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Own all 29 of my top information seminar/ training for a one time $1297.

I'm Michael Senoff and I've invested two decades of my life recording and publishing audio audio information training on the subjects of making money.

These courses, trainings, seminars and life changing lessons are unlike anything you have heard before.

And they will certainly come in handy due to our new economic reality.

I understand you may own one or several of these already but considering each sell for $597 each, you are still gaining great value with this offer.

You'll benefit by having the tools to help survive and Rise From The Ashes during these trying times.

Consider this the most generous offer ever offered.

You'll own 29 of my top selling trainings until Monday for a one time $1297.

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All product are in digital format


1) Joint Venture Magic System

If you can get this and can put together just one Joint Venture Deal, you’ve found the one thing that can make you the ongoing money that will allow you to quit your job and tell you boss "You're Fired!" You don't need a product. You won't work very hard. You don't need a mailing list. And you don't even need money to get started. A properly crafted and executed Joint Venture Is Pure Gold and Joint Venture Magic is going to show you how to get it. I've teamed up with the best JV Experts in the business and together, we've published a system on how to execute Joint Ventures for you, your business, your product or for your service. One JV can take an unknown “nobody” and miraculously turn him into a famous “somebody.” It’s the difference that can take a product or service from “good” to a marketing “great.” A Joint Venture will not make the cash register ring, but it will make that sucker sing. Without a doubt, it is one of the core marketing vehicles through which great financial fortunes are made. 


2) Audio Interview Secrets

There is NO business on planet earth that has more advantages with less risk and more upside profit potential and margins than publishing and selling audio information products on line. So why should you listen and invest in my Audio Marketing Secrets? I've created over 200 information products over the past 20 years including one that sells for $5,970.00
I've sold my audio information products to thousands and thousands of customers in virtually every part of the world. I learned the hard way by mistaking my way to success. But you don't have to. Now, the one thing I do know inside and out, upside and down and backwards and forwards is how to create, publish, market and sell audio information products for big and fast money. And you'll learn all that I know in my Audio Interview Secrets.


3) Art Hamel Business Buying System

Arthur Hamel has bought over 200 businesses in the last 40 years. He started back in the 1960's, with a small 25 unit motel in Modesto, California that took all of his time, energy and money and today buys only multi-million dollar businesses that require almost none of his time, energy and money. Art has since shown tens of thousands of other people -- via seminars and his own unique home study course -- how to do the same thing. Believe it or not, you can buy a business – even in today’s economy. In fact, business-buying expert Art Hamel says he likes to buy businesses during recessions because owners are more motivated to sell, which could mean easier and more profitable deals for you. And in this Business Buying System, you’ll hear exactly how to make the recession work for you. According to Art, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a business is complicating the process.


4) Barter Secrets 

Secret Flaw In World Economic System Makes Your Business Almost Immune To High Taxes, Rising Prices And The Ravaging Effects Of Inflation. “It’s like going back in time and buying things at last century’s prices…with today’s money. Get $100 of products and services for $20. $1,000 of products and services for $200. $10,000 of products and services for $2,000. And so on!  There are certain people who’re seething mad at me for ‘going public’ with this secret. I’m expecting a letter from their lawyers demanding I stop teaching it any day. I’ll fight them, but if it gets too messy, this offer ends forever.”


5) Wal-Mart Gold System

For close to a year I interviewed the giants who have been able to get their products into mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lows, and more. I've captured their full story from the humble beginnings to success. Listen as I dig out every step-by-step secret and method so you can get the blueprint to do it on your own. This is some of the most powerful information ever for landing your product in the big boy retailers.


6) Unlock The Buying Code System

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in hidden persuasion sales techniques, a master at detecting people’s psychological motivation for buying a product or service. And in this training, he tells you how to use the underlying psychological needs to create potent sales messages that appeal to the target and produce customers. I guarantee that you will be as amazed by the power of subtle sales messages as I was. Discover how Ken’s experience as a prison guard, stockbroker, hypno-therapist, and keen observer of human behavior helped him unlock the secrets of unconscious decision-making strategies. Ken discovered that a prospect is like a safe: to unlock the sale, you have to know not just the numbers but also their order, their importance. His proven techniques sound like magic but work even better.


