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Here's How You Can Sell Consulting Services By Sending Out a Few E-mails

Below is a presentation designed to help you sell consulting services all by sending out a few e-mails. I am not kidding. This presentations allows you to deliver any business owner a world class marketing presentation without you having to drive, fly or meet face to face. When you become an HMA Consultant, you'll own the rights to this marketing presentation below. Now you'll have a tool to  sell consulting services without wasting a lot of time on non-qualified prospects, All you need to do is send your prospects to a link like this one below. You'll get the same presentation customized with your photo, e-mail, bio, and web site URL. Please note that there is no way for the viewer to get in contact with me from this presentation. All the links in the free reports and the presentation have been removed. The only way for the person to get more information about the consulting services, is to go through you.  If you're like most of the consultants I work with, you're biggest fears are that you can't get a client and you don't have enough credibility. This presentation answers both of these fears. Richard's presentation gets the clients interested and his proven system establishes your credibility. The truth is, your prospects are not interested in you. They is interested in you implementing this system for their business. Feel free to send the link below to a few potential prospects Click the demo buttons below to see how the whole thing works. More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm

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How To Buy Newspaper Advertising Without Loosing The Shirt Off Your Back

Jim Hart, the ad director at a large Arizona newspaper, has been in the newspaper advertising business for 25 years. In this exclusive interview with Jim, we discuss things to be aware of when you decide to advertise in a newspaper:

  • Beware of ad reps telling you the cumulative audience rather than the research-based audience of the newspaper or segments within the newspaper.

  • You must know the type of audience that you want to reach.  Within this, you need to know if your audience is specific to a geographic location.

  • You must know how good the newspaper’s “zoning” capabilities are.  If your audience is within a certain geographical area, your ads should be able to be printed and/or sent to only people in that geography.

  • How to get local ad rates if you plan to advertise in a newspaper out of your geographical area.

  • Being aware of “products” that a newspaper ad rep may try to sell you just to make his ad quota.

  • Tips about new online services that you can use in your business to advertise or use to researching how your competitors are advertising.

  • Ways that you can negotiate with your ad rep so that your advertising budget is not wasted.

This interview will arm you with important ammunition in order to make your newspaper advertisements successful.  Enjoy! Here's another recording about insider secrets on newspaper advertising. Click here

True Story About The Two Million Dollar Boy Desperate For The Approval Of His Parents And How He Got Rich On The Internet Selling Information.

The California man interviewed in this recording made his fortune selling, teaching and marketing an information product to new internet marketing students. Many people who visit my site are not new to marketing. You are some of the most seasoned marketing and advertising experts anywhere. Please understand that if you are a serious marketing student but have no clue about the workings of the internet, this interview may be for you. But, if you are an expert on internet marketing and offline marketing, some of the material may seen familiar and remedial to you. Anyway, below is an 90 minute interview I did with Mr. Jason Ryan Isaksen. This interview reveals and amazing but true story of how a kid considered a failure by his parents very successfully, created and internet information marketing business. Jason may sounds like a 15 year old kid, but behind that young sounding voice is the ambition, desire and passion of a tiger. This drive and will to prove his parents wrong was the vital force behind his super success. I hope you enjoy this two part exclusive interview with Jason Ryan Isaksen from 02-17-04. Since I interview and review marketing gurus all day for a living, you can guess I know what works and what don't. Click here to see how I make my money. 

How To Achieve More Success As A Marketing Consultant Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…

I had the great privilege of interviewing a seasoned marketing consulting about how to make it in the marketing consultant business. Richard is one of the busiest and most respected business consultants in America. He has more than 25 years of practical experience and know-how in direct sales. Richard has been operating his own marketing consulting business for 15 years. In this interview, you'll learn tips and techniques to help you increase your consulting income by thousands of dollars. You'll hear Richard describe how to approach a new prospect, what to say to them, how to schedule an interview, where to meet, and incidentally what to order! This is a Marketing Consultant’s blueprint for success; one that will have clients drooling to get you to work on their marketing plans. You'll want to hear all of it because, never before, have I extracted such a detailed, meticulous, and systematic sales plan. Use any of these techniques to obtain any account your little heart desires. Each recording is about 20 minutes and when you get to the end, I'll have a valuable free gift waiting for you. ( Back To Index )

