"Listen...I've been searching the Web for Marketing information for over two years. Then one day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff


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Hi Michael.

     You know... I'm not easily impressed.  It takes a mighty good product for me to sit up and take a second look (in this case a listen).  Then... and only then... do I allow my name to be appended to a glowing comment.  This is one of those times.  Your audio interview with Luis Aruz is... quite simply...a MUST listen.  And frankly, you should know ALL the interviews you've conducted in the past have been first rate.  You have a keen sense of what to ask and how to present it.  Bravo my friend, BRAVO!

Darryl Ruff
Substantially Increase Profits Of Any Biz
With Smart & Sizzling Advertising Copy.
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Hi Michael,

Wow your new audio clips about market research has saved me hours in research.  This clips provide all the sources anyone needs to keep an eye on trends, market information and product research.  I'd recommend this to anyone.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,
Rob McPhillips


"The secrets Luis Arauz reveals in this interview are so cutting edge, I wish you wouldn't make them publicly available! The key websites and tools he reveals are alone worth several times more than the price you're charging. In fact, I'm hard at work right now, integrating these fabulous new discoveries into my business. I know they're going to save me time and make me money. Truly, it would have taken me months to have discovered even a small part of what I've learned from Luis' terrific research. Michael.

Thanks a bunch for 4 of the best hours I've ever spent in my marketing education."

Asoka Selvarajah, President M.I. Resources Inc.


Hello Michael,

I'm almost finished with listening to your interview and about two days from finishing my initial review of the sites. You guys did a great job on this. Thank you very much for sharing this information. And, you are right, I already overwhelmed!

Talk to you soon,


I listened to the audio with Luis this morning.   As soon as I got them I burned a CD and listened on my MP3 player in my car.  I drive a lot and got a great opportunity to listen.  A ton of information that was excellent regarding the usage of the web for creating interest in an e-book.  I will be listening much more to delve deeper and get some notes.  Thanks again for the great interview.  I feel your interviews are real and raw, I like that they are straight from the gut with people who are in the trenches doing it. Not just a bunch of Guruís espousing some theory! Keep up the good work. Dan Maiers


The interview with Luis will go down as one of the most revealing and thought provoking information exercises I have listened to in my entire life!  Michael ,you are now touching on one of the "Biggest" secrets, not only on the internet but also in the field of marketing. You are now entering unexplored territory.....this information will inevitably leverage everybody and anybody's effort profoundly. It is surely one of the modern day Paradoxes? It is right before your eyes but you don't see it, unless someone shows it to you.

Thanks a million! This is marvelous work ,don't stop you are on the road to Greatness!

Dear Michael,

No doubt your site ,strategies and products are hard to find. Personally I feel comfortable reading than spend hours listening to tapes. Why not put those tapes on PDF files as well.

Obinna Nwanedo
rr5 nasarawa road
kaduna 800001


I just listened to the FIRST HOUR of the four hour series on special research tools on the internet.  To say that this material should not sold because of it's power is not an understatement. I am completely blown away by the rock-solid, down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness depth of this material.
If you cannot get one piece of information that will make or save you time, money, or effort...then you are BLIND! The power this information gives a marketer is of so much value, that almost any price is too low. Thank you Michael for hitting it out of the park. You've outdone yourself this time.

With appreciation,
Millard W. Grubb

Hey Mike,

I just sent you some comments on Luis that you can use if you want. (And yes what I said is real, not just some hype to get a link.) I've spent 20 hours going through all the links so far -- and I'm not done yet. I'm literally going to make a fortune from those links this year. I hope whatever package or program you're putting together will be sold for at least $197. Anything less and "you'll just be giving away the farm"!



I thought the cd and all of the recordings were absolutely excellent.  The fantastic amount of information that you provided on the cd was very helpful to me personally as I am in the process of getting a new venture started and more than a couple of the recordings really hit home with what I'm doing right now.  I don't know how you can afford to give this information away for free, but I'm sure glad that you did and I was lucky enough to receive one.  Keep up the fine work and don't forget me when you have anything new that you're going to release. 

Thanks again.
Bob Backoff

Hello Michael,

I would love to have the old ads 'Swipe file " of the 40,50, 60 etc. If all it takes is a comment on your 4 hours of tapes. Thatís easy !! People always ask, How much is one hour of your time worth how much is, say, one DAY of your time worth? What ever the answer, multiply that times 730 days, or 2 years, and this is how much time and money YOU will save yourself in searching, wandering the vast Internet HOPING you find, and you probably won't, the information that is available to anyone that is fortunate enough to get their hands on this awesome audio set of yours !! There is so much info. here the Google, the letters, the FREE content, the contact phone #, and email of sites I have been looking for, but NO-ONE wants to tell you where they are. Except you Michael. My hat goes off to you for having the heart, and spirit to share with others out there who are striving for a piece of the " Internet Pie "You have brought that dream one step closer for me, now I can spend my time absorbing the information as supposed to still trying to find it!

