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Michael Senoff's Students Speak Out... Listen To Their Comments and Testimonials Below...


Michael your site is AMAZING!!! I have never seen such mind blowing totally free material work as well as your cd rom of audios. Your marketing materials are the best. NOBODY HAS THE AMOUNT OF FREE ITEMS LIKE YOU DO!! PERIOD! Thanks for doing what you do.

Las Vegas



Your interviews with Luis Arauz are simply captivating.  He gives everything you need to be successful online, nothing is left out.  You should be charging a lot more for this.  I'm going to make thousands just off (Vol. 4, #16) alone.

Frank Gronwald


Hi Michael,

Yes the CD did arrive, much sooner than I had expected, although it did arrive upside down - probably because I live in Australia. :) Thanks for sending it so promptly.

I love your 'Thanks For Your CD Order!' page, it really injects some personality into a usually sterile response, I had a good chuckle.

I must congratulate you on a great CD (even the concept itself is a winning idea alone).

The  only negative feedback I can give, which may be of some help, is that I had a little trouble opening the audio files. A little background info first, to put things into context:

a) I am a Macintosh user who owns a PC for occasions such as this, so It may just be my lack of experience on the Windows side of things (ie. user incompetence).

b) I downloaded the latest version of RealOne Player prior to trying to open the audio clips, so I figured I was covered on the player side of things.

The opening page fired up without a problem including the audio. I found the 'audio clips' page and clicked on the 'play' button which resulted in a brief (1 second) download window and an error message. I went to the 'If you can't figure it out' page and followed the instructions - same problem as before. I found that if I right-clicked the 'play' button and selected open - BINGO! I guess the  'save target as' works on the web page online but I found the 'open' option to work better for me.

I hope this is of some help, or maybe it's just me?

Although I have only had the opportunity to listen to a few hours of the clips I'm impressed.

'Mr. Fire' Vitale gave loads of great insights and his top picks from his 5,000 book library was a real eye-opener.  Herschell Gordon Lewis was great to listen to and giving us his favorite of his 26 books solved the problem of 'which one should I get?').

While I was listening to the CD I was thinking 'This is great but how do you do it? What software do you use? Rich Chadwick answered those questions in 'How to make great sounding audio clips for your web site and marketing efforts.'

I can't wait to hear the rest of it, keep up the great work.  I look forward to receiving the password user name so I can download all those goodies!
Thanks again,



Hey Michael,

I just had to write you a quick note to say how impressed I was with your website. What a tremendous resource!  You have truly 'gone the extra mile'.

The recorded audio interviews at your website and on this CD ROM you offer are pure marketing gold.

Mike, I'd recommend your service to anyone who wants to know more about

Thanks for all this value!
Tom Washington



Sunday, February 16, 2003
Remember in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy shows up at the end of the yellow brick road? You know she’s got Toto and the gang in tow, and their all seeking the wisdom and answers from the Great and powerful Oz.  I know I’ll never forget the scene of Dorothy yanking back the curtain, and there stands the old wizard… exposed with all his secrets revealed

Well Michael, you’ve done the exact same thing! And with more than one (marketing) wizard no less! No kidding, there are more nuts and bolts marketing information in your audio clips than it took to build the Tin man himself! Not just the “What to” stuff …you can get that anywhere. But more importantly the “How To” stuff!

Recently I’ve been bitten by the copy writing bug! And I’m telling you, interviews #32 and #33 on copy writing are KILL-ER! The cool thing about your interviews are… there is literally something for everyone! I even gave interview # 53 to my wife for a project she is working on.

Now, how you get all these marketing “wizards” to let you pull the curtain back I’ll never know. But I do know this, there is literally millions of dollars worth of marketing information exposed for all to see, hear and profit from.

Michael, you are shameless, at lest Dorothy let the Wizard close the certain.

Thanks a Million!
Joe Montgomery CEO
Position Marketing Inc.

Michael your CD is breaking the law... 

Just started listening to your CD that you sent, and I think you need to keep these locked up. It is true these are breaking all the marketing rules I have ever seen. Don't you know you are supposed to give customer's just a little taste of what might be? You are never-ever supposed to give them more than they pay for. They might start expecting everyone to do business this way.

Your CD is so crammed full of marketing INSIGHT and practical business opportunities that it is literally OUT OF SITE! How are the rest of the online marketers ever supposed to do business on the web again? Integrity? Generous value? What's next? Freebies?

I would ask when your next CD is ready but I have barely scratched the surface of this one.

Profitably yours,
Mike Feddersen



Your site is truly a gem of a site and the best online; free - yet priceless resource of age old and the latest marketing information.


Hi Michael

I did have an opportunity to listen to the CD-rom.  I played it on the MP3 player in my car.  The interview was spectacular.  I've listened to many interviews through the years that offer some insight but little if any actual workable knowledge.  Your interview gave me so much info I needed to listen to it again at home and take notes!  I look forward to the next offering.

