely to meet with them. I know that If I can teach you how to conduct an Opportunity Analysis by phone, without face to face meetings, you be more likely to start your own consulting business. I know you're going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use a Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all clients you can handle. Let me explain. Here's another training call I conducted with a Mr. Mark Mysack. Mark called looking for marketing advice on his new internet start-up business. This is only the fourth time I have conducted an opportunity analysis. Your learning as I am learning. Notice how I am closing all the way through the call. This is something I was not doing in the first two calls. Each call is getting easier and easer. My confidence in conducting the opportunity analysis is getting stronger. Stick with me on this call to the end even though you may get a little lost with the details of his business. His business is not the important aspect of the call. It's how to interview the prospect. I did this call with Mark for two reason. One, he agreed to let me record the call so I could show you how to do another opportunity analysis. Two, I needed more practice. If you think you are going to be able to do one of these calls and feel comfortable the first time, you are mistaken. You have to practice this interview several times before you get comfortable with it. You have to really understand the HMA system and how it can help a business grow. But when you understand this interview process like the back of your hand, the world is yours. Imagine the possibilities that await you when you have the confidence to interview any business and that you can show that business all the money he is missing out by not having you as his marketing consultant. I hope this interview will answer the question "can I do this?" For more information on marketing consulting like this go to consulting secrets

The Glenn Turner Interview

Here is one of my most fascinating interviews to date with Glenn Turner. This 60 Minute Interview is exclusive for you if you are willing to take me up on my 30 Free trial offer for my "Take Back Your Mind Glenn Turner Seminar Collection".

It me interviewing Glenn Turner like never before. He's the Toney Robbins of the early 1970s. This interview is with entrepreneurs and inspirational mentor, Glenn W. Turner. It's a fascinating real life case study of how a man with a physical disability, no money, and no confidence had the courage to build himself into a wealthy, greatly respected man who was, and still is a role model to thousands of people. But it is not just a rags to riches story. It contains valuable lessons in honesty, tenacity, humor, and respecting others you'll take to heart.

Glenn Turner was born in 1934 in South Carolina to an unwed mother. He was very poor. His mother's prenatal illness of scarlet fever caused Glenn to be born with a clef palate and a hair lip. As an infant, he had surgery in an attempt to correct these problems. Even so, his disability was always noticeable.

He dropped out of school in the 8th grade mainly because of the teasing about his hair lip by other children. When he was only 17 years old, he had his father sign for him so that he could join the Air Force. Unfortunately, he was given a medical discharge one year later because it was discovered that he had a perforated eardrum.

Upon exploring job opportunities, he was told that his outlook was bleak because he had no education. He was directed to and enrolled in an Opportunity School. This was a school for people who had dropped out of school or had never gone to school. This school saved his life. It gave him the inspiration to complete school and the first boost of confidence in his life.

Glenn eventually started selling sewing machines door to door. Because of his past experiences, Glenn didn't have much confidence at first. However, he was fortunate to have the ability to learn about sales from his manager who became his mentor. This mentoring relationship helped Glenn to be very successful. Glenn never forgot the importance of having a good mentor.

He was soon introduced to Holiday Magic, an MLM cosmetic sales company Glenn was mortgage the family furniture to borrow $5000 to become a distributor. In short time, Glenn surpassed fellow distributor, Zig Ziegler, and became the Number One distributor for Holiday Magic. In fact, he made a quarter of a million dollars just in his first eight months with Holiday Magic!

Glenn reveals how he transformed from having little confidence to having the confidence of a master speaker and entrepreneur. When Glenn was 26, he left Holiday Magic and began his own cosmetic MLM marketing company. It was called Koscot.

Hear how Glenn grew Koskot to a $100 million dollar powerhouse in just 36 short months. Listen how Koscot was organized and how it ran. At the height of it's growth, Koscot was larger than Amway.

Glenn developed a new company named Dare To Be Great because Koscot had a need for training materials and courses. Many Koscot salespeople left their distributorships and became involved with the Dare to be Great program. People flocked to Dare To Be Great because they were fascinated with everyone's positive attitude and success. In fact, Glenn estimates that more than 800 people became millionaires through Koscot and Dare To Be Great.

MLM laws were non-existent when Glenn first started. But as the laws developed, Glenn started being investigated for different kinds of illegal activities, including mail fraud.

He subsequently worked with one of his former employees in the development of a new MLM, Challenge America. The company was investigated and Glenn was eventually charged with "aiding and abetting a pyramid." He spent almost five years in an Arizona prison. In this interview, you'll hear Glenn discuss his experiences in prison.

Glenn's real passion is teaching personal development and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. He has written several books and estimates that he has sold seven million books and audio-tape programs in his career combined.

Listen as Glenn gives advice on how to protect themselves. He says that he made the mistake of not protecting himself because he was always being honest. Because of lawmakers and the legal system, simply being honest was not enough.

This interview is an absolute gem! Glenn proves how a person can go from rags to riches and from ruin to recovery through the power of positive thinking and honesty. This is a short 5 minute clip. The full interview is one hour Enjoy! It can only be hear here with your 30 day free trial. You will not find it anywhere on my site but here. Learn how he did it. Click here

Bridging the Gap between Selling and Marketing to Increase Your Business

Are you looking for the answers to what marketing really is and how you can become rich? If your answer is yes, listen to this short recording in which I talk with Carlos, or "Q" as he called, who wants to bridge the gap between selling and marketing to increase his business.