Thank you,
Chris B

Dear Michael,

Your Luis interview is PURE GOLD! The virtually unknown internet resources he reveals are amazing! They saved me $240 a month on my web hosting, I got a bunch of free stuff using the sales circular link, and I found some home improvement stuff through the catalogs link for less than half what I was about to pay a local store. But what's even more exciting is that I put together a deal that will net me $14,000 this month! I've been making money online for 5 years and these resources are some of the best I've ever seen!

Bianco Nikki,
Net Marketing Consultant


I did get the newest 4 tapes e-mail and, as you know, I think you hit a grand slam home run this time.  This has got to be worth a fortune.  Just so much information in such a short space.  I need to listen more than once to even begin to scratch the surface of what-all is there and exactly where to find what.  I can never say enough thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Bob Lee



Okay, my friend... you've done it! I didn't know what to expect when I got your offer for the audio clips downloads. Over the years, I get so much of this stuff... especially free offers, that I don't pay too much attention to them. But knowing you, and knowing the value I get every time I talk to you, I knew I had to listen to your clips.

I must say, that as much as I thought I knew, the information I gained is and will be immensely helpful to me. I've found tools that can literally make my job so much easier, and enable me to reduce my research time by at least half, and allow me to spend more time on the things that generate income for me and my consultants.

Thanks, Michael, for unselfishly sharing this valuable information

Martin Howey
The Quantum Organization
Transforming The Way The World Does Business


I listened to the Louis2 conversation. Hearing what someone says about a series of great websites before going to the sites adds greatly to the experience.  That sharpens your interest, especially since it is too easy to have a site with great stuff, but the site communications values are not as full of skill (and clarity) as are the site resources. Since many things about Windows 98 annoy me, I followed the lead to www.annoyances.org. And there, I found the solution to my main peeve, and immediately applied it. Now, the Start Menu opens up just like in Windows 95 and plasters all my applications in a series of columns -- no more of that annoying need to scroll and scroll and scroll ............. A real relief, at long last. I found the solution to something for which I had searched in vain many times. Now, I am excited.  Tomorrow afternoon has been set aside as time to slowly go through  the first conversation with Louis.... Internet Marketing.

Jim Buch
Michael Senoff

Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed listening. You provided great content in an enjoyable manner!  The net is so big that a focus like you provided really helps out.

Timothy Johnson


Hi Michael,

here are my comments on the recordings, you have my permission to use them. Frankly I haven't listened to the whole 4 hours yet. But I've already learnt about lots of great resources that I never knew existed.

In the first 23 minutes alone I already picked up 3 incredibly useful resources that will save me at least several hundred dollars worth of time and frustration. (I'm talking about Google answers, Google catalog and the Internet Archives). I never knew about these before, even though I've been using Google for years. And I'm a copywriter, so the archives of past space ads and Denny Hatch's archive of direct mail campaigns are worth pure gold. It's priceless!

Dimmit, why didn't anyone tell me about all these sites before?

Jerry Yeo


I literally booked to the link and started listening.  Man, I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is my testimonial you can use in exchange for the 200 ads sent to me.

"This interview surprised me.  I thought it would be full of fluff... but after a few minutes I was shown a gold mine of resources I never knew existed.  The web hosting information showed me I am getting ripped off and tomorrow I am changing services.  The auto responder link also opened up some options for me to make more money with my own website.  Also, the one link to a store-house of free e-books I can use as bonuses... that's right totally free.

Thank you Michael to turning me on to this information."
Joe Stronsick 


The audio clips of the interview with Luis Arauz contain a wealth of information. What a great resource for any serious student or seasoned practitioner  of marketing and business.

I have spent hours researching practical money making ideas from just several of the many sites revealed in this information.

Thank you for making this information available!
Darrell Sundell


I just finished listening to the audio clips and man I'm fired up. I liked the trailer man Allen Miller best. He opens a door of extreme opportunity for easy income. I can't wait for you (Michael) to offer something along the line of a CD or tapes or whatever on this very subject.

The audio was very clear and straightforward in its content. Nothing held back and that is refreshing. Thank you for the listen.          

Jack Palms MI.