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Attracting Investors to Start a Business or Invest in a Growing Business

Have you always wanted to start a business but wondered how to get funding? Would you like to expand an existing business but need to locate investors? Would you like to find out if you are a candidate who would attract investors? Do you have services that you could trade for ownership in a company without having to spend money? Find out these answers and more by listening to my conversation with a representative of Company Partners in the United Kingdom—a company that specializes in matching investors with businesses who need additional financing.

The purpose of this audio-tape is to share how to obtain funding for a startup business or for an existing business that needs to grow and the requirements and preparation necessary to attract investors.

You will learn about

  • Kinds of funding

  • Trading services

  • Venture capitalists vs. Angel investors

  • Reasons for investing and levels of involvement

  • Importance of developing a thorough business plan

  • Types of business plans for different purposes

  • How investments are selected

  • Obtaining additional help and support.

You will learn a lot about investing by listening to the two-part, 30-minute audio tapes. What you will her will provide you with a wealth of information for developing a good business plan and obtaining funding for your start-up or existing business. You will also hear advice about how you, too, may be able to “barter” your services in exchange for part ownership in a growth business.

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning.

More audio on consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm

Why Your Staff May Be Turning Away Your Customers By The Truckloads Because Of Rudeness And Indifference. Learn How To Solve Your Customer's Problems Fast And Have Your Most Angry Customers Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand.

In today's highly competitive environment, good products and good marketing aren't enough. To succeed, you also need exceptional customer service. Quality service touches our lives in two important ways: the service we give and the service we receive. Deremiah, *CPE, is an amazing customer advocate.  This year alone he has captured the world's attention when he received Nightingale Conant's "Acres of Diamonds" Award.  I was fortunate to have interviewed Deremiah, *CPE, right before his new book was written. In this rare interview he shares hot tips, techniques, and lots of suggestions for giving your customers the kind of service that you yourself would like to receive. This is a down-to-earth interview that shows you how to 1) Take stock of your customer service strengths and weaknesses.  2) Commit to continuous improvement. 3) Foster positive face-to-face and telephone service. Deremiah also shared some nuggets of inspiration on how he handles his most important clients.  Whether you're new to the business of providing customer service or a seasoned pro, this recording will give lots of great advice and a positive perspective on the challenges of providing good customer service. Please listen carefully with me now as I interview one of Americas most humble Customer Passion Evangelist, Deremiah, *CPE More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm


How A Consistent Follow-up System With Your Customers Can Easily Grow Your Business Without Constantly Going After New Customers

97% of salesman make no attempt to sell the prospect after the third attempt. It is also a fact that most prospects do not buy until after the sixth month from initial contact. One third of all buyers buy only after 18 months of the buying process. 20% of buyers amazingly buy 24 or more months after the initial contact. What is wrong with this picture?

I was in my office on March, 31st 2004 and I got a call from Jim Cecil. I had recognized the name and voice immediately because Jim Cecil was one of the main speakers at the Jay Abraham Protégé Training Seminar back in 1990. I have heard him often and loved his presentation on how to grow a business. Jim contacted me to see what I was up to. I asked him if I could interview him and we did about a 70-minute interview on a fascinating customer touching process that he developed called Nurture. Nurture is a customized series of ongoing contacts mostly sent by mail for business-to-business customer retention and customer prospecting. In this interview, James revealed three amazing case studies:

The first was about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America , which created tens of millions worth of net revenue; the second case study was with a Brian Ruh from East Holstein Wisconsin who was a life insurance salesman and through the Nurture process alone grew to the 34th ranking life insurance salesman in the New York Life Insurance Company world. The last case study is a story about a stockbroker who generated a multimillion dollar account by singing happy birthday over the phone in to an answering machine. In this interview, you’ll hear these case stories and you’ll understand the power of this one marketing concept. If you take what you hear in the interview and implemented it in your business or implemented into another business, you could change the business forever. There has been no better time in history and no better software to make this process automatic. Enjoy this 70 minute interview.

