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How To Get New Clinets

How To Make No Into Yes When Selling By Phone

If you like to use the phone to sell but can't take the rejection, then this will be the most important audio interview you have ever heard. Its filled with tips on how to get new clients I've been selling by phone for 15 years. It one of the most effective methods for selling I know. But I hate it for the same reasons most people hate selling by phone. I hate the rejection. I am only human and it just hurts my feelings when someone says no to a product or idea I am trying to sell. I am very fortunate to have just discovered a new honest sales approach based on integrity and common sense to stop the rejection.

It challenges traditional phone selling thinking and will help you get more yeses then nos. It's the missing link -- a new mindset and language that converts selling by phone into a natural conversation between you and your prospect. It offers you a new way of thinking about cold calling -- the most dreaded selling experience of all -- to the end of the sales process. You don't have to abandon the selling skills you already know -- This interview will give you a new approach and new tools to help you get better results. It's incredibly effective. Best of all, it's easy to learn and you can start instantly.

In this interview, you'll learn how to make less calls - and get better results. --Rip up your sales script and easily get your message across-- Change from the "Dreaded Salesperson" to a trusted advisor in a matter of minutes--Get rid of your "Fear of Phone" once and for all--Stop chasing prospects and gain the respect you deserve. This recording is 45 minutes. Enjoy.


Ex Wal-Mart Employee Discovers How To Make Money At Home Selling Information On Horses

Many people would say that horses are one of the most passionate subjects in the world. Horses have been very important to people for hundreds of years. In earlier times, horses were the major mode of transportation as well as the most important piece of livestock that a farmer depended upon for the success of his crops.

Today, all over the world, people continue to have a passion for these beautiful animals. They are companion animals, people's hobbies, and sometimes a major source of income in competitions such as horse racing, showing, breeding, and buying and selling.

Patricia has been involved with horses since she was a young girl. About three years ago, she wrote an ebook for stable owners with advice about how to rent out their stables easily and have greater profits. Her next step was to create a web site with content about buying and selling horses.

She conducted teleseminars with experts on different equine subjects such as training, horse health, and current equine issues. Her subscribers could sign up to listen to the teleseminars and then were given the opportunity to purchase the audio and printed transcripts of the teleseminars.

Patricia had contacted me mainly because she wanted some advice about the proper pricing of her teleseminar materials. Additionally, she wanted to increase her profits for her products. I took the opportunity to tell Patricia about my new product, "How to Turn Your $28 Book into a $3,900 Information Product" and suggested that she take advantage of a free trial of it.

We went on to discuss hot topics about horses. The one that we pinpointed was the subject of selling horses. You'll hear Patricia explain why this topic is so important, especially for horse breeders. We decided that this might be a wonderful information product for Patricia to create because buying and selling horses is a good business opportunity for people - and people are more apt to purchase information about business opportunities.

The products that Patricia currently offers on her web site are fifteen audios and their transcripts with experts on different topics. Listen as I reveal some of the strategies that I use on my own web site,, and suggest that Patricia follow a similar format. I advise Patricia to take her fifteen audios and give them away for free on her web site.

Her goal should be to host the web site that has the greatest free audio content about horses on the Internet. You will hear me explain that, by doing this, she will begin to build relationships and credibility with people who come to her web site to hear her free valuable audio content. You will hear me explain my own past experiences and what led me to set up in this manner.

After she has the free audio content in place, then Patricia should create a high end product - a business opportunity so that people can learn how to make money by doing something that they enjoy. One of my ideas is for her to create an audio seminar product about buying and selling horses for profit. I suggest ideas of what the seminar could contain, how to determine which equine experts to interview, and how to obtain the topics to be discussed during the interviews themselves. We even discuss how this main product could be easily niched into other information products.

We discuss how to direct people to the high end product through the free audio content or excerpts of the main product that she would offer on her site. Other important components of her product such as bonuses and free consultations are discussed in detail.

I show Patricia some examples of how my web site works and the psychology behind how free audios can lead a customer to buying higher end products. You may wish to follow along online as I lead Patricia through some great examples of my free content and upsells that are then offered.