Dan Maiers


Any one who can t get THOUSANDS of great business ideas from this disc is either dead or brain dead, and I would say to them PLEASE don't run a business of your own, you ll fail dismally. Your not cut out for it. I only wish I had heard these before I started my regular business which is now ready to lay the golden eggs but if this disc was in my possession 4 years ago I would have had many "eggs" in the bank already!!  My only criticism is that its to long to do at a sitting and as you go each new idea is giving me a headache knowing which ones to run with!! Also it would be easier to listen to it in the car as well as on the computer.

God Bless


"Michael -- You are the expert in DELIVERING MORE THAN YOU PROMISE! The quality of your interviews is top notch and the package is easily worth twenty-seven times the price you sell it for.
Plus by allowing us to not only listen to the audio clipped interviews you provide invaluable transcripts that, when printed out, allow serious marketing students to take notes, hi-lite important concepts and refer easily to the hard copy for future references.

All of the above makes your site and CD-ROM stand head and shoulders above other marketing gurus' online materials. Plus, with your excellent support and invaluable advice you provide through your audio clips and now the excellent interview transcripts - well... What more can I say?

If I have to invent a Unique Selling Proposition to describe your efforts it would be: Michael Senoff Serves Marketing Students With Top-Notched and Quality Marketing Case Studies and he's not afraid to OVER DELIVER!

That's not an exaggeration Michael, it's the only way I can honestly state how you have exceeded my expectations and I will recommend your site to everyone I come in contact with."

Gerard LeBlond
4461 Apulia Rd
Jamesville, NY 13078-9601


Michael :

I have scoured the internet for USEFUL free information for 2 years. The CD ROM you sent me is easily worth twice some $400 plus seminars I bought If you cant use the info on  Michaels cd then check your pulse `cause you might just be dead.

Thanks a million Michael
Shane Pettman   



You have provided some AWESOME value on this website.  The audio clips are jammed packed with WICKED stories of some of the great minds in business. 

Thanks for your time and valuable products!!



I found the marketing ideas given on your CD ROM to be extremely helpful and creative. Any business needs to continually create new ways of promoting their goods and services and your CD definitely assists in that regard after all business is all about sales and marketing. Anything else is purely




I enjoyed the clips very much-- thank you -- Informative, enlightening and right on the money for todays marketer of any product or service.



Hi Michael

There's so much helpful information on such a wide range of subjects that it was hard for me to know what to focus on first!  My primary interest is in Ezines, Ebooks, Ebook Covers, Design and other related subjects and your material is giving me a lot to consider.  Your audio clips is a must have for anyone that needs a vast amount of marketing information readily available.  I've only scratched the surface and I know I have many interesting hours of learning ahead of me.  Thanks so much.

Jeff Cardeilhac
Seminole,  FL



As a teacher, I value education. I have chosen a field that extols knowledge and lifelong learning. I have tried to follow that mantra all of my career. Your audio clips have proven to be a wealth of knowledge for those of us lifelong learners.

Because I have chosen a service profession as opposed to a high paying one, I have had to seek out and find bargains all of my life. Your audio clips are an obvious bargain. (You can't get any cheaper than free). Much of the free information "out there" is worth what you have paid for it. Your clips, Michael, are different. They offer insightful information, unknown tidbits of business knowledge, and ideas that any thoughtful person with an ounce of ambition can use to start a business or improve a business with marketing techniques that are proven.

  You are providing a wonderful service for us fellow seekers of knowledge. May the force be with you as you continue this endeavor.

Dave Ickes


Hey Michael,

It was nice speaking with you on the phone the other day and I appreciate your time and your inspiration. Your collection  of audios on this CD is FANTASTIC, SUPERB, AWESOME, EDGEY, STATE OF THE ART...I cannot complement you enough about them.  I have not had the time of course to go thru all of them, but have perused several.  When is Volume 2 coming about Volume 3?  I'm not excited am I?  Keep up the good work Michael.  You are a refreshing find on the marketing/advertising circuit.

Tony Calvert


Hi Michael,

Michael you reflect the original and true nature of the internet, where sharing, win-win and FREE-TO- USE content abounds. I am listening, reading, re-listening, re-reading your CD and your site content.

I used Google answers provided information to a Surgeon in E Timor to help him solve his laptop problems. I have decided to give away repeated billing of my cry-poor customers and not charge them. Yesterday, I volunteered to help a charity with their LAN problem pro-bono.

And, I am going to help everyone in my network marketing company - leads, prospects, cross lines with their internet problems and also  introduce them to you.

You don't need Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Al Shreiter, Seth Godin, Zig Ziglar or Tom Woods...JUST Michael Senoff, Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale.