Consultants to AT&T, Microsoft and TEC Worldwide Jim Cecil, founder and president, is an acknowledged leader in the field of loyalty marketing and customer-relationship strategies. Jim conducts strategic sales process training seminars for corporate teams and individuals. Jim is one of the top resource speakers for CEO groups such as The Executive Committee (TEC) and Financial Advisory groups like the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP). He works personally with clients of all sizes, from AT&T and Microsoft to growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Jim Cecil has over 41 years of sales and marketing experience. He was the founder of West Coast Marketing Group, Mr. Cecil also founded Profit Systems, Inc., a large equipment distributorship in Redmond, Washington. Named Marketing Man of the Year in Asian Trade, Mr. Cecil is a popular speaker and is called upon to present over 100 speeches each year. Previously Mr. Cecil served with Smith-Corona Corporation in New York for some thirteen years in various marketing and sales positions. Additionally, he has consulted for clients across the country including Canon, Washington Natural Gas, Sharp Electronics, General Electric and Digital Equipment to name a few.  More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm

It’s My Turn To Reveal My Business Secrets. Michael Senoff is interviewed

This is a twist for me. In this audio, I’m the one being interviewed and I rarely give out interviews. But when an Internet marketer named Jay Gould asked me to talk about my business strategies, I decided to give him the full story.

Now, this isn’t my biography. For those of you who don’t know, I have a separate web page with my life story on it-- complete with baby pictures and personal information. So that’s not what this interview is about. This audio is the biography of my site and my business. It’s how it came to be what it is today. You’ll hear how I stumbled across the business of reselling Jay Abraham seminars and how that developed into the site I have now.

You’ll hear about what I call hustling. Sometimes when you’re first starting out, you just need to bring in cash. So, I talk about my old pen business and how I got my son’s nanny to put together pens during naptimes. And you’ll also hear how it all progressed to the business I have today – exactly how I did it and how I’m still doing it.

Here are a few of the many things I reveal in this interview…

  • How I record audio and get it on the Internet – including the exact products I use, what they cost, where I buy them and how I hook them up

  • What kind of marketing I use for my site

  • How I get testimonials easily and effortlessly

  • How I started working with Richard and HMA Consulting

  • Why I don’t use pay-per-clicks or any offline marketing

  • How I track my promotions

  • How I price my products

  • And much, much more

This audio is about two hours long, broken into four 30-minute clips. It was originally recorded in 2004 for the marketing students on Jay’s website. And I don’t hold anything back. This really is business as I know it.

Even though I majored in advertising and minored in marketing, college didn’t teach me much about business. Experience is the best instructor I know of, and that’s what this interview is all about -- the lessons I’ve learned along the way that you just can’t get from a university. Enjoy. More Michael Senoff Interviews here

7 Hours...To More Clients

An interview With HMA Marketing Consulting System Founder 

This audio isn’t theory – it’s reality, and it comes straight from the files of Richard himself. In it, you’ll hear 10 stories that perfectly illustrate how the steps of the HMA system work.

Best of all, Richard tells you exactly how he did it – not how it could be done or how it should all work if the conditions are ideal and your fingers are crossed. These are proven steps and techniques in action. He brings you into the field with him to hear how he dealt with real people and real problems, and he lets you in on all the lessons he learned along the way.

You’ll also hear…

  • Ways to spot hidden marketing assets

  • When to ask for a commission agreement and how to ask for one

  • What to charge larger clients

  • Why integrating a USP is just as important as creating one

  • The three ways this system will grow a business

  • How to work with a start-up company that doesn’t have a lot of marketing assets

  • How to make money on group training sessions – using government funds

  • Why you should think twice before taking on a contingency contract

With each story, you’ll hear how Richard molded the system to meet the needs of his client. And that flexibility allows this system to be used with any type of business --from large corporations to small mom n’ pops.