This is a great consultation for many reasons. The ideas that Patricia and I discuss can apply to any product and you will also have an opportunity to see exactly how I conduct my own successful site. Enjoy! The interview really heats up about 10 minutes in. Stay with it to the end. You'll be glad you did.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here..


82 Year Old New York Jew Reveals Lifelong Marketing & Selling Secrets Before He Dies

You can be sure that this interview with Uncle Mort will become one of my most memorable. You will hear how Mort has been an entrepreneur for more than fifty years. Listen as he gives details of his long jack-of-all-trades career in a saucy style that only Mort can tell.

After serving in World War II as a CB, Mort got into sales. He owned and managed a tire store at an early age and also got into the business of selling unique scooters.

Many of Mort's early sales experience was the direct, in-the-home sales of products such as:

  • Home improvement products
  • Pots and pans
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Exercise machines

Wherever Mort worked, he was always became the top salesman very quickly. He had unique sales techniques that he refers to as "secrets." According to Mort, his unique marketing styles just about guaranteed every sale he attempted.

Mort tells of sometimes opposing the sales techniques used by company owners. Listen as he describes how he out-sold even the company owners through ingenuity and his personable style. Mort explains why direct sales is the best sales training for the new salesperson.

Later in his career, Mort began to get into the sales of business opportunities. He goes into great detail selling a swimming pool business opportunity. You will hear him describe his sales methodology and how he quickly became the top swimming pool salesman. His secrets are simple to remember: Be a good listener, be personable, and be honest. Mort was proud to tell me how he made twenty people who bought the swimming pool business opportunity from him became millionaires because of Mort's advice in marketing, advertising, and sales. He also relates several anecdotes associated with the swimming pool business. You will smile more than once.

Following his departure from the swimming pool business, Mort invented the mobile dog grooming business. He tells the story of how he came up with the idea and some of the trials and tribulations he had during his start-up period. However, the business was a smashing success and was written up in many, many magazines. Additionally, Mort was actually a guest on the television show, "To Tell The Truth." Yes, Mort's mobile dog grooming business got tons of publicity.

Another of Mort's ventures was promoting a swimming pool enclosure named the Stratadome. Listen to the deal the Mort made with them and he ultimately made the company successful.

Mort explains why his prefers selling business opportunities as opposed to franchises. He gives a great example when he sold a business opportunity for auto parts, specifically brakes. At his height, Mort had almost six thousand dealers. There aren't many people that can make that claim!

At the age of eighty-one, Mort is still very active in building businesses. He has the strength of growing businesses fast. He tells how to determine a good product that can be grown quickly and how can help you. Mort says that, if you use his formulas, he will make you rich. He also will tell you how to find high-ticket business opportunities.

Mort and I talk about a fascinating venture that he is currently involved in. He has partnered with a tour organization to sell great little glass-bottom tour boats to be housed at prime locations around the world. It sounds pretty lucrative. You will be amazed with how this deal works and may wish to look at Mort's web site for more detailed information

Mort tells of a few other ventures that he has headed up and how he feels that sometimes he chose bad partners. I know that you will enjoy the banter that goes on between Mort and I. It was certainly an experience for me listening to Mort's life stories and I'm sure you'll enjoy them too. back to index

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

PDF transcripts download or play part 1
download or play part 2


Raphael Small Moving Business

Here's another live two part training call that teaches you by example on how to discover hidden marketing assets and how to get a client by asking questions.

You're about to be handed another key to getting all the marketing consulting clients you can handle. First thing I want you to do is to download these two files. 1) Opportunity analysis worksheet and 2) the HMA opportunity analysis training.

Print these out and follow along with me before you listen to any of the recordings. Here's why...

I know if I can work with you and show you by example how to get a client, you're confidence in yourself will go up. I know if you can have a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, you'll be more likely to meet with them. I know that If I can teach you how to conduct an Opportunity Analysis by phone, without face to face meetings, you be more likely to start your own consulting business. I know you're going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use a Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all clients you can handle.

