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Michael Senoff's Students Speak Out... Listen To Their Comments and Testimonials Below...



"I can't even put into words the overwhelming knowledge I gained from listening to this audio CD. It's down to earth with real conversations with true entrepreneurs and marketers. This is a must for anyone who is need of gaining insight and direction. This CD should have a price tag on it. Thank goodness I got mine free, what an experience I can't wait for volume two.
Keep up the good work."

Len DeCarmine
The DeCarmine Group
(814) 692-2264


Michael, thank you very, very much.  I appreciate very much the work that you do.  I spent 4 years in college (Whittier, 65), 5 years in graduate school (Harvard, 70), and 3 years in law school (Harvard, 73), and none of that was as fascinating and compelling as these materials.  I love them.  Expect to see my name in print in the very near future.

Richard Sutherland


Michael, here are my comments on the CD

I am very impressed with the CD- and the fact is I have only listened to a few clips.  There is just so much information packed in each clip I could only absorb a few clips at a time.  I was left with many notes, using the clips to brainstorm new ideas.

Matthew Lee


Michael, I simply want to drop a brief line to you to thank you for the invaluable service that you are providing to me and to a lot of other people.  I have purchased a number of products from you, including the Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Program, for a steeply discounted price.  I appreciate your prompt service and will look forward to further offerings from you in the future.  Your services have saved me thousands of dollars off of the retail price of these products.

Richard Sutherland, Los Altos, California


I really enjoyed the Audio clips.  I heard many ideas that I can start using in my business today. I will definitely be coming back to the well for more ideas! 

Dan James

PS I hope that my rivals never discover this site.


Michael, your audio clips are a wonderful introduction to marketing, a key area of business.  That you would make such a diverse sampling of some of the great minds of marketing available for free is commendable. 

I urge everyone to take advantage of this excellent offer.

Robert Jackson
New York City


Dear Michael,

Thanks for the second chance to test-drive your wealthy gifts. The Tony Robins

interview on Jay Abraham arrived 36 hours ago. One thing is for sure, your seminars erase my fear of getting started. It changed my venture of chance mindset of business to certainty entity, as sure as science. For instance when I applied what I learned from writing headlines, USP and magnetic sales letters on my speculative letters, the results where measurable, tangible and amazing, More people are willing to identify with my ideas they once rejected. More people are willing to book advertising space far ahead of launch of my specialize magazine. Now I have confidence of success without fail.

The CD ROM planted something that will sustain my business forever. I learn to rest my business on multiple marketing pillars

You are doing well. You can improve on quality of your audio clips, introduce hard-to-find articles, with excerpts from the seminars. A monthly newsletter will keep us informed and updated. Your gifts and patience ARE PAYING OFF ALREADY. Your future customer,

Obinna Nwanedo RR 5 Nasarawa road kaduna,800001 Nigeria



The one audio I listened to that struck me the most was the "Selling Trailers in the Trailer Park". Absolutely interesting..... if you stayed around long enough to just begin to understand the value of the story, even if you have no intention of buying and selling trailers in the trailer park.... but it illustrates how someone was able to recognize and apply the "words of the masters" in this particular situation.

This is a way to sit back and imagine trying out the advice given by the experts, and it is somehow nice to have it as audio and you hear the voice of the real human being who is trying out this material in a business. It is more real than reading, which is fast and lets you "underline" to speed your way through. Thank you very much for this resource. You exceeded my expectation. And that, as the experts tell us, is a good thing indeed.

Jim Buch


"Michael does so much more than sell marketing gurus seminars for a fraction of their original cost. First, he directs you to right material... information that is going to solve your problem. Then, he becomes part of the solution... advising, consulting and motivating you to get to the next step. He has listened to and benefited from thousands of hours of instruction... and he shares his knowledge."

Steven Greene


"Hear stuff not found anywhere else".  If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase, I would be rich. If I had to give back a dollar for every time it was lie, I would have one dollar, because so far Michael Senoff has been the only one to deliver on that promise.  I am considered a marketing expert by most people, and this CD had more unique content then I have seen in courses costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I may not have learned any new "techniques," but did learn a lot about many different industries.  As Jay Abraham says 'take models that other businesses use, and apply them in your industry'. 

Listening to your CD really starts the spark that gets my creative business juices flowing ... and that is where the real value in your CD is.  I have already had 3 great ideas for new businesses since listening to just the first third of the disc.


Robert Haas



Hello @ Hard To Find'




Greetings Michael!

I received my CD about a week ago and have listened to the first 34 sound bytes.  I have found most of them educational.  I have been traveling some (work related) and hope to complete the remaining sound bytes within the
next week or two.

