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Michael Senoff's Students Speak Out... Listen To Their Comments and Testimonials Below...


I  am listening to your interviews at the moment and I have to tell you that some of them are great, some of them are excellent and some of them are phenomenal !

Hats off to you ! What a great idea you had both with the seminars and with the interviews !

Oldrich Kachyna
Zerotinovo nam.204
Velke Bilovice
691 02
Czech republic
tel/fax : +420 519 346452
mobile : +420 728117970


Talking marketing with you the other day was like giving scotch to a recovering alcoholic!!!
Do you have the Ron LeGrand mega mortgage private lending program with tapes???? 

Ed Russo
"Recovering Mail-orderalholic"



You should be charging at least $500.00 dollars for this CD. There is so much information it that you would need  6 months to go through and listen to all the good information ideas. There is not any were on the web or any other place were you can get the advice of the people you interview  If you want Jay Abraham's products at a super special discount and get the best advice for free, go to Michael Senoff's

Thanks Michael,
John Strange

"Listening to Jay Abraham or reading Jay's ideas on marketing is great -- Michael has taken this to a whole new level -- giving example after example after example of how Jay's ideas can be put into action. Michael has painstakingly taken on the arduous task of interviewing successful individuals  from various business backgrounds and pointedly asking them *how* they did it. Finally, you can hear and read how *real* people are using Jay's ideas. Suddenly Jay's "good ideas" become both useful and feasible. Hats off to Michael for this CD which is destined to become a classic and a must have for any entrepreneur."
Leonard Manion

Profit Consultant (Ret)


How to gain a marketing competitive advantage. Forget all the hype and hucksters.  Welcome to the elite cadre of walk the walk professionals. As a leader with nearly 15 years experience in entertainment marketing, I can tell you the value of Michael Senoff’s products and assistance is incalculable.  Michael Senoff’s collection of marketing information is packed with no nonsense facts.  It is stripped of the cheerleading, motivational distraction that pervades the empty success information available “over the counter”.  If you’re serious about marketing your business, you don’t need to be pumped up with hot air.  You need a concrete, specific plan. Michael Senoff has the prescription strength products that deliver on the promise.  

Michael O’Brien  Peak Performances Entertainment



Hi Michael,

Thank you for the information that you've made available through your website, the only problem I've had so far is finding the time to listen to your interviews. Already within a week or so I've been able put a website together and I'm about to start helping a friend do the same. I now look forward to listening to the rest of your interviews over the next few months and to what I'll be able to do with this new found knowledge.

Many thanks



I did receive the CD and had a chance to listen to it briefly last night, It's Fabulous!!! I don't know how you do it. I have been a marketing info hound for decades and I know that the CD is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I am in the middle of a new project and I am currently cash short, but I am sure I will be a customer of yours in the near future. Thanks again. I hope you received the Bettger book. That's a token of mty appreciation for your monumental work. You inspire me with your huge efforts. I'll be in touch. Very shortly I will be subscribing. Promise.

Best regards, Martin O'Brien


G'day Michael,
                      Thank you, you're always most welcome. How are you and hows it going...thanks for your valuable time and support, you're much appreciated. You have permission, in fact please feel free to add my feedback...more so is the real value I place on our friendship... "Michael, you provide powerful profit boosting solutions and the most effective targeted results. That adds up to the best value for my money...I'm talking about the tools I need in business and these are the things I must have. So you don't think twice about getting them. I feel so much confidence in you, I respect your ethics and relate to what you say in an exciting, interesting and honest way, I know you speak from personal success and real-life experience. As I continue to follow through and learn, I intend to purchase more and more of your exceptional marketing material, it all makes good sense. You provide practical tools that accomplish the objectives, what difference does it make how much they cost? If you're going to be in business, you must have them. The end result is you make doing business profitable, considering serious advantages coupled to high quality solutions so how can I or you lose? We both have everything to gain." Keep smiling, stay happy and have fun. Thanks again, talk real soon. Enjoy your weekend :- Warmest Personal Regards

John Mignano


Hi Michael,

I received your CD in the mail about 4 days ago. To sum it up in one word:  Brilliant  You are a genius.  I found myself time after time listening to the recordings wanting to ask specific questions and (this is no joke), it was as if you had ESP, you asked them for me. Seriously, Michael, this CD is priceless.  I've heard other people interview successful people, but you go beyond that and delve further and further into the mechanics of how people got where they are. Keep up the brilliant work. Keep in touch,

Jonathan Zilberman


Hi Mike. 
              I have to give it to  you were right. This site is UNBELIEVABLE!   is one of the top 5 most Valuable sites for  direct marketers or copywriters I have ever seen.  I 'm ripping through this stuff like an angry lawnmower on a weed infested front yard!  On the site you've got ads from Gary Halbert, John Carlton, & Maxwell Sackhiem.  You've even got ads from the great Claude Hopkins.  This is the ULTIMATE SWIPE FILE!   All a marketer needs to do is study these ads and then apply them to his business.  Thanks a million.