The purpose of this audio-tape is to share answers to what marketing really is and how it can make you rich if applied in the right way. This conversation will help you bridge the gap between selling and marketing so you can build your business. In this conversation, you will learn about..

  • What it takes to push a business to profitability

  • Marketing vs. selling and how marketing teaches you how to "leverage"

  • How to multiply and add zeros to the bottom line

  • Using ads that regenerate additional business

  • Positioning and targeting the right potential customers

  • Getting control of your own line of products.

  • How Jay Abraham tapes can provide additional marketing help.

Many other excellent salesmen and woman, find themselves faced with finding out more about marketing, necessary to add to the bottom line. By listening to this conversation and applying the principles Jay Abraham includes on his tapes, you, too, will be able to bridge the gap between selling and marketing to increase your business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.


PDF transcript download mp3


How To Generate a Greater Response Rate by Honing Your Advertising and Marketing Skills

In today's marketing field, good copywriting is essential. A man who is new to this field called me for advice about his own copywriting business. To help him out, I shared my years of experience and suggested helpful resources.

The purpose this audio tape is to provide advertising and marketing tips for clarifying the business focus and goal, generating a greater response rate, and determining what is most important without being fearful of failure.

During this conversation, you will learn about

  • What it means to be a copywriter and prerequisites for success

  • Suggestions for naming a business and structuring a company

  • Value of money back guarantees and licensing deals

  • Kinds of advertising and importance of exploring new marketing ideas

  • Importance of focusing on "what's in it for me" (WIIFM) from the customer point of view

  • Value of letters vs. expensive brochures

  • How to get repeat customers without a lot of expense

  • Using testimonials

  • When to hire additional skills

  • Advertising and marketing resources.

By listening to the conversation using this copywriting business as an example, you will learn valuable advertising and marketing advice to apply to your business. Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. Enjoy.

How to Make Pocket Money On The Weekend Installing Door Viewers Painting Address Numbers on Curbs

You will be amazed when you hear the advice I give about how to make money selling door viewers, door knockers, and door locks. You'll also learn how to paint address numbers on curbs. In the first audio recording, Frank, a young man from El Paso, Texas, asks my advice about door-to-door selling of these products and services. In the second recording, one of my customers, Jeff, from Vallejo, California, shares his experience knocking on doors 30 yrs. ago. After all, most successful salespeople started with door-to-door selling, and you can, too!

The purpose of this two-part program is to provide the "know how" to make money selling door viewers and hardware and painting street numbers on curbs, tips that will help you sell other products door to door.

You will learn about

  • Equipment to get started and knock on doors

  • Preparing display materials and gaining interest

  • Importance of a guarantee

  • The sales pitch

  • Leveraging prospecting time

  • Distribution letters

  • Example pricing

  • Referrals and finders fees

  • The presentation and professional look

  • Importance of attitude and confidence.

The only way you will fail is to listen to your fears and not get out there and sell! The examples, advice, and communication you will hear will dispel those fears and help you develop the attitude and confidence you need to be successful. Be sure to listen carefully to both recordings to learn how to get started, the materials you will need, what to say, and much more!

Press the green play button for each recording and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcripts and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For more interviews that will show you how to make fast money selling, go


Here's How UK Marketing Expert Makes $75,000 A Month Selling Leads To Yellow Page Advertisers

Vanish Patel is a UK marketing genius who I have learned a great deal from over the years. Vanish and I had this conversation just to catch up on our lives and businesses. I have to admit that, once again, Vanish astounded me with some new marketing secrets that will definitely benefit any HMA Consultant! Here's what you are going to learn.

  • Learn how you can quickly pick target markets with money for advertising for your marketing consulting practice by simply leafing through your local Yellow Pages.

  • After you've found a great target market, learn how to calculate almost to the penny how much each company is spending on Yellow Pages advertising with one phone call.

  • Learn why capturing people's email addresses is so important and Vanish's proven online strategy to obtain those email addresses.

  • Listen to the secret of how to make money matching qualified prospects to companies in your target market.

  • Hear how you can apply this proven strategy to offline businesses by offering a service that will bring you amazing profit margins.

In this recording, you'll also hear how Vanish currently operates his own marketing consulting business and his philosophies about owning and running businesses. I know that you will enjoy and benefit from Vanish's very human approach to the consulting businesses as well as operating his own business.

For more information about how to make money as a marketing consultant click here



Strategies of a Successful Nashville Marketing Consultant who Turned $120 into Making $20,000 a Month

Have you ever considered owning your own consulting business? In this interview, I talk with Sam Bowman, a successful marketing consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, who was trained in a sales and marketing system that is almost identical to the Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) system. Based upon his experience with real face-to face selling and all the planning that goes with it, Sam explains what it takes to be successful as a marketing consultant.

The purpose of this audio tape is to share Sam Bowman's key strategies for starting and operating a successful consulting business and how he applied a sales and marketing system that works.

During this discussion, you will learn about

  • Required traits and competencies of a successful consultant

  • Getting started and projecting revenue

  • How to get clients, number of calls, and ratio of calls to appointments

  • Identifying the right clients and which clients to avoid

  • Setting appointments and pre-qualifying

  • Pre-call planning and handling appointments

  • Importance of a client needs assessment and what to look for

  • The proposal, agreement, pricing, and getting paid.

Once you listen and learn from Sam's consulting experience, you will be able to apply these methods to your own consulting business and reap the rewards of owning this type of business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For more information on marketing consulting like this go here

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