This is a valuable interview that really puts the HMA system into perspective by showing you how to apply core principles to real-life business scenarios. So don’t miss this opportunity to tap into 15 years of HMA experience and learn from the one person who knows this system the best.  More streaming audio recordings on consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm 

Michael Senoff Shares His Marketing and Business Philosophies and Ideas to Become a Business Success

Hi I'm Michael Senoff and I like giving interviews, not being interviewed, but I reluctantly made an exception to do this 220-minute interview, which has been divided into five sections, conducted by a two-time Internet millionaire. I could then help thousands of his internet marketing students. It was recorded in 2004 and what I know best at this time of my internet business.

The purpose of this two-way, fact-filled interview is to share my background, learning experiences, and ideas and philosophies about marketing and business to help you stay motivated and avoid negative thoughts as you search for your passion and niche. I will also share some of my secrets that I have not yet shared with anyone until now.

By listening to the five 30-min. interviews and downloading the transcripts, you will learn about

  • My various income streams and how I built the businesses from the ground up

  • My learning experiences because I searched for the right passion and niche

  • How I began with buying and selling Jay Abraham tapes and leveraged the knowledge of other marketing experts

  • Some of my marketing and selling techniques and the importance of accessing an archive of incredible ads and direct mail letters and pieces at hardtofindads.com

  • How to capture ideas and file them for future reference and avoid negative thoughts.

  • Tips for getting people to my Web site and the importance I place on educating and helping people

  • Examples of student and customer testimonials of their success stores from applying the tools and tips found on my Web site,

  • How I stay motivated and keep my eye on the ball

  • Ways to qualify customers, set pricing, and provide the right customer solutions

Press the green play button for each part and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcripts and mp3 files to reinforce your learning. More Michael Senoff Interviews here

PDF transcripts download mp3 part 1
  download mp3 part 2
  download mp3 part 3
  download mp3 part 4
  download mp3 part 5

"My Hart Was Pounding When My Internet Marketing Coach Revealed How I Could Package And Offer My Information Products For Higher Profits And Less Returns"

Meet my marketing coach Ramon Williamson. Ramon was my very first personal Internet marketing coach. He was the genius and mentor who helped me develop my first Internet presence. As an Internet marketing coach he is second to none. I recently asked him for some advice on how to better my site https://www.hardtofindseminars.com and structure my current product offerings in the best and most profitable ways. Ramon delivered me a priceless, one-hour consultation:

This information is too valuable to keep to myself and I am sharing it with you. The detailed, step-by-step strategies he gives me to improve my business profits are applicable to all Internet and information product businesses. The information he lays out is substantial and constructive. It is a captivating 60 minutes of pure marketing genius.  More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm

How The Rare Book Business Is An Online Treasure Hunt That You Never Get Tiered Of And You Can Still Keep Your A Day Job

David had contacted me the other day about a rare book he had found at an estate sale of over 3,000 books. I had an interest in the rare book business and even ordered a few books on the subject recently. David agreed to let me pick his brain and record the entire conversation about his vast experience as a rare book dealer, buyer, and seller.

In this recording here’s what you’ll learn. You’ll learn what edition of rare books collectors never buy. You’ll learn how you could find the rarest of rare books, but without this one thing they are virtually worthless. You’ll learn one give away to instantly know if your rare book is worth big money. You’ll find out the one category of rare books that brings in the most money. You’ll find out who buys rare books and how to get the most money for them. You’ll find out about a re-emerging fad among movie stars and celebrities that can make you big money buying and selling rare books. You’ll find out about one book that could bring up to a quarter of millions dollars. You may even have this one in your attic or basement.

If you find a rare book, what’s the very first thing you should do to protect yourself. Learn the best place to store your rare books. Learn the truth about what auction house will get you the most money for your rare book, either Christie’s or Sotheby’s. Find out how to estimate the hammer price before you take your rare book to auction.