Geoffrey Moss



I'm most impressed with your shear volume of free audio info. You are a breath of fresh air in a world packed with rip off artists and rehashed nonsense. As a trained interviewer (former newspaper man), I love to hear the real, unrehearsed stories of your guests. What a penetrating way to unravel the secrets of the successful. Keep them coming.

Larry Kiedrowski



The first audio clip on the CD-ROM is very, very good.  You get a lot of good ideas on how to find and sell a beat up trailer home (mobile home) for positive cash-flow and stress free management.  One of the ideas was how to get "FREE" (actually better than FREE) beat up mobile homes.  You can get them plus some money like $1,00 from don't wanters!  After you move it and install it, you may be able to pocket $500 and have a saleable asset!

You also learn what NOT to fix up and what to fix up before you sell the mobile home. What to put in an ad to attract buyers, etc.

That info. is invaluable and came FREE!



Taylor Trump interview: good idea about getting the mailing piece that created the list when you rent a list. Also crucial information on the amount of research necessary before writing a sales letter; all too often I want to jump into letter creation too soon.

Clip 33 --- Bartley Jones: Denison Hatch's website of direct mail pieces! I will go in search of that one. Also, the reminder not to spend time doing 'creative' letters -- instead, model from the greats. From the ones that are working! I also enjoyed the ideas about joint venturing, and looking for a good dm letter from a related service (tree trimming) and reworking it for the initial venture (lawn aeration). Great ideas!

Clip 42: Martin Howey: Wow! A very clear description of why knowing the cost per lead/customer and the lifetime value of a customer is critical! Tons of great info on this one!



I found Michael's website accidentally, and it really opened my eyes on how to address the critical revenue part of operating a business or enterprise.  Most people are so concerned with minimizing costs they often ignore key revenue producing factors.  The CD gives many real-life examples of how individuals or businesses impacted their bottom line significantly with simple marketing rules.

M Lad


The CD was very interesting and had some unique business and marketing ideas I've never thought about before. I believe that you are truly helping people that need to raise there skills in marketing and not only new concepts, but revisiting the basic truth of the 80/20 principle.   You have my permission to use this email.

Thank you Mike                                         
J. Palms, Adrian MI


Michael is CD of yours is Pure Gold.  In my 10 years of being involved in marketing, I don't know if I've seen a better resource. My hat goes off to you. Every time I listen to this cd ,I get another business idea.  You have out done yourself.  I can't believe you've got more to come.  I can't imagine what volume two will be like.  Keep up the good work Michael, you've got a real winner on your hand.

Al Robinson


Dear Michael

I haven't been able to listen to all the CD but what I have been able to listen to so far is brilliant and mind blowing, and I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to listen this excellent cd.

Thanks again
Keith Needham
United kingdom



I listened to your CD at work with my headphones on.  I like your recordings and your quick fix marketing calls.  People need the insight to creative solutions to their marketing needs.  I think you cut *right through* the bull out there.  (Obviously from your knowledge from the Masters.)

You have a great hard-edge no-nonsense approach to getting to the heart of people's marketing problems. Then you offer them a cold slap in the face with a *great* solution to increase their business results *now*.

Unlike a psychologist that treats a patient over the course of years, you treated your marketing calls with BAM! immediate instant gratification.  Hey, maybe you're the
next Anthony Robbins of Marketing....

I'm definitely going to stick around on your list with the extraordinary deals you have on Jay Abraham stuff, and my current favorite, Gary Halbert.



Hi Michael,

I came across your site by accident while searching for stuff on google. What a fateful day that was ! That was two days ago and I have spent hours listening to your mp3 files and reading pages and pages of your site.

Just fantastic !  I have been a member of several sites and have never got so much valuable information as from your site. In particular I have spent hours looking at the 67 sites you listed.
Please feel free to give my email to skeptics. They will have a shock when they look at what you have for free ! !    

Habby Dhillon ( UK )


Michael Senoff is offering a wonderful and valuable service, a secondary market for very valuable and originally expensive instruction from marketing gurus such as Jay Abraham.  He inventories and gives a good synopsis of each of these.  I am glad Michael Senoff had the vision for He himself is an excellent model for a robust and successful internet
marketing enterprise.  I recommend you check out!

Keith Rose
Mililani, Hawaii



Your timing is brilliant because just as I was reading this e-mail message, the Great British Postman was busy shoving your envelope with the CD in it through my letter box. I've got agreement from my wife that, because the CD is a missive from a far off land (USA!), she will give me dispensation from household chores, hang up my apron, and get 61 hours of uninterrupted time to listen to your CD. Then I'll be back to you - of course after I have got down from the ceiling with the high of your inspirational ideas! Trust this sounds just right!

Kind regards
Malcolm Gallagher
BizVision Ltd


Thanks again for the CD Michael. There is a lot of great info here and it is inspiring me at a time when inspiration is great medicine.  Great work and I'm glad you are in the marketplace.

Keith Rose
Mililani, Hawaii


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