Hi Michael:

I recently received information about the 4 hours of recordings you did with Luis so I didn't hesitate going to your site and listening to your interview.  To my surprise, the information he shared in the first 20 minutes was so captivating and incredible, I couldn't believe it.  

Since listening to him and the marketing suggestions he made, I've visited many of the sites he suggests and have now bookmarked them on my computer.

Thanks so much for sharing this important interview.
Darrell Tyler
Charlotte, NC


Mike, This information is fantastic. There's more genuine internet marketing research information, and how to get started on the internet , then many gurus have in their $47 e-books. I've already found new sources for web materials that I didn't know about. Keep up the good work.

Bill Bodri

Hello Michael,

I would love to have the old ads 'Swipe file " of the 40,50 etc. If all it takes is a comment on your 4 hours of tapes.  People always ask, How much is one hour of your time worth  ? How much is, say, one DAY  of your time worth? What ever the answer, multiply that times 730 days, or 2 years, and this is how much time and money YOU will save yourself in searching, wandering the vast Internet HOPING  you find, and you probably won't, the information that is available to anyone that is fortunate enough to get their hands on this awesome audio set of yours !! There is so much info. here the Google, the letters, the FREE content, the contact phone #, and email of sites I have been looking for, but NO-ONE wants to tell you where they are. Except you Michael. My hat goes off to you for having the heart,  and spirit to share with others out there who are striving for a piece of the " Internet Pie "You have brought that dream one step closer for me, now I can spend my time absorbing the information as supposed to still trying to find it!

Thank you,
Chris B

Hi Michael,

I requested one of the 62 hour audio seminars a few weeks ago. It hasn't shown up yet. I didn't want to request another and then get duplicates in the mail. I have listened to some of the audio clips.

You certainly give a big bang for the buck.

God bless, Andrew

Dear Michael, 

I just want to thank you for such a valuable resource. The information on it is worth it's weight in gold. What I can't believe is the extra information that was also on the CD. Some of that is priceless also.

Now, you've sent me some more audio clips and more valuable resources for me to use. Thank you for everything.

Now I owe you so you have my permission to do whatever you wish ,with any of my comments. Use it in a testimonial if you wish. If you need me to write something about another part of the audio, just let me know, That is how happy I am with the products that you sent me.

You really gave away way too much I think.

Thanks Again, Steve Peckham

I just have one question for you Michael! How the heck do you get these guys to spills their guts to you? I've only listened to a fraction of the information you dragged out of Luis and my head is already swimming. Your giving me sleepless nights...

Please keep it up! ... Rick Allen


WOW, I have just spent the last two nights listening to the four hour of audio and following along on my computer, going to the sights just as you did, I am totally amazed at this material, the sight that diagnosis your web sight is crazy. I typed in my url and it was so neat to see the results. I plan on spending many hours on these sights and I know I can make money using them, whether its an e-book or selling research or downloading, printing and then using the info as free gifts in my business, there are hundreds of uses for these sights. the google sight for pictures has already saved me hours looking for photos for my web sight. I cant express my amazement enough. one of the best interviews and delivery of pertinent money making ready to use information I have every seen or experienced....


Excellent work on your latest interviews with Luis!

I loved how Luis brought everything together on each site and made sense of it.

These interviews and links are filled with so much refined quality information, that anyone could find years of ideas and opportunities within them for any type of business. I would challenge anyone to find a more useful compact list of marketing related internet links.

One of the things I liked most is how you lay everything out from the interviews on an easy to follow webpage of links based upon what you went through in the audio interviews. Very helpful.

I would highly recommend anyone to study your interviews with Luis and to go through each link for at least one hour a day. They can only advance their business and marketing goals by doing so. This information is exactly what I should have known about years ago because it would have saved me a lot of lost time and money from my own chaotic internet search experimentation.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Max Stone

Hi Michael,
Once again Michael has done it.  Michael seems to be on a mission to put the most powerful marketing concepts into the hands of everyone at a fraction of the original cost, and sometimes even FREE! 

Before going and spending a fortune on Marketing information be sure to visit Michael's site at www.hardtofindseminars.com.  You will be happy you did!

Robert Jackson
New York City


You asked for it!! You got it!!

Here's my honest, unadulterated, truthful, no-B.S., straight-from-the-heart feeling about the recordings! (And this is just from listening to the first two sessions!

"Michael, when you said these audios would leave my head swimming with ideas, you understated the impact they have. After just listening to the first session, I was down on my knees, whimpering like a baby, begging for the information to stop just long enough so I could catch my breath.

I've already come up with five separate business ideas from what I've heard so far. As far as I'm concerned, I think you should keep this information under lock and key. It's that valuable!"

Jon Eklof


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