Kelvin Vaughan

               The 61 hours of ongoing how to marketing advice CD is Brilliant. I have listen to one advice and already I have put it to work and I just can't wait to listen to the others. From the advice, it empower my abilities taught me things that I was doing wrong, simply by putting some time and listening to your CD. I recommend this to EVERYBODY. Thank you so much.
              "I am blown away by the value of the resources that Michael offers on his CD-ROMs and web site.  What blows me away even further is the reasonable prices (sometimes even FREE) that he offers his resources. I can tell Michael is truly a person that enjoys what he does. Further, he seems to really enjoy sharing his work and seeing it benefit others.

Jason Van Orden
Salt Lake City, UT

"I am blown away by the value of the resources that Michael offers on his CD-ROMs and web site.  What blows me away even further is the reasonable prices (sometimes even FREE) that he offers his resources. I can tell Michael is truly a person that enjoys what he does. Further, he seems to really enjoy sharing his work and seeing it benefit others.

Jason Van Orden
Salt Lake City, UT



"Michael's new CD is one of the most comprehensive Audio CDS I've ever listened to. The knowledge was clear, concise and can be used for virtually any business, regardless of size or scope."

Michael Perry
Senior Media Consultant


Greetings Michael

Yes, I received your CD. It is wonderful. I am listening to it. I received it today. Thank you for your inspiration. You are really a blessing to the world. You are personable, and caring. I think that that is a wonderful. It makes it enjoyable doing business with you. I will keep you informed about my insights and will pass your work on to others.

Tomlin Campbell


G'day, this is Alan Stewart from Connect Away and I have to confess that I love the Internet. For me it represents the worlds greatest library located in the middle of the largest trash and treasure store on the planet. 

Now I'm first to admit there is a lot of trash out there in cyberspace, but surfing the net is like panning for gold, every now and then you may come across a real gem. 

Midway through 2003 I definitely struck gold. I was fortunate enough to find Michael Senoff's website: Let me state for the record that visiting this site should be voluntarily mandatory for anyone in business. The wealth of ideas available at is in short, amazing.

At last count the site has over 87 hours of downloadable audio marketing advice with another 30 hours currently being edited. Now as someone who is responsible for putting together the Connect Away Audio Tips, I still can only begin to imagine how much time, energy and effort Michael has put into those superb recordings. It requires courage to sit at the point of cutting edge technology, and I admire Michael's "just do it" attitude

Trying to describe all the benefits you'll gain from listening to the recordings is like trying to tell someone what something tastes like when they have never savored it before. You simply must experience them. There is just so many valuable business and life-enhancing insights here that the only way you won't benefit from them is if you don't listen.

Do yourself a favor and see if you get yourself a copy of Michaels FREE marketing CD. I did and I got to listen to over 65 hours of "how to advice", recordings, interviews and lessons. All of which is totally addictive, down to earth, real life, tell it how it is, info-tainment.

Go over and do some panning at https://www.hardtofindseminars.comand you'll strike gold as well


By the way I am you first customer on Ebay. I purchased the Protege course by Jay Abraham several years ago... course changed my life.

Greg Hart



Thanks for such a great web site. I was blown away by all the hard core nuts and bolts usable information available. What a valuable resource. You have created value for years to come. Michael your web site makes my top three list of all-time favorites. Keep up the great work it's very much appreciated.

Thanks again. 
Brian Flohe
Lake Ann MI



This CD is the most valuable I now have in my possession.  Just a wealth of information not available anywhere.  You really have increased my net worth with this information. 

Thanks Clay from Virginia


Hello Michael Senoff,

I came across your website in Dec. from reading a post in Anthony Blake forum,
Well I read through your story and all.  I found it very interesting, and a good read.  I learned much just from reading your story. 
Then I listen to a few of your audios, very good, I am very impressed.  even just listening to the audios you have on your website, I could not believe that you just let people listen for free. 
I will most definitely be in touch when I want to buy tapes online from someone.  like some Jay Abraham tapes.  He is good yes.   I know.  and I would love to have his stuff sometime.  And I am sure you have other stuff that would be better for m e though,  When I am into buying some.  I saw him in seminar for 3 hours one time and what he said in 3 hours was so good. 
anyway,  I also filled out info to get the free CD, back in December. but I never got the CD.  I would love to have all this stuff on CD.  too,,  Will you still mail me out your CD. ?  have you done so already?  I am in Canada and I thought maybe I would get it by now.  but did now. 