Let me explain. Raphael recently ordered some pre-owned marketing materials from me. As part of his order, I offered to conduct an opportunity analysis for his 30 year old moving company. Keep in mind that he has paid me money to take him through this "Analysis" In the HMA consulting training, you'll learn how to charge for this service. Please download the opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along.

This recording is 54 minutes. You'll hear exactly the questions to ask to uncover hidden marketing assets. If Raphael had only met an HMA marketing consultant years ago, he may not be at the point of switching careers. My goal in this recording is to teach you how to get a client. I want you to take this training and try it on a perspective client of your own. Listen and learn from this example.

Other consulting opportunities, will tell you how to get a client, I'll demonstrate how. This is another exclusive Consulting Secrets HMA training on how to interview a prospective client over the phone using the opportunity analysis worksheet. For more information got to consulting secrets . This recording is not a clip. It's the full 58 minute interview.

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Michael Senoff Interviews The King Of MLM Mr. Glenn W Turner

Here is one of my most fascinating interviews ever. It's with Glenn Turner. It me interviewing Glenn Turner like he's never been interviewed before. Glenn in considered one of the most dynamic and charismatic speakers of our times. He's was the Toney Robbins of the 1970s. This interview is the fascinating real life case study of how a man with a physical disability, no money, and no confidence had the courage to build himself into a wealthy, greatly respected man who was, and still is a role model to thousands of people. But it is not just a rags to riches story. It contains valuable lessons in honesty, tenacity, humor, and respecting others you'll take to heart.

Glenn Turner was born in 1934 in South Carolina to an unwed mother. He was very poor. His mother's prenatal illness of scarlet fever caused Glenn to be born with a clef palate and a hair lip. As an infant, he had surgery in an attempt to correct these problems. Even so, his disability was always noticeable.

He dropped out of school in the 8th grade mainly because of the teasing about his hair lip by other children. When he was only 17 years old, he had his father sign for him so that he could join the Air Force. Unfortunately, he was given a medical discharge one year later because it was discovered that he had a perforated eardrum.

Upon exploring job opportunities, he was told that his outlook was bleak because he had no education. He was directed to and enrolled in an Opportunity School. This was a school for people who had dropped out of school or had never gone to school. This school saved his life. It gave him the inspiration to complete school and the first boost of confidence in his life.

Glenn eventually started selling sewing machines door to door. Because of his past experiences, Glenn didn't have much confidence at first. However, he was fortunate to have the ability to learn about sales from his manager who became his mentor. This mentoring relationship helped Glenn to be very successful. Glenn never forgot the importance of having a good mentor.

He was soon introduced to Holiday Magic, an MLM cosmetic sales company Glenn was mortgage the family furniture to borrow $5000 to become a distributor. In short time, Glenn surpassed fellow distributor, Zig Ziegler, and became the Number One distributor for Holiday Magic. In fact, he made a quarter of a million dollars just in his first eight months with Holiday Magic!

Glenn reveals how he transformed from having little confidence to having the confidence of a master speaker and entrepreneur. When Glenn was 26, he left Holiday Magic and began his own cosmetic MLM marketing company. It was called Koscot.

Hear how Glenn grew Koskot to a $100 million dollar powerhouse in just 36 short months. Listen how Koscot was organized and how it ran. At the height of it's growth, Koscot was larger than Amway.

Glenn developed a new company named Dare To Be Great because Koscot had a need for training materials and courses. Many Koscot salespeople left their distributorships and became involved with the Dare to be Great program. People flocked to Dare To Be Great because they were fascinated with everyone's positive attitude and success. In fact, Glenn estimates that more than 800 people became millionaires through Koscot and Dare To Be Great.

MLM laws were non-existent when Glenn first started. But as the laws developed, Glenn started being investigated for different kinds of illegal activities, including mail fraud.

He subsequently worked with one of his former employees in the development of a new MLM, Challenge America. The company was investigated and Glenn was eventually charged with "aiding and abetting a pyramid." He spent almost five years in an Arizona prison. In this interview, you'll hear Glenn discuss his experiences in prison.