7) Guerilla Internet Marketing System

Finally, a internet marketing system developed by an online business owner to help you grow your Internet businesses 20% in 20 days without spending money on advertising. Learn how Nick Gilbert, owner of Internet hosting firm, learned about marketing while hosting tens of thousands of web sites. Based upon his Internet hosting and marketing experience, Nick shares the online marketing techniques based on his “Guerilla Internet Marketing” home study system. A system he's developed to help you be successful online. This comprehensive internet marketing system is like no other. It will teach you what you need to know and tell you how to do it.

8) $500 HIMA (Hidden Internet Marketing Assets) System

After the company David worked for went under and he lost his high-paying sales job, he knew he couldn’t start at the bottom all over again with another company – working 70 hours a week for peanuts. So even though he had a family to support and a huge mortgage to pay, he decided to go the marketing consultant route. No one thought he would make it. But he did. In fact, at his peak, David was making $190,000 a month. Now he teaches others how to do it too. And with his HIMA system, you’ll learn all about it.


9) Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement Guide

“Bypass” “deal killer contracts” and set up profitable deals using simple letters of agreement on your own? I’ve assembled a collection of legal agreements that will make setting up deals on your own and getting all parties to legally “shake hands” fast and easy. And now you can get the Instant Contract & Business Letter Agreement Guide.



10) Emergency Fast Cash Makers Audio Interview Series

If you're in the position where you need cash fast, ways to come up with money now, then you'll want to review my prized emergency fast cash audio action plans. Each one of these emergency fast cash money making ideas have been selected with you in mind. Each of these audio action plans can be built into a business where you are NOT the one doing the work. If you can get the job and the clients, you can hire out the work or sell you accounts without lifting a finger. This is what you should be striving for. All of these audio action plans will provide you with the information on how to make fast cash in record time.

11) "The Founding Fathers" Of Client Generation Master-Training Package

Your path to more freedom, security, enjoyment, and income is your ability to get clients to hire and pay you for your expertise. If you are new to the client getting game or a seasoned pro looking for new ways to acquire more clients, here's your ultimate client getting resource. It does not matter if you're hustling marketing services, copywriting, web page design, SEO, key word optimization or financial planning services. Even if you have no selling, coaching, marketing or business experience, this training will position you as "THE" go to expert they need. I'll put you on the fast track to getting more clients with less pain than ever before.


12) The Lost Files Of Internet Marketing

Not too many moons ago, I was able to secured a valuable licensing deal for the publishing rights to an incredible collection of internet marketing related interviews conducted with the top internet millionaires of the time. I only dreamed of interviewing these experts but never had the access or opportunity to this big name players. They were just way out of my reach. Each had made it on their own, starting from scratch, on their on terms, with no boss telling them what to do, when to do it and how. Just about all of these experts had solved the puzzle to making the big buck on the internet. And now they'll reveal their secret methods on how to do it too. You'll learn from their stories and emulate their success in these long lost interviews. Each interview lesson still applicable in today's online world.


13) Rand Brenner's Intellectual Property Licensing Ten Part Audio mp3 Series

Licensing is a creative game with very little boundaries or limitations. Known as the poor man’s advertising, it can give enormous media exposure to even the smallest of businesses by leveraging off the popularity of movies, events, personalities or brands. Licensing crosses over into all markets, can easily launch a product, expand a business, make a career, or make you a household name overnight. And in this audio series you’ll hear all about it from Rand Brenner, one of Hollywood's top licensing experts. Rand's been in the licensing game since the early days when huge corporations were still guessing at how to make money from it.


14) How To Make a Million Dollar Per Year Office Cleaning System

How To Make a Million Dollars Per Year In The Office Cleaning Business * You don't have to do the cleaning yourself * You need no experience to get started * You can get all the high paying accounts you need by phone and mail without ever getting off your couch * Willing accounts who pay cash are everywhere you look * You only need a few rags and cleaning supplies to get started. And, because most other cleaning services do such poor work, you only have to do a few things better to never loose an account. 


15) "How I Make & Save a Fortune Buying & Selling On Craigslist And How You Can Too"

I'll never stop selling on Craigslist, Offerup and eBay because I want to show my boys that making excellent money buying and selling is simple. And as they become men, it will become as easy for them as breathing. And because they have seen me do this hundreds of times, I know it's working. But you don't have to be my son to learn my ways. I'll show you everything I know in Craigslist Magic. If you are willing to keep your eyes and mind open and make a tinny tiny effort, you CAN make $50, $100, up to $500 a day and more buying and selling on Craigslist, even if you don't have Craig's List in your country or city. Take my hand and I'll lead you by example and show you how I make it work for me.