My Address is:
Colin Meunier
Suite#296 1581-H Hillside Ave
Victoria BC, V8T 2C1 Canada 

Also, I am in the Warrior forum and I just mention that people should go to your site,  and check you out.  And many thank me for the link, and many already been there, and say they love it too. 
One guy say that You let him have the right to give away your CD after you gave it to him.  I wonder if you will give me the right to do so as well,  This will help us both, as I will be generating leads for you and building me a quality list.  I can give it to my ezine subscribers as a gift. 
Plus I was listening to you talk to a lady on the phone about helping you do Joint Ventures with Pay Pal customers..  That was very neat.  interest me, as I did not know that about Pay Pal either.  maybe I can think of a way to make money with those pay pal customers too.

I look forward to your reply.
Colin Meunier


01-19 04

Michael, just as I anticipated when I spent weeks and weeks talking you into a totally private, not for publication, confidential consultation that you must never ever post on your site without my written permission and maybe not even then, you were able to walk me through my own mind, drilling down like a wildcat psychodentist, and extract answers I knew were in there but I needed you to nail. According to my notes I got half a dozen ideas that I am putting into action right now and I have not played back the tape yet. You also shared a number of highly useful websites.  It was time well spent and as a matter of fact, we did it on your dime because you returned my call.



01-29 04


Thanks! I got the CD yesterday and have been listening to the great stuff on it. I couldn't sleep much last night for all the brainstorming and ideas flooding through my mind. I have been in a learning frenzy for the last few months learning about ecommerce, advertising, web business, etc. and this comes at the perfect time.
Will be back to you soon with some ideas and questions.

Muchas Gracias!

01-30 04

Hi Michael,

I received your awesome CD about 2 weeks ago.

All the information and tips poured in with the impact of a tidal wave. I'm so excited, I can't decide which idea to try out first. Sometimes I stay up till 3 AM just to listen to your audio interviews.
I'm still a bit overwhelmed though. I just recently put up a small book shop in one of our local business districts. Not much business experience to talk about. To say I'm suffering from information overload is an understatement.

All I can say is THANKS! You don't know how much this means to a rookie like me. I can't believe you're giving all this away for free. I guess it's your way of giving back to society.

The audio series about useful websites alone is priceless. I think it saved me hundreds of hours worth of research.

Again, I'd like to thank you for this great learning opportunity you're giving little people like me.


02-16 04

Hey Michael,

I just received your cd today. I've managed to listen to the first 6 tracks and already I'm a little stunned. Just the first 4 tracks on "important websites" was incredible. I've just paid over $30 for an ebook that gives details on sites that are great for creating ebooks and it didn't mention google answers which is far better than all of the other resources combined in the e-book! I can't wait to get stuck into the other 81+ tracks!
I don't know whether to tell my friends about you or not!

Thanks again mate,

John Detlefs, Sydney, Australia.

PS: don't worry about the bonus mate, you've given me quite enough! I'm
already a fan!


02-16 04


I've got your CD but my computer has a virus so didn't listen to it but I listened to clips on web it took me 3 days I think I have 5 segments more to go.
Some people call the award wining TV show "24" with Keither Sutterland "cocaine on DVD" once you start watching you can't stop. Same goes for your audio collection
Mike Slawomir Cecotka

02-18 04

Hi Michael

How are you going. Thanks for your kindness, valuable time and much needed support.  In the short time frame that I've known you and received your positive advice, more than anything...

Gratefully I've been able to 100% accomplish my goals and do much more than at any other time're a big part of my success.

Michael, honestly, how can I thank you enough for sharing your research, wisdom, ideas, and for everything that you do. Sincerely you're extremely appreciated in many genuine ways.

Something else that's very important... You're someone I trust, and from day one you've always been willing to do more.

In my humble opinion, you go beyond the call of duty when it comes to building relationships and yeah it's so obvious in everything you do.

I hope I was able to express that clearly because you absolutely rock, and continue to open my mind with "top shelf" information.

Besides your commitment to educating and helping others to succeed, you're one of the quiet achievers, genuine, refreshing, honest, in-tune, and hard working marketers out there.

Warmest Personal Regards

John Mignano


02-18 04

Hi Michael,

I have to thank you for the materials I purchased from you last year for a very reasonable price. They have already helped me develop some marketing concepts that I've applied to my business. To refresh your memory I have a jewellery store in Canada (Vancouver, BC) and we talked on the phone back in May of 2003

David Penner



Hi Michael,

i just gotta say that the quality and service you offer your subscribers is of the highest standard. I don't know of anyone yet who offers a free cd of extremely fantastic quality as lead generation. You are one of the select few that I actually look forward to hearing from which leads me to what I would like to contribute to your already excellent service.