Glenn's real passion is teaching personal development and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. He has written several books and estimates that he has sold seven million books and audio-tape programs in his career combined.

Listen as Glenn gives advice on how to protect themselves. He says that he made the mistake of not protecting himself because he was always being honest. Because of lawmakers and the legal system, simply being honest was not enough.

This interview is an absolute gem! Glenn proves how a person can go from rags to riches and from ruin to recovery through the power of positive thinking and honesty.

For more free audio recordings and speeches by Glen Turner go here


Incorporating Your Business-Protection Power of Incorporating in Nevada

Are you thinking of starting a small business? Do you already own a small business? Because of varying state laws, are you hesitating to incorporate because your business is small or you are just starting out? Once you listen to this audio program, you will want to take advantage of the protection offered by incorporating in Nevada, no matter where you reside in the United States.

The purpose of this program is to help you protect your personal assets, limit your tax liability, maintain your personal privacy, and maximize your profits by setting up your business as a Nevada corporation.

During this 45-minute audio program, presented by a prominent Nevada business advisor, you will learn about

• Reasons why setting up a corporation is important
• Special tax savings available in Nevada
• Examples of allowable tax deductions and tax savings in Nevada
• Handling multiple corporations
• Where to get help incorporating in Nevada

Be sure to listen to the complete program to hear how easy it is to incorporate your business in Nevada. The asset protection, lowered tax liability, and increased tax savings alone will help you maximize your profits and grow your business.

Press the green play and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.


When To Sue Your Copywriter...281 Pound Body Builder Spills His Gut And Reveals All He Knows About Internet Marketing, Copywriting, and Using Mailing Lists

Would you like honest, no-fluff advice on internet marketing, copywriting, mailing lists, and other business tips? Listen to the interview with Mr. Taylor Trump, a successful copywriter, small business management specialist, and online and offline marketing specialist.

The purpose of this interview is to share Taylor's success and how you, too, can became successful by applying the internet marketing techniques and principles he learned from marketing experts, such as Jay Abraham, and a secret of top copywriters that is not always obvious.

In this interview, you will learn about

  • How motivation and drive enabled him to pick up concepts from marketing gurus -most from purchasing materials on my Web site,

  • How he applied marketing principles and concepts to his first business and continued with Internet marketing.

  • How he made money without doing all the labor himself and establishing deals with cost-saving, "do-it-yourself" contracts

  • "The Marketing Genius Letter," a newsletter to learn strategies about mining the hidden assets of your business, as well as marketing to and outwitting, outsmarting, and crushing your competition.

  • A marketing portal site with over 100,000 links to articles and resources, general marketing information, niche marketing, target marketing, and how to market.

  • Helping people get close to their dreams by offering solutions to their problems

  • Value of researching your target market, knowing each customer, prospects, or client and the actual motivations, aspirations, and "hot buttons" of each.

  • Using lists, direct mail successes, and how to go about it.

You too, can be successful with your business by learning from Taylor Trump's advice about Internet marketing, copywriting, and using lists. In this Internet Marketing Seminar you will then be able to help your customers get close to their dreams by offering them the right solutions!

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

How To Start Making Money With On Line Joint Ventures With No Customers, No Products And With No Money

Bianco is a skilled joint venture marketer and one of the best at explaining joint ventures. Listen as he shares his experience with joint venture marketing and the benefits of setting up this highly leveraged business strategy.

The purpose of this 55-minute interview is to share strategies on how to set up joint ventures so you can make more money using the assets of others to grow your business.

In this interview, you are going to learn….

  • What is joint venture marketing

  • Advantages of joint ventures compared to lead generation

  • How to find prospects for joint ventures

  • How joint venture marketing works and examples

  • How to get started

  • How to establish agreements

  • How to weed out winning deals from losers

  • The importance of market testing

  • Where to get more information.