You’ll hear how David got his investment back after buying 3,000 rare books with the proceeds of selling just 12 books. Learn facts you should know about what a certified copyright report will tell you and how to commission a copyright search in Washington for under $20. You’ll also find out how to get a free report called, How To Get A Certified Copyright Report. Learn how to get your books published up on Amazon. It’s a lot easier than you think. You’ll need ISBN number and a barcode for your books. Learn where and how to get one online... and much, much more. Recorded on 02-27-04 runs 30 minutes.  More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm



Case Study Part Two: Barcus Accounting Practice

Here's a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets and get clients fast. Please download the opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along.

The telephone makes consulting so much easier! And it's my favorite way to get clients. In my opinion, there is no faster way to obtain a consulting client and no easier way to show your client how you can help them grow their business. And when you listen to this recording you will see why. Please download the opportunity analysis worksheet and follow along.

But first, a little background info:  I live San Diego California. My client Barcus, lives halfway around the world in Australia. This is a live recording of me using your Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. The purpose of using this worksheet is to uncover every single one of the “hidden marketing assets” in Barcus’s business. My client has no idea I am simply reading (word-for-word) parts of the script directly printed on the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen to the dramatic effect this Worksheet (or, cheat sheet, if you prefer)  has on Barcus, who is a successful tax advisor. By using this tool, I don't have to “wing-it” like I've done in the past.  I have a scripted sequence of questions to follow. This is my new secret weapon. To me, it's like a huge bull dozer I can use to dig out hidden marketing assets buried deep in his business. Assets he can't even see until I dig them out for him with my questions. But look - don't take my word for it.  You can easily hear me digging for gold “real time” yourself.  Get your pen and paper ready and make sure you hear the other recording above (the one with the String Cheese Distributor). I know this recording will give you more confidence in yourself. I also hope it will get you to try and get a client and start your own lucrative marketing consulting business. Each recording is 30 minutes. More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm


One Page Letter = $500,000 In Sales Using Newly Discovered Soap Opera Marketing Technique

Here's powerful proof to demonstrate the power of direct mailing. Dr. Greg Nielsen is a chiropractor in a small Wisconsin town with a population of 2000. For the past twenty years he has been making an incredible living by marketing health services to his community using what he calls "Soap Opera Marketing". Dr. Nielsen was one of the lucky doctors who got in with Dan Kennedy right out of chiropractic college and he has never looked back since. In fact, Dan Kennedy even stated in his recent newsletter: "Dr. Nielsen does the BEST ads in the chiropractic profession". Much of Dr. Nielsen's advertising pushes the limits of what is considered "professional" in the chiropractic profession, however, he does get results. It is not uncommon for Dr. Nielsen to get between 20% and 30% response to his mailings, when most would be happy with a 2% response. Now, let's find out why Dr. Nielsen is able to "Milk His Mailing List Like A Cash Cow...And Live To Tell About It"...The first part of this recording goes into his history and how he got into the business. The second part of the recording goes into specific letter and results from each. More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm


Marketing Consulting Secrets

Have you ever heard me grill relentlessly a  marketing consulting about how to make money in the marketing consultant business? If not, get ready for this eye-popping interview with Richard. Richard is one of the busiest and most respected business consultants in the US. He has more than 25 years of practical experience and know-how in direct sales. Richard has been a marketing consultant for 15 years. In this interview, you'll learn tips and techniques to help you increase your consulting income by thousands of dollars. You'll hear Richard describe how to approach a new prospect, what to say to them, how to schedule an interview, where to meet, and incidentally what to order! This is a Marketing Consultant’s blueprint for success; one that will have clients drooling to get you to work on their marketing plans. You'll want to hear all of it because, never before, have I extracted such a detailed, meticulous, and systematic sales plan. Use any of these techniques to obtain any account your little heart desires. Each recording is about 20 minutes and when you get to the end, I'll have a valuable free gift waiting for you. More audio recordings on marketing consulting at https://www.hardtofindseminars.com/HowToConsulting.htm

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