I have also visited some of your web sites, read your life history, viewed your security pen information and opportunity and looked at the materials you have available to sell.

I believe the information you have provided is (will be) beneficial to many who will take the time to work with it.

I am impressed with the manner in which you patiently spent time with the individuals you interviewed on your sound bytes.

I'm looking forward to learning and doing business with you as time allows Thanks for the CD.  It is a "Great" gift and I appreciate it.


Ken Bondurant

PS.  I had no problem playing the CD.  Sound quality was very good with a couple of exceptions.



"Michael, your CD was excellent. In fact, it opened my eyes to ways of making more money - quicker and easier - than a lot of marketing material I've paid a small fortune for. It comes highly recommended."

Oliver James
Manchester, England



The CD is a tremendous value -- I sometimes listen to a random track when I need a pick me up and to come up with new innovative ideas.  I'll be on the prowl in the next few months for guru material, I'm quite sure.




Michael, I have had the opportunity to translate just one of your
interviews back to wav format and burn it to it's own CD and have been
listening to it while I work out. 

It was the Joe Vitale interview.  What a fantastic interview.  I learned a tremendous amount from just that one interview.  There's so much meat in that one interview that I've decided not to translate any other interviews until I've fully digested what you and he spoke about in the interview.  Keep up the good work.


Dave Turo-Shields.



I am still in the process of reviewing your Sound-bits.  They are every bit as mind provoking as you advertised. I just completed sound-bit number 35 on Art Hamel and his "buying business" set of tape. In your interview you make mention of a Art Hamel's tape product.


Ken Bondurant

PS I just completed SoundBits number 42.  I thought it was a killer interview.  You do a good job on all your interviews and I'm sure you learn a great deal from each one. Keep up the good work!



Few comments about the audio:

1) It's Kick-Ass! This stuff is RAW potential I'm listing through each one. Thanks Mike.

2) It would be great to have a high quality feed of the idea, not just the 8k that you have, something around 128K





Thanks very much for your CD Rom. I'm very impressed.  You've put together some first rate interviews with a wide range of people, both expert and novice.  From the experts, you've extracted a great deal of useful information.  For the novices, you not only gave them invaluable advice, but helped them to understand which other experts in the crowded field of marketing
advice are worthy of attention.  And finally you help them to get hold of that advice at a fraction of the original cost, with your brilliant and entirely legitimate brainwave of creating a secondary market in them. Your CD Rom is an excellent resource. 

Thank you Michael

Simon Conroy


Dear, Michael,

The bottom line in most motivational teachings  is seldom addressed.....but
You and Mr. X bring it up:  "How to balance the time between your career, and your success and your passion ....and your family".
He explains the negotiations and other techniques  necessary to accomplish that balance. Thanks for introducing me to this overlooked dimension of "success".

Dr. Budd Rubin
San Diego


I recently stumbled onto Michael Senoff's website while searching for Jay Abraham information.  I gave the site casual attention at first but began to visit it looking for "Great" prices on Jay Abraham seminars.  I requested Michael's CD ROM packed with over 61 hours of in-depth marketing interviews and valuable one-on-one marketing consultations.  I received my CD in just a matter of days and began to listen to the interviews.  Wow!  Was I pleasantly surprised!

I have listened to or read information from many entrepreneurs during the past two years and didn't seem to be able to "connect" with them.  I immediately was able to "connect" with the information contained in Michael's interviews.  Listening to the interviews was as if I was sitting in the room passively listening.  My mind has been greatly stimulated.  Michael's interviews have helped me bridge the gap between theory and the application of marketing concepts in the real world!   Michael could have charged several hundred dollars for this CD but instead provided it as a free gift. He even paid the shipping!

Thank you Michael for a "Great" Christmas present that gives me a new
beginning for 2003 and the rest of my life!


Ken Bondurant


Michael, You are a Prince among men. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

God Bless, John


Hello Mike,

Mike, your site is undoubtedly rated #1.  No other site gives away such straight-forward golden advice.  Mike's interviews are full of real proven secrets from successful experts of various entrepreneur business fields.

Thanks Mike, your interviews are full of the best of the best!

-Ryan Terry


You rule!  Where have you been all my business life?

I love the audio clips.  I've listened to a few and will surely listen to many more.  I can't believe it's all FREE!  I am in the carpet cleaning business, so the janitorial clip was of particular interest.  After listening, I've been constantly thinking about adding janitorial to my company.  The only thing I didn't like was no information on how to get a hold of the guy.  What info can you give me on him?

The air freshener clip is great too. It's great to see the other problems that other business owners have and how to overcome them.  I hope the guy has quite his job and devoted himself to self employment.

