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PROOF 226 Personal Stories, Comments And Case Studies Directly From Michael Senoff’s Students

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I have bought a number of items from you over time. I have never had a problem. Everything was shipped immediately and was exactly as you described. You have even included extra material to send to me that I was not charged for. You have always been more than helpful and at times have even shipped me material before you got paid. I can't think of anything negative to say and no this is not a paid commercial. You may quote me. I really like almost every item I have ever bought from you. You were very forthcoming about each item and the information it contained. I have found your opinions generally to be accurate. And yes I would like you to put the fix in for me if you find me bidding on any of your items.

Joel Katzman

Thanks for the fast and personalized service. You helped me find just the right program I needed. You could have sold me something much more expensive because I trust you, but you didn't. You sold me just the right program for what I was trying to do. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

Paul Sowinski

In my previous dealings with Michael Senoff I found him to be extremely helpful, going out of his way to explain the materials I purchased in two E-bay auctions, and on several occasions leaving lengthy messages on my answering machine.

I can only say that I have been overwhelmed by the mass of information contained in the items I purchased from Michael. It is obvious that it will all require several months to assimilate. At the price Michael made these available to me I saved thousands of dollars on what I would have had to pay doing it myself.

Michael was always conscientious and courteous in his dealings with me, a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend his service to all who are seeking outstanding value in marketing information.

Yours truly,
Warren Spence

"In living in South Australia, I was worried about not receiving goods and loosing my money. Michael always responded to every email every time. I always pay air freight and I received the goods within 10 days every time. I can honestly say Michael is the best person to deal with and has the biggest range at the best price. I have purchased about 3 large items off him so far. The Information is excellent, I'm now well on my way to becoming a Home Study Protégé."

Mr Shallen W.
South Australia

Thank you for great service and products the service far extended my expectations with free bonus material, efficient mailing to high way across the world and following it through to make sure I was happy. Well the answer is I am happy and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Thank you
Karen Gold

I received the training program on the date expected. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see not only the materials I ordered but some extra "goodies" you decided to throw in. I am very pleased with my purchase and your service. Keep up the good work !

Charles Siegel

You have a goldmine of hard-to-find classic seminar materials. I bought Jay Abraham's Protégé-Mentor Training from Michael, which at the time of purchase I could not even get from the Abraham Inner Circle.

Unlike other buy-and-sell intermediaries who are out there just to make a fast buck, Michael intimately knows the material that he sells and stands behind the products with a money back guarantee. Michael's products and excellent service are truly unique.


Michael, I received the Jeff Paul/Joe Polish tapes yesterday, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying them. This is exactly the information I have been searching for. My only regret was that I didn't find these tapes 3 years ago. At any rate. I'm confident my business will explode as a result of these tapes. Once again, thanks for making this information available to me at such an affordable price. I look forward to getting the complete Jeff Paul course next month. I'm sure it's just as good.

Don Benvenuto



Your website is thorough and informative; you are both professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with you again.

Tony Mascia


I got the marketing materials you sent me today. Have looked through them briefly, they are excellent, especially the Jay Abraham Protégé Tapes.

Liverpool England

Hey Michael,

I found your site last night and it is awesome. I learned a lot in just a few minutes of listening to your clips, you are a very sharp individual. I thought maybe you could provide some insight as to what direction I should take with my business as I respect your advice.

Make it a great day!

Brian Rodgers, MBA
Brian Rodgers Seminars, Inc.
Colwell Banker Americana
Office: 620-662-1359
Home Office: 620-663-5173


Greetings Michael,

I think you are doing a fine job as a spokesman.

I don't run across many people (in marketing no less) who know about Abraham. And out of those who do, only a tiny fraction really get it. And even fewer know about the protégé stuff.

It's nice to see you re-introducing his ideas to a new generation of hustlers. You are grounding them in common sense marketing.

Regards, Alger Cavalloro



Just a note to let you know that I dropped the Pickens tapes in the mail to you yesterday. I really appreciate your letting me listen to them. You were right... they really condensed Jay's ideas into a much more useable format. I'm indebted to you.

Thank again...
Martin Howey


Hi Michael,

Great talking with and more importantly, doing business with you!

For any serious marketing student, should be bookmarked and browsed frequently. It should be the starting point in your search for marketing classics or other rare marketing materials. The site has tons of great material and itself is an example of darn good copy. If by some chance you don't see what you are looking for, give Michael a call. My experience is that he knows his stuff and is eager to help and share.

Rob Owik
Marketing Coach



I really loved your website. What I liked most was the audio clip page because there was just so much information there that was useful to me. One thing that maybe you could do though is figure out how to try and keep the conversations shorter or edit them for the real "meat". I didn't always want to listen to the whole conversation but I did for fear that I miss important stuff. You gave me tons of stuff to think about from our phone conversation and tons of stuff to act on. I really believe this will open up some doors for some hot prospects. What's more, I thought it was going to be a sales pitch but it wasn't at all, you just really wanted to help and that was truly amazing considering your advice was worth it's weight in gold. Thanks again...the world's supply of genuine people is low so thanks for being one of them!

Los Angeles, California

Hi Michael,

The Harry Pickens stuff is great. Thank you. Haven't started the
Reunion boot camp, but I will this weekend. Thanks for the good

Michael Pizzola



I am very impressed with operation and your approach to business! I clicked on your website last week, and there was your phone number listed. I call the number and much to my surprise you answered.