Learn how apply strategies for joint venture marketing in your business. When you do, you will be able to make more money with less effort. Follow along and use these same strategies to set up a joint venture of your own. I know you will learn valuable inside secrets in this intensive interview.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. Want more details on Joint Ventures? Click here

PDF transcript download mp3


Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Buying A Franchise Interview With Art Hamel

I get so many questions about franchises that when I had the opportunity to interview business-buying expert Art Hamel about franchising, I jumped at the chance! I send out an email to my entire list about the upcoming interview and asked people to email their questions so that I could pose them to Art during the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, you'll hear how Art got started in franchising in the mid 1960's. Since then, he's been both a franchisee as well as a franchiser.

This audio is a goldmine for anyone who is considering buying a franchise! Art gives a down-to-earth, honest opinion of each question. You won't want to miss listening to how his years of experience has truly made him an expert in franchising.

Here are just a few of the questions:

  • Why should a person consider buying a franchise as opposed to buying an existing business?

  • What type of person should buy a franchise and why?

  • What type of person absolutely shouldn't buy a franchise?

  • Are there federal regulations to prevent fraud in the franchise business? If so, where can I obtain information on this subject?

  • If I'm set on buying a certain franchise, what types of research should I do before making my final decision?

  • Do all businesses charge their franchisees monthly franchise fees? Are franchise fees regulated by the government? What do I get in return for paying the fee?

  • Is it wise to start my franchise in "virgin territory" wise? This would be some area of the country where there are no other franchises like mine.

  • How many hours per week will I have to spend when I'm first starting up my franchise?

  • Is buying a restaurant franchise, such as McDonald's, a good idea?

  • Do I have any recourse against the parent company if my franchise is a failure?

Art doesn't pull any punches when it comes to telling it like it really is! I know that you will enjoy this 40 minute interview that contains such a wealth of information about franchising! Click here for more Art Hamel Legendary Business-Buying Interviews.


How to Buy an Existing Profitable Business the Right Way

Have you ever wanted to buy a profitable business and do it right? Listen to the audio recording of my interview with Mr. Arthur Hamel, an expert in buying over 200 businesses successfully for over 40 years. Arthur has taught tens of thousands of people all around the world-even those with no money or prior business experience how to buy a business.

The purpose of this 58-minute interview is to share Arthur Hamel's knowledge and experience, inform you about core business truths, and explain how you can spend less of your time, money, and patience to find cash-flush investors to buy a large multi-million dollar business that is already running smoothly and bringing in huge profits.

During the interview, Art shares his experience about...

  • How to research profitable businesses for sale and what to look for

  • What types of businesses to go after and why

  • Which businesses to avoid and why

  • Assessing risk and potential net profit

  • Researching potential investors and where to find them

  • How to organizing investors and negotiating fees.

Because Arthur wants you to realize that you, too, can fulfill your dream of buying a profitable business, listen carefully. You, too, can do what thousands of others have done by buying existing profitable businesses the right way.

Press the green play button or the mp3 file below. You can also download the PDF transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. For my most recent interview with Art Hamel go here after you have listened to this one.

Joe Vitale On How To Become An Expert Copywriter, Researcher, and Promoter.

You can spend your entire life reading, searching, and studying books on success-or you can find all the best information distilled for you right here. Joe Vitale possesses one of the largest and rarest marketing, advertising, and writing libraries in the world. He has been devouring books on success, personal development, advertising, marketing, and promotion for the last twenty years of his life. Save twenty years of your life by listening to this interview today. Hear Joe discuss his favorite books from his private collection. He explains why his favorites are so great to read and what you can learn from them today.

This information has never been revealed until now. Joe Vitale is the founder and president of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., which creates sales letters, ads, e-mail, news releases, and even web sites that put people into "buying trances." The process is based on Joe's latest e-book, "Hypnotic Marketing." Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale is an explosive "results only" marketing consultant and copywriter.

He is the world's first Hypnotic Marketer and the author of the best-selling e-book, "Hypnotic Writing." He has helped over 200 authors and publishers write, publish, and promote their books. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs dramatically increase their sales. He has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children's Hospital in Houston. Start listening to "Mr. Fire". For another interview with a world famous copywriter go here after you have listened to this one.