16) The Stan Billue Highest Paid Salesman On Earth Sales System.

If you want to drive your sales and persuasion into the stratosphere . . . make Donald Trump envious and raise so much money you'd have to back a Brinks truck up to the back door everyday to handle your deposits, then this is the man who can make you "The Highest Paid Salesman On Earth". Stan Billue has been called the most copied, respected, and referred-to sales trainer alive. He's built a 30-year reputation as a recognized expert in sales training, telemarketing, motivation, mentoring, marketing, and copywriting. Stan has taught more 6 and 7 figure a year income earning mega-buck sales pros than any other trainer. And now you can grab an incredible collection of Video Sales training that will rock your cold calling world


17) Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System

I've teamed up with legendary marketing expert Glenn Osborn, the best referral expert in the business and the co-creator of the Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System Own this seven module referral getting system and gain an in-depth analysis of the referral strategies and secrets Taylor Swift uses to build her incredible empire… scaled down into bite-sized pieces so you can use them in your day-to-day business.


18) USP Magic - How To Build And Execute A Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition For Your Business, Product Or Service

How To Build And Execute A Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition For Your Business, Product Or Service. I kid-you-not … if you can craft a powerful USP that hits a home run in the mind of your client's and or customers, you’ve found the one thing that can bring them out of obscurity into the spotlight of fame. A million dollar USP can take an unknown “nobody” and miraculously turn him into a famous “somebody.” It’s the difference that can take a product or service from “good” to a marketing “great.” A million dollar USP will not make the cash register ring, but it will make that sucker sing. Without a doubt, it is one of the core marketing vehicles through which great financial fortunes are made.


19) Jim Camp Negotiating Secrets Audio Interview Series

I've teamed up with Jim Camp, arguably the worlds top negotiator to bring you a training the likes you have never heard before. Jim Camp was the leading global expert on negotiations. Over the last 25 years, he trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements in more than 500 multinational organizations.
Nine years ago, I was fortunate enough and invited to interview Jim for a group of marketing consultants I was training with my HMA Marketing Consulting System. Jim told me my consultants could ask him anything on the subject of negotiating and there was no time limit on the interview. It's unbelievable what I was able to get out of Jim in these interviews.
I interview him as I've never interviewed anyone before. In this nine part training, you'll hear Jim's answers to over 174 select questions on the secrets of negotiating.


20) Beat The Casinos At Blackjack Counting Cards Video Training

You’ll be shocked at how much you can make when you take the “luck” out of gambling, and play the odds instead.
It’s every gambler’s dream to sit down at a blackjack table, count cards and immediately win so much money they throw you out of the casino. That’s happened to Ryan more than a few times. Turns out, casinos don’t like it when you beat them, especially when you do it counting cards. Blackjack gives you the best odds of any casino game, and armed with a little know-how, you can obtain an advantage. Card counting is actually easier than you think and Ryan’s been doing it since he was old enough to gamble and he’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. And in this 15 part training you’ll see, hear and learn techniques to increase your chance at the one game that already offers better odds for winning than slots, craps or roulette.


21) The Michael Senoff How I Make Money Interview Collection

I'll never forget the day when my Dad asked me . . . "Michael, how is it that you make your money?" And I swear to g-d, I could not give him and decent answer. He had no idea. I've only revealed my true money making methods and strategies in a handful of personal audio interviews with other folks in the marketing game. And after thinking about this simple yet complex question from Dad, I've decided to collect and compile my methods on exactly how I make money. So I've organized all of my top audio interviews where I was interviewed about how I make money. And I've even included my paid consulting interview where clients pay me big money to share my secrets on how they can to do it too.


22) $31,500 In FREE Links “Your Online Gold Mine”

“Here's How You Can Stake Your Claim To The World's Richest Gold Mine Of 'Top Secret' FREE Internet Links Instantly. You're about to learn about one of the most exciting products I've developed.