Joe Vitale was good.  The hypnosis thing was a little freaky though.

Your site rocks!  The note taking feature is great.  The quality of the clips have all been good.  The descriptions of the clips are great. The layout of the site is very user friendly.

John Braun


Well Michael, here's the thing. I think the sun shines out of your arse! Really I do. This morning I downloaded the 650 odd pages of transcripts for perusal. To be frank I didn't have much time to read it as I have a lot of work to do... consulting, writing ads etc.

Guess what's happened? You've screwed my whole day. It's 1pm... and I've been up for hours and hours reading the transcripts. I haven't exercised... I haven't meditated, which I do daily. I only just had a shower now.

In addition, so I wouldn't be away from the transcripts too long... I ran downstairs and had pizza from last night for breakfast... and came straight back up.

I NEVER do that! Ever.

I cannot get over how much information you share in this CD. It's excellent.  My whole day has been throwing into disarray, but I love it. I've allocated a chunk of my weekend to sit down and summaries the key points in the CD (keep in mind I've rearranged by very busy weekend to do this!).

In short, I've got some ideas for this CD. To be clear: I'm not doing it for the $20,000 marketing seminar. It would be good to win it (as you can NEVER stop learning), but to be honest I don't really give a shit. I'd give you feedback based solely on the fact that you asked for it!

Here are some ideas for the compact disc. Hopefully there's a pearl in here for you:

* Offer the reprint rights for the CD to bus opportunity marketers. Of course, ensure the content is laced with your URL

* Do joint ventures with bus opp marketers... you hold onto the rights

* Chop down the 650 pages to the one hundred core principles. Turn it into a Q and A (in fact, this is what I'm going to undertake this weekend. If I get through it, I'll send it to you... as a gift. It's the least I can do with these transcripts you've allowed me to listen to

* rent lists of bus opp seekers and sell the disc for $20... or some other break even price

* Convert individual components into individual reports...  offer them as lead generators for whatever backend products you're selling. You cover so many interesting topics... ranging from how to write copy for the big mailers... all the way to licensing.

* Convert individual components into little articles and offer them to e-zines to send to their subscribers. Again you've got so much information, you could do this. Just add to the resource box something like... "This article is from (jazzy name of CD ROM). For your free copy go to

* Or here's a great idea. Convert them to reports, and offer people with e-zines the reprint rights to the reports. They can choose to sell it to their subscribers... or... give it for free (just as long as your resource box is kept that the bottom). This should get alot of them aboard and is a great value add for them.

* Compile these reports into a manual and sell them... to your database and the database of companies you joint venture with...  or by renting lists of bus opp seekers

* Create a search field on your website that so anybody who wants to know your thoughts on a particular topic e.g. the use of SRDS... they can download the transcripts or audios onto their desktop.

* Chop up the sections where you talk about and how you started it etc... and show people how the methodology can be adapted to any industry... in any field. Show them how to buy hard to find... or second hand items and turn it into a profitable business. You may even wish to turn this into a business in a box... and license it. Give people templates approach letters... jv letters and the like. This is a bit of work, but it's another idea.

* Approach the likes of Jay who is giving away a shitload of information for his mastermind seminars and offer to give the CD away to his database (or electronic transcripts). It may be a little late for mastermind as it's fast approaching... but it's something you may wish to keep up your sleeve for the future. And of course, you can do this with every other marketing great in the world. This CD is a great product... and bloody impressive. You should get some takers.

* Give the CD it's own URL. Jay amassed a huge database with Stealth Marketing by offering people a free download... as you probably know. You can always do the same with the transcripts. Actually, if you decide to ultimately chop the CD up with some of the ideas in this email... you should charge a shit load for the CD... at least $300 or $400. But... before you do.... give it its own URL and offer free downloads to the transcripts. Put a deadline on it and make it stick. Let all your contacts in the marketing arena know what you're doing... have them tell their subscribers as a service (perhaps you'll need to give your contacts something in return). This should get word around a wee bit

* Contact Paul Krupin at I media fax and do a mass press release campaign. Get your arise on radio for bus opp seekers and business owners and talk about the CD. Give advice in your customary, no bullshit style... and tell them the CD is for free... but up until a date. After that, bad luck they've missed out.

* Convert the pearl of nuggets into a $25 book. Great for lead generating. Do what Hartunian does and get publicity for it.

* sell the transcripts of the better consultations as individual products.

I guess that's it for now. I've GOT TO get started on my day (it's 2pm. I've spent the best part of 3/4 an hour on this email).
Hope this helps. I may not be clear on some of this because I've rushed thru it a little bit. I think there are some real possibilities in here.