Decrease Your Business and Marketing Research Time--Tools and Techniques for Business Success

Are you seeking tools to make your business and marketing job easier? Would you like to decrease your research time to be able to spend more time on the things that generate income? In this audio interview, Luis Arauz, a friend of mine, shares research tools that will help you save the amount of time you spend on business and marketing research.

The purpose of this interview is to share how to use the many website search engines and advanced business and marketing techniques to help you build your business.

You will learn about

• The many business and marketing applications using Google

• Leveraging your information product business with marketing applications

• Other websites and search engines

• How to use the research results in your business

Research is important to marketing and growing your business. Application of the research techniques on this audio tape will save you valuable research time and money and further improve your chances of business success.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

How To Buying And Selling For Profit Beaten-up Trailer Homes In Your City's Worst Part Of Town

Allan Miller has discovered a way to make money! How? By buying and selling low-end trailer homes. Yep. Trailer homes. This lucrative niche market is virtually untapped. Learn to earn money at will with the residual income you make after you buy and resell your first low-cost trailer home. Do it in your own town, in your spare time. "Flip" your first trailer home in just 7 days!

Do not confuse this with the complicated, time-consuming field of real estate. Investing in trailer homes is totally different than real estate and 100 times easier. Better yet, the market is vast and untapped. There may be thousands of deals right in your town. A unique combination of circumstances makes this system embarrassingly simple and quite profitable. If you do not get a tingling sensation deep in your gut after hearing this information, I will be shocked.

Get ready to listen how Allen simply drove over to the worst trailer park in town in his old pickup truck and paid $1200 cash for his first trailer. He then resold it the same day, providing the buyer financing for $1200 down and payments of $100 per month for 39 months. This interview is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly the same thing in your area. The conversation starts off a bit slow but heats up two to three minutes into the talk.

It runs about 55 minutes. Sit back, relax, take some notes, and see if you can duplicate Allan's blockbuster success. Some states may requite that you have a dealer license. Make sure you talk to a legal professional in your area first before doing any sales.

Air Freshener Manufacturer From Atlanta Georgia Reveals 17 Hidden Marketing Strategies He Uses To Grow His Business

Would you like to quickly build a successful, money-making business and become financially independent? Would you like to quit working for someone else? In this audio-tape, I talk with Greg Chain about his start-up air freshener sales business.

The purpose of this discussion is to share marketing strategies with Greg to help him grow his business and become financially independent. By applying these strategies, you, too, can quickly build a business and become financially independent. During this 15-minute conversation, you will learn about...

  • Moving from in-person marketing to an online business

  • Marketing tips for getting started, build up reorders, and leveraging labor of others

  • Benefits of purchasing Jay Abraham tapes for additional marketing principles and applications

  • Consulting services offered.

By applying the marketing principles and practices you will hear during this conversation, you will be well on your way to building your own online business, so you can stop working for someone else and become financially independent.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

Money with e-Books-Suggestions that Work!

Are you interested in another way to make money? Perhaps you have never thought of becoming a writer, or perhaps it's something you have only thought about and wondered if would be possible to make money this way! In my 3rd interview with Luis Arauz, you will here some amazing ways to generate income with e-books.

The purpose of this conversation is to share information about how to research topics, write e-books, reports, and other stories, put them online, distribute them digitally on the internet, sell them, and make money.

During this conversation, you will learn about

  • What an e-book is and benefits to customers

  • Researching what questions people ask to determine which topics will sell

  • Using search engines ideas and other helpful tips

  • Accessing free source material without violating copyrights

  • Putting e-books on the Web and tips to generate revenue

  • Initiating joint ventures and getting subscribers.

I am busy integrating these discoveries into my business, If you've ever thought of writing books or articles, the tips and techniques you will hear will motivate you to consider an e-books online business so you, too, can make money.