I would like to read more about how you make your business work online or offline. Meaning, in addition to your brilliant content, I would like to read your personal opinions of current marketing trends, what works and what doesn't and so forth. I know that information like this is readily available almost anywhere but hearing from those whose opinion is worth its weight in gold is quite difficult to find. I'm sure those on your list are hungry to learn what it takes to make it online and definitely hearing your personal input will be greatly appreciated and valued.

There is nothing else I can say but please keep up with the fantastic work you do.




I just listened to your interview #25 with Bartley Jones. I did not know Gary Halbert wrote the berry trim ad? I have that sample newspaper tear sheet! That promoter made 20,000,000 per year! I know the the direct mail company that mailed that tear-sheet. You have great interviews on your site! I have to listen to all of them! Thanks Again Michael!

Your Great
Ed Russo



I have been impressed with your web site. The descriptions provided about the material and in depth contents enabled me to decide quite accurately which product I thought would help me the most - and that is something that isn't done on Jay Abraham's own website.  If you are being asked by Jay Abraham to cough up a couple of thousand dollars for something, it would be nice to know that it will actually be what you are hoping for! His reputation is great, but still, it is good to know what is being provided. I also like the idea of the audio you put online. I have listened to a couple so far and am sure I shall continue to return to hear more of them. They offer an interesting range of opinions and ideas.

Best wishes,


Thanks Michael for the 87 hours of recorded interview with Jay Conrad Levinson. I want to tell you that I'm impressed with your business. Specifically how you sent follow up email responses to me. How you are open to relationship with people about getting ahead at their levels of interest. My interests lye with marketing, using the internet. I need to get ahead for a lot of reasons, age, retirement, money, to do something successful with my time in life. Some how. Any way, it seems to me that you have a lot of the tools working for you and your web service, and that's great. I've been studying Corey Rudl's course. ( ) Marketing has held my interest for years. I wish I could use Jay Abrams wisdom in growing a business. I've studied direct marketing and believe I could do it. Also I've a interest in copywriting. That is copywriting direct sale letters for direct market companies and the web sites with product and services. My challenge is balancing income and investing, learning and doing. Business takes preparation, right actions and profitability. I'm stuck on making the income part right now. (my resume is attached) Then I've a few other desperate problems to resolve, debts and housing. Yeh, I'm challenged. But I'm only 54. May be I'll graduate childhood and succeed at manhood more quickly. (that's me with my tongue in my cheek. Sometimes I can't help myself.) So thanks for the wishes of good luck. Luck is a real thing. I used to think it was only self made. Timing, catching the wave of good fortune is magnetic vitality, destiny. With my odds, something good should be happing someday. (there I go shoulding on myself again.) So that's me, a somewhat slanted point of view. Enjoy your visit to AZ. or NM? oh well. You'll advance your business as a result. I'm sure of it.




I wanted to write you a sincere testimonial about who you are and what your business is all about.  I am amazed at what an outstanding job you do, providing marketing information to people and honestly helping those seeking to improve their business(es).

I have purchased a Jay Abraham Mr. X book from you before, as well as Jay Abraham's Mastermind Marketing 2002 course (with manuals) and you have taken the time to answer my questions.  Today I purchased a book on internet marketing from you after read a free transcript of an interview you did with an internet marketer.  I called to tell you what a great job you did and how I learned so much from your material.  I told you about how I am attempting to start another business and about some of my frustrations.
Little did I know that you would give me EXACT things to do to get going! 
You gave me ONE QUESTION that I had never thought of before that literally changed the way I will go about working this business.  You then directed me to PRECISE Resources on your website that are Exactly ON POINT for what I'm working on.  I just wanted to take this chance and let you know what a great job you are doing and that I appreciate you help.  Look forward to more purchases from me in the future.

Jeremy D. Eveland, MBA, JD


Hi Michael,

The solution that Michael provided for me has saved many hours of valuable time. He reduced a project which would have taken months down to a few weeks with the information I purchased from him. A great service, a knowledgeable marketer and very friendly and helpful person to do business with.
Many Thanks Michael from Mark Wheatley,
Wheatley Consulting Nottingham England.

Mark Wheatley
Marketing Consultant



I think it was about a year ago that I found your website because I was looking for some Jay Abraham materials to help improve my Dental business.
They were great (and about $2,000 less then what I would have had to spend to get them) but quite honestly, the greatest gems that you gave me were your audio recordings! These are great "how to's" and exciting interviews of great entrepreneurs for all of us who are looking to improve our businesses.
Some of the little things I have learned from you have added thousands to my bottom line in just the past few months. Thank you for your great work!
Thanks again,
Dr. Sean Tarpenning
H: (715) 858-1190
W:(715) 835-0606
work e:



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