Since that time we have talked twice and I have learned enough about marketing to be dangerous! You have a lot of insight and a very common-sense approach to getting customers to buy. At the end of the day that is all that matters!

Your genuine interest in people, and what they do, will make you a lot of money! Keep up the good work.

James Dixon
Dixon Financial Services Group LLP
3335 Cartwright Road
Missouri City, Texas 77459
28-499-6130 - Office


"Michael Senoff searches high and low to locate the tapes of hard to find seminars, marketing kits, etc. and turns around and offers them at a much-reduced price. He has shipped all of my orders promptly and is a pleasure to deal with. And he's great at helping you decide which tapes are best for your situation."

John Plisky, Consultant Brielle, NJ

P.S. Michael - I'll be in San Diego September 3-16. Maybe we could have lunch or something.


Hi Michael -- I just finished listening to some of your audio interviews on your website. This is a great service you've provided your customers -- not only do you guide them in the right direction to purchase great seminar packages and info products at great prices, but you really go the extra mile in giving them your insights and experience too. Keep up the great service!

Mark Hendricks
Trilby, Florida


Michael, I really appreciate your information, the consultations you put on
the web are simply fabulous, I think that by it self are worth a small
fortune. I was listening and at the same time viewing myself asking questions of the same type and with the same instinct than yours. Really appreciate your effort, already your page under my favorites right next to Jays.



Hi Michael,

How did you do collect all this stuff? You seems like a living audio seminar of these Marketing Gurus!

When I listened to your audio clips I thought you are given advice by these people like the former bank president. I was wrong! You are giving them advice. It's like Jay Abraham giving advice to these persons. A living audio.

From all you got, if you put it in just one idea will explode the mind of other Gurus. Your name should be part of these Marketing Gurus at your headline. You full-loaded mind will explode if you will not do it.

What you got is worth Million Dollars. We are thankful that we can take part of these million dollar ideas for pennies.

See you.

Richard Alcebar
Author and Copywriting Titan


Hello Michael,

I have actually listened to several of your audio conversations and they are fantastic. I have gained exceptional value from your Number 44 on "Reverse Mergers", both in terms on purchasing a Public company shell at the fraction of a cost of an IPO (I plan to do this in the future). Also Number 48 was interesting. A bit more content on PR strategies would have been better than talking so much on the finger print pen, but it was still very useful.

I actually enjoy the audio sessions and will listen to all of them when I get more time.



Dear Mike,

Just listened to William and the tattoos excellent idea. I enjoyed the length of the file. These are great and no other site does them.

Keep up the good work
Shallen Wade

"How do you acquire million dollar skills for just pennies? YOUR SITE! Wow, I'm impressed with the value you give for the money you ask. Plus, your accessible when the gurus are not. Thanks for your help and keep up the capitalist notion of price competition and finding a need and filling it."

Thanks Michael
Larry Weeks



I liked your advice to Michael on recording his sessions and gathering testimonials. I especially like the part that everything you do should be a product. My suggestions: the audio quality was so-so, I would try to get a better recording connection. Also, I would add more advice about marketing his materials over the Internet and the long-term payoff from building an email list. Love the elance advice - I hadn't heard of that before!

Dan Murray
Internet Marketing Strategist
Customer Paradigm
303.473.4400 x17




I haven't even got to your audio bits yet. I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the best ideas I've seen in years. It is one of the very best sites I've seen in years! (When I say Site I mean "sales machine") I WILL go listen and will respond.

John Rigby


Greetings from Mexico,

Hi Michael, I received the three books, condition o.k. Savings: a lot.Thank you Michael. You really saved me good money. I was wondering if you have more downloadable bonuses. I really love all the material you gave me.
I really want more.

Thanks for everything.
Jaime Mexico City, Mexico

Hello Michael,

I have listened to some of the short clips ( The Banker.) #28 The bionic woman.....#31 Don the Mortgage broker. (Part one)

I am finding them interesting in more ways than one. The only point I would make is that on editing. Particularly #31, there is a lot of incidental bits that tight editing could make a big difference on. Although there was a homey touch with your offspring demanding attention! :-)

I know *I* will be going through *all* of the snippets and that for me is a big thing. I live in Oz and downloading Mp3 files is a real drag AND I don't like listening to even professionally prepared tapes - I read a lot faster than anyone can talk. In just half an hour I found quite a bit of interest and real value.

John Rigby


Hey Michael!

I have been glued to your audio clips for a week now. Some of your clips I have listened to for the third time! Why? Because I learn something new every time- something I missed previously or didn't understand.

These clips are excellent for helping anyone in business or thinking aboutstarting a business to get into a "marketing headspace".

Along with the many great ideas presented in these clips, there are so many hints on what to do and what Not to do in any marketing campaign.

Thanks Michael!
Liana Pardoe, Maple Ridge, BC. Canada"



My name is Cory Cameron. I'm out of Chicago. A bonafied biz-op junkie. I've heard it all, seen it all. (well, almost) Your style is impeccable. You never interrupted the client just before they were revealing the next GEM.

The audio by Mr. X was FASCINATING. He admits that he has 10 million a month or so, but really only wants a good ham and egg breakfast. And the thing about policemen and Navy seals. WOW!

You've got to let me sell this stuff on my website. I don't know how but the world needs to hear this.

Thank you


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