How To Identify Qualified Prospects Who Become Paying Clients

Are you thinking about beginning a new career as a Marketing Consultant? Are you wondering how to identify prospects and obtain paying clients? You will hear answers to these questions and more during my interview with John Eger, an advertising and marketing expert. John explains how listening to a Jay Abraham Protégé seminar impacted him to change careers.

The purpose of this audio program is to share how to identify qualified prospects who will then become paying clients, as well as important sales and marketing techniques necessary to communicate and build client relationships.

During this program, you will learn about

  • Two of the most important marketing strategies

  • The Internet as a sales and marketing communication vehicle

  • Effectiveness of the right kind of advertising

  • Identifying "set up" businesses and assessing "solvable" problems

  • Pricing structure of "pay for performance"

  • Examples of memorable deals.

Once you listen to my interview with John Eger, you will realize how you, too, can apply these strategies and techniques to become a Marketing Consultant.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

How to Avoid Chasing Customers

Have you found yourself "spinning your wheels" trying to get prospects to do business with you? Have you often felt like you were "begging" prospects to buy your services? In this audio tape, a friend of mine, Michael Blythe, was faced with these frustrations as he tried to sell his consulting services to restaurants. During this conversation, you will hear my advice to Michael--advice you can easily apply to increase your business.

The purpose of this conversation is to identify ways to identify and pre-sell prospects and decrease the frustration of chasing customers. You will learn about

  • Finding a niche

  • Identifying pre-selling marketing collateral and endorsements

  • Identifying joint ventures with distributors

  • Increasing your return on investment.

If you follow the pre-selling advice you will hear, you, too, will avoid the time and frustration of "spinning your wheels" and "begging" prospects to buy. You will then be able to focus on those prospects who will become paying customers.

Press the green play and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

How You Can Develop a Low-Cost Website Without Paying Overpriced Web Masters Or Web Site Developers

Would you like to develop your own website without paying over $3,000 to have someone build it for you? Listen to my fourth interview with Luis Arauz, and you will be able to develop your own Website. These unknown Internet resources saved me $240 a month on Web Hosting, and I am sure you will be excited to learn how you, too, can save money.

The purpose of this audio recording is to explain how to access and use the available Internet resources to help you develop your own Website with little or no cost to you.

You will learn about


  • Benefits of developing a Web site yourself

  • Links to resources

  • Selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Explanation of Web terminology, such as HTML, GUI, ISP, etc.

  • Links to templates, formats, scripts, graphics, affects, and customization

  • Marketing your site and automating follow-up responses

  • Websites that analyze and edit your Web pages

  • Allowing Web purchases and other tools.

One customer said, "The interview with Luis Arauz will go down as one of the most revealing and thought-provoking information exercises I have listened to in my entire life!" Once you listen to the entire audio interview and access the links Luis talks about, you, too, will be able to save money by building your own no-cost or low-cost Website yourself!

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

How To Attract Investors To Invest In Your Business

Have you always wanted to start a business but wondered how to get funding? Would you like to expand an existing business but need to locate investors? Would you like to find out if you are a candidate who would attract investors? Do you have services that you could trade for ownership in a company without having to spend money? Find out these answers and more by listening to my conversation with a representative of Company Partners in the United Kingdom-a company that specializes in matching investors with businesses who need additional financing.

The purpose of this audio-tape is to share how to obtain funding for a startup business or for an existing business that needs to grow and the requirements and preparation necessary to attract investors.

You will learn about

  • Kinds of funding

  • Trading services

  • Venture capitalists vs. Angel investors

  • Reasons for investing and levels of involvement

  • Importance of developing a thorough business plan

  • Types of business plans for different purposes

  • How investments are selected

  • Obtaining additional help and support.

You will learn a lot about investing by listening to the two-part, 30-minute audio tapes. What you will her will provide you with a wealth of information for developing a good business plan and obtaining funding for your start-up or existing business. You will also hear advice about how you, too, may be able to "barter" your services in exchange for part ownership in a growth business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

More streaming audio at "Consulting Secrets"

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here.

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