You're a top guy, keep up the good work. As far as buying materials are converned... I will NEVER buy from anywhere else but YOU!

Cheers, Alexi

P.S. I'm back. I've had technical problems and couldn't send the email. It's in the evening and I've got some more ideas for you. Thinking about it, it would be good to win the first prize!

Given you cover such a broad range of topics, there's no reason why you can offer 'how to' articles to trade publications... on subjects specifically relating to their field. For example you talk about the importance of copy in some places (I've only read up to page 148) any trade publication can run an article on that. At the end of the article, offer a free copy of the CD... they either go to your website, or call a free recorded message.

OR same deal again, on the CD you spoke to a guy named Don about the mortgage business. There's absolutely no reason why you can't do an article based on that interview... and... if readers want the fool scoop, they get the CD. Of course, you do duplicate this across as many industries you can.

You know what my concern is with this CD, is the fact you're giving it for free. People will devalue the darn thing. That's not fair. This CD has more good information on it than products I've paid allot of money for. If I were you I'd really do what Jay would do and slice it and dice it in a variety of ways, as I've outlined in this email. Get more mileage of it. You know turn it into reports... articles.... individual transcripts... sell reprint rights to some of the information converted to reports... sell the reprint rights for entire CD... even convert it audio tapes and sell the sucker for $700, with transcripts and perhaps a critique or two from you... do radio shows and offer it to people.

What referral program have you got in place for the CD? Have you tried giving a gift certificate worth $50, redeemable against next purchase, for every 5 referrals or so? You know the life time value of your average client, so work it out. 

I'm sure your clients would be willing to offer it to their clients, distributors etc as gifts. Have you approached them?

This may be a stupid, but it's worth it. You've probably got a shit load of contacts who are releasing books... and want to get #1 listing on Amazon. COM... somebody like Joe Vitale. Offer your CD as a free value add for people who buy the book. This should get your CD in the hands of loads of people.

If you don't have that many contacts (unlikely), but if you don't contact somebody like Joe and ask him to put you in contact with Mark Joyner, Mark Victor Hansen etc etc. I'm sure they'd love to use your book as a great value add.

Or... what if you approached people are in the process of releasing their book... but don't know how to get it to #1 on Amazon. COM and offer to educate them on the process.... plus... give your CD as a free bonus.

Or... what if you obtained the rights to books on the market that haven't sold well... but are well written... and written for a market with an insatiable appetite. You could use your CD over and over again... and you'd keep a chunk of the profit on the sale of the book.

Or... break the CD up into various smaller CDs and approach budding authors... authors of failed books... and your successful contacts. Now you'll have multiple products to offer people as value adds... and the market won't get sick of seeing the same CD.

The same applies to converting the information to e-book... and allowing Amazon. COM customers to download that, instead of receiving the CD.

BTW, I tried getting the CD a while back, but I had technical problem ordering it. So I didn't bother. You know what would have made me try again? If you had sent me a series of articles... from the CD. You know, informational stuff that's really interesting.

The best in the world at this is Jay... so you know what I mean.

What if you approached all the 'business coaches' out there and offered your CD as a value add to their products... for their prospective consulting clients etc etc. They should go for it.




The audio clips are excellent both as learning tools and as reinforcing tools. The listener gets to eves drop on a variety of instances of business building where the business building is discussed in terms of the concepts taught in the leading sales and marketing tape sets of the day. As a result, you experience the application of these techniques by others and by repetition, the principles become more concrete, and more readily brought to the top of your mind. You begin to think in terms of these principles, rather than ask "Oh, what did that Abraham guy say that might apply here?".

A few times you enrich your education. I had never heard the voice and demeanor of Herschell Gordon Lewis but I had read a half dozen of his books on advertising and sales letters. From hearing the tape, H G Lewis became not only more human, but from hearing his life story, I could better understand his writings.

At other times, you enrich your experience. The audio clip on buying and selling mobile homes, for example, showed the deliberate application of many of the powerful business enhancement techniques applied by a plain regular guy.  I felt that after listening, I could almost go down the road to the nearest mobile home park and begin a business in buying and selling mobile homes with almost no money down.  I understood the business and customer in considerable depth.

It is the next best thing to experience to hear the experiences and doubts and uncertainties of fellow budding business developers. Michael does an admirable job in structuring a meaningful experience from the many telephone

In fact, one of the success gurus long ago recommended calling local practitioners by long distance and getting their experiences in businesses. So long as you are far enough away to not be a competitor, businessmen like to brag and to teach.  So, these informative interview audio clips are done in a grand tradition.


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