23) $3900 Invisible Ink Business System

Before I got into marketing I was in the pen business. And I've been making from home and selling invisible ink marketing pens for over 20 years. I still sell then today. With ID pens, you’ll never just be selling the pens themselves (unless you choose to do that) because this business includes many other streams of income that will naturally pop up as you progress along – such as pen manufacturing, ink fulfillment, and UV light sales. Learn my system for this unique universal product business.


24) Floodgate Leads System.

How to dominate Your Market With No-Cost Public Records Leads. There's never been such a high demand for a simple, no-cost leads by using your county, city and state public records.


25) Free Leads System

How to Advertise with Zero Budget and Create A Free Lead & More Traffic Generating Machine. With the skyrocketing cost, complexity and the huge time commitment of paid traffic, there's never been such a high demand for a simple, no-cost lead & traffic generating system by using free online classified ads. I've teamed up with Michelle Brubaker, the best free lead and more traffic generating expert in the business and the originator of The Free Lead and More Traffic Machine. And together, we've published a five part modular system on how to easily create a high ranking, lead converting, advertising machine.


26) Whole Brain Power System

If you or someone you know wants to enjoy a Marvelous Memory * Higher Mood Elevation * A Deeper Night Sleep * Bolder Confidence In Social Situations * Super-Powered Attention * Razor Sharp Focus * Greater Functional Strength * Better Language & Verbal Communication * Less Stress * Faster Reaction Time In Athletics and a Greater Control and Steadiness In Your Hands, you need to consider this groundbreaking information

Go to


27) The Magic Cold Email

Learn How To Book Unlimited, Targeted, Niche-specific Appointments and Meeting Through The Use of One Magic Email. Jon would send his Magic Email at night and wake up to glowing praise and sales meetings.
He realized, he found something that he could repeat - All he had to do is get more data. He felt invincible at times. It was like, he’s never going to run out of meetings, and that was an incredible position to be in.


28) Scrap Magic.

How To Locate, Buy, Fix & Sell Appliances and More In Your Local Community. You CAN make $50, $100 even $300 per day in the scrap and junk business starting today if you are willing to look at junk differently.

29) Creativity Magic

Here's A Simple, Straight Forward Webinar That Guarantees To Show You How Applied Neuroscience Can Be Used To Stimulate And Enhance Originality, Imagination And Your Own Unique Style Of Creativity in Today's Modern World.


Own all 29 of these info products for a one time $1297.00

Below you'll find the links to 29 of my best selling products.

All product are in digital format.

Own full and unrestricted access to all training below after your one payment of $1297.

Here's everything you get with this offer.

Description Separate Purchase
Founding Fathers of Client Generation  $597
The Art Hamel Business Buying System $997
Joint Venture Magic $597
Barter Secrets $597
Jim Camp Negotiating Training $597
Rand Brenner IP Licensing Mastery $597
Stan Billue Highest Paid Salesman  $597
Wal-Mart Gold System and Interviews $597
How To Make a Bundle on Craigslist $597
Emergency Fast Cash Makers Training $597
Guerilla Internet Marketing Audio Series $597
Internet Marketing 101 Audio Series $250
The Lost Files of Internet Marketing $597
Contracts and Agreements Guide $597
Audio Marketing Secrets $1297
Secret Free Links Of The Internet $297
USP - Unique Selling Proposition Magic $597
Best Copywriting Interview Collection $597
Unlock The Buying Code $597
$3900 ID Pen Business System $997

How Senoff Makes Money Interviews Collection

Free Lead Getting System $597
Story Selling Magic 80 Stories U Can Steal $597
Taylor Swift Referral Getting System $597
Gilbert's High School College Success Blueprint $1799
Flood Gate Public Records Leads System $297
The Magic Letter Cold e-Mail System $297
Creativity Magic System $297
Scrap Magic System $297

Each one of these training separately total         $17,574.00

Own 29 of my products for a one time $1297


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Who is Michael Senoff? He's an entrepreneur who has made his living by interviewing some of the smartest people on the planet.

Michael is one of the best interviewers in the world. Michael is also the expert on how to license, produce, record, edit, publish and market information products.

Michael uses the power of story to make his information easy to to remember. It's entertaining and students can access it at home or on the road with their mobile devices.

Michael's style of interviews are designed to be superior to any lecture out there.

His content is easy to hear and understand. It's more informative and natural and the information is more dynamic and dense.

You are going to love listening to Michael and these product trainings will help you RISE FROM THE ASHES ! Click To Order


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